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Lehigh University 
Volume 104 

Carol A. Ehrens 

Business Manager 
Clarice May 

Table of Contents 


Rande Kaminsky 


Bruce Rankin 
Frances Sturiale 

Year in Review 

Carol Ehrens 


Tom Freda 


Matt McCioghry 


Karen Moncher 

Identification Editor 

Steve Russell 

Scheduling Editor 

Sue Perkins 

Copy Editor 

Varuni Nelson 

Photo Editors 

Brian Allston 
June Kuvin 

4a3 hen we look back on the 
years ak Lehigh, the people we 
knew will come to mind. Memo- 
ries not only of good friends but 
also of faces in classes and num- 
bers on the playing field. The peo- 
ple we parried with — and parted 


'aguely we will recall the solid struc- 
tures that housed classes we did not always go 
to. Other places may be more readily remem- 
bered — Taylor for many an exciting sports 
event, Linderman for a good conversation, and 
the Alumni Memorial for its long lines. 

Studying was too rarely done in the sun. 
Hide outs for nervous nerds ranged from the 
stacks to the snackbar, the zoo to the bathroom, 
Mart to Coppee. 

lcoholic beverages were the only 
spirits not welcome in Taylor stadium. If our 
spirits were not already high by kickoff, we 
could be sure the Marching 97 and the cheer- 
leaders would try to raise them. 



Uily we reached into our mailboxes, hoping for 
letters from long lost friends, care packages from home, 
and — as we grew older — offers from companies and 
acceptances from graduate schools. 









is * 


The Knights of the Round Table 

(Left-Right) Austin Gavin, Executive Consultant, Office of the President 
oseph f. L bsch, Vice President for Research; Preston Parr, Dean and Vice 
President for Student Affairs; Paul J. Franz, Jr., Vice President for De- 

W. Deming Lewis, President; John W. Woltjen, Vice President and 
Treasurer; Eric V. Ottervik, Vice President for Planning and Services; 
Albert C. Zettlemoyer, Provost and Vice President. 



It " ^^^_ 


^^k. M v w- 



James H. Wagner, Registrar 

William E. Stanford, Director of Financial Aid 


Samuel H. Missimer, Director of Admissions 

Carolyn Hayes, Student Activities 




William L. Quay, Dean of Students 

Robert D. Cohen, Associate Dean of Students 

Muriel Whitcomb, Associate Dean of Students 


Warren Soare, Associate Dean of Students 

Roger H. Watkins, Assistant Dean of Students 

Larry D. Phillipi, Assistant Dean of Students 


Academic Deans 

John W. Hunt, Dean of Arts and Sciences 

Richard W. Barsness, Dean of Business and Economics 


John J. Karakash, Dean of Engineering and Physical Sciences 

Perry A. Zirkel, Dean of School of Education 


College of Arts and Sciences 

Dean John W. Hunt sees the primary 
role of the College of Arts and Sciences 
as educating students in fundamental 
skills, knowledge, and habits of mind. 
Such an education contributes men and 
women equal to the needs of a changing 
society, providing them with the critical 
imagination to make the weighted value 


judgements that will determine the 
direction that society will choose for its 

The new University catalog features 
"The Flowering of the Arts" in order to 
improve the academic balance among 
the three colleges, according to George 
Beezer, editor of the catalog and director 
of University publications. 

"A disproporionate number of stu- 
dents are enrolling in the colleges of 
business and engineering," said Preston 
Parr, dean and vice president of student 
affairs. As of fall, 1980, 30% of all Lehigh 
undergraduates were enrolled in the arts 
college. However, Parr added, "Of 
those who do initially enroll in the Col- 
lege of Arts and Sciences, about 10% mi- 
grate very soon to business and econo- 

The arts college is in "an unusual 
situation," according to Beezer, because 
it "has more departments than the other 
colleges." He explained "it is desirable 
to have a certain number of students 
majoring in these departments, and 
apparently they have not had as many as 
they wanted." Consequently, the focus 
on the arts. 

Dean Hunt has focused great adminis- 
trative attention upon developing ways 
"to release the considerable amount of 

imagination and leadership present 
in our faculty." He has also insti- 
tuted a two-year rotating associate 
dean system that involves putting a 
faculty member in the dean's office 

so that the dean and the arts faculty have a 
channel of communication. 

Since Hunt has been dean, the speech and 
theater department had expanded, and the 
old power house has been renovated to be- 
come the present Wilbur Drama Workshop. 
The music department has also expanded, 
and the Learning Center has opened in Cop- 
pee Hall. 

Hunt has been most interested in faculty 
development. Since 1946, an Andrew W. 
Mellon grant has been used to "increase 
faculty flexibility, explore relationships be- 
tween the humanities and the professions, 
and encourage more effective teaching." 



ROW 1: S. Barber, S. Herman, D. Royer, E. Hoagland, H. Pntchard; ROW 2: Hargreaves, R. Malsberger, S. Krawiec, B. Bean, D. Cundall: 
MISSING: M. Itzkowitz. 




ROW 1: D. Zeroka, S. Schaeffer, D. Smyth, R. Svrague, K. Schray, T. Young; ROW 2: /. LeMaistere, F. Fowkes, R. 
Herman, C. Kraihanzel, N. Heindel, ]. ferkel; MISSING: M. Hughes, R. Lovejoy, ]. Manson, J. Sturm, Y. Hazeyama. 


SEATED: E. DeAngeli, C. Phillips; STANDING: /. Haire, D. Feaver. 


ROW 1: A. Smacchi, T.'Rearick, E. Harvey, S. Marks, S. Sullivan, E. Woolfe, R. Arbur; ROW 2: A. Ruggiero, C. Norman, /. DeBellis, R. Mundhenk- ROW 
3: S. Szilagyi, F. Hook, A. Hartung, M. Pressler, ]. Frakes, P. Beidler, A. Bross; MISSING: /. Fergus, E. Gallagher, D. Greene, R. Harmon I Hunt E 
James, }. Vickrey. 


Art and Architecture 

ROW 1: R. Redd, R. Viera; ROW 2: K. Gnerlich, L. Barkan, C. Alvare, N. Adams, P. Felder. 



ROW 1: S. Gawarecki, A. Wagner, M. Volpe, K. Carney, A. Valentino; ROW 2: P. Myers, D. Simpson, C. Sclar, K. Kodama, E. Evenson, B. 
Carson, }. Parks, A. Richards; MISSING: /. Ryan. 


SEATED: H. Whitcomb, D. Barry, C. Barner-Barry; STANDING: F. Colon, L. Olson, R. Yates, T. 
Morgan, C. McCoy. 


P. Antonsen, ]. Ellis, W. Shade, ]. Saeger, ]. Haight, M. Baylor, R. Simon; MISSING: C. Tipton, /. Dowling, I. Duffy, G. Ellis, L. 


International Relations 

H. Braddick, M. Hodges, R. Wylie, D, Sipprelle, C. Joynt; MISSING: Z. Slouka. 

Information Science 

SEATED: F. Huang; STANDING: I. Robinson, D. Hillman, j. O'Conner, A. Kasarda; 
MISSING: S. Gulden, £. Assmus, R. Barnes, G. Raytia, M. Schecter. 



W. Trimble, S. Friedman, R. Sullivan, ]. MacFadden. 


SEATED: C. Hsiung, G. McCluskey, E. Assmus, V. Goldberg, D. Johnson, A. Wilansky; STANDING: A. Serilla, B. Eisenberg, B. Dodson; 
MISSING: G. Stengle, R. Barnes, D. Davis, D. Edelen, B. Ghosh, C. Gordon, S. Gulden, D. Hillman, A. Kasarda, S. Khabbaz, j. King, G. 
McAllister, /. O'Conner, G. Rayna, M. Schecter, A. Snyder. 


Modern Foreign Language 

/. VanEerde, D. Lewis, A. Waldenrath, V. Valenzuela, L. Lefkowitz, A. Van der Naald. 


/. Brown, ]. Bidlack, K. Reichard, R. Cutler; MISSING: P. Salerni, S. Sametz, N. Sine. 



/. Lindgren, N. Melchert, A. Laslie, /. Hare, R. Barnes, T. Haynes; MISSING: S. Goldman, A. Mellon. 


ROW 1: R. Shaffer, B. Benson, R. Folk, A. Kanofsky, D. Wheeler, G. Borse, ]. Sands; ROW 2: D. Gockley, S. Lagan, K. O'Shea, N. Reeser, A. Herczynski; 
MISSING: E. Bergmann, R. Emrich, F. Feigl, W. Fowler, Y. Kim, ]. McLennan, S. Radin, W. Smith, J. Van Sciver. G. Watkins. 



L. Staplin. A. Brody, ]. Clark, E. Kay, L. Fehr, R. High, M. Richter, /. Nyby; MISSING: W. Newman, E. Shapiro, G. Shortess. 


D. Schenck, H. Flesher, A. Eckardt, N. Girardot. 



SEATED: R. Williamson, L. Werner, ]. 
Mcintosh, E. Whitman; STANDING: T. 
Blank, J. Imber, ]. Gatewood, R. Rosenwei 
A. Van Doren. 

Speech and 

SEATED: /. Millet; STANDING: T. Barker, ]. 
Woods, A. Ripa. 

Urban Studies 

D. Amidon 


College of Business and Economics 

According to Dean Richard W. Bare- 
ness, the main objectives of the College 
of Business and Economics are to make 
the undergraduate program rank with 
the best in the East, to offer a high quali- 
ty regional MBA program, and to ex- 
pand the program of service to private 

The College of Business and Econo- 
mics consists of three departments: 
accounting and law; economics; and 
management, finance and marketing. 
As of fall, 1980, 20% of all Lehigh under- 
graduates were enrolled in the college. 

Dean Barsness cites several recent im- 
provements in the college. An increase 
in the number of full-time faculty posi- 


ings in the college curriculum, and a 
sharper intellectual focus for the MBA 

When asked what he liked about his 
job, Dean Barsness replied, "The di- 
versity of activities week in and week out 
— and the fine quality of both the faculty 
and student body." 

tions has reduced the average size of 
both undergraduate and graduate 
classes while cutting down on the 
use of adjunct (part-time) faculty. 
Moreover, the new faculty members 
are of a very high quality. The curri- 
culum is making progress in terms of 
improved balance among the va- 
rious disciplines — for example, 
marketing is becoming stronger but 
not at the expense of accounting, 
which continues to be strong. Final- 
ly, research and scholarship by the 
faculty has increased significantly, 
giving the college a stronger intellec- 
tual base — and increased recogni- 
tion in both the academic and busi- 
ness worlds. 

From the dean's point-of-view, 
desired changes would include sub- 
stantial improvements in the col- 
lege's physical facilities, some ex- 
pansion of the elective course offer- 

Accounting and Law 

ROW 1: S. Webster, R. Drtina, F. Luh, J. Paul, }. Largay, D. Bainbridge; ROW 2: /. Hall, K. Sinclair, L. Steedle, R. Mills, C. Moore, B. Brockway; 
MISSING: M. Gerdes, /. Tobak. 


ROW 1: N. Balabkins, G. Garb, L. Karttor, P. Fallon, R. Thorton, C. Shen; ROW 2: E. Schwartz, R. Aronson, R. Moran, 
W. Pillsbury, T. Hyclak, A. King; MISSING: A. Cohen, ]. Innes, ]. Keefe, ]. Hilley, ]. McNamara, V. Munley. 


Management and Finance 

SEATED: C. Beidleman, L. Krouse; STANDING: D. Leahigh, S. Buell, B. Smackey, ]. Hobbs, R. Horton, M. Kolchin, /. 
Bonge, M. Dollinger; MISSING: /. Greenleaf, B. Litt, j. Stevens, W. Bender, D. Falcinelli, B. Scribner. 


College of Engineering and Physical Sciences 

On July 1, 1981, Donald M. Bolle is to 
succeed John J. Karakash as dean of the 
College of Engineering and Physical Sci- 
ences. Karakash is leaving because he 
has been at Lehigh for 35 years — "I am 
like a fixture, hanging from the ceiling 
here" — and believes it is time to move 

Appointed dean in 1966, Karakash's 
fondest memories are of the many stu- 
dents he has met and worked with dur- 
ing his years at the University. Accord- 
ing to Frederick M. Fowkes, chairman of 
the department of chemistry, "John 
Karakash is Lehigh, a hard-working en- 
gineer, teacher, and dean, but also a phi- 
losopher, visionary and humanist." 

The College of Engineering and 
Physical Sciences consists of eight de- 

partments: chemical engineering, che- 
mistry or biochemistry, civil engineer- 
ing, fundamental science, electrical en- 
gineering or computer engineering, in- 
dustrial engineering, mechanical en- 
gineering and mechanics, metallurgy 
and materials science, and physics. As of 
Fall, 1980, half of all Lehigh undergradu- 

ates were enrolled in the college. 

Describing Lehigh philosophy, Presi- 
dent Deming Lewis has said, "Through 
exposure in the major area of interest, 
the student is required to develop a con- 
siderable degree of expertise in the 
chosen field. This is combined with sub- 
ject requirements covering a spectrum of 


subjects in a meaningful way at a mini- 
mum level." 

In keeping with this belief, all stu- 
dents in the college are expected to com- 
plete specified sequences of courses in 
the physical sciences — with other dec- 

eives available for related courses in 
natural sciences. The General Stu- 
dies program, however, is designed 
to enable students to range widely or 
to delve deeply into the humanities 
or the social sciences with the pur- 
pose of exploring the value systems, 
assumptions, and methodologies 
contained in these areas. 

In addition, students pursuing a 
bachelor of science degree program 
in the college can, if they so choose, 
organize their general studies pro- 
gram to achieve the equivalent of a 
"minor" in any one of the estab- 
lished areas in the humanities or so- 
cial sciences. 

Karakash expresses college phi- 

losophy as follows, "Lehigh does not 
train engineers; it educates students 
through engineering." 


Chemical Engineering 

SEATED- L Sperling, ]. Phillips; STANDING: H. Caram, M. Charles, I. Wenzel, M. El-Aasser, F. Stein; MISSING: F. 
Kargi, C. Clump, C Silebi, W. Schiesser, W. Luyben, A. Klein, A. Humphrey. 

Civil Engineering 

ROW 1- R Slutter A Brune P Usinowicz, D. Van Horn, L. Beedle, ]. Fisher, }. Uebig jr., C. Dinsmore; ROW 2: MSalley Poller, N. Pandit, A. 
^^HfmiGlZ^;^^coi ]■ Darnels, R. Chaney, L. Lu; ROW 3: T. &lUns, R. Weisman, ]. Pudiner. R. Hatst, R. Horner, H. Benner, T. 
Huang, A. Richards, R. Johnson; MISSING: C. Kostem, B. Yen. 


Electrical Engineering 

/. Ondria, K. Mondal, D. Talhelm, K. Tzeng, W. Haller, C. Holzinger, A. Larky, D. Leenor, D. Bolle, N. Eberhardt, F. Hielscher, W. Dahlke, R. Spurgeon, 
MISSING: P. Ota, D. Frey, B. Fritchman. 

Industrial Engineering 

ROW 1: £. Zimmers, ]. Adams, A. Gould, A. Kreutzer, M. Groover, G. Kane; ROW 2: B. Wechsler, G. Wilson, L. Long, ]. 
Krobock, L. Plebani, W. Richardson, S. Monro. 


Mechanical Engineering 

ROW 1: R. E. Benner, D. E. Abbott, D. Rockwell; ROW 2: R. J. Hartranft, R. E. Lucas, J. 
Owaarek; ROW 3: T. E. Jackson, F. P. Beer, R. G. Sarubbi, F. T. Brown, J. Ochs; ROW 4: F. 
Erdogan, T. Terry, C. Smith; MISSING: /. Chen, T. Delvh, A. Kalnins, E. Levy, A. K. 
MacPherson, R. Roberts, C. Sib, R. Wei, }. B. Johnson, D. Updike, /. D. Walker, S. Neti, O. Badr. 



ROW 1: M. Nod's, D. Williams, R. Wu, K. Tarby; ROW 2: G. Conard, W. Kraft, B. Somers, J. 
Sankar; ROW 3: /. Willis, J. Goldstein, J. Wood, 'A. Pense, C. Aurrecoechea ; MISSING: B. Avitzur, S. 
Butler, R. Chou, W. Hahn, R. Hertzberg, D. Smyth, D. Thomas. 


ROW 1: Capt. M. Sotak, L. Huseman, T. Sgt. B. Bonnell; ROW 2: Sgt. M. Carver, Col. D.L. Lehigh, Maj. R. Kerico; MISSING: Capt. G. 
Boomgaard, Sgt. Gattuso. 



R. Romich, R. Basilici, /. Locascio, A. Phelan, F. Schultz, R. Prevost, C. Meyer, / 

ROW 1: T. Turner, S. Schulz, C. McNaron, B. Gardiner, F. Sullivan, C. Anderson, 
W. Leckonby, T. Gwiazdowski; FROM TOP: K. Adams, W. Whitehead, J. Sterrett, 
B. Hill, }. Covert, ]. Luckhardt, B. Wuckoff, M. Frederick, G. Schulze, /. Turner, W. 
Grube, B. Fetterman; MISSING: /. Gibbons, S. Ice, G. Leeman, S. Lynn, S. 
Penman, R. Prevost, D. Seablom, P. Sleeman, M. Tavormina, P. Von Hollmann, ]. 



■■■■'■' '.-,'. 


ROW 1: W. Verost, ]. Macellera, R. Mulqueen, J. Gum, L Michalski, Mark Yeager, 
K. Conley, T. Semler, R. Carr, B. Rambo, B. Mills, M. Tuohey, J. Ancel; ROW 2: B. 
Dehler, T. Kcwakonek, ]. Evanko, K. Jones, D. Ryan, M. O'Hagen, S. Plucinsky, P. 
Trinkle, T. lobst, C. Sexton, T. Hefner, P. Smith, C. Manion, C. Mark, ]. Rabuck; 
ROW 3: P. Mercuri, ]. O' Sullivan, E. Godbolt, K. Alwood, T. Lambert, ]. Henna- 
hane, M. Lippincott, E. Tulskie, /. Bradsnaw, L. D'Annibale, V. Rogusky, B. Romeo, 
M. Roos, ]. Ahsler, D. Mecca, E. Proscipw; ROW 4: B. Brennan, R'. Garris, M. 
Morgan, K. Rosen, ]. Shigo, G. VanOrden, B. Rarig, /. Corcoran, S. Faith, L. 
WilUams, D. Szablowski, M. Sitar, C. Hynes, T. Roman, ]. Scheuer, T. Miller; 

ROW 5: L. Miksiewicz, ). Zak, T. Bollinger, /. Gower, B. Palsgrove, S. Joseph, E. 
Kusko, K. Greene, K. Stern, J. Kereczman, P. Lacey, M. Croiuer, T. Nichols, J. 
Svanda, D. Farnngton, R. Titus, D. Darrow; ROW 6: /. Hunt, M. Standorf, L. 
Ramirez, M. Whalen, P. Anastasio, E. Fallon, R. Becker, J. Koivalonek, R. Witte, D. 
Pearson, J. Myers, ]. Tylutki, K. Nielson, B. Crudeli, F. Rudisill; ROW 7: N. Vohar, 
M. Borden, D'. Malone, S. Chinook, M. Orcutt, B. Glenn, E. Yaszemski, J. Bednarik, 
W. Grube, J. Whitehead, B. Leckonby, J. Sterrut, B. Fetterman, J. Luckhardt, W. 
Whitehead, S. Ice, C. McNaron, G. Menio. 


Engineers Meet 

by Tony Pinnie 

The 1980 football season was indeed 
one to be remembered as the Engineers 
finished with an undefeated 9-0-2 record 
and as the undisputed #1 ranked team 
in the 1-AA division. The undefeated 
season, only the second in school his- 
tory, earned the engineers the ECAC di- 
vision 1-AA team-of-the-year award, yet 
another post season playoff bid, and the 
Lambert Cup, symbolic of eastern su- 
premacy for medium-sized colleges. 

"This team really came of age," said 
Head Coach John Whitehead. "We had a 
lot of quality individuals and they grew 
better and better with each game." 

The Engineers opened the season 
with an untested Quarterback in Junior 
Larry Michalski, and some questioned 
his ability to lead the squad. He quickly 
silenced all his critics in the opening 
game at Maine as he passed for 234 yards 
and three T.D.'s in a 37-6 victory. Senior 
wide receiver Mark Yeager snared seven 
of those tosses and this proved to be a 
foreshadowing of events to come as the 
Michalski-Yeager connection proved to 
be unstoppable throughout the season. 

The Engineers hosted Colgate the fol- 
lowing week and had to rally for a 17-17 
tie. Yeager pulled in 10 Michalski passes, 
including one for a score, and the 
swarming Lehigh defense halted the 
high-powered Red Raider offense. 

The Penn Quakers were the Engineers 
next victim as reserve fullback Greg 
Manion piled up 113 yards rushing to 
pace the team to a 35-6 trouncing. The 

defense was awesome, led by middle 
linebacker Pete Mercuri, who recorded 
12 tackles and blocked an extra point and 
a field goal attempt. 

Perhaps the most exciting moment for 
the Engineers occured only four weeks 
into the 1980 season. The Delaware Blue 
Hens travelled to Taylor Stadium, and if 
one believed what their Head Coach 
Tubby Raymond was telling the news- 
papers, the game was going to be a 
breeze for Delaware. Fueled by this lack 
of respect, the Engineers battled the Blue 
Hens to the wire, and with only 17 
seconds in the game and the score tied at 
20-20, Michalski uncorked a 33 yard 
scoring strike to Yeager to secure the 
27-20 victory and send the Blue Chickens 
back to Newark. 

The team visited West Point to take on 
Army, a team that posed the biggest 
threat to the Engineers unbeatened re- 

cord. With the Engineers leading 24-21 
and only one second on the clock, 
Army's Dave Aucoin booted a 52 yard 
field goal to lift the Cadets to a tie. The 
Cadets should have never been allowed 
to run the last play due to an error by the 
official, and the ECAG rules committee 
admitted to the mistake. However, no- 
thing could be done about the score and 
the tie remained intact. 

The squad took their 3-0-2 record 
down South the following week and re- 
bounded with a 49-14 rout over David- 
son. Michalski to Yeager was the order 
of the day as Yeager hauled in seven 
passes for 178 yards and the first three 
Engineer scores. The defense was true to 
form and contributed to the point total 
on a 34 yard interception return by de- 
fensive back Charlie Marck. 

The Bucknell Bisons, always a formid- 
able foe for the Engineers, visited a rain- 


soaked Taylor Stadium on the sixth 
week of the season and were promptly 
shut out 13-0. Yeager managed to haul in 
another Michalski pass for a score but it 
was the defense that stood out on this 
Saturday as they forced the Bisons to 
fumble eight times. 

The Engineers extended their record 
to 6-0-2 with a 31-14 mauling of James 
Madison University as halfback Joe 
Rabuck and Jimmy Evanko scored two 
touchdowns apiece and Ted Iobst 
boomed a 43 yard field goal. The team 
continued their relentless drive towards 
an undefeated season the following 
week with a 23-10 victory over Rhode 
Island with Michalski and Yeager hook- 
ing up for another score, Steve Plucinsky 
running for two scores and Ted Iobst 
tieing a school record with a 47 yard field 
goal. Northeastern felt the wrath of the 
Engineers in a 42-19 drubbing a week 
later. A superb effort by the offensive 
line helped running backs John Ahsler, 
Steve Plucinsky and Jim Evanko all gain 
100 yards rushing. 

This left only Lafayette in the path of 
the unblemished season for the squad. 
The Engineers showed the Leopards 
why they were voted the top team in the 
nation and went on to an easy 32-0 rout 
and an undefeated season. So dominant 
was the defense that defensive end and 
Co-Captain Mike Crowe was voted the 
games most valuable player for his out- 
standing effort. This was only the 

second time in the history of the award 
that a defensive player was picked. 

With a #1 ranking secured and the 
Lambert Cup safely wrested from the 
University of Delaware, the Engineers 
hosted the opening round of the playoffs 
against old nemisis Eastern Kentucky. 
The Colonels, who defeated the En- 
gineers in the 1-AA final last season, 
continued their jinx over the Brown and 
White and took a close 23-20 win in the 
nationally televised game. Lehigh tight 
end Vince Rogusky, who caught six pas- 
ses for 96 yards, was voted the ABC 
player of the game. 

Despite the disappointing loss at the 
seasons end, many Engineer players re- 
ceived individual honors. Linebacker 
Bruce Rarig concluded a brilliant four 
year career and earned Kodak Coaches 
and Associated Press First-Team Ail- 
American honors. Yeager was selected 
as a Kodak coaches third team all- 
american. In addition, Yeager, Rarig, 
Michalski, Crowe, Marck, Iobst, Larry 
Miksiewicz and Rich Titus were all 
selected to the all-ECAC squad. Crowe 
and Yeager were also selected as the 
team co-captains for the year by their 
fellow teammates. 

All in all, it was a memorable season 
























James Madison 



Rhode Isl. 








Eastern Ky. 



The harriers plodded through a rebuild- 
ing season with a record of 3-8. The team, 
which was lead by sophomore co-captains 
Bruce Flynn and David Thompson, con- 
sisted mainly of freshmen and sophomores 
with only one senior Mike Murray. The 
highlight of the season came when Lehigh 
scrambled past Lafayette to end the season 
with a win. Coach John Covert is looking 
forward to a more successful season next 
year with the return of all of his top runners. 

Cross Country 



















St Joseph's 
Seton Hall 





ROW 1: P. Bukowski, S. Murphy, B. Parkes, /. Smith, T. Campbell, M. Murray, j. 
Fusco, B. Davis, T. Kanter, S. Vanwhy, John Covert (coach); ROW 2: P. Sanchirico, 


M. Baity, C. Poll, R. Vandervalk, J. Sullivan, J. Sullivan, /. Brennan, T. O'Shea, P. 
Konipalski, ]. Furstman, T. Reen, B. Flynn, D. Thompson. 


ROW 1: M. O'Louvhlin, H. Lee, L. Anderman, ]. McAnanly, S. 
Greenbaum; ROW 2: P. Reilly, K. Hmker, K. Adams, K. Ignar, C. 
Paul, C. Davis; ROW 3: N. Walzack, L. Andreach, N. Grove, M. 

Blackstone, S. Foster, K. Talbert, R. Weidner, P. Glavin, K. Adams 
(coach), L. Moore. 








Seton Hall 










Allentown College 
F&M 1 











W. Chester 









Trenton State 















The Lehigh volleyball team had a 
good season this year. Although pla- 
gued by injuries the team managed to 
have a winning season led by co- 
captains and MVPs Karen Talbert and 
Cheryl Paul. Under the new direction 
of Coach Karen Adams, the Lehigh 
Spikers ended on a good note beating 
arch rival Lafayette. As many players 
are returning next year, Coach Adams 
looks forward to another victorious 


Field Hockey 

The field hockey team traveled to Edwards- 
ville Illinois this year for the national tourna- 
ment and finished in the top 15 teams. Lehigh 
qualified for nationals by soundly beating the 
Lafayette team in regionals at Loyola College in 

Senior captain Kim Powell and MVP Cindy 
Moon led the engineer defense, while freshman 
Julia Kim and juniors Ann Hackenberg and Judy 
Weir sparked the attack. Goalie Brenda Sirors 
came back to complete another outstanding sea- 
son, after missing the first nine games due to a 
broken leg. The team, coached by Judy Turner, 
finished the season at 6-9-4. 

ROW 1: / Turner (head coach), H. Steelman, A. Gibbons, A. Hackenburg, ]. 
Kohlhepv, B. Lewis, B. Book, ). Weir, N. Horlacher, B. Stoner, L. Siegnest, S 
Nelson, J. Zanger(asst. coach); ROW 2: L. Adams, B. Serois, C. Moon, K. Powell 

(cavt ) M Ruth, M. Mochel, D. Vilwok, j. Hammond, K Zeberlein, ]. Kim, 
Bateso'le, S. Taylor, L. Kraemer, K. Hutchinson (manager). 


/Jiff p\f 




W. Chester 


























Old Dominion 



























W. Chester 



Penn State 





25 ° 

. ■• t 


5 * 




ROW 1: /. Heaton, B. Shine, B. Colville, B. Belshaw, D. Joynt, B. Reis, T. 
Cunningham, R. Geise, D. Bernocchi, B. Toal, S. Taub, B. Thomas, L. Carlson; 
ROW 2: M. Tavormina, }. Harrington, D. McGowan, K. Remley, S. Schwarz, C. 

Ritter, L. Karpack, H. Klein, S. Hagglund, D. Silver, B. Buckheit. /. Hall, ]. 
Newton, A. Lee. 

L "id?- 

Armed with several veteran players and some 
high hopes, Coach Manny Tavormina's soccer 
team ventured south to open their season 
against the 12th ranked Old Dominion Monarchs 
in Norfolk, Va. 

The Engineers rallied from a two-goal deficit in 
the second half only to see their upset hopes 
dissipate when ODU scored the game-winning 
goal with only 2:42 left to play. 

The booters dropped three more contests, be- 
fore they were able to get their first win. Swarth- 
more was the Engineers' initial victim and 
Lehigh followed with wins over LaSalle and Del- 
aware. The Engineers were now 3-4 and the de- 
fense, without Belshaw, had only given up one 
goal in the three victories. 

But the Engineers could never draw any closer 
to the .500 mark, losing an overtime game to 
Rider and being upset in the season finale by 
Bucknell, 1-0. 

Junior co-captain Bob Buckheit proved once 
again that he was one of the finest players in the 
East. Buckheit was the second-leading scorer in 
the East Coast Conference and also the runner- 
up for the ECC West Most Valuable Player. 

Kevin Remley, a freshman forward, topped 
Buckheit in scoring and was also named to the 
all-conference squad. 

With these three players back, along with 
several strong underclassman, the Engineers 
will be looking for the successful season which 
has eluded them for the last two years. 



ROW 1: /. Compton, j. McClay, C. Srivisarvacha , S. Karasik, P. Sarasm; ROW 2: Peter Sleeman, B. Hunsaker, I. Mahmud, D. McLeod, B. Rankin, Stu. Stanier, C. 

The squash team completed its finest 
season ever with a 9-10 record. The team 
was lead by senior co-captains Todd Sta- 
nier and Bruce Rankin along with MVP 
Doug McLeod. The Highlights of the 
season included an upset of 12th ranked 
MIT then a win over arch-rival Franklin 
and Marshall for the first time. Coach 
Peter Sleeman should have a strong 
team next season with the return of 
freshman standouts Pao Sarasin and 
Brad Hunsaker along with upperclass- 
men Ismail Mahmud and John McClay. 















Stoneybrook 8 
Navy 9 
George Washington 
Stevens Tech 









Hobart — forfeit 

















1295 Kutztown 



1301 Rider 


9th Army Invitational 

1362 Scranton 


1344 Penn State 


1344 SetonHall 


1350 Kings 



Two teams were undefeated during their regular seasons. Both 
teams were deadly on their respective playing fields. One team 
was on National Television while the other was entrenched in the 
basement of Lamberton Hall. 

Despite the obscurity associated with the rifle team, they con- 
tinued their winning ways with an 8-0 record. The team was led 
by senior co-captain and MVP Gordon Jonas and co-captain Dave 
Bauer. Prospects for next season look just as bright with most of 
the team returning. 

ROW 1: C. Barberis, M. Bmgaman, D. Bauer, Sgt R. Prevost, }. Schnabel, G. 
Jonas, C. Mason; ROW 2: S. Rosenberry, S. Galczynski, A. Ferrante, K. McMinn, 

J. Wellman, J. Maugle; ROW 3: B. Applegate, M. Zimmerman. A. Goldblatt, D. 
Hagerty, S. Touhill, M. McAlpine. 



ROW 1: P. Rinaldi, }. McCarthy, A. Stein, B. Beck, G. Biscoll, M. Chandell, ROW 2: 
A. Pariseau, Flip, Pledge Molinaro, B. Scott, M. Nesbit, Myron Henzlestein (mana- 

ger), S. Edwards, S. Allinson, }. Miller, ]. Cillo; ROW 3: T. Nelson, S. Gentile, /. 
Langei'in, T. Freda, B. Petersohn, A. Gordon, P. Camuti. 

























St John's 




The stickmen of Lehigh's ice 
hockey team raised their record 
to 9-9 during this year's cam- 
paign. Key wins came over Del- 
aware (twice), Ramapo and rival 
Lafayette. The Defense was 
anchored by goalie Paul Rinaldi, 
also defending Lehigh's goal 
were Bowdoin transfer Phil 
Molinaro and junior college 
transfer Carl Henzelman. 
Henzelman played well all sea- 
son despite a nagging injury suf- 
fered in an early season scrim- 
age. The team's future looks 
bright with most of coach Steve 
Penman's squad returning next 

















Allen College 




































W. Chester 

















Women's Basketball 

The women's basketball team, led by captains D. Leit- 
mer and M. Zdrofcoff finished a disappointing 80-81 
season, with a 7-15 record. 

There were bright sports in the season however, with 
impressive victories over F&M, Bloomsburg, Allen Col- 
lege, and a one-point decision over Penn. 

With a large number of outstanding underclassmen 
returning, the team will look forward to a more success- 
ful season next year. 

ROW 1: K. King, B. Orwe, L. Gill, L. Fabiny, E. Gebhard; ROW 2: D. Leitmer 
(capt), M. Zdrofcoff (capt), S. Eckert, M. Mihatski, T. Guman; ROW 3: /. Zanger 

(asst. coach), M. Frederick, B. Grant, M. Waltermire, L. Broderick, D. Greemvood 
(manager), N. Walczak (manager). 






West Chester 




















ROW 1: P. Brussock, S. Andrews, R. Holtz, S. Schlicht, D. Rathbun; 
ROW 2: R. Gardner, coach, D. Trost, B. Price, S. Peene, L. Yearsly, K. 
Ackerboom, L. Becker, T. Schewell, /. Canavan, D. Seablum; ROW 3: M. 

Pible, C. A.njnml, j. Forster, A. Downing, R. Beak, T. Roth, T. Williams, 
L. Forsina; ROW 4: S. Handerhan, T. Lyman, T. McDunie, j. Schafstal, 
L. Schmalz, D. Bell, K. Anselmin, R. Gallagher, H. Brosnan, S. Stoup. 

























Ford ham 








Lehigh men and women swim teams never had a dull 
moment this season. The men's team finished with an 
impressive 8-2 record, due to good depth and strong 
underclass relays. The women's team finished with a 6-4 

Gary Angyal won 2 awards, Lehigh Long Distance 
Trophy awarded to most improved distance swimmer 
and James C. Gravany Memorial Trophy awarded to a 
freshman scoring the most points. Randy Beals won the 
Peter J. Morrissey Memorial Trophy to most outstanding 
member of the men's varsity squad. Also, Susan 
Andrews won the women's award for the most out- 
standing member of women's varsity squad. 







ROW 1:/. Hockmen, D. Burley, T. Sloand, D. Butler, T. Husted, B. Weaver;ROW 
2: D. Erlenbom (mngr.), J. Rally, F. Vresics, P. Famulari, B. Deehan, J. Rex 

(mngr.), R. Bellaran; ROW 3: Thayer Turner (coach), M. Frick, T. Hensler, /. 
Turner, C. Kilrain, P. Brown, D. seiser, B. Dudek, C. Leeman (asst. coach). 

T>V5*V? * r ' 

After taking on a long and challenging 
schedule, the grapplers were able to re- 
tain their string of consecutive winning 
seasons, this being the 29th. Tough set- 
backs came at the hands of Iowa, Wis- 
consin, Iowa State, and Syracuse during 
the regular season, but they were able to 
finish up with a 10-4 record. 

The EIWA tournament, at Princeton 
proved to be somewhat of a disappoint- 
ment as Lehigh gave up first place to 
Syracuse, but was able to finish a strong 
second. Winners of EIWA crowns in- 
cluded: Tom Husted at 126, Daryl Burley 
at 134, and Colin Kilrain at 177. 

Bobby Weaver was runner up at 118, 
Tom Bold was fourth at 142, Tom Sloand 
went at 150 and placed fifth, Jim Reilly 
was fourth at 158, Jeff Turner finished 
third at 167, and Tom Henseler was sixth 
at 190. 


Burley, Kilrain, Husted, Weaver, Tur- 
ner and Reilly all qualified for the 
NCAA's, Reilly as the Coaches' "Wild 
Card" selection. With three place win- 
ners, Burley second at 134, Kilrain third 
at 177 and Reilly seventh at 158 Lehigh 
captured fifth in the NCAA tournament 
at Princeton. 

The Enginners were the top eastern 
team finishing ahead of Penn State and 
Syracuse. The team was in the top five 
for the fourth time in the last seven 

Leading the team this year were co- 
captains Kilrain and Burley who were 
re-elected to those posts for the 1981-82 
campaign. Kilrain and Burley, who both 
went through the regular season un- 
beaten, each won their third EIWA 
crowns and will have a chance next year 
to become the fifth (and maybe sixth) 
four-time Eastern Champs. 

The Lehigh Home Club Trophy to the 
best wrestler on the varsity squad went 
to Daryl Burley. The George Feuerbach 
Memorial Trophy to the most outstand- 
ing member of the varsity squad went to 
Colin Kilrain and the Roy A Lewis Tro- 
phy to the most outstanding freshman 
wrestler went to Damian Butler. 



















Iowa State 





Penn State 












Rhode Island 









ROW 1: Coach B. Hill, S. Mentesana, F. Ketch, ]. Campisi, M. Power, T. Pauley, S. Ice, F. Sullivan; ROW 2: /. Weyand, T. Unter, C. Blue, B. Kostyak, B. Collins, T. 
Moran, R. Hall, K. Riley, P. Hanks, R. Kamin, R. Coppola. 



^* <? * 







Lebanon Val. 
























Seton Hall 












W. Chester 















W. Chester 



St. Joseph's 














The Engineer basketball team enjoyed its 
finest season in 64 years by posting a 14-12 record 
in 1980-81. 

The fourteen wins are the second most in 
school history, behind the 1916-1917 club which 
won fifteen of its nineteen games. It was also the 
first winning season for the Engineers since 

Senior forward Kevin Riley led the club in scor- 
ing, was second in rebounding, and was voted 
Most Valuable Player. Riley's fifteen-foot banker 
at the buzzer against Bucknell gave the En- 
gineers a one-point win which clinched a win- 
ning season. 

But the Engineers did not depend on just one 
player. Coach Brian Hill effectively used eight 
players throughout the season, and this depth 
was the key for the successful year. 

Seniors Mike Power, Paul Hanks, Rick Coppo- 
la and Jeff Campisi, junior Charles Blue, and 
sophomores Brian Collins and Fred Ketcho all 
contributed greatly for the Engineers. 

With Blue, Collins and Ketcho returning along 
with a strong J V squad and some blue-chip fresh- 
men, Hill has hopes of repeating the winning 
efforts of 1981. 


Track and Field 


ROW 1: R. Fulford, G. Memo. ). Carr, T. Nichols, D. Thompson, S. Reynolds, M. 
Holmes, R. Setlin, E. Lunch, W. Whitley, H. Gortly, T. OShea, M. Murray, L. 
Mercadante, T. Campbell, ]. Gibbons (coach), James Covert (head coach); ROW z: D. 

Melone, K. Jones, C. Helmsteder, ]. Malloney, j. Silet, ]. Brennen, B. Flynn, D. 
Stride, /. Meszaros, P. Harris, }. Sullivan, P. Sanchirico, ]. Fusco, B. Davis, T. 
Whelen, j. Fuershman, S. Murphy. 

The track team campaigned success- 
fully indoors and outdoors compiling a 
combined record of 14-4. The indoor 31 
meet win streak, spanning four seasons, 
was snapped by Temple. Despite the 
loss the team continued to perform well 
winning their last three meets. The 
squad was supported by their strength 
in the field events. Two members of the 
team won individual titles at the East 
Coast Conference Championships 
where Lehigh placed fifth. Rusty Fulford 
won the long jump, while Larry Merca- 
dante captured the triple jump. With a 
strong field squad returning and a 
strengthened track squad, prospects for 
next season look promising. 

Indoor Track 













East Stroudsburg 














Outdoor Track and Field 





Indiana of PA 



East Stroudsburg 



Trenton State 






West Chester 































Penn State 















West Chester 














The golf team completed another 
outstanding season finishing with a 
14-5 slate. The linkmen were led by 
co-captains Chip Mason and Dave 
Shillaber. During the District Cham- 
pionships the team was led to a third 
place finish by Tim Burns. Mason 
and Shillaber also aided in Lehigh's 
fine finish, while Rick Moore missed 
the cut. Considering coach Lee- 
man's consistantly strong teams, 
next season should be just as good. 

ROW 1: B. Beck, C. Mason (co-captain), D. Schillibar (co-captain), T. Burns; ROW 2: C. Matics, Whimpy Moore (manager), R. Anderson, B. Durkin, Gerry Leeman 



ROW 1: Dave Smith, Keith Shramko, Greg Hafeman, Steve Aronson, Jay Wright, Brad Wyckoff (coach); ROW 2: Pete Pijawka, Kevin Kopp, 
Dan Dalton (captain), Mark Nesbit. 




E. Carolina 


Atl. Christ. 













West Chester 




















Men's tennis rolled to a outstanding 15-7 season. The Engineers were led by 
MVP Keith Shramko and captain Dan Dalton. Shramko compiled the best singles 
record, winning 17 out of 22 matches. Dalton was the team leader in matches 
won, with a total of 30, against 14 losses. Junior Kevin Kopp and freshman Mark 
Nesbit played a vital role in this years effort, with Kopp winning the #6 E.C.C. 
championship and Nesbit winning key matches all year. Coach Brad Wyckoff can 
look for an ever better record next year, as the team losses only one starter. 






















West Chester 











Women's Tennis 

This year the women's tennis team compiled a 12-1 record, its most 
successful year yet under second year coach Karen Adams. 

MVP and co-captain Elise Braceras as well as co-captain Debbie Banks 
and Jane Sch witter will be graduating. Coach Adams will have a strong 
team to work with next year. The team is the recipient of the Albert C. 
Zettlemoyer Triple "A" Award, given to the team with the highest 
GPA. This is the second year the women have won this award. 

ROW 1: Irene Math, Cathy Connors, Debbie Banks, Elise Braceras, 
Mary Ellen Connors, Liz Batsole, Julia Kim; ROW 2: Karen Adams 

(coach), jane Schwitter, Cheryl Paul, Karen Lowe, Nancy Peck, 
Wendy Jones, Shelly Siuciak. ' 






Atlantic Christian 



Armstrong State 
American U. 





Armstrong State 
Ga. Southern 



E. Tenn. St. 



Francis Marion 






William & Mary 
West Chester 















Trenton State 














The Lehigh baseball team was very suc- 
cessful this year as their record was 14-13. 
The pitching staff, considered to be a major 
question mark at the beginning of the sea- 
son, held up quite well against such tough 
competition as Georgia Southern (ranked 
9th in the nation), American University, 
Lafayette and Bucknell. Excellent perform- 
ances were turned in by Jeff Sperring, who 
beat Georgia Southern; Steve Paccico and 
John Patten, two solid freshmen and Mitch 
Fox, who won the first three games he 

The Engineers began their season with a 
5-1 record on their southern trip, but began 
to slide during the next few weeks. The team 
turned the season around by sweeping 
Bucknell in a doubleheader and winning 
their next six games in a row. Hitting was 
rarely a problem for the Engineers, with 
senior co-captain Roger Bumgardner and 
Chris Nagle supplying most of the power. 
They combined for 12 home runs while 
senior Chris Dax lead the team in hitting 
with a .370 average. Senior Del Markward 
started quickly, batting well over .500 during 
the southern swing. But he, along with Dax, 
was hampered with serious injuries which 
limited his play. Freshman Mike Matto 
turned in a fine season at third base with 
excellent defensive plays combined with 
clutch hitting. He will be returning next sea- 
son with a team of young players hoping to 
better this years record. 

ROW 1: S. Butz, S. Fegely, D. Occor, S. Pacicco, R. Brmley, D. Markward, D. 
Andrews, S. Ramsey, P. Sklar; ROW 2: B. Arndt, S. Nagle, R. Prosser, ]. Kane, 
B. Massa, M. Pox, M. Coryell, M. Matto, M. Evans, J. Patten; ROW 3: C. 

Anderson, C. Dax, M. Sheehan, B. Laughton, /. Sperring, R. Bomgardner ; ) . Orem, 
B. Husband, B. Jenny, R. Mallet, S. Schultz. 


ROW 1: C. Clacik, S. Hiester, A. Yueles, S. Herman; ROW 2: /. Jordan, L. Shaw, M. McHugh, L. Fabma, S. Hautzmger; ROW 3: Coach M. Frederick, P. 
Reilly, R. Turoscy, R. Sidrer, B. Klemmer, P. Zajac. 

The coming of spring brought changes for the 1981 softball team. 
Guided by a new head coach, Maureen Fredrick, the team took 
their first southern trip and returned with a 4-1 record. They 
approached the season with much psych and determination as they 
were led by co-captains, Sonia Hiester and Anastasia Yuelys. On 
the field heroics were performed by sophomore Mary Jo McHugh 
who batted .500 and pitcher Hiester who received the MVP award. 



Vv ^^t* 














































Women's Lacrosse 

The 1980 women's lacrosse team went to Nationals at 
Penn. State, with a top seed, after beating University of 
Delaware in Maryland. 

After training in Boca Raton, Florida over spring break, 
the Engineers went on to complete a 10-4 season, losing 
to top ranked teams Ursinus, West Chester, Delaware, 
and Temple. 

Scoring was led by co-captains Bonnie Lewis with 51 
goals and Kim Powell with 34. A tough defense was 
sparked by Nancy Lehrhaupt, Sandy McMenamin, and 
goalie Brenda Sirois. 



















West Chester 




















ROW 1: Marie Helmold, Beth Book, Meredith Webner, Bonnie Lewis, Kim Powell, 
Sue Shoop, Momaue Martin; ROW 2: Barb Stoner, Sally Bond, Martha Dannies, 
Alison Kellet, Diane Thomas, Melissa Panick, Michelle Ruth. Brenda Sirois; ROW 

3: Ed Jordan, Laura Moore, Kathy Sloan, Sandy Killian, Nancy Lehrhaupt, Daphne 
Veras, Sandy McMenamis, Tere'se Cuff, Kathy Zeberleir, Kathy Hahn, Marci Axel- 
rod, Jean Seibold, Jan Zanger, Judy Turner. 

Men's Lacrosse 


4 , ,p i-f *% m w**B!r 









Wi% Bfe 

ROW 1: B. Muft, S. Brad/ey, B. Iroine, P. Sykes, P. Gherardi, C. Newtek, K. C. 
Haile, S. Schmitz; ROW 2: K. Haarmann, R. Weaver, B. Flood, D. Moyle, E. 
Snadecki, R. Mosfeller, ]. Mohoffer, H. Katz; ROW 3: B. McCuiness, }. Rabbins, 

D. Hanan, M. Wettengel, P. Altinger, S. 
Hoffman (coach), D. Amman (coach). 

Heilman, A. Manwaring, P. Von 




Penn State 









West Chester 





























The men's lacrosse team finished another disappointing season this spring 
with a record of 3-10. In spite of the losing record, the team did have outstand- 
ing performances by several key players. Senior John Robbins did an excellent 
job as goalie, as did Keith Haarmann on the field. 

Despite losing several key seniors this year, the team does have some excel- 
lent potential from underclassmen and next spring a much improved record is 




Freshman Orientation 



*-v*r. - . -- <- 




. . . Rush Rush Rush Rush . . 

Rush begins with fraternities having open house during the 
last three weekends of September. Rush dinners follow soon 
after, offering potential rushees a chance to meet brothers. 

Pubnights and special events like Monday Night Football, 
concerts, and athletic games help brothers and rushees decide if 
they fit each other's lifestyle. 

The giving out of a prebid indicates a house has asked a rushee 
to become a future brother. On Bid Day, two weeks into the 
spring semester, the rushee chooses which house he wants to 


J^m Pledging 

Pledging is more than simply being ordered around by one's 
fraternity brothers. Pledge projects often include improvements 
to the house while pledge trips are a good way to meet people 
from other chapters. 

The pledge class is usually responsible for constructing the bed 
for the bed race and designing a banner for Lafayette weekend. 
Lineups, cleanups, and quizzes about the fraternity are regular 
features of pledging. 

The brothers-to-be are instructed on the ideals of the fraternity 
by the pledge marshall. Hell Week signals the transition from low 
life to brother status. 






The first annual "Oktoberfest," jointly 
organized by the Student Activities Coun- 
cil, the Residence Halls Council, and the 
Interfraternity Council, raised $750 for the 
Bethlehem YMCA. Almost 2000 students 
and faculty members drank beer and lis- 
tened to german music provided by a live 
band. Other attractions included gambling 
booths and the "Le Compane" dancers. 

The event proved that major campus 
organizations could work together suc- 
cessfully. "Considering that this was the 
first year for such an event, it went off 
much better than we could have hoped," 
said Del Markward, IFC president, "I ex- 
pect that there will be another 
Oktoberfest." Future improvements may 
include more booths and better lighting. 





"In the past, the SAC has had a bad 
image, but this year all officers are new, 
hardworking, and well aware of last year's 
image problems," declared SAC President 
Pete Fioretti at the beginning of the fall 
semester, "within the next few weeks, I 
don't think we'll have any image prob- 
lems." By working with several agents and 
promoters, the SAC hopes to sponsor a 
wide range of concerts. However, Fioretti 
deemed the $16,000 budget insufficient. 

Beatlemania was the first concert of the 
fall semester. Although synchronization 
problems marred the video slide and 

movie presentation, the mood of the 
1960's was successfully recaptured for a 
few hours. 

Marshall Tucker was next in the Stabler 
Arena. Their brand of Southern rock in- 
cluded Tony Caldwell on guitar, Jerry 
Eubanks on electric flute, Franklin Wilkie 
on bass, and vocalist Doug Grey. 

Molly Hatchet's sue members travelled 
to Bethlehem from Jacksonville, Florida. 
Their presentation consisted of seventeen 
rousing songs. 

Yes combined selections from their cur- 
rent album with songs from earlier in the 


group's twelve year history. Bassist Chris 
Squire was the sole remaining member 
from the original line-up. 

Problems with the sound equipment 
caused Rossington Collins concert to be 
delayed nearly four hours. Theirs was the 
last SAC presentation of 1980. 

The management of Stabler requires the 
SAC to work with a promoter as insurance 
against financial losses and damage. 
However, SAC officers would like to 
choose when they want to use a promoter. 
Nevertheless, Concert Chairman Fred 
Schaufeld said, "In spite of our differ- 
ences, the SAC and the management of 
Stabler have managed to develop and 
maintain a very close working rela- 
tionship. This is for the betterment of stu- 
dent activities." 



Lafayette Weekend 


The Election of 1 980 


Promising to slash the budget, toughen foreign policy, and 
"make America great again," Ronald Reagan became the 
40th president of the United States. The former Governor of 
California swept the electoral college but barely gained a 
majority of the popular vote. 

Finding the problems of Iran, Billy, and the economy in- 
surmountable from the Rose Garden, Democratic incumbent 
Jimmy Carter took his campaign on the road. However, it 
was too little too late. Except for his home state of Georgia, 
Carter lost all of the "New South" — formerly the heart of his 

Analysts claim that blacks were the only group that con- 
tinued their 1976 support of the Georgian. Carter's biggest 
win was in the predominantly black District of Columbia 
where he received 74.9 percent of the vote. 

Conservative political action committees like Jerry Fal- 
well's Moral Majority raised funds for Reagan and other 
Washington newcomers. These groups succeeded in ousting 
senatorial stalwarts, including Birch Bayh and 1972 Presiden- 
tial candidate George McGovern, who rated low on con- 
servative scorecards. 

Big business initially backed former Governor of Texas 
John Connally — who had the largest endowment in the 
presidential campaign. When Connally dropped out of the 
race, Kemp-Roth tax cut supporter Reagan received the big 

business support. 

Officially, the AFL-CIO and other unions were behind the 
incumbent. However, many rank-and-file members, believ- 
ing supply-side economics would cure inflation and unem- 
ployment, boosted Reagan support. 

Illinois congressman John Anderson, Libertarian Ed Clark, 
and Barry Commoner of the Consumer Party also ran for 
President. Anderson captured 7% of the electorate, thus 
qualifying for federal matching funds. However, Anderson's 
candidacy affected the election results less than might have 
been expected. 

Clark found strong support on campus, in spirit if not in 
numbers at Grace Hall, Nezv Republic editor William Buckley 
was questioned about Clark. Buckley said he would 
wholeheartedly support Clark if not for his wanting to "dis- 
mantle the Pentagon." University Libertarians, responding 
in the Brown and White, said Clark was for efficiency in the 

Anderson also appeared at the University, calling for sacri- 
fice and conservation as the key to economic recovery. His 
speech at Stabler Arena drew national press attention and 
was broadcast by WLVR, the campus radio station. 

The Lehigh College Republicans were embarrassed earlier 
in the year after they announced a three way debate featuring 
Anderson, Bush, and Reagan. Claiming that there would 

also be keynote addresses by other major Republicans, the 
club invited 40 major East Coast Universities to Stabler 

However, area congressman Don Ritter turned out to be 
the only major political figure in attendance. Only 150 people 
saw the minor surrogates who appeared for two out of the 
three announced candidates. The club found itself discre- 
dited and in debt. 

Despite the fiasco, the College Republicans received funds 
from the University, as did the Democrat Club under 
Lehigh's nonpartisanship rules. The money for the Demo- 
crats is on account until the club finds an acceptable manner 
in which to use it. The Lehigh Democrats seem to exist 
primarily on paper. 

Several students and Deans who supported Reagan were 
rewarded for their efforts with invitations to Inauguration 
Day festivities. The overseer of these Reagan supporters was 
Marc Holtzman, a Lehigh Undergraduate who took a year off 
to serve as a top Reagan campaign coordinator in Pennsylva- 
nia. Holtzman was also an aide at the Republican Convention 
and second in command of Inauguration Day activities. 

Forum XI held a mock election prior to the actual voting. 
Reagan won easily with Anderson coming in second and 
Carter a close third. 

by Andy Lehren 



Day After Day 

There were those days when the 
thought of walking uphill at the end 
of class made one want to call a cab, 
every homework assignment had 
the effect of a sleeping pill, and even 
the canines on campus seemed to be 
dreaming of the summer. 



Playoff, *8 1 

by Jeff Aronson 
Photography by Bob Yougentob 

For the Engineer gridders, the partly sunny afternoon 
of December 13 was the culmination of a long, hard 
season; a season which ended without a loss. 

The 9-0-2 Engineers, unbeaten for the first time since 
1950, advanced to the Division 1-AA football playoffs for 
the second consecutive year. Rival Eastern Kentucky 
University was the opponent again, but this time the two 
teams would square off in the friendly confines of Taylor 

The first half ended in a 13-13 he, as senior Ted Iobst 
connected on field goals of 47 and 38 yards, the first 
setting an Engineer record. The Lehigh touchdown came 
on a five yard pass from Junior quarterback Larry 
Michalski to junior Paul Anastasio. 

Eastern Kentucky tied the game with just 24 seconds 
left in the first half, when running back Alvin Miller 
plowed in from the one-yard line. 

The 11,500 faithful, many of them students who de- 
cided to put aside the chores of finals to scream them- 
selves hoarse, waited in anticipation as the most impor- 
tant 30 minutes of the season were about to begin. 


An Eastern Kentucky touchdown and field goal in the 
third quarter put the gridders behind, but with 8:50 left 
Michalski connected with senior running back Vince 
Rogusky on a 10-yard pass over the middle. Iobst con- 
verted the extra point to make the score 23-20. 

The last eight minutes were probably the most hard- 
hitting of the season, as Lehigh fought desperately for a 
game tying field goal or a winning touchdown. 

"Remember Delaware" yelled the band members, re- 
member reminding the crowd of Michalski's last second 
pass to senior Mark Yeager which preserved the unde- 
feated season. 

Then, when senior linebacker Bruce Rarig jarred Miller 
with a bone crunching tackle (leaving Miller's knees wob- 
bling), to almost cause a fumble, it looked like the En- 
gineers might pull off another last second triumph. 
Dreams of California were alive again. 

But the clock ran out before that bit of glory was 
achieved, a disappointment for everyone involved with 
the Lehigh football program, but hardly a blemish in light 
of the first undefeated season in thirty years. 




A U-.17 


lt' '•.. 







fa ov« r 

aoo «w 


,0U*> n » 

»«-".:' o ;«~"*s 

..Hii"^ 1 , Mia 

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1 g** ul 

n oa »"" ln , ,. i" lv 
ill' 11 ,. i" l,p „ 

* , ,1*0 ■"' 

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SW** 8 ,,. oil 

*«0l«^ 'StU(ji 


°'e~. D <*<-mi ""^i <k°"<> « e * 


.015 J„0» oS M> J „ t - „,. ,»-„,, „«»--»-- „„0'~ 

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' ..I*** 






1 'V>^^^^«^ 




&** ,*«** 



- a fco, 








aring told 

01 The Morning Call 



^.nan raped 
at Lehigh U. 
frat party 

A young woman claimed in Northampton County 
...>url vesiorday that she was raped four Umes at a 
U'hightn^ersilyfrateniity house wt-SjMlted or hiM 
■""-.ped around the roony ^jtfhtsand 

jgainsi eighl o( the men for 1»- 

Uut he approved am - 
two ill the remaining six 
And he set cash bail lor to 








«» s 

!»*i "Iw^o. 


yelling obscenities 

1 felt I had been stnpped of 
worth.' the brown-haired win 

The 20-year-old former M 
spent more than 4 1 1 hours tesi 
hearing for H men arrested 
the Delta Tau Delta house 

Judge Michael Francii 
magistrate, dismissed 

recognizance ^* \CS^ 

o e 

^ '-**&?. 

: pausing 

Of The Morning Call 

Lehigh U. brings internal charg 

Lehigh University has brought int*rnal charaes 
against 13 students in connection with an alleged 
rape on campus April 12, even though criminal 
charges against eight of them have been dropped 
because of insufficient evidence 

Charges of rape against one student and con- 
spiracy to commit rape against seven others were 
dropped Monday at a preliminary hearing before 
Northampton County Judge Michael Fmnctosa A 

. reliminary hearing is held todetermme if enough 
evidence exists to hold a person for trial 

Thirteen students and an Allentown man were 
charged after a 19- year-old former Muhlenberg 
College student said she was raped at a party at the 
Delta Tau Delta fraternity house on campus She 
testified at the hearing she was raped four times 
while naked or half-clothed men leaped around the 
room, flashing lights and shouting obscenities 

Preston Parr, Lehigh vice president and dean 
lor student affairs, said hearings will be held for 

Waltmglord. Delaware County, who isalsocharged 

with conspiracv An added charge ol rape was 
brought against Michael Keeney, 20, of Wilkes- 
Barre, who is also charged with indecent assault 
and conspiracy 

\\ cC o° 

Lehigh ■ . 

activities ol i. 
academic years 

.'status of the j. t 

jmmittee appoint o>.„ e p r 
or^-* i^w.s will look ml S° ni Z *»<*"»« 

Muring the past It T "u f^''o n <4n Ai t 

4% . 

'<>: ■ 


Scandals on Campus 

The 1980-81 academic year was punc- 
tuated by startling — even shocking — 
news events. 

In September, 1980, Delta Tau Delta 
Fraternity was brought before the Uni- 
versity Disciplinary Committee in con- 
nection with a wet-T-shirt contest spon- 
sored by the fraternity during Greek 
Week 1980. Thirty-five faculty members 
critical of the event had sent a letter to 
Dean of Students William Quay in May. 

Delta Tau Delta was found guilty by 
the University Disciplinary Committee. 
However, concluding that the fraternity 
had "violated no duly enacted rule" 
although it did "engage in activity that 
appears patently offensive to significant 
sectors of the University," the Faculty 
Appeal Committee reversed the Disci- 
plinary Committee decision and cleared 
the house of all charges. 

Sigma Phi fraternity also came before 
the Disciplinary Committee in Septem- 
ber. In June, while responding to an 
alarm set off by the fraternity's automa- 
tic system, campus police had disco- 
vered several thousand dollars worth of 
stolen items in the chapter room. The 
articles had been taken from other 
fraternities, the University, the city of 
Bethlehem, and the postal service. 

Theft charges were brought against 
the house as a whole. 

The fraternity was found guilty of 
multiple thefts of property, retention of 
stolen property, and corporately pur- 
suing and condoning the practice of 
theft and retention of stolen property. 
Full University probation for the entire 
1980-81 academic year was the sentence. 

Sigma Phi was ordered to return all 
the property and pay for any damage. 
The house was given until May 1, 1981, 
to report back to the Disciplinary Com- 
mittee with reasons why the chapter 
should continue. Failure to meet any of 
these requirements would result in dis- 
solution of the chapter. 

Sigma Phi came before the Discipline 
Committee again im March. The com- 
mittee found the entire house guilty of 
the January theft of a half-keg from Phi 
Delta Theta and decided to recommend 
to the reviewing board that Sigma Phi be 

In April, an individual member of Sig- 
ma Phi stepped forward and assumed 

responsibility for the theft. However, 
the committee did not withdraw the re- 
commendation to dissolve since "the 
chapter participated in trying to conceal 
the truth" by not singling out an indi- 
vidual during March's hearing. 

In February, the Brown and White 
was itself the subject of a front page 
story. More than $5000 had been found 
missing from its account. 

Early in the spring semester, the new 
head of Journalism, Robert Sullivan, de- 
termined that proper accounting and 
bookkeeping records had not been 
maintained during the fall semester. 
Former head of Journalism, Joe McFad- 
den, then examined cancelled checks to 
discover invalid signatures on several. 

Apparently, a student with access to 
the Brown and White checkbook had 
written checks on the paper's account 
without authorization by forging at least 
one signature. The checkbook had not 
been locked in a safe place. Sullivan then 
consulted Dean Quay who requested an 

The business manager of the Brown 
and White, who was involved in the 
embezzlement, payed back the money 
and left school with the understanding 
that the University would never give 
him a degree. 

The alleged rape on April 12 of a 19- 
year-old Muhlenberg College student 
led to the arrest of thirteen University 
students and one non-University stu- 
dent. Eleven of the University students 
were Delta Tau Delta brothers — at 
whose fraternity house the incident re- 
portedly occurred. 

Two of those arrested, one a Delta Tau 
Delta brother, were charged with rape 
and criminal conspiracy to commit rape. 
They were released on $5000 bail. 
Another Delt was charged with indecent 
assault and criminal conspiracy to com- 
mit rape. He was released on $1000 bail. 
All of the others were charged with cri- 
minal conspiracy to commit rape and re- 
leased on their own recognizance. 

A preliminary hearing on May 11 de- 
termined whether a prima facie case had 
been established against each indi- 

An ad hoc committee was formed to 
review the status of Delta Tau Delta and 
report back to President Lewis its recom- 

mendations concerning the future of the 
chapter at Lehigh. 

The Campus Crawl on April 30 ended 
in a riot involving 100-200 University 
students — several of whom were 
arrested. One University police officer 
was injured in the brawl. 

Disturbance was first created by a 
group of students demanding beer at 
Chi Phi. The fraternity had run out of 
beer and, upon hearing a window being 
broken, the president called campus 

Police arrived at the house, warned 
the person identified as having broken 
the window and left. However, they 
were soon called back — to find that "a 
whole group of people . . . about 100-200 
of them" had returned to Chi Phi. 

Bill Gentzlinger, president of Chi Phi, 
said, "People were just abusing them 
(the police officers), throwing beers on 
them — there was nothing they could 

"The kids were chanting "Kent State" 
and screaming any obscenity under the 
sun directed at your mother, your sister, 
your father, you name it," said officer 
Mark DiLuzio. "We attempted to leave 
the area, but the students were lying in 
front of the car and in the road." 

Students then assailed DiLuzio and 
his fellow officers Edward Shupp and 
Joseph Straka. Shupp was kicked in the 
eye and maced while attempting to 
apprehend one of the assailants. 

Trouble was also caused at Sigma 
Alpha Mu by students who scaled the 
fraternity's fence in an attempt to get 
beer. In yet another incident, one stu- 
dent was arrested for open lewdness fol- 
lowing a nude basketball game at Beta 
Theta Pi. 

An emergency meeting of the Inter- 
fraternity Council was called on May 1 to 
discuss what Quay termed the "ex- 
tremely serious and explosive" situation 
on the hill. 

Friday and Saturday following the 
meeting went very smoothly. Chief of 
Campus Police Eugene Dax said it was 
the mildest Greek Weekend ever, 
adding that there was "total coopera- 
tion" from students, the Dean of Stu- 
dents Office, faculty and administration. 





-loliday Spirit 



• *• 

• •» 
•• •• 



r • 



■ ■ 



• 4 


••:".. 1 

• • • .• • 

• M • 

£' - 




' • • • 

• • 

•• •* 

•• • %■ • «• 

• < 

► • 


A Decade of 

Women at 


by Anne Fitzpatrick 

In the fall of 1971, 128 women, the first 
ever to attend our traditionally all male 
university arrived on campus. Since 
then, things have never been the same. 

The athletic department had no idea of 
the quality or quantity of women 
athletes that would come to Lehigh, 
according to William Leckonby, Director 
of Athletics. 

Back then, there were three Varsity 
teams, swimming, tennis, and field 
hockey. But due to talent and interest, 
today we have all of those plus vol- 
leyball, basketball, lacrosse and softball. 
In addition, there are sports clubs for 
women in track and soccer. 

"The women's sports program at 
Lehigh has come along remarkably well 
with the teams doing well against tough 
opponents much sooner than I had ex- 
pected," said Leckonby. 

For example the field hockey team 
made it to nationals this year and last. 
The lacrosse team went to nationals this 
year and came in second only losing to 

The womens sports program is not the 
only thing that has expanded. 

"Back in '71 when we were first admit- 
ting women we planned on having no 
sororities; you can see how wrong we 
were," said Samuel Missimer, Director 
of Admissions. 

Today we have three established 
sororities; Alpha Gamma Delta, Gamma 
Phi Beta, and Alpha Phi — with a fourth 
one on the way. 

The University Panhellenic Council 
voted to expand the sorority system be- 
cause of the number of women in- 
terested in becoming involved, accord- 
ing to Larry Phillipi, assistant to the dean 
of students. 

Spring rush of 1981 left fifty girls who 
had wanted to pledge without bids. The 
year before there were thirty rejections. 

The need for another sorority was rec- 
ognized but the problem still remained 


of which one to get. The Sorority Expan- 
sion Committee, comprised of three rep- 
resentatives from each existing sorority 
and Phillipi dealt with this job. 

The committee studied the alumnae 
chapters, scholarship programs, finan- 
cial status, membership/chapter de- 
velopment, and national organization of 
each sorority that showed an interest in 
colonizing at Lehigh. 

There final decision can not be dis- 
closed because "it's not official yet," said 
Phillipi. But, "hopefully it will colonize 

by the fall of 1981," he added. Where to 
house the new sorority is still being de- 
cided. "Although it is not really our re- 
sponsibility to find housing for the 
sorority, we will help," said Phillipi. 

Interestingly enough, according to 
Phillipi, the University could actually 
support the addition of two new soror- 
ities. "However it would be unwise to 
bring in two new ones at the same time," 
said Phillipi. 

Women have excelled in sports, soror- 
ities, and in terms of involvement and 

activities, according to assistant Dean of 
Students Muriel Whitcomb. 

For example, Eileen Canzian was the 
first woman Brown and White editor 
back in 1977. She was not the last. Janet 
Scagnelli, who was in the first gradua- 
ting class of women, was vice-chairman 
of the Forum. She was not the last either. 

These days, the Epitome always 
seems to have a woman editor, said 
Whitcomb. The SAC and LUV are pre- 
dominantly staffed by women, too, 
added Whitcomb. 

This year for the first time in Lehigh's 
history, the Bosey Reiter Leadership 
Cup, the most prestigious service award 
presented to an undergraduate, was 
presented to a woman — Phyllis Errico. 

Academically, the women are consis- 
tently above the men, with their grade 
point average about a 10th of a point 
higher, said Whitcomb. 

"Women at Lehigh are asserting 
themselves. They're visible, credible, 
and have a lot of respect. Doors aren't 
closed to them, there's nothing holding 
them back," said Whitcomb. 

"They may be outnumbered, but 
they're not intimidated," Whitcomb 

Looking back on the early days of 
Lehigh women, Missimer said he was 
amazed at how well women adjusted 
into the Lehigh lifestyle. "After a year or 
two, it was almost as if they'd been here 
forever," he said. 






Comedian Rodney Dangerfield spoke 
at Lehigh on January 27, bringing an 
almost sell-out crowd to its feet at Stabler 
Arena. After firing one-liners and "no 
respect" jokes at the crowd, the high- 
light of the evening was during an audi- 
ence question and answer session. One 
observer asked Dangerfield how his 
health was to which he replied, "not so 
good. This morning I was doing nude 
push-ups and I didn't see the 

photograph by Robert Youngentob 



Victor Tomseth 

Nikki Giovanni 


f **- 

v vj^ 


^\) MIK3 wwi|eu 
SltUt HU4T 8t ON S»6 

WUL Bf TDdVi bOt»»J. 

AT f ACT t>Esu OM tre 

First flooS. 



The first Hourglass — brainchild of the Social Alternatives 
Committee of Forum XI — was held in the University snack- 
bar from 8:30 p.m. to midnight on January 29. Nearly 400 
people enjoyed the music of guitarist John Lee. 

In addition to live entertainment provided by professionals 
and amateurs, the Hourglass features special additions to the 
regular snack bar menu. According to chairman Jeff Aibel, 
the Social Alternatives Committee is trying to "fill a need for 
additional programming" — not detract from other social 
events on campus. 

"The crowd was very enthusiastic at one of the best 
alternatives to a pubnite offered on this campus in quite a 
while. The food was good and the service not bad, consider- 
ing the newness of the idea and the event," said a Brown and 
White editorial. 

"The main reasons for the success of the initial Hourglass, 
expected to be the first of a series presented twice a month, 
were advance planning and publicity by the ad-hoc Social 
Alternatives Committee and cooperation and assistance from 
the University Office of Auxiliary Services, the Dean of Stu- 
dents Office, the Dining Service, and the Student Activities 
Council," continued the editorial. 

"But credit should also be given to those . . . who showed 
up Thursday . . . Without that support, the Hourglass would 
have failed, no matter how well planned it had been." 

Improvements were made in the February, March, and 
April presentations of the Hourglass. Unpopular items were 
dropped from the menu following the first Hourglass. The 
waiter system was reevaluated when Food Services lost $400- 
$500 on the February Hourglass. Labor costs accounted for 
much of the deficit. 


Orangemen end 

Engineers' hold 

on Easterns 

by Larry Reisman 

The Syracuse Orangemen of coach Ed 
Carlin crowned four individual cham- 
pions Sunday night while dethroning 
the Engineers as Eastern Intercollegiate 
Wrestling Association champs at Prince- 
ton University's Jadwin Gymnasium. 

Syracuse qualified seven matmen, 
scoring 159.75 points to Lehigh's 134.50, 
and the Engineers qualified six, for the 
NCAA championships. Bob Weaver 
(second at 118), Tom Husted (first at 
126), Darryl Burley (first at 134), Jim Reil- 
ly (fourth at 158), Jeff Turner (third at 
167), and Colin Kilrain (first at 177) will 
make the trip for Lehigh. 

In the first collegiate battle in history 
between two Olympians in the 118- 
pound finale, Gene Mills of Syracuse 
gave up an early takedown but re- 
sponded with six near falls before finally 
nailing Weaver in 5:20. 

Lehigh's Tom Husted nipped defend- 
ing 118-pound champion Dale Mills of 
Syracuse, 11-10, in their semi-final bout 
before fronting Mark Palzer of Army, 
14-5 in the finals of their 126-pound 

Husted's other two wins were by fall 
at 7:57 against Temple's Joe Duca and 7-3 
against 1980, 126-pound runnerup, Alan 
Reto of East Stroudsburg. 

At 134, Burley won his third consecu- 
tive championship as he ran a patented 
takedown clinic, racking up 11-two- 
pointers en route to a 24-10 victory over 
William and Mary's Billy Pincus, whose 
only previous loss this season was to 
Maryland's Todd Camel. 

Burley opened with a 21-6 superior 


decision over Princeton's fourth-place 
finisher John Orr, while pinning Frank- 
lin and Marshall's Mike McMahon in the 
quarterfinals and pouncing Syracuse's 
third place finisher Iacovelli, 12-6, in the 

A tremendous tournament perform- 
ance by unseeded 142-pound Engineer 
Tommy Bold ended on a sour note as he 
dropped a 10-4 rematch with Siegel in 
the consolation finals for third place. 
Siegel, who defeated Bold, 9-8, last week 
at Stabler Arena, jumped to an 8-1 lead, 
and allowed Bold four escapes in the 

Engineer Tom Sloand, who wrestled 
at 126 earlier this year became known as 
"David" at 150 this weekend, manhand- 
ling his opponents and working his way 
to a fifth place finish. 

In a big upset at 158-pounds, Engineer 
defending champ Reilly suffered 
through an injured groin and a 5-3 loss to 
Allen Washington of Yale and 6-3 con- 
solation loss to Mike Rodgers of Navy en 
route to a fourth place finish. He was 
selected as a wild-card pick for the 
nationals along with Navy's 167- 
pounder John Reich. 

In the 167-pound class whose first four 
seeds were knocked out early, including 
defending champion Reich, who placed 
fourth nationally last year, Turner 
almost worked his way to the finals, but 
fell victim to Army's Dave Hagg, 6-5, in 
the semis. 

Colin Kilrain showed Eastern fans 
why he is one of the toughest 177- 
pounders in the country by cruising 
through the tourney. 

After pinning his first two opponents, 
Kilrain seemed to have a bit of trouble 
with Princeton captain Jim Fraivillig, 

winning only 14-6, then disposing of de- 
fensive Midshipman Mark Phillips in the 
finals, 15-3. 

Engineer Tom Hensler finished his 
Lehigh career in fine style finishing sixth 
at 190, a weight which may be a bit over 
Hensler's head. 

Engineer heavyweight Drew Keiser 
won a close bout with Army's Larry 
Beisel in the opening round, 12-10, but 
dropped another slow match reminis- 
cent of the one last week with Rotunda, 
the eventual winner, 8-4 in the quarter- 






Year in Review 

photographs by Bethlehem Globe Times 

Concern about the number of hand- 
guns in the United States — 50 million at 
last count — was expressed anew fol- 
lowing the death of John Lennon on De- 
cember 8, 1980. The ex-Beatle was shot 
in front of his New York apartment 
house by Mark David Chapman — a lon- 
er who had not only idolized Lennon but 
masqueraded under his name. Lennon 
and Yoko Ono had just released "Dou- 
ble Fantasy" — their first work in eight 
years. The album's most popular single, 
"Starting Over," climbed the charts as 
the world mourned the musician. 

On January 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan 
took the oath as 40th President of the 
United States, promising an "era of 
national renewal." Within minutes of 
his swearing-in, the 52 American hos- 
tages held in Iran were released after 444 
days in captivity. They were welcomed 
back to the United States with cheers, 
tears, yellow ribbons and tributes. At a 
White House ceremony, President 
Reagan thanked the returning citizens 
"for making us proud to be Americans." 
Farmers watched the skies all winter, 
hoping for rain that would end the se- 
vere drought and save the summer 
crops. A major storm across the country 
in February brought some immediate re- 
lief but no long term solutions to the 
serious problems of waste and pollution. 
Experts remained concerned that the 
rapid depletion of underground re- 
serves of water would produce a crisis 
reminiscent of the energy shortage. 

In February, before a joint session of 
Congress, the President unveiled a 
second "New Deal" aimed at the run- 
away growth of big government. Reagan 
claimed that his proposals — which in- 
cluded drastic cuts in taxes, spending, 
and regulation — could halve the infla- 

tion rate, increase economic growth, and 
result in a balanced budget. However, 
many questioned the ability of these un- 
tested theories to hold up in the real 
wor ld — and worried about how the cuts 
would affect low income groups. 

On March 30, John Warnock Hinckley 
Jr. fired six shots and injured four people 

one of them the President of the 

United States. Reagan suffered a serious 
chest wound but kept his sense of 
humor throughout the ordeal. The 
assassination attempt raised questions 
about how well the President is pro- 

tected and what more could be done. 
Once again, the handgun problem was 
discussed with Reagan maintaining his 
position against gun control. 

Fifty-four hours after a delayed blast- 
off from Cape Canaveral, the space- 
shuttle Columbia made a flawless land- 
ing in the Mojave Desert. Americans 
were exhilarated by the reusable shut- 
tle's trouble-free return to earth. Com- 
mander John Young's shuttle copilot, 
Navy Captain Robert Crippen, ex- 
claimed, "We are really in the space 
business to stay." 







Lichtenstein Circus 



Cow Day" 



Greek Week 


Preppy Editor 


University 'Key' 


by Anne Fitzpatrick 

"College should be the happiest eight 
years of your life," advised Lisa Birn- 
bach, editor of the Official Preppy Hand- 
book, who spoke in Packard Lab. Aud. 
April 15. 

Wearing (of course) a turtleneck, Fair 
Isle sweater, kilt, red socks and clogs 
(the very ones pictured in the book), 
Birnbach explained why Lafayette is 
mentioned in the book while Lehigh 

"Look, Lehigh, engineering is just not 
preppy, it's too practical," she said. "Be- 
sides you can't pick up women on loga- 

rithms," she added. 

"Slide rules do not go out on dates 
either," she continued. "I can see it now, 
some geek saying 'let me compute the 

Birnbach suggested philosophy as a 
more acceptable major. "For example, 
can I prove I was really there in Brooks 
Brothers (B 2 in prep language) if nobody 
saw me?" 

"Classics is good, too, because preps 
like old things better than new things," 
she said. 

Birnbach also advocates English as a 
prep major because it makes you "basi- 
cally unemployable." "That's the way it 
should be," Birnbach said, "then you 
can mooch off your parents for a while, 
or better yet, your friends' parents." 

The Preppy Handbook editor also 
commented on prep sex. "Sex is some- 
thing a girl gives to a guy when he is no 
longer impressed with her family's 
wealth," she said. 

"Smoking is prep to," she said. "After 
all, what else can you do with the hand 
that's not holding the highball at a cock- 

tail party?" 

How preppy does Birnbach think 
Lehigh is? "Well, compared to the Uni- 
versity of North Dakota, you're very 
prep," she answered. 

The University failed in a major catego- 
ry, she said. Birnbach polled the audi- 
ence and found General Hospital to be 
the most popular soap on campus. But, 
All My Children is the preppiest soap 
opera, according to Birnbach. 

After a slide presentation of prep life- 
styles, Birnbach invited members of the 
audience up to compete in the Student 
Activities Council's Most Male and 
Female Prep Fashion Contest. 

Contestants were required to model 

their outfits, then chat with Miss Birn- 
bach. "Where did you prep?, Where do 
you summer?" she asked them. Birn- 
bach also checked closely for socks 
(T.T.F. W. — too tacky for words), labels, 
pearls, monograms, etc. 

Birnbach even asked the men contes- 
tants what kind of underwear they were 
wearing. "Boxers, and not jockey shorts, 
are prep," according to Birnbach. One 
contestant, however, told Birnbach that 
he was wearing jockey shorts because he 
"needed the support." 

Kathy Hutnik, '84, and Steven Hayes, 
'84, were chosen as the winners, and will 
dine together at Widow Brown's Inn. 

"A preppy since she was a fetus," 
Birnbach was graduated from Riverdale 
Country Day School and Brown Uni- 
versity. She is 24 and lives in New York 

She claims she was "born to write the 
book." The prep world was in hiding 
and being enjoyed by only a few select 
few, she said, and someone had to ex- 
pose it. 

Many of Birnbach's friends and family 
assisted her with the book. In fact, most 
of the models found in the book are her 
friends. The clothes pictures, however, 
are mostly her own. 

Birnbach's mother did some writing 
for the book, including the "I gave birth 
to a preppy" passage. 

For the future, Birnbach says she 
already has three other book ideas. Also, 
Official Preppy desk diaries, calenders, 
drinking and vomit shirts (100 percent 
cotton because "synthetic fibers never 
touch a prep's body"), stationary (pink 
and green?), stickers, postcards, etc., are 
coming out next fall. "There's even talk 

of a preppy movie," Birnbach said. 

Birnbach said she loves going around 
promoting the book. "I never knew I 
could make a living just talking," she 

"It's hard to be the epitome of prep all 
the time," Birnbach says, and she admits 
she's not always totally prepped-out. "I 
just brought a pair of olive drab pants to 
wear with my cowboy boots," she said. 

That's okay, Lisa, even alligators shed 
their skin once in a while. 


The Lehigh Diet 

To balance one's diet properly while at 
Lehigh, it is necessary to select foods 
every day from each of the four basic 
food groups . . . 

1. Milk Group (includes milk, ice 
cream, cheese): provides calcium. 

It is possible to satisfy this require- 
ment by guzzling milk at regular inter- 
vals. However, this could become quite 
boring — especially if one does not like 
the cow beverage. 

Fortunately, Lehigh offers several 
other opportunities to stock up on cal- 
cium. These include . . . 

— drinking White Russians and som- 
breros at hotel parties. 

— pigging out at the freshman ice 
cream bash. 

— filling up at wine and cheese par- 

2. Meat Group (includes meat, 
poultry, fish, eggs): provides pro- 

No one has yet conclusively deter- 


mined what type of meat is con- 
tained in Greekers (and to which 
food group do the flies belong?). 

A word of caution: do not try to 
satisfy one's protein needs by pick- 
ing the pepperoni off other persons' 
slices of pizza. 

Vegetarians need not despair. 
Soybean (a major ingredient in 
Lump) is an excellent source of pro- 
tein — as is peanut butter. Stock up 
on the Reese's. 

3. Vegetable — Fruit Group 
Sources of Vitamin A . . . 

— apples: a good crunchy food 
when studying gets boring. 

— bananas: even more digestible 
when in Daiquiris. 

Sources of Vitamin C . . . 

— the orange juice in screwdrivers 

— the strawberries in shortcake 

— the potato stuffing in pierogies 
(beware of the grease, it might be 
dangerous to one's health) 

Dates are also the source of good 
things (but sometimes hard to find). 

4. Bread and Cereal Group: provides 
iron, niacin, the B vitamins, and car- 

306 BROADWAY, BETHLEHEM, PA. Call 8661088 



It is possible — but not always desir- 
able — to stuff one's face with slices of 
Wonder. Beer is usually considered a 
more socially acceptable way of in- 
gesting carbonhydrates at Lehigh. 
However, total reliance on this beverage 
will result in frequent trips to the bath- 

Popcorn is another popular source of 
carbohydrates. Owing to its light and 
fluffy texture, this substance is also a 
potential cause of food fights. 

As for cereals — there's a Wheatena 
eater for every Captain Crunch junkie. 











.jenar 1 *' 



Gryphons in Action 

A gryphon is a fictitous animal with the body 
and hind legs of a lion and the head and wings of 
an eagle. This formidable creature guarded the 
treasures within the castles of ancient 


The gryphons at Lehigh are so named because 
they "guarded" freshmen — the treasures of the 
University. All residence halls accommodating 
first-year students are staffed with gryphons 



whose general responsibilities are to assist fresh- 
man with academic and personal problems. 
However, more highly specialized aid is some- 
times needed. Gryphons — who are not profes- 
sional counselors — will then direct the fresh- 
man to the appropriate person. 

As an official staff member, the gryphon is 
charged with maintaining order in the living sec- 
tions. Each dormitory must have at least one 
gryphon "on call" during weekend nights. 
Usually, a gryphon has dorm duty about twice a 

With the help of its gryphon, each living unit is 
expected to sponsor one educational and one 
social program a semester. The former often in- 
clude lectures by faculty members. Spaghetti 
dinners and hotel parties are popular social 
events. Secret Santas abound at Christmas time 
while canoe trips and softball games are warm 
weather options. 

The selection of new gryphons is done each 
semester. The entire process consists of three 
rounds of one-hour interviews. Gryphons do the 
interviewing and make up their own questions. 
At the end of each round, a selection meeting 
determines which candidates will go on to the 
next round. Those who go through the third 
round participate in a workshop to become more 
familiar with the job of a gryphon and the 
Gryphon Society. The final selection meeting 
lasts about six hours. 

The first gryphon training session takes place 
in August before freshman orientation. Topics of 
discussion usually include human sexuality and 
orientation activities. The handling of emergen- 
cies is also covered along with some first aid. 
There is another shorter training session at the 
end of Christmas vacation. 

Most gryphons participate in some form of 
inservice training during the semester. This 
often involves attending a movie, lecture, or 
workshop organized by the area coordinaters. 
Contact with other gryphons is maintained at 
weekly dinners and periodic society meetings. 


Brian Allston, Photography Editor 

Clarice May, Business Manager 


1981 Epitome 

ROW 1: S. Perkins, C. Ehrens, C. May, M. Mastras, B. Allston; ROW 2: /. Kuvin, V. Nelson, M. McCloghry, M. Farinella, R. Kaminsky, K. Moncher, S. Russell, A. 
Scott, B. Rankin. 








Institute of 

T. Minnick, R. MacFarland. K. Wood. 

American Institute of Industrial Engineers 

ROW 1: K. Pulling, ]. Doll, B. Hummiston; ROW 2: /. Nelson, M. Budzinski, M. Mazar, Dr. M. Groover. 


American Society of Mechanical Engineers 

ROW 1: R. Ryan, B. Hawkey, M. Carboy, T. Henning, F. Fernandez; ROW 2: A. Fyhan, D. Schoenberg, A. Rubin, T. Buehrer; ROW 4: B. Raulein, D. Fronheiser, 
Zimmer, ]. Alt, B. Weitzner.'A. Matay, V. Byers;ROW3: T. Godmvn, ]. Sikora, A. P~. Mentzer, ]. Hall, D. Evans, T. Cerra. 


Arnold Air Society 


i * 




ROW 1: G. Rei/f, E. Dougherty, L. Beamon, ]. Beck, S. Townsend; ROW 2: T. Sobieski, S. Nichols, S. Quinn, ]. Magee, K. Glass, T. Russo. 


The Band 




After a lackluster season, the Boxing Squad 
went on to record its best season in the history of 
boxing at Lehigh. At Grace Hall in March, the 
Engineers placed third (among 15 colleges) in the 
annual Eastern Tournament. Senior John Young 
successfully defended his Eastern crown at 190. 

Young went on to the nationals at Reno accom- 
panied by Andy Okada who got the 112 lb. wild- 
card selection. Both seniors came back to Lehigh 
as newly crowned national collegiate boxing 
champs. John Young defeated both of his oppo- 
nents by Knock-outs while Andy Okada, a for- 
mer Lehigh wrestler, outboxed his opponents 
for decisive victories. These two Lehigh boxers 
won for the Brown & White team a fourth place 
in the entire nation. Thus, 1981 was the best 
boxing year in Lehigh history! 

William L. Quay 
20 May 1981 

Mark Srutzman 


Mike Bertuch 

John Young 


ROW 1: E. White, A. Lehren; ROW 2: /. Aronson, B. Robertson, /. Wilson, R. Schlauch, ]. Eichenfield, M. Donley, B. Russell, M. Gerencher, K. Kenna, R. 
Youngentob; MISSING: S. Block, V. Giuseffi, M. Edelen, L. Reisman. 





Jerry Miller 

Ed White 

Managing Editor 

Ed White 

Barb Robertson 

Editorial Page Editor 

Barb Robertson 

Jennifer Wilson 

Sr. News Editor 

Jennifer Wilson 

Kevin Kenna 

News Editor 

Tom DiPiazza 

Sanford Block 

Features Editor 

Terry Deisinger 

Jeff Eichenfield 

Photo Editors 

Vince Giuseffi 

Vince Giuseffi 
Bob Youngentob 

Desk Editors 

Kevin Kenna 
Jeff Eichenfield 

Barbara Russell 

Assistant Desk Editors 

Jeff Aronson 

Investigating Team 

Tom DiPiazza 
Andy Lehren 
Michele Gerencher 

It's Wednesday morning, 3 a.m. As I 
sit at my desk in my tiny "apartment" in 
M&M, my roommate sleeps peacefully. 
So do the rest of the people on the hall, 
save those few poor souls with an 8:00 

Press night officially ended about an 
hour and a half ago, when the managing 
editor, the desk editors and the news 
editor all went home, leaving me with 
the copy, headlines, and layout to read 
and check over. With only a few sets of 
eyes checking over everything, mistakes 
will naturally occur. Unfortunately, at 3 
a.m., I don't know how many I will find. 

All of this starts about 4 p.m. every 
Sunday and Wednesday when a few of 
the editors drop by the Brown and White 
office in the basement of the U.C. and 
prepare their desks for the flood of arti- 
cles which will (should) appear before 
them in about a half hour. By 4:30 all the 
editors are usually here. Reporters are 
supposed to have their articles turned in 
to their editors by 4:30, but this is college; 
5:00 isn't bad (that's what they think, at 

Dinner breaks come between 5-7, de- 
pending on where each editor lives. 
During those two hours, the press room 
is like the city morgue, with only a few 
dead-looking bodies going about their 

twice weekly routine with no one 

around to watch. 

At 7, the press nighters arrive. To 
B&W editors, press nighters are the 
gophers, the handymen and women 
who type press releases, retype 
sloppy copy and write short news 
briefs from the information given to 
them. They leave at 10, but not be- 
fore getting a shot at a piece of the 
pizza which usually arrives some- 
where around 9:30. Even press 
nighting has its rewards. 

The editors usually stay until 12:30 
or 1:00, sometimes later. Sports and 
features are usually done first, and 
later photo. The editorial board, con- 
sisting of the editor-in-Chief, man- 
aging editor and editorial page edi- 
tor, usually stay the longest, along 
with one of the news editors, who 
has to assign the stories for the next 

Finally, the editor-in Chief is the 
last one to leave, taking with him all 
the copy (articles), photographs, 
headlines and layout sheets, to be 
checked over one more time before 
they are dropped off at Bernie's — 
South Side print shop owner Bernie 
Fetsko, whose Peerless Publications 
at Fourth and Polk Streets in Beth- 
lehem takes over from here. 

The paper is printed twice a week, on 
Tuesday and Friday, with space age equip- 
ment at Bernie's print shop. Sunday and 
Wednesday the paper is put together, much 
like it was tonight, with changes and correc- 
tions made the next night after everything is 
set into type. Last minute checks are done 
the morning of the press run, just to make 
sure everything is ok and nothing is missing. 
Occassionally, someone has to yell "Stop the 
presses" for an important late story, and the 
paper comes out late. But that's the news- 
paper business for you. Something always 
fouls it up. 

For most Brown and Whiters, the paper is 
more than an extracurricular activity. Repor- 
ters get one academic credit, editors two. 
Reporters spend about 3 — 8 hours a week 
interviewing, writing and typing their stor- 
ies. Editors spend 20 — 30 hours writing, 
editing, and assigning stories. The manag- 
ing editor usually spends more than 30 hours 
a week with press nights, trips to the printer 
and editorial board sessions. The editor-in- 
chief can count on 40 hours or more with 
most of the administrative work and meet- 
ings on top of the regular operations of the 

To put all of this into a weekly schedule 
that includes going to class, studying for ex- 
ams and sleeping, something usually gives. 
The first to go is sleep . . . sorry . . . next is 
grades. And finally, when all else has failed, 
the paper will suffer. At least that's the way 
it is for most of the editors and even some of 
the reporters — those who want to see the 
Brown and White excell. Usually it works. 
Sometimes it doesn't. None of it would be 
possible without the team effort and the sup- 
port of the professors of journalism. And 
journalism secretary Ruth Mathis, too. Well, 
I've gotta get some sleep. Oops, I almost 
forgot, I have to take the rest of the copy to 
the printer. Well, then I'll get some sleep. It's 
been fun. Thanks for a great year staff. See 
you next year. 

Ed White 


Brown and White 


Brown and White Business Staff 

P. Starer, R. Saslaw, C. White, D. Dender, R. Baff, D. Kass. 



Business Manager 

David Israel 

Clifford White 


Clifford White 

Local Ad Manager 

Scott Spiro 

Rich Saslow 

National Ad Manager 

Rich Saslow 

Rick Baff 

Credit Manager 

Clifford White 

Peter Starer 

Circulation Manager 

Andy Hosposor 

Rich Schlauch 


Black Students Union 

ROW 1: R. Caraway, A. Raymond, R. Collins, C. McGeechy, 
P. Gee, R. Davis; ROW 2: A. Corneilions, D. Tcomer, 5. 
Townsend, K. Greene, A. Monroe, C. Brown, W. Miller, G. 

McBean, G. Woodbury; ROW 3: /. Young, D. Paschal, D. 
Foster, A. Hanks, D. Butler, C. Leach, D.Kennedy, K. Har- 
mon, K. Moore. 

Chi Epsilon 

ROW 1: B. Yen, L. Yetter, B. Fawcett, ]. Snyder, ]. Mackie, E. Ennyht, M. 
D' Andrea, D. Gugmo, R. Halczli, D. Beedle; ROW 2: R. Slutter, ]. Liebig, Y. 

Aranyos, M. VonBradsky, }. Hahy, C. Kruger, C. Menzemer, Dr. Vanhorn, R. 


ROW 1: S. Krick, L. Sefing, S. Myers, L. Gallagher, ]. Frank, F. Brooks, L. Lutz, S. Karpati, D. Veras, G. Schmalz; ROW 2: /. Rosenthal, ]. Capuano, P. White, ]. Call, 
D. Weiller, T. Cort, ]. Templeton, B. Stepic. 


Cycling Team 




A iifK.. 

M. Wilmerding, N. Mekhert, J. Hartman, A. Melchert, M. Brown, P. Guarracini, ]. Harper, F. Scioscu, ). Holmes; MISSING: L. Mazzei. 



The Choir, under the direction of Dr. 
Steven Sametz, enjoyed a very successful 
'80-'81 season. From its intensive, three-day 
workshop, held during freshman orienta- 
tion to its performance of Mozart's C Minor 
Mass in April, the Choir enjoyed a full year. 

The parent's Day concert in October was 
an ambitious program, with choral selections 
from the Renaissance to the contemporary. 
The Choir took this same program to Jim 
Thorpe, home of Asa Packer, where they 
gave a benefit concert for the Mauch Chunk 
Opera House. 

Christmas Vespers, a festival of Lessons 
and Carols, celebrated the joy of Christmas. 
Vespers included congregational carols and 
scripture lessons read by leaders of the 
Lehigh community. 

The highlight of the Choir's season was a 
tour of Puerto Rico. Beautiful weather, vi- 
brant performances, and enthusiastic audi- 
ences made the six day tour one the Choir 
will never forget. 



Equestrian Club 

_ * - 

K. Kau, B. Balardis, B. Fawcett, I. Rebollo, B. Plutnick. 


ROW 1: S. Krawiec, M. Canavan, I. Brett, A. de la Cruz, K. Perrone, D. Lewis; ROW 2: E. Bogucz, H. Flescher, P. Parr. 



R. Yerk, D. /ones, G. Reynolds, D. Hill, M. Halloran, S. Weller, ]. Porta, ]. Burke. 



ROW 1: L. Eevy, L. Batezole, K. Ignar, L. Andreach, T. Cervoni, T. 
McElhinney, S. Escott, C. Jones, J. Conroy, D. Melone, S. Longson; ROW 
2: R. Honens, ]. Gennussa, T. Ceier, D. joynt; ROW 3: T. Vrabec, D. 
Mills, G. Smith, K. Fields, S. Ochs, E. Stohlman, T. Bonnarigo, S. Bond, 
G. Meyer, M. Gordon, ]. Werner, B. Meltzer, P. Procter, P. Wiedron, G. 

Novek; ROW 4: B. Glazer, T. Brennan, A. Tobasky, B. Narus, F. Salloum, 
M. Paley, G. Batchelder, B. Horn, /. Helble, j. Capraro, D. Burg; ROW 5: 
L. Lyman, T. Saydah, R. Baff, M. Buono, M. Ruth, ]. Frankel, R. Super- 

Hillel Society 

J L 

S. Brown, B. Weitzner, J. Kuvin, A. Pomerantz, D. Mendelsohn, C. Drucker. 



/. Kuta, B. Billowitch, B. Piphitz, D. Berbermn, D. Talhelm. 

Investment Club 

ROW 1: /. Erickson, B. Dunlap, D. Fiore, M. Zimmer; ROW 2: P. McDonough, M. Weitzner, B. Funnell, J. 
Sherman, }. Kaplan, B. Goldberg, ]. Creenleaf, L. Herold, L. Loeb. 


Interfraternity Council 

Better known as the IFC, this is the representative body governing fraternity 
affairs and coordinating fraternity activities. 

It provides the machinery for self-government and discipline within the 
fraternity system, as well as a means of communication among fraternities on 
such subjects as pledge education, rushing, and chapter management through 
the Fraternity Management Association. 

The IFC extends the educational process for fraternity men to exercise their 
potential in terms of political, organizational, and administrative capabilities as 
well as service to both the campus and community. 

Del C. Markward 

Eric Boehm 
Vice President 

Mike Halloran 

Jack McGowan 


Junior Class Officers 

SEATED: L. Penrod, M. Lesslie; STANDING: T. Hammond, S. 


ROW 1: /. Berger, M. Ryan, D. Greenwood, M. Olentch, ]. Wassner, J. Porcelli; ROW 2: B. Heimbach, A. Rosman, K. O'Brien, P. Ortega, P. 
Dent, ]. Boesch, S. Freedman, T. Baldwin, M. Snisky. 





ROW 1: A. Kuhn, ]. Schwenk, B. Raimldi, M. Arellan, M. Murphy; ROW 2: C. Mervin, ]. Wolonznski, K. 
Wright, S. Faktor, B. Deutsch. 

Marketing Club 

ROW 1: L. Archer, K. Shriber, ]. Aigen; ROW 2: D. Sgambelluri, I. Hostetter, D. Fiore, L. Power. 


Dean Quay, T. Amoruso, S. Brown, A. Spinosa. 

Panhellenic Society 

Omicron Delta 

ROW 1: K. Thomson, D. Kuchka, C. Moon, M. Lesslie; ROW 2: M. Haas, C. Pike, S. 
Humphrey; ROW 3: N. Wortzel, L. Gorab, L. Phillipi. 


Mustard and 

Mustard and Cheese is Lehigh's drama 
organization and it is involved in most of the 
productions seen on campus. Students are 
involved in every aspect of the productions 
from directing and managing to acting. 

The advisor for the club is Professor Jeffrey 
Milet, and the 1980-1981 officers included 
Jeff Helm, Ed Kahn, Kathy Maz, and Rosie 
Caraway. Major productions this year in- 
cluded The Fantasticks, Waiting for Godot, 
and Vanities which was student directed by 
Ed Kahn. The culmination of the year was in 
the student directed production Butterflys 
are Free. 


photographs by Frank Regan 


Newman Center 

ROW 1: F. Wilson, T. Tolosko, A. Saitta, A. Blackler, C. Romanik; ROW 2: /. Gabuzda, M. Rajkowski, A. Burg, D. Chizmadia, P. Beronio, D. Pietruszynski, J. 
Santanasto, F. Schware. 


Newman Center Folk Group 

• U-H E U 

ROW 1: D. Chizmadia, D. Mastrobattista, M. Morrison; ROW 2: T. Tolosko, A. Zarouni, D. Restler, A. Kline, A. Dohl, C. Shea; ROW 3: T. Natan, C. Green, ]. 
Gabuzda, C. Bayer, P. Scheunzel, M. Kilick, G. Romanic, J. Richter. 


Pi Tau Sigma 

K. Anderson, K. Ball, D. Callahan, T. Berglund, P. 
Bracken, J. Bradley, R. Charles, R. Greene, R. Hegel, L. 
Helwig, M. Higgins, L. Holt, J. Homa, J. Hricko, J. 
Jordan, S. Krushmski, P. Laier, C. LeCoz, R. Maguire, 
M. Morgan, M. Raginski, D. Ressler, E. Sandford, R. 
Schmid,]. Sikora, H. Stamateris, R. Summer, J. Swope, 

R. Tryhane, A. Wiebolt, T. Godoum, H. McGee, P. 
Castaheda, K. Akerboom, C. Bakis, R. Buckley, T. But- 
rir, R. Casparian, D. Davitian, C. Ellsworth, A. Ferri, 
D. Pronheiser, D. Hahn, C. Jonas, M. Kelner, R. 
Klopp, T. Ogren, D. Pjeil, B. Shriver, R. Snyder, T. 
Somer, P. Walker, M. Weiss, T. Wiese. 

Powderpuff Football 

ROW 1: K. Blum, M. Phillips, L. Francis, P. Robbins; ROW 2: L. Kershner, L. Klein, S. Perkins, S. McClain, W. Kress; 
ROW 3: D. Deitz, S. Yee, D. Casazza, S. Bushmann, M. Panarello. 


Pre-law Society 

G. Johnson, Dean Ellis, E. Metz. 

Russian Club 

/. Kwasney, P. Kavee, I. Schreiner, M. Melchert, R. Trench, D. George, ]. Surotchak. 


Residence Halls 

ROW 1: C. Ellsworth, ]. Maloney, P. Naylor, B. Bantor; ROW 2: D. Bauer, L. Jones, S. Tamil, J. Baker, R. ToreilH. 


C Sparagna, ]. Richter, ]. Sipos, C. Toltz, T. Edwards, T. Libsch, M. McLeod, /. 
Shamson, P. Dionisos, R. Gedney, A. Bhambam, A. Colananm, K. Rosch, R. 
Cahill, P. Bayer, R. Engel, R. Sidrer, ]. Suotchak, C. Eshelman, A. lountzis, ]. 
Boettger, K. Hutmk, A. Ferrante, C. Easton, M. Shervux, G. Keller, S. Marmello, ]. 
Lust,D. Sgambulluri, N. Beil, }. Schaffstall, R. Modteller, H. Salat, K. Robertson, 

V Smith C Jacobs, D. Robbins, R. Schlauch, T. Mclnnes, /. Abbott, D. Lucas, P. 
Kane, C. Shae, ). Hart, S. Ziegler, J. Peoples, R. DiSivio, W. Holman S^Lewis, S. 
Bogucz, M. Ratte, ]. Kobulsky, S. Greenbaum, B. Flynn, /. Call, M. Olenich, P. 
DeMaria, B. Banks, R. Horn, S. Reynolds, S. Somkuti, K. Jackson, T. Patterson, P. 


Senior Class Officers 

SEATED: /. Archibald, B. Herbert; STANDING: K. McMinn, K. 

Society of Women Engineers 

ROW 1: K. Otto, K. Stein, S. Metz, M. Clement, A. Zalouni, L. Hugick, J. Wilson, F. Genthe, L. Rebollo, N. Lonski, L. McMahon, 
Snyder, E. Lanius, R. TorielU; ROW 2: C. Mason, E. Fox, B. M. ]. Farinella, P. Gmgher, M. Lee. 


Student Activities Council 

ROW 1: B. Kerr, T. Boscoe, B. Sergiovanni, P. Fioretti, K. Miser, ). lewis; ROW 2: B. Fraikhorn, F. Schaufeld. 


Pete Fioretti 
Beatrice Sergiovanni 

Larry Bertan 
Kim Miser 
Beth Fraikhorn 
Fred Schaufeld 
Tony Bosco 
Andrew Airman 


Sorority Representative 

Acting Vice President 








Class Officers 

N. Liu, L. Hayes, V. Armenio, N. Horlacher. 

Tau Beta Pi 

P. Bailey, D. Bechtel, C. Bogert, P. Bracken, M. Browne, T. Carey, S. 
Davies, ]. Prey, M. Fucci, J. Garrison, j. Hammer, D. Hausmah, R. 
Hegel, L. Holt, E. Kahn, M. Kelner, A. Kostenbauder , H. Krafczek, K. 
Lange, S. Marshall, A. Mcardle, L. McCann, C. Menzemer, L. 
Messina, B. Narus, T. Natan, S. Pearce, W. Pertusi, /. Pietrantomo, 
P. Ponte, R. Rau, S. Reichgott, D. Ressler, D. Rexon, A. Roth, R. 
Ryan, P. Sanchirico, M. Satteson, B. Slompak, K. Smith, C. Smoot, 
K. Snyder, ]. Spillane, ]. Swope, C. Tarzia, D. Tavianini, D. Trabert, 
E. Wagner, ]. Weismann, G. Ahern, K. Akerboom, M. Anqtestein, j. 
Antos, j. Apgar, M. Bak, C. Bakis, R. Bartosz, M. Bastian, }. Bell, B. 
Benge, j. Benson, D. Berberian, T. Berglund, D. Bernstein, N. Bige- 
low, A. Blackler, W. Blecher, j. Bohar, A. Bourhis, A. Brodner, R. 
Buckley, T. Butrie, K. Byrnes, L. Chuss, C. Ciccotello, D. Daintian, 

E. DeLong, G. Derbyshire, R. Klopp, T. Koprowski, S. Kriner, S. 
Krushinski, T. Krutsick, R. Kurtas, A. Lea, ]. Lebo, F. Lenzo, N. 
Lonski, P. Lord, L. Maslo, /. Matheivs, L. McMahon, D. McMillan, 
R. Moyer, D. O'curr, T. Ogren, D. Pfeil, D. Pietruszynski, K. 
Pulling, ]. Reid, D. Renshaw, D. Richardson, ]. Richter, f. Ripsom, 
G. Romanik, S. Ryan, M. Ryan, R. Sachse, D. Sagl, S. Sajer, D. 
Schantz, C. Schlags, M. Scozzafava, E. Setwle, S. Shichman, ]. 
Sivilia, M. Sicinski, G. Snow, j. Snyder, M. Spratt, T. Steigerwalt, 
D. Stumpp, M. Stutzman, R. Swoyer, M. Thoma, R. Trench, B. Tutt, 
/. Valentino, N. Wagner, M. Waldeisen, T. Ward, E. Weisbrod, A. 
Weiss, M. Weiss, C. Wien, E. Witheford, L. Yetter, R. Zillig, M. 





ROW 1: L. Brett, F. Jacobs, D. Foley, R. Falcon, Wess; ROW 2: S. Brown, A. Paolini, L. Becker, R. Lowe. 


R0W1:A. Lehren,B. Rainaldi; ROW 2: A. Gessner, J. Booze, A. Spinosa, R. Chaffee, M. Baymor, U. Harris, K. Moore, 
E. Marcus, George, B. Krepp, T. Rowe, D. Richardson; ROW 3: Lurch, L. Reismam, K. Schriber. 



K. Askonas, K. Jones, C. Miller, S. Alfano, M. Castaldi, J. Werner. 

Women's Soccer 

ROW 1: B. Orive, D. Owczarek, S. Smith, C. McBean; 
ROW 2: C. Salwen, K. Sloan, C. Pomeroy, D. 
Owczarek;ROW 3: C. Culleton, M. Filon, A. Hill, A. 
Zimmer; ROW 4: G. Meehan, S. Sajer, S. Rover, B. 
Klemmer; ROW 5: E. Witheford, L. Izard. 


Missy's Quiet Study Group 

ROW 1: /. Sipos; ROW 2: R. Caballes, T. Cort, R. Craves, K. Kauffman; ROW 3: C. Schlags; ROW 4: /. 
Bonassar, M. Ryan, ]. Ripsom; ROW 5: C. Gairbanks, M. Mazelsky. 

Could you guys keep quiet up there? . . . 
Schlogs talking . . . missy's guard dog . . . 
Xanadu . . . Bumpy . . . You're a joe, Dick 
. . . Trek . . . Bend over . . . Sipos' tropical 
bar . . . Unleaded . . . Tails . . . Bitter apples 
. . . Whose birthday cake, Mike? . . . Pass the 
salt, Mike . . . Connecticut Weekend . . . 
Kev, let's dance on the pretzels . . . 3.95 . . . 
Bunch, lumpy? . . . Did I ever tell you how 
my Magnaplanars work? . . . Left on red . . . 
Yoda . . . Keep going, keep going, keep 
going . . . Romeo Rule . . . Security . . . Fran- 
tic City . . . Bozo . . . Pinhead . . . That's a 
train, can't you tell? . . . Tom, let's dance . . . 
Which Sharon was that? . . . Schnots of 
Schapps . . . pullyour Kellogg . . . That's a 
CORY . . . Wood Memorial . . . Fribble . . . 
SNOOZE . . . Champagne Schlags . . . Barfle 
. . . Hopalong . . . Bonassar, I'll kill you! . . . 
Mmm, smells kinda nice . . . Applications 
inspector . . . Cookie . . . It's time . . . Who is 
the refrigerator repair woman? . '. . 

Skyndipyydip yours, 




[ Guaranteed 





Life on the 
South Side 

by Varuni Nelson 

800 University students live off cam- 
pus — many on streets — such as Carl- 
ton, West Packer, and Montclair — 
whose names are becoming increasingly 
familiar to all students. The reasons be- 
hind the exodus from Greek houses and 
dormitories are many and varied. 

Being able to choose with whom one 
lives is one of the advantages of living off 
campus. Sure, one must learn to deal 
with undesirables — but why confront 
them in the bathroom every morning? 

Living in a house is luxury after hav- 
ing been cooped up in a dorm room. 
Some tenants even have a backyard in 
which to grow a weed or two. (However, 
short-lived is he who thinks the entire 
residence is his to clutter). 

Pretest panic is less likely to strike 
when one is not surrounded by other 
frenzied faces. Any off campus dweller 
who wants to be neurotic can visit the 

No longer is one forced to quiet a 
growling stomach with one of three 

mysterious burnt offerings. Off campus 
students can eat anything they want (li- 
mited only by time, money, and culinary 
skill.) However, failure to visit Food 
Lane regularly may result in the cup- 
board being bare except for bran cereal 
and salad dressing. Roommates may try 
to save one from starvation — but it is a 
rule of nature that everyone runs out of 
food simultaneously. 

Depending on where they live, off 
campus students are close to Manny's, 
Bloomers, or the 4th St. Saloon. 

Living off campus rather than in a 
dorm room makes throwing a party 
easier. This is especially true if the family 
next door is deaf. 

Students who live off campus must 
deal with problems never encountered 
by those who dwell behind the locked 


doors of residence halls. (Oh, the things 
my gryphon never told me . . . ) 

(1) Landlords — especially those who 
pretend not to know English 

(2) Cleaning — a weekly schedule is 
essential. No one ever volunteers to 
clean the bathroom. 

(3) Neighbours' pets — especially the 
hungry Doberman Pinschers. 

(4) Toilet paper — the job of maintaining 
an adequate supply is important enough 
to warrant assigning someone to the task 
full time. 

(5) Curious passersby — especially those 
who do not pass by, choosing instead to 
linger uninvited in one's backyard. 
Tightly drawn curtains are the best way 
to spoil their fun. 

(6) Parents' reactions — "How could our 
little girl — raised so carefully in an up- 
per middle class suburb — live in an 
alley across from a drinking club?" 



ROW 1: K. Nguyen, P. Cuarracini, D. Verbonitz, ]. Leighton; ROW 2: M. Radinsky, 
C. Baku, J. Hall, R. Taylor, B. Massa, G. Lorenze; ROW 3: D. Tiblin, D. Long, C. 

Sparagna, D. Nyce, R. Klopp, B. Swoyer, D. Stinner, R. Kotelnick, D. Hawk, B. 
Miller, B. Steuer, H. Stryker. 

Brodhead 2 

ROW 1: M. Fucci, C. Dolan; ROW 2: D. Moll, B. Geekie, ]. Singer, S. Miritello, K. Tropin, D. Sharper, D. Coomos; ROW 3: B. 
Sedlar, C. Roberts, N. Stubits, M. Overturf, E. Brenninger, B. Fawcett, ). Ritter, B. Deutsch, L. Rebollo, A. Zarouni, J. Snyder, ]. 
Goetsen.S. Monaco. 


Brodhead 3 

i , 

— — "*r.t"7 

ROW 1: P. Daunais.H. Schlappe.B. Farb,]. Miller, R.Rutter.T. Swety, Ripsom, C. Schlags, ]. Barassar, T. Cort, /. Sipos, D. Stumpp, D. 
S. Bute, G. Smith, M. Waldeiser, D. Rivera; ROW 2: /. Rettburg, ]. Franheiser, C. Wein, K. Kauffman, B. Gallman, W. Jones, R. Dragon. 

Brodhead 5 


ROW 1: D. Schoenberg, R. Kowalski, C. Roth, M. Van Gricken, E. McDonugh, Gengos, M. Sommerfield, M. Brogan, S. Criss, A. Schaeffer, R. Roland, F. 
R. Whittkof, /. Beers, R. Cortez; ROW 2: B. Kirkland, R. Tryhane, j. Tieser, D. Ballew, D. Dubosky. 


Brodhead 6 

ROW 1: B. Chedester, D. Haggerty, B. Henry, D. Jurrius, R. Hurley, M. 
Conroy, D. Fergusson, A. Kurt, T. Royal, B. Plutnick, D. Renshmv; ROW 2: 
D. Meston, J. Fennister, ]. Petroziello, ]. Gabuzda, /. Hanke, C. Fricker, T. 

Ogren, M. Paris, M. Flannery, D. Tainanini, A. Streeter, S. Hiester, H. 
Johnson, B. Banter, M. Zary, /. Benson. 


ROW 1: M. Mcleod, A. Zacharchuk, S. Moore, P. Bapst, ]. McNulty, S. Longson, F. 
Sobyak, ]. Filardo, ]. McPherson, K. Bergen, P. Goldman, M. Maitland, P. Lei'ine; 
ROW 2: D. Rosenbaum, I. Shaw, S. May, B. Kendrick, /. Czekanski, K. Reilly, A. 
Goldman, K. Hahn, T. Adamson, G. Reiss, C. Salwen, T. Ackerman, K. Howell, B. 

Betz, A. Murphy; ROW 3: /. Scoff, G. Wikle, S. Fett, D. Rapp, S. Touhill, C. 
Broderick, T. M'cCann, C. Durkin, R. Stoner, C. Rackie, S. Powell, S. Eckert, S. 
Taub, P. Gauffreau. 


ROW 1: M. Nason, J. Weissman, ]. Defiore, S. Elich, I. Hillegas, S. Kress, 
N. Mohsenian; ROW 2: R. Storch, D. Dreifuss, D. Crandon, L. Dubois, ]. 
McQuade; ROW 3: T. Johnson, M. Nesbit, A. Leuzinger, ]. Mattes, C. Kita, 

M. Krause, M. Keenan, ]. Forster, S. Rothman, A. Ladick, G. Crigson, P. 
Baxter, M. Matto, P. Dionisos, S. Hesser, M. Boyko, ]. Bohar, G. Patrick, S. 
Cohen, B. Van Loan. 

Dravo A-2 

ROW 1: K. Klock, C. Lafayette, R. Reigel; ROW 2: A. Bhambhani, M. 
Choi, P. Thoden,). Harouse; ROW 3: V. Russo, L. Hams, Y. Kim, H. 
Popig, K. Moarefi, C. Low, ROW 4: A. Raymond. 


Dravo B-5 

ROW 1: R. Sidrer, R. Steinberg, A. Agre, L. Rivere, P. Hall, A. Cackowski; ROW 2: D. Bancks, N. Krauter, K. Altenberg, C. Potts, M. Segre, C. 
Cronin, D. Schaeffer, S. Siuciak. 

Dravo C-l 


ROW 1: M. Manbeck, C. Moore; ROW 2: M. Cirucci, ]. Bergman, D. Glitzer, S. Trager, R. Sprechman, /. West, G. 
Eshelman, D. Laliush; ROW 3: A. Jones, A. Cullen, T. McElhinney, E. Peterson, P. Von neida. 

Dravo C-2 

ROW 1: L. Vandercar, P. Makris, ]. Kim, D. Grube; ROW 2: L. Levy, A. Lountzis, M. Culkin, K. Allen, K. 
Lynagh, S. Klqjpinger. 

Dravo C-3 

ROW 1: L. Roth, ]. Boettger, S. DeLisser; ROW 2: B. Rand, B. Zagelmeyer, C. 
Robbins, L. Batesole, ]. Sokol, C. Wood; ROW 3: K. Saches, I. Schmner, L. Gill, 
D. Burns, S. Stoddard; ROW 4: P. Kavee. 


Dravo C-4 

ROW 1: M. Lyons, K. McCarthy, K. Hutnik; ROW 2: L. Scornajenghi, M. Rush, S. Taylor, M. Mahoney, ]. Stonebeck, S. Evans; ROW 3: A.M. Plisek, B 
Price, B. Engel, K. Morafi, M. Brown, M. Nebus. 


Drinker 3-B 

ROW 1: C. Filz, M. Petko, L. Messina, ROW 2: M. Wells, M. Bell, C. Edlmd, M. Fannella. 

Drinker 4 

ROW 1: A. Parftt, A. Davis, C. Mervan, A. Kauffman, L. Sluke, A. 
Padjen, ROW 2: A. Schulen, L. Brett, D. Gash, D. Pippins, L. Klein, L. 
Smith, S. Yee, D. Sgamhelluri , ROW 3: R. Ramum, A. Segatti, D. 

Lammex, V. Lychak, M. Panarello, S. Sandjord, }. Wilson, j. Ronca, J. 


M. &. M. A-2 

ROW 1: T. Daw's, S. Myers, P. Proctor, S. Escott, B. Humphreys, B. Riddell, 
ROW 2: M. McHugh, D. O'Donnel, K. Pryos, K. Robertson, S. Pancirov, L. 
Powers, D. Quinn, 5. Brucher, L. Anderson, ROW 3: E. Rebstock, S. Coxe, V. 

Smith, M. Marcil, L. Roberts, T. Butz, S. Baralt, L. Fisher, B. Hueick N 
Walczak, C. Myers, ROW 4: K. Callwells, }. tinhorn, S. Caviliere, L. Adams, J 
Glass, S. Robinson, E. Occhi, C. Riley. 

M. 8.M. B-l 


ROW 1: B. Putauskie, A. Fitzpatrick, R. Reed, K. Bloom, L. Roberts, 
L. Eisenstadt, T. Hardy, H. Hawkes, ROW 2: S. Eerner, D. Stem, S. 
Cuccione, S. Grinder, B. Strassen, D. Singer, S. Berney, P. Gee, H. 

Valad, /. Lamaire, /. Wellman, S. Beltz, ROW 3: /. Elwood, E. Neu, 
D. Hicks, A. Ruben, S. Pinchback, L. Haresign, C. Sexton, T. Reed, 
D. Maloy, T. Kehrli, S. Galczynski, A. Mirkin, B. England. 

M. 8. M. B-2 

ROW 1: T. Hukill, M. Modisett, S. Balhett, B. Allston, A. Yue, L. Frieyag, B. 
Hessler, R. Goldman, A. Nilson, T. Mclnnes, 1. Levy, T. Scallan, F. Snyder, L. 
Herold, B. Clifton, R. Heinick, F. Boosman, ROW 2: D. Hausman, E. Altman, T. 

Buchanon, M. Weaver, ]. Barbaz, ]. Garrison, A. Noll, P. Tackowiack, K. Heinick, 
R. Fletcher, M. Lenzo, S. Davies, G. Dougherty, D. Hnatuck, j. Lennes, T. 
Mutcher, F. Schroeder, T. Blaisdell. 

M. &. M. B-3 

ROW 1: K. Koch, S. Islami, A. Hohmann, ]. Sare, N. Rariden, ROW 2: S. Moore, 
M. Tomsho, S. Flum, S. Schreibman, D. Ruehmling, ]. Kopatz, ROW 3: 6. 
Thompson, K. Boyd, D. Crosby, M. Johnson, L. Sales, E. Kolbe, L. Kramer, ROW 4: 

/. Werner, B. Sirios, S. Hess, D. Harmon, H. Hand, H. Brosnan, D. DeCowsky, /. 
Hamon, E. Fox, ]. Wilson. 



ROW 1: M. Snyder, B. Ginn, F. Kanka, ]. Smith, J. Robinson, P. Jones, J. L. Peck, ). Paul, T. Maloney; ROW 3: B.Young, 1. Mahmud,]. Scott, ]. Vigilante, 
Fuerstman, R. Brown, P. Kane; ROW 2: K. Kaminsky, S. Corbasero, C. Thompson, D. Daniels, R. Rau, D. Lucas, B. Tubuda, L. Miller, A. Bringhurst, B. Donovan. 


LAI i 

| | 

IB—————— —— .!. --wHrnmuF BaianniaBa 

ROW 1: S. Eciter, D. Lmd, V. Moore, R. Cohen, R. Covino, P. Burke, T. 
Kilcullen, J. Heide; ROW 2: M. Arbitel, P. Dobranski, L. Schiffman, ]. Gallace, /. 
Zwickl, D. Maisano, R. Rodack, L. Brenner, M. Cornelious, M. Panicke, K. 
Butts, L. Dively, ]. Jordan; ROW 3: L. Spielman, R. Haddad, S. Mohammad, A. 

Downing, H. Lee, C. Sheay, L. Frame, P. Smink, L. Hamel, B. Kwasnoski, T. 
Dugan, M. Depsky, E. Shatz, D. Scheur, M. Nalitt, E. LaDolce, L. Seip, N. 

Richards A- 2 

ROW 1: M. Nussbaum, ]. Ziegler, P. Halaris, ]. Norwood, S. Kemper, C. Jordan, 
G. Watt, S. Ziegler, K. Fallon, K. Spena, S. Savinelli; ROW 2: B. Henmgan, D. 
]oynt, ]. Perri, T. Kanter, E. Diehl, S. Zehner, P. Harris, D. Sikorski, ]. Zemhas, A. 

Whiteley, /. Musso, B. Engelhardt, M. Ardman, R. Gravitz, K. Foster, ]. Kor- 

Richards A- 3 

ROW 1: /. Altman, K. Shihadeh, S. Dillar, L. Pettinato, C. King; ROW 2: T. Cuff, N. Caputo, A. Scott, D. Neuhaus, L. 
Olsen; ROW 3: S. Hager, T. Geier, ]. Peoples, A. Saitta, N. Phillips; ROW 4: A. Infortuna, M. Martin, R. Paxton, K. 
Keimig, C. Behler, M. Small, I. Math, K. Otto, K. Stein. 



ROW 1: /. Kalafatides, B. Zillig, B. Moyer, G. Yaworski, D. Buldyga, /. Rubin, B. 
Dick, M. Ratte; ROW 2: S. Yarnall, M. Andrelko, P. Miller, B. Mei'cke, C. Gerberich, 

S. Chaudhry, C. Bogert, D. Goldstein, T. Werlh, ]. Rosenlind; ROW 3: T. Van 
Wachter, E. Hindlin,T. Young, D. Hefty, P. Simon, ]. Hauser, P. Tusky, G. Hammel. 

Smig Brothers . . . Sisters of Smiley . . . Lumberjacks . . . 
Maybe, maybe not . . . Les Nessman . . . Old John/New 
John . . . Werewolves of Thorndike . . . Mountain Goat 
. . . Scanko . . . Cookieman . . . Lehhhster . . . Milwaste 
Product . . . O'Barrel . . . Mr. Moonley . . . Oh Noo! It's 
Mr. Jeffey . . . Help me Wanda . . . Tedish . . . Sanjay, get 
off the floor ... The NOSE . . . Hadji . . . Andredgko . . . 
$142 Phone bill . . . Heftybag . . . Smegma . . . Black Betty 
. . . D.B. . . . Mr. and Mrs. Bill . . . Primal Sream . . . 
Charlie Bogus . . . Shots with Santa . . . Moyers corner 
store . . . Huge Guy . . . Stoneface . . . Boy's in Bob's 
wiper blade . . . Zig, you cheap M.F. . . . 50e . . . 308 . . . 
Joe's a faggot . . . George's boss . . . Munch . . . Little Guy 
. . . Scott's not here . . . Wally . . . Killer . . . Burial at sea 
... If it's GIBBONS It's Good . . . Foosball ... The 
Tournement . . . Nice Puppies . . . Florida . . . Road Trips 
. . . Malibu Grand Prix . . . Doing Calculations . . . Subtle 
Finger . . . Rookies . . . 2nd floor wimps . . . Pizzaface . . . 
God Squad . . . Kalifinapenis . . . Ernie Tight pants . . . 
T.T. . . . Kidnapped Pete Dave "wheres my chair" . . . 
Dormybag . . . Bowling Champs . . . Golden Staple . . . 
Cable trouble . . . I'm a stupid spick . . . Charlie the 
Greaser . . . 7:30 AM Bang! Bang! Crash! — Irene The 



BEACH . . . Innie — Outie? Left or Right? ... The Mangier . . . 
Baa's Spaghetti . . . Tutti's ... Ed's ... Obnoxious Rowdyism 
Showers . . . Night Skiing . . . Collarbone ... The Bagman . . . 
Annie-Annie! Are you all right? . . . Kamikazzes . . Dead Crow 
Wild Turkey . . . Marty's Ambulance Service ... 800 Clams . . . 
the ROCK. 



ROW 1: /. Fuller, B. Deegan, G. Mancini, R. Tietjen, R. Brinley, E. Marcus, J. 
Tannenbaum; ROW 2: M. Szymendera, E. Weisenberger, D. Schwab, S. Cochico, 
M. Weisser, M. Caykowsky, J.Horn; ROW 3: L. Ramirez, T. Heckman, R. Milistis, 
]. Capuano, M. Lipincott, T. Semler, A. Burns, C. Helmstetter, R. Huis, ]. 

Kobulsky, S. Meader, E. Cuenther, j. Kraynak, R. Moyer, B. Williams, C. Holt, C. 
Wilkins, /. Furtaw, M. Borgis, }. Goldthorpe, M. McAlpine, K. Keene, K. Todd; 
ROW 4: D. Destafano, P. Russ, j. Templeton; MISSING: /. /. Corcoran, T. 
Kowalonek, L. Schofield. 


ROW 1: P. Mongoven, /. ]aspan, R. Turoscy; ROW 2: D. jacobson, M. Nagy, R. Johnson, D. Hsieh, j. 
Robinson, C. Rettke, R. ]. Davis; ROW 3: G. Merksamer, C. Mohr, V. Mazzei, S. Greenbaum, L. 
Elliott; ROW 4: L. Przywaram, M. Stewart, J. Axel, K. Moore, B. Craft; ROW 5: D. Muha, B. 
Pearsons, B. Millard, C. Sisenwein, J. Brennan, M. Votaw, S. Chernak, C. Erdogan, J. Wetzel, S. 



ROW 1: K. Dowling, ]. Cleckner, B. Nodi's, M. Dumon, T. Melchiondo, P. Haley, ROW 2: C. Cestone, V. Morton, M. Freeman, L. 
Montague, B. Banks, C. Carbo, ROW 3: D. Greenwood, G. Reitler, B. Barmat, M. Lopez, W. Jones, D. Wall, D. Dobrescue, ROW 4: 
S. Metz, L. McNee, B. Mueller, N. Wagner, C. Mason, M. Krier, B. Borden, M. Clement, ROW 5: Rexon, W. Gentzlinger, P. Scott, 
R. Weidner. 

R. H. 1 1 

ROW 1: M. Schild, M. Baymor, G. Poole, G. Hoiuard, T. Messina, T. Weizenber- 
ger, B. Hurd, K. Goldberg, F. Deitz, C. Ziegler, D. Cinllo, L. Ranger, M.F. 
Donley, G. Thalmamer, L. Ameron, I. Anderson, ]. Wiaz, ROW 2: R. Smith, B. 
Hengel, F. Chenitz, E. Nejame, /. Pietrantonio, D. Hermany, M. Oppenhelm, C. 

Woods, T. Bergland, T. Naton, S. Seeb, L. Brooks, M. Chendall, E. Fang, P. Leso, 
W. Ambrust, T. Benet, B.A. Bolle, K. Siegler, /. Rausa, D. Karasic, }. Kazar, B. 
Moorstein, S. Fife, ]. Egleston, M. Hliboki, G. Richard, L. McMahon, L. Izard, S. 
Fellenzer, M. Smith. 

Warren Square C 

ROW 1: B. Ward, K. Karr, A. Gettner, ROW 2: K. Jackson, K. 
Freeman, ROW 3: A. Stempfle, M. Underwood, S. Wolfe. 


ROW 1: T. Cullen, B. Kelly, D. Bradley, A. Durham, M. Lee, N. Schicktanz, 
ROW 2: B. Apvlegate, N. Khoury, ]. D'Onofrio, T. Hunter, T. Costello, C. 
Cicilioni, C. Ellsworth, C. Ruck!, K. Maz, D. Esslinger, P. Sanchirico, P. 
Bacon, P. Gingher, ROW 3: L. Wheeler, M. Canuright, M.B. Fogarty, T. 

Roth, B. Gallis, ]. Smith, H. O'Conner, M. Ellis, M. Hill, J. Comitate. /. 
Greising, ]. Baker, D. Sohn, L. lones, ]. Paige, P. Breiver, S. Garbasz, M. 


203-205 Van Buren 

Wonderful Cohesive Family . . . Epples . . . Laureen has all 
the balloons . . . Miss Bean . . . Painting in 90 degree weather 
... So your father's a doctor? . . . We are now at Linderman 
Library . . . Botwin Beach . . . Pajama Party . . . With Febru- 
ary who needs March? . . . Charles . . . Racquetball . . . Bub- 
bles . . . Laureeni Bambini . . . Lafayette Tailgate . . . Face . . . 
Jo, Buffy ... I like to watch . . . One Wombat, Two Wombat 
. . . Lipless . . . Gators . . . The Count . . . Buns . . . Scarsdale 
... I Don't Wanna Go Home . . . G.H. . . . F.A. . . . W.T.F? 
... Ho Jo's Pic . . . Pam . . . Soap . . . Taxi ... 5th Street . . . 
Bloomers . . . Senior Cocktails . . . Boob Dress . . . Clan & Ian 
. . . Momma DePalma . . . Teddy Bears . . . Houston . . . The 
Police are Rioting . . . Realtors . . . Deuf . . . Half Time at 
Bloomers . . . Baking Again? . . . Tea . . . Road trips to Heller- 
town . . . Who's Staying Here? . . . Who's Sleeping on Our 
Couch? . . . Hyperactivity at 205 . . . Spaz Attack . . . Toeless 
Salamanders . . . Schaefer is rare?!? . . . The Rock . . . Sloaner 
. . . Legs Holmes . . . Two dollar haircuts . . . Fireworks at U. 
Penn . . . Turd . . . Murray and Dave . . . There's a rug under 
there? . . . Street Fighting . . . Stamper . . . She's on the 
phone again? still? ... 2 carats . . . G.M.M. . . . T.P. . . . 
California Dreamin' . . . But Chris doesn't have a nick- 
name . . . 

ROW 1: W. Botwin, K. Sloan, A. Palaszewski; ROW 2: /. Wilson, M. Wrenn, P. 
DePalma, L. Carlson, S. Smith. 

520 Hess 

V. Nelson, A. Prudente, S. Watkins, P. Finney, N. Lehrhaupt. 


459-461 Montclair 

ROW 1: P. D'Apolito, L. Manganaro, E. Witheford; ROW 2: D. Thompson, ]. Doll, P. Walker, T. O'Shea, D. Rohr, S. Alfano. 

337 South New Street 

ROW 1: L. Francis, L. Kershner, M. Beaulieu, P. Robbins; ROW 2: /. Guida, I. Kagdis, P. Leutz, K. Schettino. 


Montclair Mansion 

ROW 1: C. Paul, ]. Marstine; ROW 2: K. Talbert, 
D. Witwer; ROW 3: B. Berg, ]. Kamon, M. Dan- 
nies, E. Braceras. 

6 1 7 Montclair 

ROW 1: B. MacFarland, M. Lyng; ROW 2: B. Herbert, McMinn, D. Banks. 


452 Carlton 

B. Fraikorn, C. Sepahpur, L. Archer, T. Amoruso, }. Aigen. 

Believe it or not, the 452's are here for an education . . . Dear 
C&G staff — We really aren't! . . . Termites?! How would I 
know what they look like? I've never lived in a ghetto before 
... It has no purpose in life . . . Crustaceans not welcomed 
here . . . Hello. Police? We're five girls alone and our dogs are 
barking . . . Come play with us . . . plumes and watering cans 
. . . You mean this isn't a garbage disposal? . . . No Beth, we 
will not move the refrigerator . . . I'm sorry, I just had to do 
that . . . Tell me or I'll start humping your leg . . . "How to Kill 
a Roach" by Lili Archer . . . "Working With Andrea" by Judy 
Aigen . . . "1-215-555-1212" by Beth Fraikorn . . . "The No- 
Fail Study Technique" by Christina Sepahpur . . . "The Ideal 
College Scholar" by Tisha Amoruso . . . the Penthouse Suite 
(for short people only) . . . cucumbers, cucumbers . . . Let's 
all go to church ... We went WHERE dressed like WHAT?! 
. . . We're going to have to call the bishop for this one . . . Was 
it big or small? I don't know, it's smushed now ... Is that a 
cross around your neck? . . . Have a steak, have a cow . . . We 
don't want the scum of the earth. We already have cock- 
roaches . . . The middle chamber . . . The Board ... Do you 
really think we could keep score? . . . Cross-referencing ... I 
didn't know there were that many Sammys . . . Hello. Is this 
Bloomingdales? . . . Six on a waterbed . . . Christina gets 
revenge . . . Maryyy . . . Throw your father out the window 
and jump down on it . . . macaroni and cheese . . . David and 
Desi in bed . . . Come make history . . . Spandex pants ... A 
Tom Collins for Lili . . . Can you put "Sweethearts" on your 
resume? . . . Judy mediates, Tisha screams, Christina hangs 
up, Lili stands there, Beth pays . . . Why are there 14 police- 
men in the catbox? . . . PF Special . . . Mirror, mirror on the 
table . . . The Snowman cometh ... Is there any punch in the 
grain? . . . Full house . . . Sunday morning traffic . . . Take a 
number. I'll call you when it's your turn . . . Who's calling 
please? Sorry, I'm not here . . . Killer the preppie . . . She 

finally got an Italian . . . Lips . . . The Black Stallion cometh 
... a green shamrock — Where? . . . G.H. lives . . . Len's 
stud service . . . The little man in black leather trys out for 
Mascot . . . Killer, you wimp . . . Why is your neck all wet? 
... But I can't digest it . . . It's blinding when it gets in your 
eye . . . The Ape Man cometh . . . Maybe he can borrow a bag 
from the Bag Man . . . D.U. needs another ass signed . . . Psi 
Upsilon Kappa ... Is it wrestling season already? . . . every 
weight class . . . Tony, our fantasy man . . . What's that 
THING? It's a gift for Hotzie ... A two and a half year 
wrestling season — This wasn't supposed to happen . . . The 
Princeton road trip . . . Soccer players dribble before they 
shoot . . . The Schlong Monster . . . What do you mean he's 
HERE? What do you mean they're ALL here?! . . . Was that 
really loud? . . . YOU'RE a Gamma Phi?! . . . What do they do 
about incest? . . . Another double date ... Big necks . . . The 
California Girl actually loves snow . . . Fatherly advise on 
what to do with college boys . . . Hello. Chi Psi? This is 
London calling . . . Flash Gordon II cometh . . . spurs, whips, 
and honey . . . The Chi Psi Cake Eater loved to eat sweet, 
moist, delicious Persian cake . . . What do you mean he's 
PINNED?! . . . Confessions of a Lehigh mistress . . . mid- 
night rendezvous ... the second stall in Linderman's Mens 
Room ... He can keep the panties, but I wish he'd give me 
back my heart . . . Obscene phone callers ... I sure do. Every 
hot drop . . . You must have decorum ... A D + would be 
nice . . . Officer, come in and join the party! . . . I wonder why 
I'm putting myself through this agony at Lehigh when I'll 
probably end up barefoot and pregnant anyway . . . Too bad 
they don't give degrees in hedonism ... To those who are 
still wondering, it's a long story . . . Good-bye Judy, Lili, and 
Tisha. Good luck Beth and Christina. Our Life in the Ghetto 
will always be remembered. 



r - 


" » ■? I 





^ I 

1 1 , . ■* 




- ' 




*< 2 

v * 

Jf[IF" ^ 





Founded Nationally — 1 896 

Trinity College 

Founded Locally — 1 934 
Colors — GARNET and WHITE 

ROW 1: E. Lerner, R. Ragoza, B Piplitz, D. Coltharv, D. Greenburg, K. Fallon; 
ROW 2: /. Braithwaite, P. Smith, J. Selervian, A. Mintezer, M. Bourhis, O. 
Thomas, B. Feuerbach; ROW 3: /. Sirigano, B. Roche, T. )anisch, D. Fisher, E. 
Easgrift, D. Freed, B. Nabholz, B. Kershner, ]. Delpo, J. Schier, B. Taylor; ROW 4: 

R. Nersesian, P. Kelly, W. Paion, T. Oonk, ]. lncandela, ]. Shardon, C. Easton, M. 
Riger, S. Fisher, F. P'erry, P. Mallony, L. Deren, ]. Marhoefer, D. Ludlow; ROW 5: 
T. Collins, M. Colvin,' C. Sieverding, }. Fertaw, D. VanBuren, S. Meador, J. 



What's the scam? . . . That is the worst . . . International 
Delho . . . scrote for life . . . fierce Yo's . . . train and the 
claimers . . . Mind if we play through? . . . god-like, walks 
on water . . . What are you claimin'? . . . Cat, are you 
going low, or low? . . . Blow it off ... Poodle-Head . . . 
sister Harlow . . . she's a heater . . . what a log . . . hogger 
award . . . Nymphatic Nymphets . . . Red Rocket . . . bowl 
hanger . . . pinning Raw . . . needed it . . . icey cold 
P.B.R.'s . . . varsity tails — 5 minute Rule . . . jelly-ho . . . 
option . . . hochimin trail . . sonny Testa . . . that chatin' 
man . . . beefline . . . Meat hook . . . male-ho . . . dickin the 
house ... da Bronx . . . slum tape . . . skippy, Ace, and 
Duece . . . Sigma Pi . . . Dave Z. Cook . . . Male Neil . . . 
Moon . . . Confurpkin . . . Blob . . . Beamo . . . fubar . . . 

What Rock? 

What fence?. 




Founded Nationally — 1912 

New York University 

Founded Locally — 1 978 
Colors — Blue and Gold 

ROW 1: /. Bolkin, N. Kaplitz, P. Goldman, A. Pomerantz; ROW 2: B. Gervis, ]. 
Elhs, B. Weitzner, R. Zankel, G. Straus, /. Yeaton, R. Ross, G. Sutcliffe, D. George; 
ROW 3: M. Grubelich, S. Garfinkel, C. Gorbunoff, S. Jennings, P. Swarr, D. 

Sherburne, C. Durken; MISSING: D. Lilly, D. Pepper, P. Detwiler, S. Brown, B 
Goldberg, ]. Newman, E. Marcus, ]. Tandembaum, B. Taub, }. Stiegelfest. 


GTZ . . . Lafayette weekend . . . Ralph Gragnasty . . . Con- 
clave . . . Hillel . . . WLVR . . . Chili and Tacos again? . . . 
10 Saturday Night Fever . . . Why do hot dog rolls come in 
packs of 8? . . . The Pointer Sisters or the Andrew Sisters? 
. . . First floor, Gimbel's toy department . . . Second floor, 
Ronald Reagan's victory party . . . Third floor, Lady's lin- 
gerie . . . Ravioli and Doc T and cheap wine . . . Molson 
Pubnites . . . Bolkin — tied up . . . The Neil H., the most 
unknown drink at Lehigh . . . How did I get up to my 
room? . . . Gary — clean up the shed! . . . Brothers 3, 
pledges . . . Empty the garbage in the TV room already! 
. . . Lindy and the husband . . . Salmon croquettes . . . 
Wrong-Way Enterprises . . . Weekly cocktail parties . . . 
Pomerantz — Three Letters . . . Mopar . . . Patty, it's laun- 
dry day . . . Lisa, Diane, Lauri, Ruthie, Debbie, Noreen, 
Cindy, Angy, Mary, Laurie, Patty, et al . . . I can't hack you 
. . . Duh . . . Berkshire . . . Bete — noire . . . Jess, read the 
meetings of the last minute . . . The All-Nighter . . . Why 
doesn't anyone like me? . . . Good luck to the class of '81 
from Jester and Sutsy, Bronk and Ebenezer, Jasper and 
Wrong-Way, Juan Mow Tyme Gorilla my dreams, ALPo 
and Buzzy, Neil H., Strubelich and Grauss, Garf, Cindy, 
Angie, and Lindy, Viv and Doc T and Scotty and Prof 
Radin, and the Stahr Master John. 

LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: Does crazy equal ba- 
nanas? . . . Breakfast club . . . P.C. . . . Manny's . . . Bolkin 
predicts . . . UVA and Ralph S. . . . Which way? . . . Lord 
High held hostage . . . D and D and diplomacy . . . Love 
Boat, Munsters, Mash, Star Trek . . . Don Grand Marmier 
. . . Jasper's ski weekend . . . Wrestling in the steel cage . . . 
graduation . . . What do I look like, a short-order cook? 
Come in here and help me . . . It's George . . . When does 
reality start? . . . G.S.A. . . . Why am I doing this? . . . Law 
school . . . Designing a sewage plant . . . Thursday . . . 
"Don! Make some Coffee!" . . . General Hospital . . . Don't 
trip over the shovel in the porch . . . Are you nauseous, 




k ^^^* ■ 



Founded Nationally — 1 904 
Syracuse University 

Founded Locally — 1976 
Colors — Red, Yellow and Green 

ROW 1: /. Jaspan, L. Gallagher, J. Frank, A. Kline, M. Feggles; ROW 2: M. 
Specktor, D. Specktor, D. McWilliams, L. Arnold, M. Goyd, I. Sefing, B. Cashen; 
ROW 3: L. Chirichillo, A. Zachrchuk, D. Rosenbaum, I. Agoritus; ROW 4: L 
Occhi, D. Ruehmling, L. Roth, D. Kuchka, K. Hmker, H. Lee, L. Lutz, B. Naris, J. 


Balaskas, B. Shollock, Frary; ROW 5: B. Rice, B. Zagelmeyer, T. Saydah, L. Lyman, 
C. Veras; ROW 6: L. Siegrist, D. Goelz, S. Denton, D. Trabest', A. French, M. 
Eustace, D. Hein, S. Kelley, L. Hayes, K. Lmdquisl, P. Rooney; ROW 7: P. Tripp, 
L. Gorab, L. Pucilowski, K. McD'ermott, H. Steelman, A. Murphy, ]. Fine. 


How am I supposed to know what you're into? ... If it's 2 
A.M., it must be BOO BOO . . . Chug-a-lug, Karen? ... I can't 
beleive I swallowed a fucking quarter! . . . World Series Parties 
. . . Bunny for your Honey — but should it be white or black? 
. . . Theta Three Lines . . . Bruce . . . Bagit — be an artsy (you 
hurl-faces!) . . . Wilted Roses and Rose Queens . . . Kinky 
Hinky . . . Midget Furniture . . . Fantastic Five . . . Pledge Res- 
cue Missions . . . Gag me . . . "Oh Jeff" . . . Space much??? . . . 
Gamarella . . . Santa "BooBoo" Claus . . . Floydd-napping . . . 
Stixie . . . L. Sefing . . . Waster . . . Chirichillo-Chinchilla- 
Chihuahua . . . "Your Barbor my Barb?" . . . We'LL put you in 
the linen closet . . . Okay, who got the flowers?!! . . . Pretty 
Damn Ultimate . . . Which Lisa? . . . Hello, Patty's at the Li- 
brary . . . Another mouse bites the dust??? . . . (roll with the 
changes) . . . Gag a maggot! . . . What a hurl, clincher, etc . . . 
Leona's Greek songs and belly dancing lessons . . . "Did Sue go 
to class today?" . . . I'm not an airhead!" . . . Arlene the Nerd 
. . . Peanut Butter . . . Grandma's been here — the kitchen is 
stocked . . . General Hot-zinger and her chunk . . . "what are 
you saying, Janice?" . . . "Hi Missy" — on the wall ... If you 
ever need a bottle of wine, make a bet with Margaret . . . Our 
bedroom's 100% pinned!! . . . "What did you really get for 
Valentine's Day?" . . . Tuna casserole and the mysterious 
candlelighting . . . DALLAS . . . That's key! . . . Patti loves a 
man in uniform . . . Denise's dinners??? Heidi inherits Floyd Jr 
. . . Anne loves West Point . . . Speks becomes MO . . . Sopho- 
more Brownies . . . Meredith's Christmas clothes (what DID he 
mean by a size smaller) . . . Kathy B. — California here I come 
. . . Paula the Panhellenic Woman . . . Lori — A visit from 
Chuckie! (L 2 mother and daughter) . . . Tricia, Gryphons love 
flannel shirts ... A toasted Alpha Gam . . . The Supertramp 
Apartment . . . The Waste Tripp — Let's challenge the Rock 
Lobsters ... The Posh Pledge Pad . . . High on a Hill . . . "Will 
you accept a collect call from the United Kingdom? . . . Linda, 
corn much? . . . Deirdre's PHB outfit . . . Sisterhood Advantage 
. . . "Dianne, male or mail?" . . . Daphen and her monkey . . . 
"I'll get you; I'll get your dog, too!" . . . "Lucy-Moves" . . . 
What about Billy Grad? ... 32 PLEDGES!!!!! . . . Kathy Mc to 
carry on the Senior Tradition!!! 

PHB . . . BDP ... GH ... PDA . . . PM 5 ... The Infamous KF 
. . . PHD . . . NOKD (from Missy, Muffy, Corky, Mimi, Biff and 
Tripp). Alpha Gam wishes its Seniors the best of luck — Jami, 
Margaret, Missy, Lynne, Daphne, Lyn Marie, Dianne, Linda, 
Laura Y., Anne, Maureen, Meredith, Laura G, Kathy, and 
Paula. We'll miss you!!!! 





Founded Nationally — 1872 

Syracuse University 

Founded Locally— 1975 
Colors — Silver and Bordeaux 

ROW 1: R. Golomb, D. Anderson, L. Herzfeld, S. Pedigo, S. Moyer, K. Miser, K. 
Rosch, A. Fitzpatrick, K. McMinn; ROW 2: J. Wroblewski. I. Click, K. Sachse, P. 
Kapur, A. Gomez, ]. McDermott, A. Dela Cruz, B. Sergioranni, /. Kuvin; ROW 3: 
A. Grossman, N. Raridan, R. Kaplan, M. Judlow, K.. Boyd, E. Schwartz, M. 
Cooleen, K. Hanson, M. D' Ambrosia, K. Benner, M. McCahdn, K. Sircely; ROW 4: 


K. Fitzgerald, S. Hosono, I. Helwig, L. Scornajenghi, P. Errico, P. Karee, M. 
Lyons, K. Rattie, L. Moscolo, M. Conners, B. Tan, C. Wood, ]. Lachman, L. Rebar; 
ROW 5: C. Cestone, V. Votto, M. Leugers, A. Lewnes, T. Constantini, K. Harris, 
S. Goldfarb, E. Dean, M. Lesslie, P. Vfilchek, B. Beaver, M. Saccomono, K. Miller, 
B. Sedlar. 

"Just follow the Saucon Valley road!" . . . Barrrrettes . . . 
Terrific 22 . . . Our holiday "dessert" hotel party . . . Have 
tape — will travel! . . . Celebrate ... We are ALPHA PHI 
. . . Whip it good . . . ATO streaks and SAMMY serenades 
. . . Teddy bear guild ... . broccoli lives . . . Flamin' PHI PHI 
. . . nice doo . . . the penthouse . . . Does anyone know 
where you pick up a cheap tape deck? . . . DU, where are 
the coats? . . . Syracuse — WE have arrived! . . . Wild 
Weekender Staff . . . Lance does IT on the couch . . . Beatle- 
maninia hits Alpha Phi . . . Who gets Mr. T's son? . . . Our 
favorite "Panhel Woman" — PMc . . . Hey — who's that 
grad student next door? . . . Kahlua and hot chocolate . . . 
Bacardi Cocktails . . . ATO's rent-a-date . . . Alpha Phi 
Annex . . . Mary Parul . . . Aurora de la Hoya . . . Valligator 
. . . Baby Brittles . . . Mad Dog . . . Mary Ruth Ttzimono . . . 
Betty Boop . . . Little Dipper . . . Tiffy, Muffy, Bootsie, Bitsy 
. . . Looks like McMinn . . . Donna trots to first . . . Benner 
on safari . . . Sheree and the Cincinatti boat ... JK — 
Quick, out the window! . . . Annie chews tobacco? . . . 
Kris = Are you a real JAP? . . . Barb, what's new on GH? . . . 
Andrea, Alpha Phi pin-up . . . Jackie, don't forget your 
rubie rush invitation . .'. Rebar's Revolt . . . Ann are you 
from Planet Claire? . . . Alicia and Julie are locked inside 
Mart?! . . . "What's Mart? — Bea and June . . . Karen Mo. 
and the "Big Fall" . . . Andrea and Sony's animals . . . Ellen 
really goes for M"olsens" . . . Phyllis have you touched it 
yet? . . . Michelle our munchkin' land queen ... Is Annie's 
room really pink and green? . . . Yes, it's really Glenn's pin! 
. . . Hats off Barb and Eleanor — we remember you from 

rush . . . Kim's make-overs at 7 Merle Norman's . . . She's 
boring? — give her to Becky . . . ! J-Bug, Give Good Kep- 
pie??? . . . Where's a girl's what? . . . Hear me you guys . . . 
Why does apt. 124 still have their mistle-toe up? . . . Karen 
M's debut at Sigs . . . PPP-324 . . . Drink until you die or cry 
— easy on the P.S. — Kris and Barb . . . Swing your part- 
ner, do-cee-do . . . the green gnome and blue family ... a 
punk pres?! . . . Val loses "it" on 378 . . . Lee playing 
Mexican . . . Mannys Contingency: Randi, Moncher, 
Susan, Sharon, Sarah, Doris, Mary Beth, Lisa R . . . Vienna 
waits for Sues . . . Field Possum . . . Lucinda gets her head 
straight in Vermont . . . And to our seniors: Andrea, Anne, 
Aurora, Barb H., Barb T., Bea, Becky, Donna, Doris, 
Eleanor, Kathy, Karen Mi, Karen Mo, Kris, Lynda, Patrice, 
Phyllis, Randi, Sarah, Sharon, and Susan. Sights we'll nev- 
er see: Kathleen with bitten off nails . . . left over carrot cake 
... a smiling field possum . . . pledge day with no cham- 
pagne, . . . Monch reading anything but a school catalogue 
. . . Lois not on Dean's List . . . June not running for (from?) 
anything ... An Alpha Phi party without TWH . . . Bea 
with a Fair Isle . . . Melon with a curl . . . Patrice in another 
greased pig contest . . . Doris without her camera . . . Lucia 
without her red boots . . . Alicia worrying ... A Sammy' 
Alphi Phi match that works . . . Alicia marrying a guy 
without a beard . . . Jiminy with her parts working . . . 
Mary Beth not drinking G&T's . . . less than eight in apt. 
123 .. . Lunch without the Mac . . . someone not pigging 
out . . . Karen and Randi wet at the Button. 




Founded Nationally — 1 845 

Yale University 

Founded Locally — 1 929 
Colors — Cardinal and Stone 

ROW 1: S. Berney, A. D'Aloisio, M. Werley, T. Bucci, T. DiPizza, S. Bradley, M. 
Wetter, ]. Mazel, J. Burke, B. O'Neill, J. Lavender; ROW 2: M. Schmal, K. Karoll, 
P. Garcia, T. Hachten, E. Lynch, D. Schirmer, /. Memhardt, ]. Bleemer, B. Taylor, 
C. Baldwin, M. Stutzman.'R. Craig, T. Sinton; ROW 3: G. Gabuzda, B. Armeny, 
P. Kabis, B. Carroll, J. Lawler, T. Potash, N. Siegel, S. Nichols, A. Whitely, B. 

Benge; ROW 4: T. Donahue, K. Chin, D. Knauss, M. Feldman, D. Lowrie, P. 
Runklw, B. Rozea, M. Gnines, E. Marks, S. Siniec, B. Shriver, K. Linger; MISS- 
ING: S. Ziegler, S. Stroble, ]. Palter, L. Hunter, C. Holliday, S. Jensen, B. Reitz, 
L. Auletta, N. Lewis, }. Tanen. 


Motivation comes in the form of little black pills . . . She's 
into morals — I'm not into morals . . . You have a good face 
but you need to run ... A shitload is thirty-seven . . . 
Stash, the keg's not kicked . . . Snaked again! . . . Where's 
Kevin — Where's J. T. — Where's Tom? . . . dynozoobs . . . 
the little dictator . . . stu trip punt . . . gotta love it . . . ban 
preppy chicks . . . gloves in bed . . . Corn Flakes . . . Raaash 
. . . pops, moms, than sods, followed by SOS's . . . Beems 
. . . porch sweeping is a gesture of friendship . . . she 
dooeessss . . . married and it doesn't matter . . . major 
league yabos . . . the first annual November blizzard . . . 
Joey, pubnights? . . . Trip did it! ... No, you slow down 
. . . Go away . . . Go on, beat it! ... I got all the money . . . 
Look who's calling the kettle black . . . Bobo: Pledge Project 
1980 . . . Mar'io" . . . Operation: Sheepdip . . . The hop . . . 
On my birthday I go to the Chinese restaurant for Christ- 
mas . . . If you're going to Vegas, I'd be up for it! . . . Special 
brother brownies ... To have faith is to have wings . . . 
Block that kick! . . . ZODS . . . Get some blood in your 
alcohol stream . . . He's so shy . . . You don't drink nearly 
enough . . . SQUEELS!!! . . . Azpizu . . . Goomba . . . No, 
you're out of order . . . Never been missed . . . Stories . . . 
Runky and Kandy's water dish . . . Muck/Judy-4 days . . . 
Philadelphia — Loser's club #lcity . . . Don't ruin the wed- 
ding . . . Jester of the losers' club — DHL for life . . . Road 
trip to Wed Wooster . . . Have a beer, Ya dick! . . . Who the 
hell is Kev? . . . Girl Scout cookies are too fattening . . . 
Dutz ... Do it agin . . . Who the hell is Bro Ralph? . . . The 
barometer rule . . . Amoeba Love . . . Don Ho . . . Don 
Intellect . . . The Watch Story . . . "K.C. & the Cheuron 
Scam" . . . "Ralph, Who's she related to?" . . . The secret 
member of the NBL club . . . 




Founded Nationally — 1865 
Virginia Military Institute 

Founded Locally — 1 882 
Colors — Blue and Gold 

ROW 1: K. Hoy, R. Banning, D. Smith, P. Hoffman, P. Fioretti, C. Wilkens, B. 
Funnell, T. Freeman; ROW 2: /. Roberts, T. Knoop, ]. Burdick, K. Carney, B. 
Romeo, S. Killian, E. Kastel, A. Jacobs, Lange, ]. Davidson; ROW 3: E. Morgan, B. 
Davidson, K. Clayton, N. Colligan, T. lobst, B. Bortko, R. Twitte, S. Tannen, S. 

Horton, K. Wilk, R. Jiranek; ROW 4: D. Beddingfield , R. Woolbert, C. Menio, P. 
Shouvlin, R. Sachse, H. Klein, G. Herrigel, ]. D'Ambrisi, M. Hessingar, ]. McCar- 
thy, T. O'Donnell, D. McMorroiv, W. Shine, ]. Baglivo, C. Marshall. 


In Memoriam 

Larry F. Rizzo 

It was love that saved Larry's life. He wasn't much at expressing his love, but if you 
watched carefully, you could see it showing. He loved his brothers in a rough and 
tumble way, his father in a quiet way, and his mother in a loud way. I know he loved 
me, as certainly as I know that I love him. 

It was the love of all the people who knew him that kept him alive, that built up and 
bolstered the strength that made him come back time after time. Larry has taught me 
lessons in dignity and strength and the wellsprings of hope that I shall never forget. 
His courage is what also saved his life, and I say his life was saved because his fight 
gave special meaning to his life and a new meaning to mine. His life was saved 
because he saved it, savoured it, and earned all of his last days. 

by Tim Donahue 
Mt. Lebanon, Pa. 






Founded Nationally — 1 839 
Miami University Ohio 

Founded Locally— 1891 
Colors — Blue and Pink 

ROW 1: D. Whiting, ]. Romano, Hobie, F. Cassavel, T. Desalvo, F. Mastracchio, ]. 
Pratt; ROW 2: R. Keating, E. Tulskie, D. Ryan, M. Haase, R. Lucas, M. jaindl, ]. 
Bollman; ROW 3: L. Fortunato, B. Strauss, R. Smith, V. Hoyeki, B. Welch, C. 

Nagle, D. Makie, G. Povirk, K. Bauder, ]. Durkin, B. Bodner; ROW 4: C. Manion, 
R. rlummers, S. Ertle, D. Hagarty, R. Bomgardner, P. Lacey, R. Mc Connell, K. 
Kopp, S. Worley, J. Gum. 


. . . Any cold water left, Russ? . . . 1,2,3,4,5 Tulskie . . . Will you marry me? . . . 
What am I, his keeper? . . . You can't know that yet . . . The house will not take 
responsibility . . . I'll be up at four pounding on your door . . . The 3:00 am rug 
presentation . . . Wine and Cheese for Greggy-poo . . . Stretch, looking like 
something the cat dragged in ... No Phi for Jimmy . . . Gummy, was the timing 
right? . . . Tazmanian devil running amuck . . . The off-the-buck Olympics . . . 
Brown Valentines from Hose . . . Chugball . . . Jean Claude Pennoni . . . Turn the 
knob first next time, Jim . . . Disco-rumble with Mark . . . You break it, you pay! 
. . . Hamilton praying to the porcelin God . . . Brad, get a life . . . Gary behind the 
couch . . . Keith, doesn't your babe go to school? . . . Hags, getaa chest or buy a 
shirt . . . Hose, conductor of the train . . . James Durkin, the amphibious shower 
monster and hot water slob . . . Deaner, home-towning it again? . . . Mikey, 
personality counts too . . . Nocturnal, loud, obnoxious Jack . . . HighDrisc . Go 
to bed, Fran . . . Del keeping respectability during his 45 week hitless streak . . . 
Stu stepping up from pedifilia for the double with Rich . . . Butt K-wad, how deep 
is your love?? . . . Rog, hot fun in the summertime . . . B.L., have some decency, 
your roommate is trying to sleep below you . . . Hummers and Sue make quite a 
pear . . . Don't leave me hangin' . . . Wac and his drydock thrusts . . . RussLedd 
go . . . Welchy and the Celestial Body . . . Smitty getting shot down again and 
again . . . Smitty, will I really get a job just because I'm President?? 
... JIM ... PA .. . DECEASE . . . BILLY . . . 




Founded Nationally — 1824 

Founded Locally — 1872 
Colors — Scarlet and Blue 

ROW 1: T. Sobieski, A. Birckbuchler, T. Cunningham, /. Kaplan, D. Glynn. ROW 
2: A. Barkley, T. Skewis, B. Parkes, ]. Shalleck, R. Glemser, }. Rovito, I'Lambariel- 
lo, /. Bower, ]. Pinkham, V. Harwood, ]. Roeder, M. Ries. ROW 3: B. Lawson, K. 

Kruger, }. McCawiey, P. White, B. Stepic, B. Gentzlinger, ]. Yard, D. Porter. 
ROW 4: £. Pennell.'B. Baillie, T. Pena, G. Peck, M. Figgins, S. Van Winkle, E. 
Tobias, M. Sinclair. 


Sniff, Sniff, our cum went up . . . None for Bowie ... I got it at the 
Grain Party, but Jeff gets pissed . . . K.Y. . . . "For $12,000 you 
can't Afford Professional Labor" . . . "Well", Headward . . . 
Ronald Regan Ries, Reagan or Lunch, That's the question . . . Get 
the Squirrel, Sam . . . Are the rugs in yet . . . Trek, Di-Lithium 
Crystals, Liquid or Gaseous? . . . Chug that beer, Dave . . . Three 
Rings!!! Knowledge. MMM, MMM, Good! Two Cords?? . . . The 
Vair is alive, and the Belvedere II rides again . . . Blake for repre- 
sentative, Sorry we're cutting you off . . . One punch finally bags 
one . . . Tighten that muzzle . . . "Where's my couch?" . . . Chug- 
off, from the victors come the Sprouts: Thirty in the U-Haul . . . 
Stu is back again: This Time for Real? Crazy — Another one bites 
the Dust . . . Two day campaign for Alpha's Elections: Gamma 
Ray, Dave goes fishing. Why are all the windows fixed? We've 
got a wild-ass Social. Energy Monitor, Tittle or Power? . . . 
Attitude Adjustment Hour, Waiter!! Who threw that roll? . . . 
Fine! . . . DANGER 4400 Volts, Lobotomous, and Devo, Mark 
gets her hot, But Toby takes her home. George's room is still 
growing. J.B. passes Math 1025, Clark Kent Does he live here? — 
Who?! Never heard of him . . . Muscleheads . . . Wild Bill rides 
the stairs . . . Porch Party . . . The Dickwhacks back . . . sleazy 
seniors starting today, 2/19 ... Fix the HEAT . . . Pillow . . . Slip 
slidin" Away on the Ho Chi Minh ... 2-1 in the Penalty kick-off 
... Is the bed leaking? The ELVES did it . . . SOME FOR BOWIE 
. . . Goodbye from the Seniors: John, George, Karl, Jerry, Joe, 
George and Andy YAHOO 




Founded Nationally — 1 84 1 

Union College 

Founded Locally — 1 894 
Colors — Purple and Gold 

ROW 1: /. Evanko; ROW 2: R. Carr, C. Hight, C. Tartia, P. Connelly, G. Van 
Orden; ROW 3: D. Cook, M. Canavan, ]. Campo, P. Marauardl, K. Alwood, L. 
Krasely, E. Boehm; ROW 4: /. Konisberg, K. Jones, C. Rust, P. Camuti, I. 

Freedburg, T. McCann, R. Webb, ]. Bradsnaw; ROW 5: E. White, Brouche Rarig, 
R. Blasdell, S. Ryan, C. Vietrogoski, S. Path, R. Fulford, M. Kaufmann; ROW 6: 
M. O'Hagan, B. Succop, M. Yeager. 

Purple and Gold Keg Race 
Hey Cha Cha, Wanna take a 

Frank Zane or Freddy . . . 
The Domino Theory: B.D., 
. . . Slippery Dick's Coconut 
Bufuaar . . . Kewy searches 

Speedy . . . Wrigley . . . Playbaby 
. . . Blades ... Sir Home-alot 
shower? V.O. did . . . TheShime 
Camps, Yeags, Hhlarr, Tommy 
Grove . . . The Bar Room Tan . . . 
South Bethlehem . . . Goofy . . . Iva Boner . . . The retard finds 
a Boehmer . . . 1-Jew-Jew . . . The Happy Negro . . . Canavan 
Cruising DeLa . . . Jonesy the Ox ... Hi Ho Silver! The Sheriff 
patrols Gabba Phi . . . Stu — The Executioner . . . Follow Me 
Sun Bayer . . . Bradshaw's sister had Faith . . . V.O. is down on 
the farm with Joan and Caroline . . . Bruce — a legend in his 
own mind . . . Gerry only gets it on the phone . . . and Kaufman 
in his truck . . . Chief sees his reflection and snaps . . . Webby 
and Chip, Coke distributors . . . It's "them" at Stowe . . . Yeags 
does it the American way . . . Hey — It's Mr. Goodwrench . . . 
The Lodge screws the lugnut — on and on and O. . . . Kim calls, 
Danny bolts . . . Connoly's Tuckered out . . . Freedberg's Beer 
Imports . . . Daniel Thurston Butler . . . Konigsberg talk to 
Mom today? . . . Vietro leaves 'em crying at Gabba Phi . . . 

Duke makes History . . . Hey Ev, it's a Marginal loss . . . Camu- 
ti gets scalped . . . Sheehan's 2onl . . . How you be your bad 
self? Brother Head — J.J. ... No Trace of Vince these days . . . 
Departing: Vietro, Blades, Yeags, Camps, Pid, Bru Bru, J.J., 
Merc, Hhlarr, Keffy, Sabby, Ev, Boehmer and Beans. The 
Lodge bids them farewell! Das Right — We Bad! 




Founded Nationally — 1 890 

Cornell University 

Founded Locally — 1952 
Colors — Red and Buff 

wzm i 


ROOF:M. Quillan, T. Ward, E. Walsh), S. Turner, T. Dubos, B. Price, C. 
Golden, C. Poci; FIRST STEP: L. Dubos, D. Skaller, T. Nelson; SECOND 
STEP: G. Ohl, K. Fink, K. Shramko; PORCH: B. Bohny, A. Leuzinger, B. 
Anderson, D. Weeks, M. Torch, P. Neville, B. Brown, C. Rosebrugh, A. 

Mosser, B. Frank, J. Eason, M. Keenan, K. Jaeger, ]. Hart, D. Weiller, ]. 
Boylan, D. Bragtbord, R. Charles, D. Smith, B. Rice, B. Weitman, M. 
Dicker, D. Grandin, S. Kiss. 


is the point good for? 
Midget and Darts and 
kegroom, on the floor 

Hey, Fellas . . . Que pasa, Joe — No mucho . . . Umbach meets 
his match near tragedy in the annex, ah but what a way to go 
. . . When it's hog calling time in Nebraska . . . Goats . . . Can 
anyone fill Disco's Boots? . . . Darts and his foreign hooter . . . 
Midget blows standing up . . . cold dorm Peggy? Stu? etc . . . 
Bret finally scores in the tube room . . . Scott and the Hoover 
vaccum cleaner . . . Who's mustache is better, Tom, yours or 
her's? . . . Robin, is one yid enough? . . . DuBos, how far does 
she stretch? . . . Kimbel looks like Ken and Aileen's kid . . . The 
Great Bumwad Theif . . . Num-chucks, Chris? . . . Kinda Kinky 
. . . Stump-1, Tose-0 . . . Nelson-65, Fish-0 . . . Ward, what else 

Rich Chuck and Burma and Greg and 
. Sut-New-Wave chunkies ... E is the 
. Lee and Lauderdale bleeder, was she 
worth the trip (P. S. any saddle sores?) . . . A fish out of water — 
sure sounds like it . . . More Goats . . . Brussock'll dive into 
anything . . . Tony, is long-distance the best thing to coming 
there? . . . Buns in the water, night and day . . . Lid, Bohunk, 
Q2, Tose, Jomo, Uncle Doo, Fish, Darts, Kizzy, Buns, Disco, 
Peep, (Low-gear, Bambino, Billy, etc.) E. Sut, H, Robert C, 
Vegie, Midget, Scoop, Elder Statesman, Mazzetti, Ool . . . 
Midget, better a goat than Barb . . . Rudy, tit? — you wouldn't 
know what it feels like . . . Bob, what's that warm sensation on 
your leg? . . . Joe goes Beaver hunting . . . Kizzy, where da 
white women at? . . . Norman and his 2 by 4; always gets his 
man . . . Squeal like a pig . . . Buns on the waterfront: How's 
your breast-stroke? . . . Mosser, what ya Inta lately? . . . Bill — 
Keith stud-ied hard in the library . . . Robert C. Bob meets the 
mustache . . . Crusher picks up where Jomo left off . . . Missy 
gives good Phone . . . Sup Sut? . . . What did he show you? . . . 
H-Force., mellow . . . Bob's New Year's Year resolution: two 
heads are better than one . . . Torch gives up R. A. for some nice 
A . . . Mark, you don't have to like her . . . smash, smash, smash 
. . . Living in your own private Idaho . . . Berg, you know what 
I REALLY hate ... Do vegies have big carrots? . . . Mcintosh 
Inn — Vegie fertilizes while East completes the curcuit . . . 
Neville eats scooter-pie . . . Bear and Kimbel, last licks . . . 

Goodnight Gene . . . 




Founded Nationally — 1 856 

Norwich University 

Founded Locally — 1 934 
Colors — Military Red and White 

ROW 1: S. Mariconda, D. Bailin, J. Dunlop; ROW 2: D. Hines, D. Phillips, F. 
Patterson, R. Sample, P. Abitante, ). Robinson, R. Busch, S. Smith; ROW 3: /. 
Sherman,- S. Dunches, M. Rooney, G. Swatek, J. Marshall, M. Holmesk, M. 

Wheatatl; ROW 4: C. Todd, /. Fetterman, T. Reeves, P. Bracken; ROW 5: M. 
Garret, K. Council, P. Sheibley, T. Kuramoto, J. Gunierl, P. Swanson, B. Geissler. 


Hurtage . . . You gotta love it . . . Bit time . . . Fat Sheat 
. . . Hog . . . Felcher . . . Loose rating . . . BF . . . Mr BD 
. . . JW . . . SHrimp Baskets . . . But does she? . . . Rally 
. . . what per sage . . . were talkin Is she train- 
able . . . Looks like . . . OT ... I don't Ralph . . . These 
people are not like you and I . . . The train stops here . . . 
Top 1500 . . . she worships the hole . . . 8-10 clase . . . 
You'll go down . . . Shake . . . Reever theory C,B,W,S, 
. . . Basically . . . What are you kidding me . . . Die, Die, 
Die . . . gurby . . . Like a Rabbit . . . Like you never 
needed it before ... I can't be hurt . . . Hurt big . . . You 
best get out the house . . . weasel . . . what's your 
Hytockyage . . . What a pisser . . . "Fiiiiine" . . . Gooood 
... up the shoot . . . did you say chug . . . Like you read about 
. . . say it . . . let's chug . . . DiPhi we get you hi . . . Mega 
. . . I'm hurt. I'm hurt big . . . Babbling . . . It's tit . . . we 
ask so little . . . "Bunch of ..." key . . . Zappage . . . 
Lineage . . . thrillage . . . Andrew Raaalph Sneely . . . 
frolicking . . . Good food boys, Good food . . . weak act . . . 
sick individual . . . it's kicked . . . History . . . Whale shit 
... If you wanna dance you gotta pay the band . . . 
"limey" . . . The eternal Pledge ... It happened one 
Halloween . . . Mob scene . . . HEAD-BVTT . . . give me 
the toy . . . D-bag ... a dripper . . . EE pubnight ... Fat is 
a state of mind . . . Swamp creature . . . The night patrol 
. . . quite the little hogger . . . Turkey shoot . . . Waiting 
for theMENINBLACK . . . The cassette played poptunes 
Jet Black is God. 




Founded Nationally — 1 899 

College of the City of New York- 

founded Locally — 1932 
Colors — Green and White 

ROW 1: R. Trench, M. Bina, R. Dantzer, C. Shettshne, R. Gibson, T. 
Spehalski, M. Selzer; ROW 2: C. Silberman, B. Klotz, P. Hollingsworth , 
Dave Bourque, B. O'Grady, B. Jenkins, ]. Lupas, C. Thunberg, ]. Hearon, T. 

Heckman, P. Smith, /. Ansilman, R. Bellaran, ). Gesford; ROW 3: M. 
Conte, M. Von Bradsky, M. Woodeshick, T. Nealley, ]. Cohen, /. Nieman. 


I Can't drink this it's too foamy . . . TUN, man you're killin' me 
. . . Myron Grambacher . . . Wow, it's a t-shirt . . . Bonnie cookies 
. . . Kermit the fink . . . Make up your mind, Marty . . . out but 
out ... Monday night tails club . . . G.L.T. ... the Dog . . . 
Megaloser . . . Acid Ann and the She Hulk . . . Huemen youreen 
. . . Troglyptugly . . . Hey, what are we talkin' about here — easy 
livin' . . . Drink the beer; have the good time . . . Atlantic City 
parlay mode . . . Come on and bark . . . later Olive . . . Mickey 
Mouse . . . The Q-Tip Gang . . . Party with the squirrels in three- 
houses . . . Death Pledging ... I accept full responsibility as 
house president . . . Raider Fever . . . Eric's boss . . . Semi formal 
. . . Bahh lets wreck this place . . . shots . . . Philsklar/ sklarslime/ 
sklar merdw . . . Finally DZO bids a fond farewell to Brian, 
Woody, Tuna, Jenk, Big Ed, Sid, Norman Igloo, Dr. Danaka 
Creature, Turg (again), Tucker, O'karder, Poops, Lurch, Fish, 
James Edward, Reno, Von, and Nealls — It's been a helluva time. 

\liililllliiu 1 11 





Founded Nationally — 1 856 

Bethany College 

Founded Locally — 1 889 
Colors — Purple, White and Gold 

ROW 1: /. Wo, C. Power, J. Tuna, M. Chinless; ROW 2: P. Wedgehead, ]. 
Vampire, R. Commander, M. Hess, AC. Bald. W. Stain, T. Burns, D. Tenatoo;ROW 
3: D. Smith, Dr. R. Love, D. Norton, R. Yingwang, M. Bird, /. Shigo, E. Tootall 
(love Toosmall), M. Unit, S. Weasle, /. Meyers, W. Parker; ROW 4: W. Loser 


Rambo, D. Virgin, ]. Blinkey, P. Trinkle, ]. Neck, K. Tiny Crossberger, E. 
Prosapio, H. Dirty, G. Pappy, M. Mouse, D. Fangort, /. Mafia; ROW 5: S. Nymie, 
]. Snack, S. Pizza, E. Max, T. Marvel, T. Hamray. Missing: T. Weenie. 

MAYVIEW STATE HOSPITAL . . . justice prevails, WET- 
T's FOREVER! . . . the death pig graduates, . . . sneaker 
pitch . . . DA HELL! . . . you don't understand, it's ad- 
vanced auditing . . . and the crowd yelled in unison "TIT, 
TIT, TIT" . . . fugorgeout . . . the unit, . . . the ghetto cruis- 
er .. . Dr. Love is upstairs, administering an injection . . . 
Bird, scholastic all-american . . . get out my face fore you 
wish you had . . . J. P. — startin' fights at Manny's again? 
. . . LU Delt-Moblie . . . it's the Commander! . . . Gahl the 
Wahl . . . rang, rang, rang it ain't no big thang . . . Weenie, 
wher's my clother, records . . . Asst. house manager Tiny 
. . . Dem's burgers is mines! ... Eh ee maw tomayos? . . . 
Shippy-'93 . . . Fat Zak's snack attack . . . Stymie, where's 
the weights . . . the river's gettin' cold! . . . 'Lantic city . . . 
and on that note, I'm a'leave . . . Ying-Yang the native New 
Yorker . . . get down there . . . Happiness . . . Malk, who's 
the steward? . . . Sleeze — commuter student . . . Johnny 
Mafia . . . Mickey and Scott set crab traps . . . Burnzie, 
how's pukey . . . The Wad . . . Keeney and Rabuck's Sex 
Palace . . . Superham with the supercan . . . Hiniehole . . . 
Norton has a hot line to the dean's office . . . Smitty is fat 
and happy, passed out again . . . Happy Pappy . . . Flamin' 
Dukie . . . yea, ok, pappy . . . cry baby Roos . . . Buch and 
Dofer, Fangor's her man! . . . balcony showers . . . Marv's 
woman Coach Paterno . . . Delt annex . . . Tender vittles 
. . . yea, RIIIIGHT! . . . He's dirty, and he's unamerican . . . 
Hey, Brothah! . . . Goin' out or what? . . . wedgehead . . . 
she loved it . . . yea, ok, michey, you're bad . . . Blinkey . . . 
you hammer, you drink, you pound beverage . . . Snackery 
. . . getouttabedyoufuggenalcoholic . . . Where's Ham, 
where's Lam, where's Jam? . . . Dennis, there's some great 
swamp land for sale . . . she licked your what? . . . where's 
geeney . . . Power's mailbox . . . Norton, just pretend your 
me . . . Spaz Magic . . . formal party in the anal entrance . . . 
Marvel the Mustang rides again . . . Lips . . . They're nuts, 
they're crazy, they're freakin' bananas . . . Zak, put the dey 
back . . . it's ug, it's uh, it's uh — Come on TooTall, spit it 
out . . . Howie's Killer "G" . . . Max La Max . . . Sledgehead 
. . . Awesome Dunlap . . . Delts used Car Lot . . . About the 
Vein, SHHHHHH!! Deb's around . . . Hey guys, no, spring 
ball . . . Cheese wiz . . . Connie Lingus . . . Move Rambo up 
to the IM team . . . Draw-the-Line bitch . . . Buch draws no 
line . . . DELT CRUSH . . . Who thought these up 

** * 


fg f lPi 


/' 1 I 

mm- \>* 










Founded Nationally — 1 834 
Williams College 

Founded Locally — 1 885 
Colors — Royal Blue and Old Gold 

ROW 1: Joe Dille, Roger Hutley, Jim Mackie, Brian Crudeli, Hugh Korner; ROW 2: 
Dave Mecca, Curt fimmerman, Craig Wacyk, Dave "fuzzy ' Zablowski, Dave 
Dietz, John Liberty, Eric Yaszemdki, Doug Gugino, Rick Hurst, Paul "Stash" 
Anastasio, John Foltz, Paul Reiff; ROW 3: John Ahsler, MarkMorgis, Chris Hines, 
Wayne Verost, Arnie Wetzel, Bob "Cheese" Palsgrove, Russ Snyder, Gerry Dille- 
muth, Kevin Murphy, Pete Smith, Frank Rudisill, Hank Pastuck til, Mike Reheuser, 


Mark D' Andrea, Jim Baird, Jerry Goldman, John Tylutki, John Pastuck, Bob Jordan, 
Tom Wocklish, Allen Binder, Pete Gakos, Paul Maxwell, Jim Patira. Not Pictured: 
Ron Garris, Bob "Hoot" Kelly, Steve "Veep" Plucinski, Darren Hernandez, Ed 
"BooBoo" Jordan, Terry Bollinger, Lou "Chico" Ramirez, Joe Corcoran, Tim Ten- 
ner, Lance Williams, Steve Hedman, Doug Pearson. 

Despite the sometimes unsavory reputation fraterni- 
ties have endured throughout the years, we have con- 
tinued in our pursuit of a better brotherhood, a unified 
body with a singleness of purpose. Little recognition is 
made of the fraternity's awesome responsibility, that 
being the molding and transforming of forty seperate 
individuals, forty distinct and sometimes conflicting 
personalities, into a family. 

The bulk of fraternity exposure seems soley devoted 
to excess imbibing and socially unacceptable behavior, 
yet the function of turning boys into men, of turning 
the irresponsible into the responsible, of turning the 
underachievers into an ambitious and driven young 
man goes wholly unnoticed. 

As the problems of society are scrutinized by jour- 
nalists and written about in editorials, we as a group 
become aware of these very same problems on an 
intimate and personal level, and our ability to deal with 
these problems reflects our resolution to endure our 
strength of character. 

Let it be known that the brother of Delta Upsilon face 
this challenge with a relentless spirit and with a con- 
tinuing desire to improve the contributions of our 
brotherhood to the betterment of society. 

— Submitted this day 
February 28, 1981 

H. Frank Pastuck III 




Founded Nationally — 1872 

Syracuse University 

Founded Locally — 1976 
Colors — Brown and Mode 

ROW 1: IV. Kress, S. Cohen, L. Taylor, L. Petersohn, S. Buschmann, B. Barmat, 
M. Stewert, C. Ehrens, M. Nalit, C. Frick; ROW 2: R. Wilde, K. Thompson, S. 
Perkins, B. Haley, J. Nelson, P. Dapolito, D. Dally, L. McCill, M. Lopez, S. Bevan, 

C. Barker, P. Mentzer; ROW 3: C. Perry, C. Pike, S. Davis, D. Farkas, P. Burke, A. 
Hackenburg, A. Pariseau, S. MacLaine, M. Kanenson; ROW 4: S. VanCraeynest, 

D. Casazza, M. Trost, K. Manik. 


Sandy X MARKS the spot . . . Whats COOKing in Donna's 
Loft? . . . FRANKly only Cindy knows . . . Mike SnATCH- 
es Carol ... J nine, How Friendly are the skies? . . . Lori 
eats dinner SCOTT-free . . . MK drinks free at Mannys . . . 
KT — Is it SHAKEY in the backseat of the VW . . . Is Bonny 
KISSY with Joe? . . . Lois get her reWARD at Hartford . . . 
Patty gets MOORE at Kappa Sigma . . . Tom loses account 
of Barb . . . Daps has ROARing time with the boy next door 
. . . Pesty CAMPs out in Paris . . . GOODRICH tires but 
wrestlers don't ... It finally DONned on Denise to stop 
Dalling ... Is the Hackback, or in ALLENtown? . . . Robin 
runs the gamut from A TO Z . . . Hanks Legs RULE susie's 
court . . . Lori P. acts disorderly . . . Karen flys the COOP 
. . . Denise — Is a FRETTO worth the NICKEL? . . . When 
the CHIPS are down, Sue goes for cANDY . . . Betsey finds 
the pot of gold at the end of the . . . rainbow . . . Perk — 
What's your BEEF about Kevin? . . . Bernie, the Pard, ex- 
tends Tory an invitation . . . Bernadette celebrates at 
LaFayette . . . Claire finds a JACK of all trades . . . CAN-A- 
VAN operate a CB? . . . Lover Bunny hops from Peter to 
Peter to PEAT . . . Laura Wheels into DK . . . Gina 
McBeana, the exercise machina . . . Shauna likes REESES 
pieces ... KJ — Don't let Steve become a furious George 
. . . Maggie TUDORS Chris in strokes . . . Cynthia gets 
squashed by a legacy . . . Bad and Worse are RARING to 
CARR-pool . . . Betsy — How do you like your VO? straight 

up? . . . Sandy and Gary are shore . . . Shoop gains her WIT 
after she had it to the HILT . . . Whats DEMMTO SUE? . . . 
Jean cashes her BUCK in a for a CHIP . . . Mary strikes out 
on a CURVE, but catches Paul' pass . . . Tami and JoAnne 
doctor up Chi Psi . . . Hockey team follows the MOON . . . 
Supreme Sixteen — The seniors will always miss you, but 
we want to leave you with these words of wisdom. The 
pledge CLASS always gets the best — . 




Founded Nationally — 1825 

Union College 

Founded Locally — 1 894 
Color — Scarlett 

ROW 1: D. Vankirk, /. Arfman, C. Lee, H. Wittriech, ]. Engle, R. Failmetzger, M. 
Yoder, G. Curran, B. Hogs, Sparky; ROW 2: /. Aman, H. Wittriech, K. Preston, B. 
Cuop, B. Wasserman, B. Ablaza, ]. Macoling, E. Wanger, H. O'brien, D. Lantz, T. 

Prmgle; ROW 3: C. Finer, M. Messics, G. Gell, B. Rainaldi, B. Blumenshied, L. 
Beamon, P. Dixon, ]. Felegi, M. Morrison. 


• v 


Scum . . . Karen Silkwoooood at KA . . . Bambiburgers . . . It's 
all heart, tight John? . . . Urban Kommando raid . . . Hits and 
Shots . . . Snakebites in the lounge ... Hit me with your rhythm 
stick . . . Soap in Felegis box . . . Special Delivery for the Stew- 
ards . . . Dout? No he isn't here. Goodbye ... A sandwich is a 
sandwich, but . . . FUBAR Society . . . Wagoag . . . T. was a nice 
girl, but . . . What! Boo-Boo pinned? . . . Women: one is not 
enough . . . pork week . . . Snake in Carl's toes . . . Percys' 
heart attack . . . Prestone to the motel again . . . The Big A . . . 
Jean's Brandy Alexanders . . . The random woman . . . George- 
Claus . . . Taco Haller ... Is Tod here? . . . No? . . . Brains on 
the pillow . . . Dead Sea Stew ... In the door, on the floor, out 
the window . . . Special Delivery for Gomer Rodgers . . . 
Geno's used cars . . . Passing out on alternate weekends . . . 
Deep-fried finches and microwave gerbils . . . Sinker or floater, 
Eddie? . . . boarder bitch . . . Chicken 3, Macaroni 2 . . . crumple 
or fold? . . . Womoans be Excellaunt! . . . Say much, much? . . . 
That's good ya douchbag! . . . Bachdoor Kaps . . . Hey, it's 
alright, really . . . Blair farts . . . Nyerges breaks away . . . The 
case of the walking turkeys . . . Morrison is a ringer . . . "EE" 

Wags . . . KA's moral minority 
Babey Hooey . . . Caal Finah! 

The Hogghunting Cabin . . . 
Sparky's losing it . . Azoid 

and his Box . . . Too much GAS! . . . Too many Gooks 




Founded Nationally — 1 869 

University of Virginia 

Founded Locally — 1 900 
Colors — Scarlet, White and Green 

ROW 1: T. Henning; ROW 2: B. Hummiston, H. Joseph, B. Cooper, B. Harrop, D. 
Andrews, S. Russell, C. Henzelman; ROW 3: /. Noble, M. Budzmski, P. Molinaro, 
R. Hawkey, B. Lamb, T. Mee, Sheeba, C. Dunn, /. Anderson, ]. Schumann. P. lord, 

]. Evans, E. DeLong, D. Paul, B. Mactas, /. Paulus, R. Kaminsky, B. Millich, E. 
Moll, L. Goldstein, /. Herbener, P. Mastranni, ]. Canavan. 


Shirley-Shirley . . . chelda-Chelda . . . 42nd and Johnson . . . 19th and Mar- 
ket, audience participation — and loving it . . . Ft. Lauderdale — FUN in the 
SUN ... the Philly came in . . . Gordy gets bare arm, Lordy gets bare chair . . . 
Dagwood plays house . . . Kaminsky would rather have silver than gold . . . 
Sergio Hummer . . . The Mac can't get on base, but does he score? . . . Joe and 
Josephine . . . Mr. Bruce R. Brandous . . . 80th Anniversary . . . Posty, who 
wears the pants? . . . Kapa Sigma, warm cocktails at the Button . . . The East 
Coast ghost . . . Wendell's back, but Gwen never left . . . Mas, get out of the 
picture . . . Chaallameedoooo . . . Jaime's in Phi Kap cold dorm due to lack of 
interest . . . Yearbook woman wants her "cavity" filled . . . Quinneand Vinny 
. . . Canavan says woof, woof . . . Smooth . . . Rusty and Sue divided by 
Smyky ... I bring Larry up for a pre-bid . . . Touche parts the Red Sea . . . 
Dinner for two — myster and troll . . . Crank takes it hook line and sinker . . . 
JP — in love lately? . . . RP and Ham supply alaskian king's to the 1st floor . . . 
Goeltz to the 4th floor . . . Phi Kap still sucks . . . The game is over Bobby, 
come out of left field and bring Herbie with you . . . Hummer's a home 
wrecker . . . Before Hawkman there was the Budman . . . We haven't forgot- 
ten ya, Smykie . . . Hawkey and Chalwomen trade polyester ... 7/8 Wally . . . 
Weird Stu plays pup tent . . . Mole and Mildune, nice ass disco beak . . . Edgar 
goes for an Alabama Slammer . . . MIT says G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. to Hogger . . . 
the "gogue" is the greatest! . . . Kerry, touche on 70! ... Blinkey, Bellvue, 
Gordy, Mee, High School, Curley, Scummer . . . Crom, feeling a little weak 
. . . Bahama Mama . . . Good Luck Seniors, it's been a great four years! . . . 
Hogger, Goelz, Rande, Hummer, Budman, Ranks, Quinn, JP, Posty, Mas, 
Dolt, Mulsky, Wendell, Hawkman, Sal and Stu. 




Founded Nationally — 1 909 

Boston University 

Founded Locally — 1 926 
Colors — Purple, Green, and Gold 

ROW 1: /. Wright, ]. Hollinger, D. Blane, R. Brinley, S. Kennedy, ]. Mermigos, P. Eichenfield, T. Borzetl, J. Spongier , S. Reynolds, R. Dobbre, D. Fullmer; ROW 4: /. 

McGowan.A. Gesner, /. Compton; ROW 2: M. Goodman, P. Sdrasia, S. Civitello, Avgar, I. Finnegan, S. Perlmutter, K. Silbert, B. Comber, K. Akerboom, M. 

M. McLaughlin, R. Tietjen, ]. Appleby, J. Kobulsky, M. Memolo, T. Rosen, ]. Higgins, ]. Shatz, P. Baily. 
Terefinko, B. Bodwell; ROW 3: M. Bleiler, /. Englehart, P. Laver, D. Grow, J. 


Harriet wants another raise . . . Whataya mean we're out of 
railroad ties? . . . We finally get a faculty advisor . . . A3's 
gryphon loves us . . . Shatz wants an intercom . . . Guise . . . 
Another Snake . . . The Pizza's on the house . . . and the door 
. . . and the sidewalk . . . Please return all dishes . . . We won 
the race but who got the Michelob . . . Sneaking through cus- 
toms at Benetz . . . Lauermaide Raisins . . . We was robbed . . . 
Garbage launched from the second floor is illegal . . . Inter- 
fraternity projectiles . . . Hockey and Tri-fectas . . . Joe Alumni 
on the make . . . We was robbed again . . . Please return all the 
pitchers . . . Don't call the Veg "John" . . . The Last Annual 
Basket of Cheer . . . Matt wants dance parties . . . Hacksaw says 
"at the present rate, everyone will have singles next year" . . . 
The Classis Class of '59 . . . $5000 and its still cold in here . . . 
Choo Choo . . . White Rose . . . Eddie and Sean flee to Ireland 
. . . Mr. Rosen has offered to install a fourth floor and an indoor 
pool . . . What's a Pi Meson ... "I State Your Full Name" again 
. . . Tandem barslide . . . Brad crashes a house meeting . . . 
Bottle dancing to send blood to the poor . . . It's a bird! . . . It's a 
plane! . . . It's a DU pledge . . . Basketball wins-ends era . . . 
Mom Jones . . . AMs WILL have dates . . . New shower heads 
will save coffee, milk and cereal if used properly . . . Boom- 
skang . . . Coarse grind . . . Tttttt . . . King D meets the B Queen 
. . . Shick sees a Lehigh spring and gets an LB too . . . Ya Ho! 
. . . Tensun, pleeze, suh? . . . Joka . . . Greaser night . . . New 
Furniture to destroy . . . Now this tile . . . Rosie . . . Jawett . . . 
Borzit ... no more practices . . . We hit 700 . . . Here's to 
brother Howie . . . The sleeper returns . . . Tanquerey in the 
snack bar . . . Land Shuttle . . . There IS a difference . . . It's a 
girl, Lar . . . 

THINGS WE"LL NEVER SEE: Greg munching candy . . . Mar- 
ty and Bernie sharing shirts . . . Spingles being a bag ... a 
house dog ... a lack of gas at dinner ... a clean bar head . . . 
Gordy sideways . . . Lerner happy . . . too much steak . . . 
Andy off the phone. 




Founded Nationally — 1 848 

Miami University 

Founded Locally — 1 887 
Colors — Azure and Argent 

ROW 1: /. Young, D. Klewswat, M. Hall, D. Holva, ]. Moore, ROW 2: R. Alhart, 
S. VanWhy, P. Bukowski, G. Boehm, M. Halloran, D. Hady, B. Hargwood, ]. 
Valerio, ROW 3: L. Berthelsen, ]. Adams, Pledge, T. Conoscenti, B. Muqjhy, K. 
Nulton, D. Lindewirth, D. Johnson, ROW 4: B. Asctta, C. Peterson, R. Vandervilt, 

E. Herbert, B. Flynn, M. Murray, B. Brantley, A. Mengel, S. Faktor, ]. Smith, }. 
Aibel, T. Campbell, B. Roth, P. McKee, M. Moran, /. Novek, ROW 5: P. Andrich, 
S. Shkhman. 


Hey, Murray, what's all this Hank? . . . McGeeks shuttle 
service to Pittsburg ... 11:01 It must be Cori . . . DANE'S 
TOBACCO SHOP . . . It's FRIDAY NIGHT And Sarge has 
letters to write . . . Scott V's Dream Girl . . . SKIP'S DRIV- 
ING SCHOOL ... Has Jim moved to Broadhead? ... The 
Hulk and The Sayage . . . The Bumblebee . . . stings three 
. . . Hey, Manny, get a hair cut . . . The Snake . . . Hey, 
Chris, show us her birthday present ... Ed Mon — Double 
O Herbert . . . Hey, Curly go stand on your head . . . Little 
Schroeder Dave . . . He Ba Da . . . Shick take the pain . . . 
Thing 1,2,3, . . . Hey, Helva! . . . Throw one in . . . But 
Beez, she never talks . . . Drich's Candid Camera ... 2 
Blond Hairs = Shot guns . . . KAMAKAZIE . . . Earl, 
still eating? . . . Hank and the Molsens . . . Hank leads last 
two semesters in a row . . . Rabbi Faktor . . . Chaplain Film 
Series ... I can beat that lunch in one heave . . . Transfu- 
sions . . . The Hallorans ... Ed Clark for President . . . Hey 
Bruce, stop panting . . . Talk Much ?? . . . Black Light Tails 
. . . Drain Ho! ... 10 lbs in two weeks . . . The Bob R. 
Computer Center . . . The Fly, and Bozo, Boxing Champs 
. . . Smoothie Paul . . . Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Woman . . . Smiley . . . Smoothe Barney . . . The Big Guy 
and The Whistle . . . Weezie, Weenie and Beezie . . . Beat 
that clock . . . Uncle Mannys' . . . Attitude Adjustment 
Hour . . . Butztown Hotel . . . Who's got the smut? . . . 
Debbie and the Spoges . . . Spunk . . . Low Key . . . Shick 
and Jack . . . Beer Hearts Marathon . . . Chahlies Hair Affair 
with those Bedroom eyes . . . See you at the shore . . . 




Founded Nationally — 1 848 
Washington and Jefferson 

Founded Locally — 1 886 
Colors — Purple and White 

ROW 1: C. Hamer, K. Rosen, S. Joseph, A. Cooke; ROW 2: R. Herfurth, M. 
Gardner, J. Lambert, C. Keller, D. Zuck; ROW 3: A. Ferrante, T. Moran, A. Rod, 
F. O'Donnel, S. Edwards, T. Catania, S. Wahlgren, B. Rubino; ROW 4: P. 


Pifawka, T. Kowalonek, D. Christianson, C. Trezza, T. Wiese, D. Destafano, T. 
Durels, R. Becker. 

Bac . . . Hooter . . . V . . . Weasel . . . Frank "E" . . . Watch out 
for the mountain goats . . . A.K. from P. A. . . . Cuttin' you off 
. . . Opportunites . . . Blockhead . . . Trust me . . . Penn State 
. . . Don't put it on the Ass . . . Crash Cortright . . . Linda's 
Oreos . . . Dugs . . . No campaigning . . . Big Benis ... J 122 
. . . Hoagies up my ass . . . Non title holders . . . King Tut . . . 
Cedar Crest band party . . . You ain't seen nothin' yet . . . 
Tuck no! ... Rosie . . . Greekers . . . Gerry, Jim, Brad, and 
Zach . . . Martha's Vineyard . . . No Jeans . . . The hut . . . No 
friends . . . FIJI Island . . . Hossle . . . shots night ... I wanna 
be a bus driver . . . V's leaving . . . Hey HI ... Eagles . . . 
Bender, Buzz, and Stupid . . . Where'd the car go? . . . Rug- 
head . . . Cold dorm raids . . . Anchovie spaghetti . . . Benwa 
. . . Pro . . . Juice! . . . Wick . . . one punch . . . Rachel Sweet 
. . . Hooter's Champagne 1980 . . . Yuk . . . Spike . . . B.P. . . . 
Allenhurst . . . Nothin' for ya . . . Where's Jimmy . . . Toni's 
waterbed ... Dr. Bull . . . Hooter, pull over! . . . 14-10 = 4 . . . 
Lights Bac . . . Window Ledge . . . Eyeballs . . . Racists and 
Rapists . . . Pierre . . . Don't call me duma . . . V's 3 . . . Yule 
"the Wanderer" . . . Loser . . . The bug and the Fly . . . Nancy 
. . . Hotel parries . . . yuk ... Ft. Lauderdale . . . Spike Jock 
. . . The Pineapple Lodge . . . It's the transmission . . . Spiral- 
ing dork ... To the bar . . . Suki . . . The barn . . . Christmas 
parties . . . Dry Augie . . . Lafayette . . . You're fined . . . Pat 
Benetar . . . Whale . . . Marty's . . . Poconos . . . Beltzville inn 
. . . Hit the road . . . Random . . . Manny's . . . The dynamic 
duo . . . Shrimpies . . . Nashville ... I guess you told me . . . 


superstar . . . Bed races, broken toes, and Budwieser Bed 
Sheets . . . Jose . . . Fish or cut bait . . . THE HO . . . Veranda I 
. . . Dego . . . Squirrels ... A jewel . . . Tex-mo . . . Nice do . . . 
Rail ... I Bet you can't . . . Allentown Nursing College ... 5 for 
5 . . . Mick's wine and cheese . . . Jim Nasium . . . Cocktails . . . 
Santa knutes . . . Tubers . . . Swami . . . Where's my camera . . . 
De do do do . . . Do diligence and sludge lagoon . . . "Panface 
in Disguise" . . . Nice Joe . . . "Welcome back, FIJI" . . . 
CHAUNCY . . . S-A-M-B-O-H-E-A-D . . . Sleepless Nights in 
room 2 . . . See Ya! 




Founded Nationally — 1 889 

Lehigh University 

Founded Locally — 1 889 

Colors — Cardinal, Gold and White 

ROW 1: G. Musser, G. Hamwi, S. Scribe, B. Smith, D. Abel, C. Goldstein, S. 
Weller, D. Cautilli; ROW 2: M. Osterman, J. Olio, M. Croftman, D. O'Neil, W. 
Troust, ]. Stewart, F. Ferdnandez, ]. Graf, T. Tangel, K. Witmer, R. Blumenreich; 

ROW 3: I. Colangelo, S. Gardner, M. Smuck, H. Gretz, B. Lilley, D. Detweilwe, 
W. Wu, S. Worden. 


216 . . . LUG . . . If the pledges go I'll go . . . Norwood Inn . . . Hey Jeff 
over here . . . Karps . . . Dirty Half Dozen . . . The Horses Rail . . . 
China Doll ... F.K. ... Hogar Hunt . . . Phi Kap Formal . . . Louis 
candle ... 80 dollar kiss . . . Jeff, put down that phone . . . Around 
the World . . . Marie . . . The Crew . . . Minga . . . Thelma the onion 
queen . . . the ward . . . teams . . . See you in September . . . Fork in 
the Bush ... No fucked up shirts . . . Word . . . Doc . . . D.T.K. . . . 
whipped cream . . . Tray . . . catch shit . . . Pain . . . Dewart . . . foul 
. . . Lurch . . . Jimmy O' . . . Jams . . . Smooth . . . bandaids . . . Muff 
. . . three's not a crowd . . . A.I. . . . Looner, Gapes window . . . when 

. . DMR's ... off or out . . . snap-o-meter . . . 

. . schlong vote . . . Ralph . . . wad weekend 

fines will be levied . . . hawks . . . doves . . . 

. . heavy, bogus, news, yore, grapex, rocks 
. Peaches and Herb 
Drug . . . little 

will the letters be up? 
psyched in the house 
... is it manditory? . . 
beds, threes, hoagies 
. . . Lamox . . . mystery bro 
. . . Capt. Lou . . . Trout . 

Stew . . . well 
man in the boat . . . 

Blumes . . . Bug . . . String, lug . . . Buck . . . Fronk . . . Mr. X . . . 
Dynamo ... for no good reason at all, soo . . . oops ... I dropped my 
soap . . . Founders Cup, why not this year? . . . IM's . . . trophy 
points . . . #3 . . . Gapes sucks . . . piss guish . . . FTH of the second 
kind . . . Heaven and Hell . . . Lucky Muff stories . . . Sorry, you 
know what that means . . . turkage, tankage, torkage ... I can't, I 
gotta turk . . . water skiing . . . DB . . . CB's ... Big "I" . . . how does it 
relate to the creation of the universe . . . ZEB ... in this initiation . . . 
nude hoops . . . PH, PH, do it up man . . . DA-DA, dude . . . Clem, I 
like to watch . . . Hat, rag . . . T-squared . . . Slimy . . . Foot . . . Mr. 
Apathy . . . LOP . . . Hymie ... did you do your work area yet ... 
Maximus . . . Unibos . . . new house . . . Lucy's . . . Mannys . . . 
Debbie . . . Dr. W . . . Johnson, real dog . . . Rat . . . Look! Bowser's 
doing up Sheeba . . . Words pass . . . D.O. . . . foosball . . . beerpong 
. . . tails . . . tube . . . games . . . TFM . . . Brary fairy ... pit looks like 
a dump . . . Moons ... old house . . . Phi Kap sucks . . . Senior 
Banquent . . . ups . . . scarfing . . . Mickey Mouse. 




Founded Nationally — 1873 

University of Massachusetts 

Founded Locally— 1901 
Colors — Magenta and Silver 

ROW 1: R. D'Agostino, P. Bennett, ). Reid, P. Baxter, }. Norwood, B. Geiser, C. 
Peltz; ROW 2: R. Yahn, G. Raab, G. Jernee, M. Williamson, /. Sagergolm, D. 
D'Acquisto, E. Brackman, T. Brown, R. Sprechman, j. Speitel, S. Burdette, S. 

Mueller; ROW 3: M. Hefner, T. Millberger, R. Karmen, T. Scargle, D. Schillaber, 
B. Domes, H. Petrosky, M. Moore, C. Moore, J. Gower, G. Seifert. 


Pretty unreasonable . . . Stinely . . . The snake . . . "All young 
executives on the move drink scotch" . . . Abcan, Abdoob, Ab- 
steak, Abkeg, Abclair, Abcage . . . What a Whorebag . . . Pretty 
Cheesie . . . The weas ... A D'Aquisto team never loses . . . The 
Chinsker back Yo, Listen up . . . "Apples aren't oranges" . . . 
Diseased Maniac . . . Chow 2 . . . Swimmin' Chicken . . . Crucial 
Minutes . . . Armond . . . Riggy Chonzie . . . "No reason, I just like 
doing things like that" . . . The Knife Lounge . . . "Close the door 
on your way out" . . . Pool tournaments at Psi U. Callate Buey . . . 
Plarry Benvineman . . . Harsh! Harsh! Harsh! . . . Chunks are 
Flying . . . "Chill out" . . . The dolf . . . How 'bout a little British 
Hospitality . . . Highway . . . Why are you eating early . . . "Watch 
out for sad eyes" . . . "Yad, ak, ak, ak" . . . Baking cookies . . . Get 
off my face, I can't breathe! . . . Dinner on the Blades . . . Stranded 
in O.C. . . . OOgliman . . . The Dry Hump. 




Founded Nationally — 1 868 

University of Virginia 

Founded Locally — 1 929 
Colors — Garnet and Gold 

ROW 1: M. Quinn, S. Bretz, D. Francis, C. Eiding, R. Kent, R. Divas, W. 
Stieffenhofer, M. Foster, S. Queen, E. Beech, D. Kamieniecki; ROW 2: R. Ander- 
son, T. Hart, S. May, ]. Maida, D. Stafford, M. Spisak, I. Pryzwara, K. Gabriel, ]. 


Wathne, M. Votan, R. Andraka, D. Muma, D. Blanchard; ROW 3: C. Martin, B. 

f I 


S3^' ^ 

Frisbee golf anyone? . . . Stonehenge . . . Orpic . . . Joemama . . . 
P.H. . . . Spigak . . . Somethings wrong with Brad's car ... A 
beached whale in the T.V. room . . . Sucks absolutely . . . 
G.B.B.R.R.E. . . . Whaf s the Hitchcock movie this week? . . . DFDF 
. . . Our new bar . . . Don't get Buffaloed! . . . Hey . . . What's the 
status of the loan? ... A beached whale in the chapterroom? . . . 
Psycho- Winnebago to Florida . . . Perversion at Cornell . . . Little 
Sisters . . . 99/99 . . . Dick Rivas . . . ANIMAL!!! . . . Mmmmiii 
lllleeee! . . . Spigak, Jr. . . . YO! . . . The Delaware game . . . Stu O 
. . . A.A.H. . . . Fairysville . . . Braaap . . . How are the moguls? 
. . . B-98 ... A goat raper needs love too bumper sticker . . . 




Founded Nationally — 1 895 

Yale University 

Founded Locally — 1915 
Colors — Purple and Gold 

ROW 1: P. Defanosi, }. Grib, E. Wood, K. Sormoni, J. Peck, M. Bastion, ]. Belardo, 
/. Mayoral; ROW 2: M. Carroll, M. Bailey, P. McDonough, T. Kerhi, G. Tobias, ]. 
Hoffman, M. Curewtz, /. Jephson, D. German, T. Greener, H. Stamateris, R. 
McGregor; ROW 3: D. Shea, J. Nalin, T. Vonwachter, M. Kipniss, Mr. Joe, M. 

D'Agostino, M. O'Malley, D. Donovan, S. Bower, K. Friedland, M. Morrell, S. 
Breitner, ]. Hanmona, R. Geraghty, G. Pyle; ROW 4: W. Martindale, S. Pinchbeck, 
P. Doris, ]. Knox, S. Sanders. 




Pi Lambda Phoenix House . . . The Residents . . . Tick, Tick, Tick, 
. . . T-Bomb . . . Lushwagons . . . Vawt . . . We just wouldn't be 
men . . . Simply insane . . . Snap-Twang . . . Mindless Giants . . . 
And we will kill you . . . Stumpy ... I said I was sorry . . . Ma Cote, 
Ma Cote ... All the people who failed — Throw in the proverbial 
towel . . . FBO . . . Yeeaapoo . . . Swimming in your own zool . . . 
The human mind is a funny thing . . . But she has nice eyes . . . 
She's just my type — Female . . . No one shits on the Chi . . . You 
spitting on the cruiser? . . . 300's club ... I beg to differ ... 2 o'clock 
sit down dinner . . . Plagued by perfection . . . Ozzlie . . . Got a 
turkey by the neck . . . The house car . . . Beached . . . Frozen 




Founded Nationally — 1833 

Union College 

Founded Locally — 1 884 
Colors — Garnet and Gold 


ROW 1: OSCAR; ROW 2: /. CM, T. Emerson, D. Watts, T. McGuire, J. Hammer, ]. Mathews; ROW 3: R. Smith, 
G. Blandino, J. Creedon, B. Ott; Row 4: D. Chapman, K. Bertram, R. Voeks; ROW 5: T. Fisher, D. Harhns, D. 
Singer, D. Potts, J. Frey; ROW 6: /. Talon, L. Mercandante, ]. Webber; ROW 7: G. Marcin, D. Grunwald, K. Ball, G. 

I am not a Black Belt! . . . Somebody here is on drugs . . . The Best Thing 
Since Tits . . . Lieutenant Nate . . . Baker Who? . . . Would you buy a used 
ambulance from this man? ... All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth 
and a gum job . . . Long of Nose, Short of Mind . . . Grain on tap . . . Don't 
call me Turtlehead . . . Watch out for Low-flying Guardrails . . . Morgue 
and his plus 2 to hit Bong . . . Will it fit in the next room too? . . . Sorry 
Officer — We're waiting for the 12:15 to Hoboken . . . Titclamps . . . The 
Commonwealth of PA vs. ... Pile on Chapman! . . . Q: What's the 

difference between a Porsche and a V.W.? A: Nothing . . . National Tie 
Week???? . . . Weirdshit . . . Hammer, Wash your dog . . . Hughes is F . . . 
k'ed up again . . . Supply, HOO-AH . . . Doing your Laundry, Dave? ... I 
know a Blond Secluded Place . . . Oh Dopey Me . . . Willie the Whale . . . 
Bruce is next ... He does WHAT with sandpaper?! ... He can't walk or 
ANYTHING . . . Please turn off the Garbage Can . . . He'll go down on 
anything . . . Swine . . . HOWE — He's a stud or at least a 2x4 . . . Phallic 
Sister #1 . . . K.T.'s . . . Boz . . . Would you believe I have an apartment? . . . 
Dick Dadey, Pi '81, Where'd you get that lady? Dick Dadey, Pi '81 Where'd 
you get that slut! . . . Sneaky, Devious, Inquisitive, shit . . . Ballface . . . 
Oscar is in the pit again — So what else is new? ... It makes me wanna puke 
my guts out . . . When it's cow tipping time at the ETA . . . Are the Delta's 
still here . . . The Academic Popcorn Bowl . . . Diick, Diiick, Diiick, Richard 
. . . Twenty-Three, Holy Shit!! 




Founded Nationally — 1 909 

College of the City of New York 

Founded Locally — 1923 
Colors — Purple and White 

ROW 1: S. Goldberg, O. Pornoy, M. Mckeon, S. Aronson, S. Rubestein, A. 
Gafgano; ROW 2: D. Kass, F. S'chaufeld, A. Famza, S. Gurst, S. Werlheirmer, 
C. White, E. -Zukcrman, P. Starer, T. Saltan; ROW 3: D. Slutzker, S. Murray, 
R. Zwirn, R. Saslaiv, B. Rosensiten, ). Levinson, R. Rothenburg, A. Levy, D. 

Dender, L. Tholmas, S. Gelftzeiler, L. Rubenstien, A. Gotthelf, D. Gensinger, M. 
Melle S Grossinger, D. Borten; ROW 4: B. O'mara, M. Hagan, /. Marx, B. 
Bronstker, M. Cohen, /. Steelman, K. Finn, B. McNiece; Missing: H, Stricter, D. 
Cohen, B. Brossinger, B. Goldstien, S. Spiro. 


What's brown and white and red all over . . . Where Izzy 
. . . Nowhere man — ever buy gas . . . Here comes the hue 
. . . My name is Zhim . . . Buffer standard time . . . What's 
the gig with the mind . . . Upstage at the Button . . . 
Famous Sammy Car Crashes for $100 ... I saw the yellow 
Cutlass that hit you . . . Let's run to the U.C. naked . . . 
Zeus Em Barkum . . . Did it kick in yet . . . Shtoo 
SHTOOO!!! . . . There was a dancing bear . . . Hey Dean 
Quay — it's 7:14 . . . Time to quaff . . . Gooch . . . SSSSSS 
. . . Scammy . . . Who rushed the retard . . . Guido gets no 
respect . . . The sun . . . Quasi' s angels . . . Leaning tower 
of rock . . . $45.00 champagne . . . Bafucda Kundee . . . Ara, 
Frisbee with sex kitten much . . . Where Levy lost it . . . 
Spike's Probation Officer . . . Firk Bbirk . . . Fled Bledworth 
presents . . . Bledhah Flen and rant rant rant . . . Lou Gerk 
. . . SAC now SAM: Bobby, Bobby, Billy, Neily, and special 
guest Mickey . . . Wiley sells drugs . . . Spot . . . Arnold and 
Izzy were lovers . . . Busting out all over . . . Pray to the 
porcelain God . . . Late night munch . . . Sources identified 
the house as Sigma Alpha Mu . . . Cindy Bunghole . . . 
Sluggo: the sister Mr . . . Where's your nose . . . Poles 
always stop basketballs . . . Wade through the red sea . . . 
Bone soup ... I love her (what's her name.) . . . Wierd has 
changed to Power . . . An open window makes it so easy to 
jump . . . Pete graduates . . . Ho-jo Blo-jo ... I sent in a 

probe . . . Yuh yuh you're mama my best friend and I want you to 
do this . . . Through thick and thin . . . marcy ... oh those gambling 
debts . . . Spitting is amazing . . . Am I spitting . . . coach Dick . . . 
Monster . . . The all time record for law school applications . . . who 
doesn't deserve a single . . . Love Pit ... Don't call my sister a 
whore ... Ft. Lauderdale . . . Pledge Trips . . . Drive into trolleys 
. . . Plato's ... En duh Fleh En duh Bleg En duh eh . . . Grif Ho . . . 
How many babes passed down and around . . . The 4 J's ... The 
Sammy Grand Slam . . . Muscle Man has a triple . . . King of the 
fight game . . . Ho! Ho! Ho! . . . Two abortions in the Chapter Rome 
alone . . . Mr. Thorndike . . . Keppie . . . Phone Snakes . . . Mr. 
Excitement . . . Boby Goldsboro is not a pet ... I'd do a sheep . . . 
Where's the baby oil and comic books . . . Purple haze monster . . . 
Hirchberg . . . wanted: Busdriver with knowledge of cooking . . . 
The Campus Crawl: Featuring the Lehigh Chapter of the Hitler 
Youth . . . Square's club . . . Ripley's Believe it or not: Spike — Prior 
. . . Izzy: Exchequer . . . and pigs fly . . . That was fun Fred . . . 
Arnold, study much . . . The government majors got good jobs . . . 
Fred and Sabby as toll collectors . . . glad we went to Lehigh . . . my 
ass . . . worthless . . . Blue Angel . . . Kevin, how many buildings 
did you donate to St. Johns . . . The Blue garter . . . F. You Crab- 
man: Jim Marx . . . MeTagalong . . . Pluck the radish . . . The z-bird 
fly with nice chicky, but wainrights show her titty . . . "Beware of 
the new Regime" no shit . . . It's show time . . . ride the cotton pony 
. . . Booker T. In the presidential suite . . . Who needs bathrooms, 
we got windows . . . Bittersweet homosexual love affair . . . until 
next year . . . fast and firm. 





Founded Nationally — 1855 

Miami University of Ohio 

Founded Locally — 1 887 
Colors — Blue and Gold 

ROW 1: G. Chapis, ATNTA, M. Sitar, K. Neilson, T. Clark. M. Foster, ]. 
Aronson, I. LaFernierre; ROW 2: S. Valad, M. Levithan, Ace, P. Allen, F. 
Franzeze, C. Courst, M. Morgan, T. Reed; ROW 3: W. Hughes, N. Sudano, L. 


Mkhalski, Z. Clinton, C. Kratky, M. Commons, K. Schultz, S. Tobm, C. Lange, 
B. Conell: ROW 4: S. Mitchell,' T. Roman, T. Hammond, S. Smith, ]. Orem, ]. 
Dietzman, B. Kisliuk, E. Buzz Miller. 


Airport Party . . . The Boss in Pitt . . . Whippit . . . The Viking 
Feast . . . The girl who fell from Ace's window . . . Viva la 
Demo . . . Stowe, Vt . . . Double or nothing . . . Hooters . . . 
You're only kidding yourself, Mitch . . . Duke . . . Celebra- 
tion . . . Chob, Smitty and Clark lost their pins . . . Frank 
found his, will Iggy ever get his? . . . Bad weather at 
Sweethearts . . . The Crawl . . . OTIS . . . blow it off? . . . Zip, 
haven't seen you for a couple of days! . . . Fun Committee . . . 
Road trip to Lubbock.. Texas . . . The Beacon ... 30 naked 
men . . . Riri and Momo . . . Face painting . . . E. Buzz O.C. 
. . . seen any good shows, Dinty? . . . Larry studies Interna- 
tional Relations . . . Bert and Loco go to Tucson . . . Neemo, 
Deemo, Reemo, Geemo and the Beemo . . . Kramers OCOZ 
party . . . The Mundos . . . Clarkamunda, Eddiemundo, 
Locamundo, Millimundo — Sleezy eggs . . . Krat . . . Pork 
Chop, The 3 Footer . . . But Brian I'm pinned . . . Adam's 
favorite month . . . June! . . . SOUP ... I.M. wrestling . . . 
King Lee Person squamishes after getting too much grog . . . 
JUMBO . . . "well, um, ahh, you know ahh, um, how ya 
doin'?" . . . Harry does the Rock Lobster . . . Dekeburgers . . . 
Blither . . . "Yes, officer, I think Connecticut does have a law 
against driving on the sidewalks" . . . New pictures for the 
living room? . . . Kissymo and the Motorcycle Mama . . . 
Mark E. Baby — U.L. Mitchell ... The Dean ... Lou Whale 
. . . The cow kicked Nelly in the belly in the barn . . . Cap'n 
Crunch and the Colds . . . Dancin' Bar — Get a job . . . 
Chob-Facerake — Cool, Don't tell any of my girlfriends any- 
thing . . . hunting big game outside Ace's door on a Sunday 
morning . . . Space Invaders ... Is your car running Com- 
yns? . . . 229 Sig Annex . . . Kelly ... "I really like this one" 
... "I was drunk" . . . "No! This one is different" . . . The 
L.U. Drinking Team has another victorious season . . . Fire- 
house Party . . . Party your face off . . . Dicky Dude and the 
picnic at Hickory Run state park . . . Drink Ace!! Count Smit- 
ty .. . God Bless America! . . . 





Founded Nationally — 1 869 

Virginia Military Institute 

Founded Locally — 1 884 
Colors — Black, Gold and White 

ROW 1: W. Tishchbein, S. Wildermuth, D. Irwin, B. Barnes, M. Tischbein, R. 
Busch, B. Kerr; ROW 2: D. Bruzgo, B. Youngentob, ]. Thaeder, D. Fiore, B. 
Hohnann, K. Caroll, ]. Robbins, C. Cornwall, M. Holt, R. Habakus, C. Steitz; 
ROW 3: £. Cooper, S. Cox, L. Sherunn, B. Person, B. Sullebarger, S. Ollett, 

D. Lundeen, A. Timmerman, B. Patterson, E. Sposto, E. Sasena, T. Dahl; 
ROW 4: K. Hoover, R. Hellmann, B. Gallagher, C. Deleo. Not Pictured: P. 
Constable, /. St. John, T. Bond, G. Braceras, P. McClain, R. Geise, /. Inman, D. 
Joynt, M. Rajkowski, D. Pearsall. 


Lef s talk ... If s up? . . . Moon chug . . . Tooth toothers 
. . . Lou . . . Frank . . . Joe . . . Twice . . . You can call me 
Lord . . . Thaeds . . . Jaeder . . . Oscar . . . Feeding Frenzy 
. . . JR . . . Chanks . . . Shake it up to the Beehive . . . Sweet 
Bejesus . . . Ernoir . . . Latre . . . Join the team . . . Kardiac 
Kids . . . Bud Wings . . . You weasel Thaeder! . . . That's 
good. Walt, you woman! . . . Sigma Nu Bulldogs . . . Bar 
Crew . . . Slap it on! . . . B.K. — Honorary Pledge . . . The 
point — 5 Line . . . Blue Whale . . . Blades and Enforcers . . . 
Beach and Beachette . . . Bruzniuk . . . Dinner Leaque . . . 
Foyer Hockey . . . D. Larouche . . . Anders and Ulfie . . . 's 
goin'? . . . worthless . . . Ron, Ron, what goes on? . . . Nice 
alcoholics, Toth and Schick . . . Tool . . . Hoover and the L's 
... Bo Bo and Benson . . . swoop Kings, DF and RB . . . 
Constable — Rag of the century . . . "That calls for a chug" 
. . . Dece! . . . PLF . . . Peace through fire superiority . . . 
Smoke 'em, Bark 'em . . . Fine . . . Hells bells . . . squeon 
. . . ginny . . . loser ... up the shoot . . . Tryg the Assassin 
. . . S-A-S! . . . Buford T. Tasha . . . Lunger . . . How 'bout 
them dogs?! . . . The city . . . McSorley's Old Ale House . . . 
Choffs . . . Ernoir . . . Well, that about wraps it up! 




Founded Nationally — 1827 

Union College 

Founded Locally — 1 887 
Colors — Azure and Argent 

ROW 1: /. Burchfield, Sam, R. Colbert, S. Gibbs, D. Northacker. ROW 2: G. 
Biscoll. P. Pestolozzi, R. Guier, R. Walters, C. Gubala, A. Flatto. ROW 3: T. 

Aldrich, G. Lapreziosa, B. Pianucci, P. Kebbler and Burt, L. Clementi, T. Gentile, 
A. Hospader, S. Welch, L. Couleur, G. Leckner. 


Ever been kicked by a Kangaroo Court? . . . Handbook? What 
handbook? . . . Skeletons from the closest . . . When is a Door 
not a DOOR? — When it is a jar! ... "I heard you guys were 
into kinky stuff, like voodoo and devil worshipping." . . . 
DING DONG . . . When we say we didn't, we really mean 
. . . We have Jimmy Hoffa's bones and the original Stanley 
Cup . . . No one expects the Lehigh Inquisition . . . But, but 
we have a receipt . . . Catacombs and nursury bones . . . No 
WaylNotGuilcup! . . . We took a long vacation, but never left 
the house . . . Your Mama . . . Bulkermania . . . When the 
music's over . . . Unparties . . . Strength through weakness 
. . . Steal, your face . . . Farm . . . Explosion? Ah! It's only the 
boiler . . . The Sig ski team has mastered the rocky slopes . . . 
Trow!! . . . Paralloyd . . . The Lehigh Kennel . . . Sprocket 
Man . . . Cruel but fair . . . Where's all the Mommies at? . . . 
FD's . . . Bagger Bob . . . The Polar mice Rule . . . Line Me!! 
. . . Vegi Pole . . . We are Zennites three: Bladt, Stein, and 
Witz . . . Sphinterman slinked away . . . There's no way out 
of Here . . . Dance of the Flaming Rehermann . . . The hebe 
twins . . . Hedley Lamar can't stop . . . split a gram? ... If 
you're happy, and you know it, — on Squelch! . . . Git! . . . 
Sweeping Ton ... Is there any interest in the Hopodon? . . . 
Mastidon . . . But Jay wouldn't swallow . . . Sig isolation tank 
. . . unicorn . . . slime with worms . . . Gary Lapreziosa . . . 
Oh! By the way, Your Mama . . . Out of the . . . After Birth . . . 

Pesto . . . Thai on a good one 
Devlinski . . . The Sig Open 
. . . Walllldooow . . . Tubing . 
. . . WAKE UP! 

. Keebler, emeritus . . . Ike 


. Foosball, the Ultimate Bag 

y&L .X 





Founded Nationally— 1901 

University of Richmond 

Founded Locally — 1 907 
Colors — Purple and Red 

ROW 1: /. Kut, S. Kravetz, Sigg, S. Schaufert. C. Escobar, D. Pratt, Fred, S. 
Bartolett, T. Albrethsen. ROW 2: P. Manx, Ottis, W. ]arnigan, J. Lanzoni, R. 
Hotz, R. Douglas, R. Leggon, C. Breder, H. Hawkes, A. Stein, K. Cobra. ROW 3: 
M. Grant, R. de la Cuardia, M. Buchanan, D. Shollenberger, S. Flasher, D. 

Hicks, R. Sell, E. Romero, T. Zellers, B. Durkin, D. Bell, P Rinaldi. ROW 4: /. 
Noble, C. Lapreziosa, P. Nicholas, W. Fishman, R. Troost, C. Robb, j. Peene, P. 
Pocalyko, R. Seals, P. Good, /. Barends, J. Phelan. ROW 5: /. Holmes, M. Ritland, 
T. Williams. NOT SHOWN: D. Skully, R. Beck, Hobart. 


It just doesn't matter . . . BEER IS GOOD . . . 
viscious, drink-off, . . . the wriggly worm . . . 
"I think there is too much blood in my alcohol 
system ... — ssssss — ... The Crawling King 
Snake . . . Spanky time . . . wrist wrestling 
champ . . . Mao-Tse-Awk . . . Who? = Escargo 
= Semiconductor . . . IBong = IBong + 1 . . . 
Stack of dimes ... De Fi potatoes . . . Fly- 
Mosquito . . . Kidney Kid . . . Fred II . . . MBF- 
RPM . . . Dirac ... The Dr. Life's Blood Defn: 
Nurd-Studues in Florida . . . Mr. Magoo, where 
are you? . . . Panamanian Gerbels . . . Bisexual 
dog . . . Do something, Sig . . . PALTW SAT- 




Founded Nationally — 1 9 1 

Columbia University 

Founded Locally — 1 967 
Colors — Purple and White 

ROW 1: A. McArdle, L. Bertan, R. Gorham, R. Johnson, J. Miller, K. Swanson, 
ROW 2: H. Frasch, P. Buerger, M. Chapkovitz, P. Ford, ]. Jordan, G. Pichler, S. 
Keller, A. Ezrapour, J. Hamblin. ROW 3: A. Budchikoivski , R. Lowe, W. Seigel, M. 

Meyer, D. Murk, S. Daniels, W. Riley, ]. Mayer, W. Scheisser, £. Lynn, C. Smoot, 
Tim and Toni, H. Roberts. ROW 4: G. Ban, D. Bowman, W. Barker, C. Cicila, A. 
Shefter, R. Ryland. 


The Lehigh University Optimists Club resumes 2-East 
headquarters . . . House jobs have been really shitty lately 
. . . Take it easy, Racer X . . . Francey goes to the big city . . . 
Maher and Ryland find a new way to study . . . Gary loses a 
rotor and blows a gasket . . . Annex head is coed . . . Bob 
Lucas gets a bid . . . Really Bruce, "That's Incredible" is on 
. . . Seig Hiel . . . The Guidos haven't changed, We have 
. . . There goes Rich in his command module . . . He's 
getting MARRIED? . . . Hey Bart, I missed that accent all 
summer ... S., you spineless Jellyfish . . . The Kutztown 
Klub . . . Hey, Tony, is that One, Two, or Three? . . . Take it 
out of the T.V. Budget . . . Eighty Bucks? *Clock* . . . Your 
Neck matches your Shirt . . . Fripp Tripp . . . Oh, GOOOD 
. . . The Good Hands People do a job on Rich . . . We only 
have Eighteen Pledges, Pat! . . . "As the Fraternity Turns", 
... or "Musical Partners" . . . Timely Fire Alarms . . . TEP 
goes Prep with the Great Polyester Purge?? . . . An Anti- 
Dead Pubnite . . . Annex cats get a bath . . . Does Canant 
live here or what? . . . SandS, Inc. . . . Lukey can't, so Luna 
gets friendly . . . George Washington's P.T. Boat crosses 
the Lehigh River . . . Pre-Superbowl jaunt to Red Rooster 
. . . Kisha will never freeze them off again . . . How wasted 
can you get in a half an hour? . . . Mellow out on the 
Posters! . . . Rescue Mission to New Brunswick . . . Now I 
REALLY have to take a shower . . . Faulty "Whipped 
Cream cans . . . Shrooms play Annex basement Arena 
phoned in reviews . . . Can I get out of the Parking Lot 
through this Snowbank? . . . Pledges, How come you're 
not at the phone right yet? . . . 




Founded Nationally — 1 856 

Norwich University 

Founded Locally — 1 934 
Colors — Military Red and White 

ROW 1: D. Christenbarg, D. Keiser, ]. Fortuanto, S. Peterman, D. Ricciardi, B. 
Engel, A. Glenn, G. Bitsko, M. Waenseller, ]. Mosquito; ROW 2: D. Fhrenzie, M. 
Raudch, B. Anthony, B.F. Sameuls; ROW 3: C. Callahan, R. Hanselka, L. Duvall, 
T. Krutskk, M. Follet, T. Butrie, G. Saul, ]. Porta, ]. McQuad, A. lee, K. Kortz, V. 


Guiseffi, D. Baily, S. Gompertz, ]. Boyar, G. Johnson, D. Silver; ROW 4: S. Avter, 
A. Rizetta, I. Acherman, S. Hagglund, S. Burgoff, F. Schuenbrunn, B. Lezia, C. 
Aman; ROW 5: /. Satrotn. D. Karch, R. Taylor, S. Schaffer, R. Howl, J. Nichols, D. 

Back of my hand . . . evil . . . sophomore tools . . . MLY's 
. . . get psyched . . . mocha . . . nice pimp . . . Red Ox 1 
this red Ox 2 . . . And one of them is fish . . . Beefwagon 
. . . That's what she said . . . En . . . High five . . . But, 
Class of 81? . . . BT . . . Hammered . . . Debit — Fix your 
ear . . . OM . . . Nice GD Shirt . . . The men's table . . . 
Nice gut . . . War wagon . . . Squeezer . . . Gina . . . 
Evenin' Luther . . . Major League Style . . . Ragman 
So's your mother . . . Vipple . . . Death ride . . . • ET ... 




Founded Nationally — 1 847 

Union College 

Founded Locally — 1 884 
Colors — Black, White and Blue 

ROW I: C. Snyder, D. Bernocchi, C. Boe, Erin, M. Christian, J. Newton, ROW 2: ROW 4: R. Schmid, ]. Evan, ]. Parrish, j. Torcivia, S. Schwarz, E. Sengle, M. 

C. Ratman, B. Peterson, B. Toal, C. Erdogan, M. Carroll, ]. Eaton, G. Beck, N. Mcneil, M. Massimini; Not Pictured: S. Brooks, E. Norton, /. Campisi, R. Block, 

King, D. Silver, O. Clifford, B. Dudek, }. Edgar; ROW 3: /. Hall, M. Faith, P. D. Andreychic, ]. Carbone, P. Tusky, T. Moran, ]. Meil, R. Kranden. 
Hanks, R. Coppola, B. Buckheit, ). Thornton, T. Freda, L-C. Hilton, P. Skierski; 


The charge . . . jam critical . . . undefeated nude hoops . . . 
Spectrum Lehigh Valley, "I myself have never seen the film 
. . . T.I.T.A. . . . Road trip on the love boat . . . Throbby ToaI's 
favorite dessert? Pound cake . . . You're ridiculous ... A 
Aggravation . . . Beer for you? . . . Who's running this traves- 
ty? .. . Don't end it! . . . Hey sophomores, play some five on 
five? Oh, sorry ... Is there any in this movie? . . . The 
devil possum ... It must, MUST be done every day at 1:15 
and/or 4:00 . . . arguing 'til 4:00 A.M. . . . Flippy Dikegeister 
. . . Tree woman, TUGAS, TGYCLA, HEATBFHF, Draw the 
line, Clown face, The human head, The Alien and assorted 
others ... At least there was never a HOT water shortage 
when Clarkie was around . . . Bobo's smooth party lines . . . 
Becher and Michael JACK, roommates forever . . . Buckky, 
#66 covered the pass as well as the run . . . Hornie, trip to 
Albania? . . . Super duper hooper Cooper the swooper, "You 
look EXACTLY like Olivia Newton John" ... The Green 
Bean and Maroon Goon — may they rest in pieces . . . Pat on 
the picket line . . . Gary, ah, do you have any, ah, announce- 
ments? . . . Jethro and Benjy and their off campus 4.0's . . . 
Stop the poop . . . You got boned? Oh that's OK he's just 
being Jamie . . . Hey Sid, pull the car around, Snyder needs a 
ride . . . 4th street Dino — the human cardigan . . . Randy 
Schmid playing face tag at Mart ... Is Phil Clifton applying 
the head lock tonight? . . . "Hello, is Mark A. there?" NO! 
click . . . The animal is missing — probably following the 
bouncing balls . . . J.P. DOW RLRL#(*"#! . . .T. Freda, fix the 
window! . . . "What's up face? Not much face" . . . Cooper 
and Hanko burying each other on the pool table — I break . . . 
Coach Meil, our chaperone . . . Booker T . . . Nick, what does 
this basically entail? . . . Charlie Brown X-Mas tree (AH, say it 
ain't so, Joe!) . . . Easy pre-screened? Ridiculous! . . . Dim, is 
milk open? . . . Massive's extensive XMAS break — AWOL 
. . . Tilt, face sucker king . . . Eddie, your new roomie's a real 
dog . . . McG, Mary Albert? Throw 'wm out . . . Schwarzie 
from Kaiser to Chief Executive . . . SENIORS — "I've got the 
feeling" . . . Brick house . . . the pumpkin fiasco . . . What's 
your name? . . . The bird god . . . taking orders from the 
power hungry weasel . . . We had a great four years and 




Founded Nationally — 1 864 

Rensselaer Polytechic Institute 

Founded Locally — 1 904 
Colors — Blue and White 

ROW 1: C. Castaldi, N. Coviello, K. Coombs, V. Siciliano, C. Frey, K. Atlas I 
Swope; ROW 2: K. Boone, ]. Huston, B. Lodes, B. Marvcin, E. Znrivht D 
Branton, B. Marley, D. Galium, B. Okum, M. Mintun, N. Psaltos; ROW 3- W 

Schmidt, B. Shvodian, D. Landman, M. Brown, }. Dosch, R. Beiber, S. Krushindki, 
T. Leonardi, ]. McClain, P. Fuchs, J. Branton, P. Laughlin, M. Hildebrandt, ]. 


"The Issue Here" ... I laugh at you . . . Loser . . . Scatlass . . . 
Mizreble . . . Lockowitz ... Is Jeddy there? . . . What's so funny 
about Pledge Chin Lee's Hair? . . . Mom Cora . . . Zoidright . . . 
Denf s crapping out ... He played high school sports . . . Scoochs 
. . . See ya at the Tavern . . . Return of the Class of 1981 . . . The 
Keepers of the Staff of Wisdom ... If you're not sure don't eat it! 
... I'd rather not participate sir! ... I Wanna be a Lifeguard . . . 
Doin' the Disco Mongoloid . . . Such a Deal . . . Are you in 
readiness . . . Excellent! . . . Team of the Eighties: Loughlin and 
Branton . . . What Shed — we have a shed? . . . Chuckles . . . Did 
you read my book yet? . . . The Pig Patrol . . . The Naked Lady . . . 
The Mirror!! . . . useless seniors: Poodle, Dolf, Freybagger, Pick- 
les, Huey, Tila, Rock, Coombsy, Booner, Vinnie, Buckaroo 
H787.5 . . . New Wave Sucks!! . . . Reverend Kosch ... In the old 
house . . . Rock and his rosy palm . . . Party with Alpha Slam . . . 
The Coveted TX Heffer Award ... By the numbers . . . Hoggers 
. . . Floody says . . . Jessie and Skipper . . . Anyone for Snow 
Football? . . . Nino's always smiling . . . Get a job. 




Founded Nationally — 1847 

New York University 

Founded Locally— 1973 
Colors — Gold and White 

ROW 1: M. Tarby; ROW 2: /. Archibald, C. Palazzi, }. Cole, Dutch, T. Stires, B. 
Spengler, M. Phillips, S. Perry, V. Armenio, D. Bohn; ROW 3: S. Michealson, 
M. Peo, ]. Hall, K. Mulligan, B. Partee, M. Phillips, ]. Stetler, M. Handsman, D. 

Sansom, A. Greenwood, R. Hall, ]. McCarthy, S. Herro, /. Sperring, T. Stone, ]. 
Odell, ]. Baeker, J.S. Curvey, ]. Tyrell, T. Crawford. 


In Memoriam 


6 August 1960 25 March 1981 

Initiated October 1979 

Grant's enthusiasm and courage are an inspiration to all his 
brothers of the Tau Delta of Zeta Psi fraternity. 

One of the greatest blessings God has ever sent our way 
has been to make Grant Danzer a part of our lives. 





The Lehigh 

by Tisha Amoruso 

We numbered 1058. One thousand 
and fifty-eight confident, secure, high 
school seniors miraculously trans- 
formed into 1058 frightened, anxious 
college freshmen. Any feelings of appre- 
hension we had months before when 
accepting the University's offer of 
admission had only been intensified that 
summer when many of us had received 
letters asking if we were "really sure" we 
wanted to attend Lehigh. The Universi- 
ty, it seems, had gotten back more 
acceptances than it had originaly antici- 
pated: 61 more to be exact. And by the 
time the class of '81 turned out to register 
as Lehigh University undergraduates in 
the fall of 1977, University administra- 
tors were just about recovered from their 
previous state of panic. 

This says nothing, however, as to the 
panic that began to set in for the mem- 
bers of the class of '81. Many students 
found themselves on over-crowded 
halls; in triple rooms that previously had 
been doubles, and in small rooms that 
looked suspiciously like study lounges. 
One group of 55 found themselves cast 
into a cluster of four houses on a street 
called Warren Square that no one else in 
the University seemed to know existed. 
As we moved our 18 years worth of trea- 
sured possessions into one small room 
that would serve as home for the next 
year, we wondered if we indeed "were 
really sure we wanted to attend 

The heat that first week was swelter- 
ing — the kind we thought no longer 
existed in the 20th century. The air- 
conditioned comfort of home was sorely 
missed. Those late August days taught 
us how to sweat — something we would 
do many more times in our University 
career, and not always as a result of the 
weather. Learning how to endure the 
heat, however, was replaced later by 
more arduous tasks such as sharing a 10 
foot by 20 foot room, eating the food at 
the U.C., and walking up steep hills for a 
class, or even a beer. 

August 26th. It seemed like the day 

would never end. Probably the first per- 
son each of us met was the gryphon, a 
unique breed of student with good 
grades who seemed to actually enjoy 
Lehigh. Gryphons, we learned, con- 
tained a wealth of information, includ- 
ing, what the "true gut" courses are at 
Lehigh, the fact that Deming Lewis is the 
University President, and the reputation 
of each and every fraternity on the hill. 

Introductions abounded that day as 
we met roommates, hallmates, dorm- 
mates — was it really possible that soon 
we would all be good friends? The lucky 
ones among us had our parents stay long 
enough to make sure that not only were 
we "settled in", but that no insects of 
greater magnitude than a fly would ever 
visit our rooms for extended periods of 
time. One thing was for certain — your 
room never again got a cleaning like the 
kind that only Mom can give. 

When we finally ventured out as full- 
fledged college freshmen, we were pre- 
sented with our first lesson — learning 
to stand on line. We encountered lines 
everywhere — for our ID validations, for 
our meal card pictures, at the registrar's, 
at the bursar's, at the bookstore — was 
Lehigh more abundant in hills or in 

We received our rosters and realized 
with dismay that the registrar didn't care 
if we couldn't rise out of bed before 11 
a.m. And perhaps it was fear, or maybe 
mere naivete, but for that first week, we 
attended every single class listed on that 

blue roster. 

Orientation weekend was filled with 
the ice-cream bash, the Saucon Valley 
picnic and the dance in Upper Grace Hall 
— all freshman activities that we would 
never see again as upperclassmen. The 
following Tuesday was the freshmen ral- 
ly with the unforgettable John Steck- 
beck. Through Steck's efforts, the stu- 
dents that heisitantly recited "Hiya 
Steck" at first, became unified as a class 
there in Grace Hall to the sounds of 
"Drinking beer and having fun, we're 
the class of '81." Steck, with his perpe- 
tual love and respect for students, had 
accepted our slightly "radical" motto 
and enthusiastically led us in chanting 
until we were truly a "Class". The Uni- 
versity, however, later gave us a more 
"presentable" motto: "We're the ones 
who'll get things done: '81" 

The year continued in a never-ending 
stream of new experiences and memo- 
ries; the midnight dorm pizza parties, 
Lehigh-Lafayette weekend, and the 
beauty of the campus in the fall. And 
every weekend we were lured to the par- 
tying on "the Hill" — an alcoholic mon- 
tage of band parties happy hours and 
pubnights. We had a winning year of 
concerts in Grace Hall (which included 
Billy Joel and Carly Simon), as well as a 
winning season in football. The Lehigh 
Engineers captured the NCAA Division 
II championship title. Later that winter, 
we experienced another notable Uni- 
versity event — a snow day. 


By the time we embarked on our 
second set of finals, we looked back with 
wonderment. Could it really have been a 
year already? it seemed just yester- 
day . . . 

The Lehigh atmosphere often per- 
vaded as a warm security blanket of a 
good friend that's been around a long 
time. But even as we were lulled into a 
sense of security, we could not help but 
be aware of the world around us. Our 
sophomore year witnessed the death of 
two popes, the signing of an Arab-Israeli 
peace treaty and a nuclear accident at 
Three mile island. The Shah of Iran fell, 
as did Skylab later that summer. One 
thing that didn't fall was the price of gas 
as we waited on long gas lines during 
"odd-even" gas rationing. 

For many of us, sophomore year 
proved to be a continuation of adven- 
tures and learning. Men and women 
who had joined the world the greeks 
encountered a new living alternative, 
many of the men as pledges. Pledges 
were creatures that seemed remotely 
similar to your Great Aunt Emma's but- 
ler, although they were often asked to do 

things old Aunt Emma never would 
have dreamed of. 

For some, a second year at Lehigh 
seemed a further injustice of "them 
against us." Dorm residents who hadn't 
fully understood the concept of sopho- 
mores being placed at "the bottom of the 
housing list" back in February were sup- 
plied with a clear definition in the fall. It 
meant moving into a room that had just 
narrowly escaped the "unfit for human 
habitation" standards. Surprise! Sopho- 
mores are given the lowest priority in the 
res. ops. lottery. The Lehigh sopho- 
more, realizing there had to be more spa- 
cious places on campus, began seeking 
out new refuges. The favorites: The U.C. 
snack bar and Uncle Manny's. Anyone 
who had missed the thrill of sneaking 
into Manny's freshman year probably 
first discovered this local corner bar in 
sophomore year. And the people who 
could be found frequenting both places 
usually varied little. One of the nicest 
things we noticed were the increasing 
amounts of faces on campus that were 
familiar to us. Having been replaced as 
freshmen by the class of '82 didn't seem 
quite as disastrous as we had expected 
back in May. 

One advantage to being a sophomore 
was "knowing the ropes." Never again 

would you wait on line at the bookstore 
to buy your books on registration day. 
One year had taught us all we needed to 
know as far as which classes to take and 
which professors to avoid. "University" 
had become less formidable and "col- 
lege" was beginning to take shape. 
There were some drawbacks, however 
— things that characterized the term 
"Sophomore Slump." Gone were the in- 
troductory-level courses, as we now had 
to take courses numbered above the 
teens. We experienced the reality of "all- 
nighters" and the dreadfulness of places 
such as Mart's all-night study room and 
the Computer Center. We suddenly be- 
came extremely accountable for our ac- 
tions. The indecisiveness that had been 
encouraged as "exploration" in fresh- 
man year became a near-misdemeanor 
at the end of sophomore year. "What do 
you mean you're not sure what you 
want to do with your life?" Sophomore 
year marked the "declaration of the 

Our second year also signified the first 
time we were allowed to have cars on 
campus. And as we acquainted our cars 
with the University's hills, we became 
acquainted with both a massive parking 
problem and the tickets issued by the 
Motor Vehicle Office. 


As our sophomore year drew to a 
close, the Dean of Students office was 
engaged in a period of considerable staff 
turnover, which evoked much of cam- 
pus comment and criticism. Perhaps it 
was a sign of the changes we would wit- 
ness in the two years to come . . . 

When our junior year began, many of 
the class of '81 started to get nervous — 
we had passed the half-way mark. Was it 
possible that in less than two years we 
would be college graduates? As juniors, 
quite a number of faces disappeared and 
reappeared as some left to study abroad 
or at another school, or to work at in- 
terships in nearby cities. 

World tension was building as the ma- 
jor events of the year included the sei- 
zure of the U.S. hostages in Iran, the 
fighting in Afghanistan, and the subse- 
quent boycott of the 1980 Summer 
Olympics in Moscow. Americans also 
suffered the erruption of Mount St. 
Helens and rejoiced in the Winter Olym- 
pic victory of the U.S. hockey team. 

The University was busy changing. 
The well-traveled dirt path down the 
U.C. lawn had been cemented, and a 
"plaza" formed in the middle. The U.C. 
Snack Bar had undergone a complete 
"face-lift", with church pews and 
carpeting. But the most dramatic change 
was the addition of a dormitory to the 

Lehigh scene Broadhead House, a 200- 
person occupancy complete with a din- 
ing hall, laundry room, and recreation 
and study lounges (not to mention air- 
conditioning) was situated "downhill" 
on the corner of E. Morton and Vine 
Streets. Many of the class of '81 called 
Lehigh's newest dormitory "home" for 
the next two years. 

Most of our lives, we had been pro- 
mised that our junior year in college would 
prove the most difficult. We were not 
disappointed. Whether engineer, busi- 
ness student or "artsie," we found 
ourselves swamped with more work 
than we thought possible. We worked 
hard, some for the grade, others for the 
sheer knowledge, but we worked hard. 
Consequently, our free time became 
more valuable and we shared it selec- 
tively with close friends. In spite of the 
work, many of us claimed junior year to 
be better than the rest. 

One possible reason was that this was 
the time many of the class of '81 turned 
21 years old — legal at last! In the past, 
Pennsylvania's drinking laws had made 
us very conscious of being "underage." 
Thus, no 21st birthday celebration was 
complete without a drink in the local bar. 

We suffered some sad moments too, 
especially at the loss of John Steckbeck. 
Although this great man was gone, we 

were thankful that we knew him, and 
shared in the memories. 

By junior year, the "newness" of 
Lehigh that every freshman experiences 
had worn off. The hill parties that we 
had reveled in as freshman began to rep- 
resent merely an abuse of alcohol. We 
questioned the role of the Forum, the 
Student Activities (or "lack of concerts") 
Council, and the male-female ratio. Dis- 
content was showing and we began to 
search for alternatives . . . 

Senior year manifested the results of 
much of that searching. One example 
was the number of seniors that moved 
off-campus. Montclair Ave, Carlton 
Ave, Fifth St, even the North Side, be- 
came home for many seniors, providing 
an escape to privacy and comfort unlike 
that of a dorm, fraternity or sorority 

Several "new faces" on campus con- 
tinued to develop. The deserted area be- 
tween Drinker and M&M that had al- 
ways become very muddy when it 
rained, was transformed into "the Per- 
gula," ideal for outdoor parties. Our 
senior year was also the year of the Steel 
Structure. Popping up all over campus 
were steel structures that some viewed 
as art, others considered, well, just a 
piece of steel. 

Senior year witnessed the creation of 


"the Hourglass," a twice-monthly event 
designed as a social alternative to the 
hill. Good food, good entertainment, 
and good times were shared every other 
Thursday at the Snack Bar in what 
proved to be a very successful undertak- 
ing. In addition, we also watched the 
beginning of the Faculty Comedy Hour, 
an event that would become yearly. 

But what will probably remain in our 
minds as the single most representative 
part of senior year concerned our plans 
for the next year. The job search, the 
medical, law, and graduate school ap- 
plications took up a large portion of our 
time as seniors. 

The apprehension and uncertainty re- 
volving around the question "what do I 
do after graduation?' was a feeling 
shared by all of us. Those in the midst of 
the job search found themselves spend- 
ing more time in the Placement Office 
than in their classrooms. Those taking 
graduate admissions tests and applying 
to schools waited with anticipation for 
the day it would be "all over." 

Regardless of our concerns about the 
year to come, however, we still tried to 
remember that we were, finally, seniors. 
And in case anyone forgot, they were 
quickly reminded by our kindly Senior 
Class Gift Solicitors. The Senior Class 
Auction, the Senior Class cocktail parties 
— reminders that we had made it. Well, 

Our football team demonstrated a 
wonderful last season as we made it to 
the NCAA Division I AA Semifinals — 
played right in our own Taylor Stadium. 
We viewed our famed wrestling squad 
in Stabler Arena, remembering the 
matches we had seen freshman year in 
Grace Hall. We could also remember the 
concerts there freshman year as we en- 
joyed another successful year of enter- 
tainment, only this time in the Arena. In 
retrospect, we realized that our senior 
year had seen many changes. 

Unfortunately, our senior year was also 
a time of increased violence around the 
world. We were shocked and upset at 
the murder of John Lennon in New York 
City. We watched with horror as assa- 
sination attempts were made on the lives 
of President Ronald Reagan in Washing- 
ton and Pope John Paul II in Vatican 
City. The violence on campus also in- 

creased, and the Brown and White re- 
ported riots, assaults, arson, theft, and 
even an alleged rape. It would be an 
error to say that these events did not put 
a damper on our senior year. 

As our graduation date grew closer, 
however, our excitement at the prospect 
of "getting out" increased. We started to 
do ordinary things with more enthu- 
siasm. As our days at Lehigh grew less 
and less, asn "I-may-never-do-this- 
sentiment prevailed. We relished our fin- 
al football game, our last greek 
weekend, each senior cocktail party. We 
threw our books in the air after our last 
class, and we threw them away after our 
last final. We had reached the homes- 
tretch — we were finally, really, gra- 
duating. All that remained were a few 
more nights at Manny's, one last set of 
grades, and a final senior weekend of 
partying. We packed up our four years 
of accumulated memorabilia, and we 

When the class of '81 returns as Alum- 
ni, we will find many more changes to be 
sure. W. Deming Lewis, the University's 
President for 18 years retires on July 1, 
1982; a presidential search committee 
was formed in our senior year. We will 
never be students working in the new 
addition to Mart, an architectural mas- 
terpiece that will have the dual purpose 
of serving as an entranceway to Lehigh. 
(Although as alumni, we will probably 
get to pay for it, according to Tony Coral- 
lo, director of physical planning. ) A fore- 
ign language requirement, a public rela- 
tions major, and the new STS science for 
the humanities courses will never affect 
us as students. 

Our four years at Lehigh, from 1977 to 
1981, however, were significant ones for 
the growth of the University. In addition 
to the numerous physical changes, com- 
munication and awareness improved 
between faculty, administration, and 
students. Issues such as social alterna- 
tives, student governance, and Uni- 
versity dicipline were allowed a critical 
first step of reassessment during our 
stay here. The events that transpired in 
those four years, constructive as well as 
destructive were pleas for change. The 
University had no choice but to respond. 
And while these were formulative years 

for Lehigh, they were also important 
years for the class of '81. 

We were thrust into a period of grow- 
ing maturity. However false our Lehigh 
atmostphere seemed at times, we were 
constantly aware of the hard, cold world 
that lurked beyond our campus. We 
learned how to function on our own, 
without the help of family; how to live 
among other people, often virtual 
strangers; and how to understand and 
apply ourselves to knowledge and learn- 
ing. Most important was that we grew. 

The students that graduated from 
Lehigh University on May 31, 1981 were 
very different from those who entered in 
August of 1977. As individuals, we grew 
older, wiser, and hopefully more re- 
sponsible in those four years. As a class, 
our shared experiences had formed an 
inseparable bond of memories between 
us. Perhaps the most difficult part of gra- 
duating from Lehigh was leaving behind 
the friends that we had made there. But 
one thing was for certain: we would nev- 
er leave behing the memories. 


Alan David Aboody — Great Neck, New York; Economics; 
Investment Club. 

Patrick Dennis Ackerman — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Marching 
Band; Concert Band. 

Kenneth Herbert Adams — Trappe, Maryland; Civil En- 
gineering; Sigma Chi; ASCE; Wrestling; Sailing Team. 

Glenn John Ahern — Lincoln Park, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. 

Jeffrey Brett Aibel — Scarsdale, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Social Alternatives Committee, Chairman. 

Judith Sue Aigen — Lynbrook, New York; Marketing; AMA; 
Tennis; Girls Track; Junior Class President; Sophomore Class 
Vice President; SAC, Publicity Chairman; Brown and White 
Business Staff; Marketing Club, Secretary; Big/Little Sisters. 

Kenneth Gordon Akerboom — Millington, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering, Russian Minor; Lambda Chi Alpha; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; 
Diving; Swimming; Russian Club. 

Timothy Scott Albright — Birdsboro, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Alpha Phi Omega; Fencing Club. 

Sharon Alfano — Old Bridge, New Jersey; Finance and Man- 
agement; Cheerleading; Women In Business; Women's Caucus, 
Vice President and Treasurer. 

Matthew Robert Allen — Bay Village, Ohio; Electrical En- 
gineering; Theta Xi; Dean's List; IEEE; Campus Security. 

Janet Alpert — Baltimore, Maryland; Arts. 

Jonathan C. Alt — Larchmont, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Scuba Club; Grotto Club. 

Mark Steven Altman — Rockville, Maryland; Electrical En- 
gineering; Tau Epsilon Pi; Pledge Warden; Gladys Bank Schol- 
arship; Forum. 

Lucy Jane Amerman — New Preston, Connecticut; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi, Secre- 
tary; Marching Band; Tutor; Women in Business; Concert Band. 

Patricia J. Amoruso — Howard Beach, New York; Journalism/ 
Science Writing; College Scholar Program; Omicron Delta Kap- 
pa, President; Phi Eta Sigma; SAC, Lecture Chairman; Visiting 
Lecturers Committee; Forum; Brown and White, Etcetera 
Editor; Science Faction, Editor; Women's Roundtable; Energy 
Conservation Subcommittee; RHC; WLVR; Dean's List; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors. 

David Anderson — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 

Donna Marie Anderson — Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Economics; Alpha Phi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Phi Eta Sigma; Women's Track, Cross-Country Club; 
Women in Business; Senior Class Gift. 

Use Janell Anderson — Irvington, New York; Biology; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; LUV. 

Jeffrey L. Anderson — Hopewell Junction, New York; Account- 
ing; Kappa Sigma; IFC Rep.; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; 
Cultural Affairs Committee. 

George C. Andreassi — Cresskill, New Jersey; English/Journa- 
lism; Chi Phi, Historian; English Club; WLVR; Brown and 

Craig Andres — Millville, New Jersey; Accounting; Delta Tau 

Susan Elizabeth Andrews — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; English; 
Women's Swim Team, Captain; Most Outstanding Swimmer. 

Peter A. Andrich — Washington, District of Columbia; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; IEEE; Football. 

Michael Ralston Anglestein — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE. 

Alan D. Aboody 

Patrick D. Ackerman 

Kenneth G. Akerboom 

Timothy S. Albright 

Mark S. Altman 

Lucy J. Amerman 

Jeffrey L. Anderson 

George C. Andreassi 



Kenneth H. Adams 

Glenn J. Ahem 

Jeffrey B. Aibel 

Judith S. Aigen 

Sharon R. Alfano 

Matthew R. Allen 

Janet D. Alpert 

Jonathan C. Alt 


Patricia J. Amoruso 

David R. Anderson 

Donna M. Anderson 

lse J. Anderson 

Craig L. Andres 

Susan E. Andrews 

Peter A. Andrich 

Michael R. Anglestein 


A.J. Antos III 

James H. Apgar 

Thomas J. Aranyos 

John W. Arbogast III 

Linda E. Arnold 

Christine R. Asselin 

Amir Avitzur 

Jeffrey S. Ayers 

John B. Baily 

Michael Bak 

Charles E. Bakis 

Cyril C. Baldwin III 

Debra L. Banks 


Martha S. Bannister 

Andrew H. Barada 

Andrew M. Barclay 

Alice Archer 

John C. Archibald, Jr. 

Paul G. Ayers 

Thomas W. Bailey 

Donald A. Baldyga, Jr. 

Timothy J. Ball 

Michael J. Barrasso 

Eleanor A. Barry 

A. Joseph Antos — Warminster, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AIChE; ACS; Marching 

James Harrison Apgar — Plainfield, New Jersey; Cumputer 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chairman; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta 
Sigma; IEEE; Glee Club, Choir. 

Thomas J. Aranyos — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; 
Town House. 

John William Arbogast III — Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; ASCE; Rugby Club. 

Alice Lili Archer — Heiligenstadt, West Germany; Accounting/ 
Marketing; Dean's List; Marketing Club, President. 

John Christie Archibald, Jr. — Rumson, New Jersey; Govern- 
ment/Journalism; Zeta Psi, Secretary, Rush Chairman; Varsity 
Swim Team; Senior Class President; Class Gift Campaign; 
Brown and White; IFC Fact Finding Committee, Election Rules 

Linda Elizabeth Arnold — Glastonbury, Connecticut; Gov- 
ernment; Alpha Gamma Delta; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Women in Business; Pre-Law Society; Forum. 

Christine Asselin — Westfield, New Jersey; 

Amir Avitzur — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE. 

Jeffrey S. Ayers — Perkasie, Pennsylvania; Journalism; Wil- 
liams English Department Scholarship; Dean's List; High-point 
Rider — Intercollegiate Horse Shows Assoc; Equestrian Team, 
Coach; Brown and White, Desk Editor. 

Paul G. Ayers — Dover, Delaware; Electrical Engineering. 

Thomas Wayne Bailey — Hillsborough Township, New Jersey; 
Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Soccer, Manager; LUV; 
Student Systems Development Organ.; Computer Society. 

John Bryan Baily — Silver Spring, Maryland; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME; Soccer. 

Michael Bak — Collingswood, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi 
Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE, President. 

Charles Emanuel Bakis — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Pi 
Tau Sigma, Vice President; ASME; Bicycle Team; Bicycling 
Club, Vice Presient. 

Cyril C. Baldwin III — New Canaan, Connecticut; Fundamental 
Science; Alpha Sigma Phi, Steward; Karate Club; Geology 

Donald Arthur Baldyga, Jr. — West Caldwell, New Jersey; 
Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi; LUV; Sailing Club. 

Timothy John Ball — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 

Debra L. Banks — Wyncote, Pennsylvania; Government/ 
Psychology; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Varsity Tennis Team, Captain; Pre-Law Society; 
Psychology Club; LUV; Student-Faculty Government Com- 
mittee; Rep. to National Government Symposium. 

Martha S. Bannister — Wilmington, Delaware; Computer Sci- 
ence/Spanish; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List; Study Abroad; LUV; 
Big/Little Sisters. 

Andrew H. Barada — New Canaan, Connecticut; Mechanical 
Engineering; ASME; Lehigh Hockey Club, President; Delta 
Tau Delta. 

Andrew M. Barclay — Hatfield, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Chi Phi, Steward; Army ROTC Scholarship; AIIE. 

Michael J. Barrasso — Livingston, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE. 

Eleanor Ann Barry — Alexandria, Virginia; Management; 
Freshman Honors; Modern Foreign Language Scholarship 
Award; Women's Soccer; German Club; Russian Club; Market- 
ing Club; Alpha Phi. 

Robert W. Bartosz — Pennsauken, New Jersey; Chemistry; 
Freshman Honors; Tau Beta Pi; ACS, Vice President; Market- 
ing Club. 

Mark Alexander Francis Bastian — Poughkeepsie, New York; 
Mechanical Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi, Steward; Dean's List; 
AFROTC Scholarship; Tau Beta Pi; Youth Enabling Services; 
Big Brother. 

Robert Crowell Bausmith — Maplewood, New Jersey ; Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; Glee Club; 
Choir, General Manager. 

Gregory Charles Beck — Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Theta Delta Chi; Wrestling; Boxing Club. 

Scott Edward Beck — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Marching Band, Drum Major; Boy Scouts, 
Assistant Scoutmaster. 

Lisa Ruth Becker — Greenwich, Connecticut; International Re- 
lations/Foreign Careers; Varsity Swimming; Marketing Club; IR 
Club; SAC, Publicity Committee. 

John Paul Bedics — Bethlehem. Pennsylvania; Biology, Classics 
Minor; Football. 

Paul S. Beers — Wayne, New Jersey; Marketing; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Marketing Club, Director of 
Membership Committee. 

Jeffery Bell — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering. 

Mandi Jean Bell — Coatesville, Pennsylvania; Metallurgical En- 
gineering; Student Metallurgical Society, Vice President; Soci- 
ety of Women Engineers; Youth Enabling Services. 

Bruce Nelson Benge — Wilmington, Delaware; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; AIChE; Boxing Team. 

Tord Benner — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE. 

John Anthony Benson — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Trustee 
Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; 
Karate Club. 

Debora Ann Berber ian — East Hanover, New Jersey; Computer 
Engineering; Scott Paper Foundation Leadership Award; Tau 
Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE, President, 
Treasurer; Society of Women Engineers; Computer Society. 

Elizabeth Anne Berg — Yardley, Pennsylvania; History; Senior 
Class Executive Committee. 

Craig Robert Bernhart — Garden City, New York; Government; 
Psi Upsilon, Vice President; LUV, Treasurer, Project Head. 

Daniel R. Bernstein — Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Tau Epsilon Phi; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Hillel. 

Douglas Berson — Pre-med; Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Robert W. Bartosz 

Mark A. Bastian 

Scott E. Beck 

Lisa R. Becker 

Jeffrey W. Bell 

Mandi J. Bell 

John A. Benson 

Debora A. Berberian 


Elizabeth A. Berg 

Craig Bernhart 

Daniel Bernstein 

Douglas Berson 


Kenneth C. Bertram 

Robert G. Best 

William D. Billowitch 

Allen J. Binder 

Daniel G. Blanchard 

Wayne C. Blecher, Jr. 

Jonathan K. Bleemer 

Kathleen L. Blum 

Jeffrey T. Boesch 

Kenneth S. Bohan 

Bethann Bolte 

Roger L. Bomgardner 

Thomas H. Booth 

Anthony B. Bosco 

Wendy F. Botwin 

Alain L. Bourhis 


Glenn L. Biscoll 

Douglas C. Blaine 

Robert A. Blumenscheid 

Eric C. Boehm 

Joseph M. Bonassar 

Kenneth R. Boone 

Kenneth C. Bertram — Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Psi Upsilon, President, Vice President, Rush 
Chairman; ASCE. 

Robert Glen Best 

ACS, Treasurer. 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; 

William David Billowitch — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE, First place winner, Region 
II; Walter B. Morton Student Paper Contest; Albert Isaacs 
Scholarship; Trustee Scholarship. 

Allen Binder — Randolph, New Jersey; Accounting; Delta Up- 

Glenn Lloyd Biscoll — Berwyn, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Chi Phi; IEEE. 

Douglas Conrad Blaine — Pittsford, New York; Marketing; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Marketing Club. 

Daniel G. Blanchard — New Providence, New Jersey; Manage- 
ment/Marketing; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President; Sophomore 
Honors; Marketing Club; Investment Club. 

Wayne Carl Blecher, Jr. — Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi. 

Jonathan Keith Bleemer — Westport, Connecticut; Finance; 
Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer. 

Kathleen L. Blum — Northampton, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhellenic Rep.; ASME; 
Society of Women Engineers; Powderpuff Football; Track 
Club; Forum; Ski Club. 

Robert Andrew Blumenscheid — Westfield, New Jersey; Indus- 
trial Engineering; Kappa Alpha Society, Recording Secretary; 
AIIE; Men's Glee Club; Choir, Manager; Marching 97, 

Eric Charles Boehm — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Chi Psi, Social Chairman; IFC, Vice President. 

Jeffrey Thomas Boesch — Eastchester, New York; Accounting; 
Karate Club, President; Gryphon Society. 

Kenneth Scott Bohan — Garden City, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sigma Chi, House Manager; Donald B. Stabler 
Scholarship; ASME; Varsity Lacrosse. 

Bethann Bolte — Valley Cottage, New York; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Women in Business; Pre-Law 

Roger Lee Bomgardner — Penbrook, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Beta Theta Pi, Social Chairman; Varsity Baseball, Captain. 

Joseph Michael Bonassar — Trumbull, Connecticut; Chemical 
Engineering; United Technologies Scholarship; AIChE; ACS; 
Pre-Law Society. 

Kenneth Robin Boone — Rockville, Maryland; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE; Varsity Soccer; LUV; IFC Rep. 

Thomas Henry Booth — Concord, Massachusetts; Chemical 

Anthony Bryan Bosco — Oakdale, New York; Architecture; 
Dean's List; Omicron Delta Kappa; Art and Architecture 
Society; SAC, Lecture Chairman. 

Wendy Fran Botwin — Bellmore, New York; Accounting/Gov- 
ernment Minor; Sophomore Honors; Lehigh Listening Line; 
Brown and White; Forum. 

Alain L. Bourhis — Blairstown, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Eta Sigma Phi; Soccer; AIChE; Rhodes Candidate. 

Barbara Anne Bowden — Warminster, Pennsylvania; Interna- 
tional Relations; Trustee Scholarship; John C. Maydon Award; 
IR Club; Pre-Law Society. 

John H. Bower — Fort Washington, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Chi Phi; Baja All Terrain Competition. 

Barbara A. Bowden 

John H. Bower 


Michael J. Boyd — Chatham Township, New Jersey; Fine Arts/ 
Electrical Engineering; Freshman Honors; Art and Architecture 
Society; Frisbee Team; Caving Club; Karate Club. 

Michele Anne Boyd — Ardmore, Pennsylvania; English; Alpha 
Gamma Delta, House Chairman; Sigma Tau Delta; Forum. 

Elise Marie Braceras — Caldwell, New Jersey; Architecture; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Spillman-Farmer 
Arch. Award; Omicron Delta Kappa; Varsity Tennis, Captain, 
Mustard & Cheese; Art and Architecture Society, President. 

Jane Susan Brader — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 

John J. Braithwaite, Jr. — Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting; Alpha Chi Rho, Social Chairman; Boxing Club; 
Newman Club; Young Republicans. 

Robert John Brantley — Newfoundland, New Jersey; Computer 
Science; Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer. 

Thomas M. Braunstein — Roslyn, New York; Finance/Account- 
ing, Journalism Minor; Leonard Pool Scholarship; RHC, Con- 
cessions Manager; Brown and White, Desk Editor. 

David Wallace Breder — Dresher, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Sailing Club, Treasurer; Ski Club. 

Steven S. Breitner — Huntington Station, New York; Finance; 
Pi Lambda Phi, Steward; Pre-Law Society; LUV; Big Brother. 

Linda R. Brett — Upper Montclair, New Jersey; Marketing; 
RHC; Forum; Marketing Club. 

R. Bruce Brierly — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME; Lehigh Christian Fellowship, Treasurer. 

Randall J. Broda — Warren, New Jersey; Finance; Zeta Psi. 

Andrew Joseph Brodner — Park Ridge, Illinois; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; AJumni Prize; Wil- 
bur Scholarship Prize; AIChE Scholarship Award; Tau Beta Pi; 
Phi Eta Sigma; AIChE; ACS; Scuba Club; Photography Club; 
Ski Club. 

David Lawrence Brong — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial 

Brian Howard Bronsther — Scarsdale, New York; Finance; 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Visiting Lectures Committee. 

Robert D. Brown, Jr. — West Dennis, Massachusetts; Account- 
ing; Delta Chi; Chapter Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Varsity Baseball; Senior Class Gift Cam- 

Steven J. Brown — Melrose Park, Pennsylvania; Biology; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Dean's List; Freshman, Sophomore Honors. 

Steven Lawrence Brown — Virginia Beach, Virginia; Account- 
ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha 
Psi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Hillel Society, President, Vice Pres- 
ident; RHS; Pre-Law Society; Forum; IR Club. 

Thomas T. Brown — Malvern, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; 
Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Grotto Club. 

Peter Paul Brussock III — Ed wards ville, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Delta Chi; Sophomore Honors; Varsity Swimming Team, Tri- 
Captain, Letter Winner; Water Polo Club. 

Daniel Paul Bruzgo — Summit Hill, Pennsylvania; Accounting, 
IR Minor; Sigma Nu, President, Treasurer; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; FMA; IFC. 

Richard Gary Buckley — Greenlawn, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Pi 
Tau Sigma 

Mark Conrad Budzinski — Newtown, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Kappa Sigma, Treasurer; Alpha Pi Mu Prize; Alpha 
Pi Mu; AIIE. 

Thomas Mark Buehrer — Mohnton, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering/Management; ASME; Equestrian Club, Vice Presi- 


Michael J. Boyd 

Michele A. Boyd 

Thomas M. Braunstein 

David W. Breder 

Andrew J. Brodner 

David Brong 

Thomas T. Brown 

Peter P. Brussock III 

Elise M. Braceras 

Jane S. Brader 

John J. Braithwaite. Jr. 

Steven S. Breitner 

Linda R. Brett 

R. Bruce Brierly 

^i £\ f*\ 

Brian H. Bronsther 

Robert D. Brown, Jr. 

Steven J. Brown 

Robert J. Brantley 

Randall J. Broda 

Steven L. Brown 

Daniel P. Bruzgo 

Richard G. Buckley 

Mark C. Budzinski 

Thomas M. Buehrer 


Richard A. Butera 

Timothy Butrie 

Shari L. Butz 

Judith Lynn Byorick 

David C. Campbell 

Jeffrey Campisi 

John L. Campo 

Matthew J. Canavan 


Steven F. Burdette 

Andrew A. Burg 

Sandra L. Buschmann 

Michael Bushelow 

Frank R. Buhrmann — Westbury, New York; Electrical En- 
gineering; Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Steven F. Burdette — McMurray, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa, President; ASME; Varsity 

Andrew A. Burg — Toms River, New Jersey ; Civil Engineering; 
Sigma Nu; ASCE; Gryphon Society; Tutorial Program 
Chairman; Newman Council; Forum. 

Thomas P. Burke — Mountaintop, Pennsylvania; Engineering 

Sandra Buschmann — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; Fi- 
nance/German/Foreign Careers; Gamma Phi Beta, President; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Powderpuff Football; Forum; 
LUV; Women in Business. 

Michael Bushelow — Spring Valley, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; ASME; Alpha Phi Omega; SAC. 

Richard Anthony Butera — Brooklyn, New York; Accounting; 
Sophomore Honors; Off-Campus Students' Association. 

Timothy Butrie — Lansford, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Theta Chi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. 

Shari Lynn Butz — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Baseball Statistician. 

Judith Byorick — Easton, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; Equestrian 
Club; Choir. 

Kathleen A. Byrnes — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Society of Women 

Thomas G. Callahan — Narberth, Pennsylvania; Biology; Alpha 
Chi Rho, Vice President; Scuba Club. 

David Campbell — Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sigma Chi. 

Jeffrey Campisi — Essex Fells, New Jersey; Finance; Theta 
Delta Chi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Varsity Basketball, Senior Class Executive Committee. 

John Lawrence Campo — Berkeley Heights, New Jersey; His- 
tory; Chi Psi; Sophomore Honors; Soccer Team; Women's Soc- 
cer Coach. 

Matthew Canavan — Bridgewater, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Chi Psi; Forum. 

Rita Elizabeth Cantor — Lionville, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE; Society of Women Engineers; Russian Club, 
President; Karate Club. 

James Capraro — Fords, New Jersey; Chemical Engineering; 
Gryphon Society, President; AIChE; Football; Lacrosse; 
Steckbeck Runathon; Beta Theta Pi, Secretary; Spring Fling; 
Dining Committee. 

Rita E. Cantor 

James Capraro 


Rose Marie Caraway — Highland Park, New Jersey; Chemistry; 
BSU, Vice President; Mustard & Cheese, Treasurer. 

Laureen Kristie Carlson — Edison, New Jersey; Finance; AM A; 
Women's Soccer Club, Co-Captain; Men's Varsity Soccer 
Team, Statistician; Women Serving Lehigh; LUV; Women in 
Business; Marketing Club; Big/Little Sister. 

Kevin J. Carroll — Green Brook, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu; Football; Hockey Club; Scuba Club. 

Michael P. Carroll — Springfield, New Jersey; Theta Delta Chi, 
President; ASCE. 

John Anthony Casalaspi — East Hanover, New Jersey; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa, President, Treasurer; IEEE. 

Alfred Castaldi — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Computer In- 
formation Science; Theta Xi. 

Gerald M. Cawley — New Canaan, Connecticut; Marketing; 
AMA; Rugby; Ski Club; Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman. 

Frank L. Cerra — Archbald, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; IEEE; LUV; Off- 
Campus Students Association; Computing Society; Bioen- 
gineering Club. 

Michael Patrick Chandell — South Euclid, Ohio; Chemical En- 
gineering; Varsity Ice Hockey; AIChE; Class Gift Investment 

Gerard N. Chappell, Jr. — Hatboro, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho; Freshman Honors; IEEE, Pres- 
ident; Forum. 

Frani Beth Chenitz — Westfield, New Jersey; Government, 
Business Minor; Sophomore Honors; Pre-Law Society; 
Women's Caucus; Investment Club; Ski Club; The Harrisburg 
Urban Semester. 

Kenneth Lewis Chin — Lawrence, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, Secretary; Freshman Honors; 

Lyn Marie Chirichillo — Rahway, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Alpha Gamma Delta; AIIE. 

T. Daniel Christenbury — Garden City, New York; Chemistry; 
Theta Chi, President; ACS. 

Mark Andrew Christian — Richmond, Virginia; Industrial En- 
gineering; Theta Delta Chi, IFC Rep. ; Freshman Honors; AIIE; 
IE Council; Rugby Club; Sailing Club; Computer Society; In- 
vestment Club. 

Dwight Moore Christiansen — Short Hills, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; ASME; IFC Rep. 

Andrew Gerrit Church — Short Hills, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Phi Kappa Theta, President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; IFC. 

Conrad Samuel Ciccotello — Portage, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Student Metal- 
lurgical Society; AFROTC. 

Clifford John Cicila — Linden, New Jersey; Metallurgy; Tau 
Epsilon Phi, Social Chairman; American Society for Metals. 

Donna Maria Cirillo — Rye, New York; English; Sigma Tau 
Delta; Choir; Lehigh Christian Fellowship. 

Stephen M. Civitello — North Haven, Connecticut; Internation- 
al Relations, History Minor; IRClub; Band; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Lynda Jean Cline — Gladstone, New Jersey; Finance; Alpha 
Phi, Rush Chairman; Dean's List; Panhellenic Council; Women 
in Business. 

Lorin Cohen — Bedford Village, New York; Finance; Gamma 
Phi Beta; Varsity Volleyball; Forum; Ed. Pol.; LUV; YES: 
Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Neil S. Cohen — N. Woodmere, New York; Accounting; Sigma 
Alpha Mu. 


Rose M. Caraway 

Laureen Carlson 

Lyn Marie Chirichillo 

Thomas D. Christenbury 

Clifford J. Cicila 

Donna M. Cirillo 

Kevin Carroll 

Michael P. Carroll 

John A. Casalaspi 

Alfred C. Castaldi 

Michael P. Chandell 

Gerard N. Chappell, Jr. 

Frani B. Chenitz 

Kenneth L. Chin 

Mark A. Christian 

Dwight M. Christiansen 

Andrew G. Church 

Conrad S. Ciccotello 

Stephen M. Civitello 

Lynda J. Cline 

Lorin Cohen 

Neil S. Cohen 


John M. Cole 

Brian J. Colville 

Michael V. Colvin 

Keith E. Conley 

Martin P. Conroy 

Michael R. Conte 

Suzanne P. Cook 

David V. Coombs 

Thomas F. Cort, Jr. 

Kevin W. Cortright 

Jeffrey Cossel 

Lloyd P. Couleur 

Mark A. Cramer 

Scott C. Crist 

Mary E. Croussouloudis 

Neil J. Culp, Jr. 


Jeffrey P. Conrad 

Stephen B. Conrad 

Kenneth S. Coombs 

Richard G. Coppola 

Jordan J. Cox 

Richard A. Craft, Jr. 

John M. Cole — Grove City, Pennsylvania; Music. 

Brian John Colville — Wilton, Connecticut; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Chi, Treasurer; Alpha Pi Mu; Freshman, Soph- 
omore Honors; Dean's List; AIIE. 

Michael V. Colvin — Scotch Plains, New Jersey; Government; 
Alpha Chi Rho, Secretary, Pledge Master; Boxing Club; New- 
man Club; Pre-Law Society; Young Republicans. 

Keith E. Conley — Rockville, Maryland; Civil Engineering; 
Gryphon Society; Varsity Football; ASCE; Alpha Tau Omega. 

Jeffrey Paul Conrad — Southampton, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; Ski Club; 
Chess Club; Hockey Club; Marching Band. 

Stephen B. Conrad — Concordville, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Theodore H. Wood Scholarship; Rugby. 

Martin Paul Conroy — Madison, New Jersey; Chemistry; ACS; 
LUV-Tutor; Ski Club; Outing Club. 

Michael Conte — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; Delta Sigma Phi. 

Suzanne Cook — Howell, New Jersey; Accounting; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma Tau 

David Coombs — Vestal, New York; Electrical Engineering. 

Kenneth S. Coombs — Armonk, New York; Electrical En- 
gineering; Theta Xi, Steward, Social Chairman; IEEE. 

Richard Gerald Coppola — Livingston, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Theta Delta Chi, Rush Chairman; Varsity Basketball; Marketing 

Thomas F. Cort, Jr. — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; Varsity Cheerleading. 

Kevin Wayne Cortright — Franklin Lakes, New Jersey; Civil 
Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; Treasurer; ASCE. 

Jeffrey Cossel — Highland, Indiana; Civil Engineering; ASCE. 

Lloyd Couleur — Western Springs, Illinois; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Phi; AIIE. 

Jordan Cox — Manhasset, New York; Economics/Math. 

Richard Craft — Cinnaminson, New Jersey; Journalism. 

Mark Allen Cramer — Bloomsbury, New Jersey; Accounting. 

Scott Charles Crist — Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Hermance Scholarship; AIIE. 

Mary Croussouloudis — Monessen, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 

Neil Joseph Culp, Jr. — Reading, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy and 
Materials; Delta Phi; Student Metallurgy Society; ASM; AIME. 

Sherry L. Culver — Millerton, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE; Society of Women Engineers; LUV. 

Eva Cwynar — Suffern, New York; Natural Science; Dean's 
List; ACS; Health Professions Society; Forum, Secretary; 
Brown and White. 

Sherry L. Culver 

Eva B. Cwynar 


Jeffrey Daise — Piscataway, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 

Robert A. Daley — Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Economics; Jack 
Barett Scholarship; Mustard & Cheese. 

Denise Lynn Dally — Pocono Pines, Pennsylvania; Architecture/ 
Urban Studies; Gamma Phi Beta, Philanthropy Chairman; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Art & Architecture Society, 
Vice President, Secretary; Women's Soccer Club; Marching 97, 
Staff Assistant; Varsity Band; Art Council. 

Anthony James Dalsasso — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Computer 
Engineering; Association for Computing Machinery; Comput- 
ing Society. 

Daniel J. Dalton — Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer; Varsity Hockey and Tennis. 

Joseph James D'Ambrisi — Westport, Connecticut; Chemical 
Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega, President; Senior Class Execu- 
tive Council; IFC; Special Interest Committee, Chairman; 

Byron James Daniels — Bethlehem, Pennsylbania; Civil En- 
gineering; ASCE. 

Martha Drew Dannies — Hingham, Massachusetts; Biology; 
Lacrosse; Track. 

Patricia JoAnne D'Apolito — Far Hills, New Jersey; Biology; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Field Hockey. 

Peter Benjamin Daubenspeck — Stratford, Connecticut; Elec- 
trical Engineering; IEEE; Off-Campus Students Association. 

Paula Marie Daunais — West Windsor, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; AIChE; Tour Guide. 

John Q. Davidson — York, Pennsylvania; Finance/Marketing; 
Alpha Tau Omega; Rugby Club; Junior Class Treasurer. 

Mary K. Davies — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; French; National 
Merit Scholarship; Alumni Junior Prize; Modern Foreign Lan- 
guage Study Scholarship; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Equestrian Club; 
Mixed Chorus; German House. 

Tami Ruth Davis — Malvern, Pennsylvania; International Re- 
lations; Freshman, Sophomore Honors, Phi Eta Sigma; Harry S. 
Truman Scholarship Finalist; Class of 1904 Scholarship; Trustee 
Scholarship; Women's Soccer Club; Equestrian Club; IR Club; Re- 
publican Club; Brown and White; German House; Ski Club. 

David Aram Davitian — Westbury, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretary; ASME; Tau 
Beta Pi. 

Christopher J. Dax — Northampton, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football; Marketing Club; SR Club; 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

Frederick S. Deitz — Trenton, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Eastman Kodak Alumni Scholar; Eta Kappa Nu; 
IEEE; Computer Society. 

Aurora Emerita de la Cruz — King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; 
Marketing; Alpha Phi, Social Chairman; Marketing Club; 
Forum, Secretary-Treasurer; Campus Life Chairman; Discipline 
Code Review Committee; LUV; Psychology Club. 

Jeffrey A. Daise 

Robert A. Daley 

Byron J. Daniels 

Martha D. Dannies 

Mary K. Davies 

Tami R. Davis 


Christopher J. Dax 

Frederick S. Deitz 

Denise L. Dallv 

Anthonv J. Dalsasso 

Daniel J. Dalton 

Joseph D'Ambrisi 

Patricia D'Apolito 

Peter B. Daubenspeck 

Paula M. Daunais 

John Q. Davidson 

Peter C. Dent 

Barbara L. Deutsch 

Jane E. Doll 


Richard R. Douglas, Jr. 

Patricia DePalma 

Deborah A. Depew 

Dean D. Deppe 

Paul P. Deutsch 

Jay R. Dickerson Gerard S. Dillemuth, Jr. 


\ w 


Timothy P. Donahue 

John R. Dorf 

Bryan J. Domes 

James F. Drexinger Winifred M. Dudzinski 

Robert S. Duffy, Jr. 


Anthony M. DeSalvo 

Paul I. Detwiler III 

James L. Dixon 

Michael C. Doherty 

Kenneth M. Dorros 

David H. Dorrow 

George F. Dunn III 

Richard M. Eckert 

Peter C. Dent — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Theta Xi, Intramural Manager; Freshman Honors; 
AIChE; German Club, Vice President; Karate Club. 

Patricia Teresa DePalma — Hillsdale, New Jersey; Computer 
Information Science; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Deborah Ann Depew — Franklin Lakes, New Jersey; Biology/ 
Chemistry; Alpha Phi, President, Treasurer; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Marching Band; 
Concert Band; Women's Choir; Concert Choir; Percussion En- 

Dean D. Deppe — Walnutport, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 

Anthony Michael DeSalvo — Linden, New Jersy; Finance; Beta 
Theta Pi, Social Chairman; Boxing Club; IFC Social Committee. 

Paul I. Detwiler HI — Bedford, Pennsylvania; Computer In- 
formation Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi, President; Computer 
Society; Residence Halls Security; Supervisor, U.C. Main 
Desk; Campus Police. 

Barbara Lynne Deutsch — Yorktown Heights, New York; Social 
Relations; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma 
Tau Delta; SR Club; LUV Project Head; Brown and White; 
WLVR; Women's Caucus. 

Paul P. Deutsch — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; ACS. 

Jay Roberts Dickerson — Darien, Connecticut; Biochemistry; 
Sigma Phi; Freshman Honors; Dean's List. 

Gerard S. Dillemuth, Jr. — Mountainside, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Delta Upsilon, Secretary, IFC Rep.; ASME; 

James Lee Dixon — E. Hanover, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Wilbur Mathematics Prize; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; Computer Society; Jazz Band; Con- 
cert Band; Wind Ensemble. 

Michael Callahan Doherty — Short Hills, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Delta Phi. 

Jane Ellen Doll — Churchville, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE, Vice President of Programming; IE Council, 
Vice Chairperson; Women's Caucus; Society of Women En- 
gineers; Women in Business. 

Timothy P. Donahue — Elizabeth, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, Chaplain; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; IEEE. 

John Randall Dorf — Old Tappan, New Jersey; Economics; 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Alumni Secretary; IFC Rep.; Concerned 
Student Coalition; Marching Band; Forum. 

Bryan James Dornes — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Freshman Honors. 

Kenneth Michael Dorros — Scarsdale, New York; Government/ 
Journalism; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Varsity Tennis; 
Pre-Law Society; Student-Faculty Government Committee. 

David H. Dorrow — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Management; 

Richard Douglas — Paradise Valley, Arizona; Business; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. 

James F. Drexinger — Orefield, Pennsylvania; Finance/Man- 
agement; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Gryphon Society; 
Investment Club. 

Winifred Margaret Dudzinski — Staten Island, New York; En- 
glish; Williams Prize; Williams Scholarship; Sigma Tau Delta; 
LUV; Junior Year Abroad. 

Robert Seton Duffy, Jr. — Union, New Jersey; Chemical En- 

George Franks Dunn III — Wenonah, New Jersey; Metallurgy; 
ASM; AIME; Student Metallurgy Society. 

Richard M. Eckert — Monroe, Louisana; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AIChE; Varsity Golf. 

Marybeth B. Edelen — Coopersburg, Pennsylvania; Journalism/ 
Government; Brown and White; Epitome Photographer; IR 
Club; LUV; Off-Campus Student Association; Republican 

James M. Egan — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Marketing; Theta 
Delta Chi. 

Carol Ehrens — Westport, Connecticut; Natural Sciences; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Pledge Trainer; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Epitome, Editor-in-Chief, Senior Section 
Editor; Forum; Disciplinary Committee. 
Barbara Susan Engel — Westfield, New Jersey; Chemistry; 
Gryphon Society, Chairman of Academic Committee; Fresh- 
man Honors; Dean's List; Sherman Fairchild Summer Schol- 
arship Recipient; ACS; Women's Soccer Club; Marketing Club. 
Gerald R. Enright — Mexico City, Mexico; Management; Chi 
Phi, Treasurer; Drill Team; French Club, Vice President; Inter- 
national Club. 

Hilal Erdogan — Marlboro, New Jersey; Industrial Engineering; 
Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; Williams Prize AIIE; Society of 
Women Engineers. 

David John Erlenborn — Fairfax, Virginia; Mathematics; Fresh- 
man Honors; National Merit Scholar; Varsity Wrestling Man- 

Phyllis A. Errico — Winchester, Massachusetts; Government; 
Forum, Vice Chairman, Trustee Rep., Secretary-Treasurer; 
Alpha Phi; Energy Conservation Chairman; Gryphon Society; 
Energy Advisory Committee. 

Susan Lee Escott — Havertown, Pennsylvania; Journalism/ 
Marketing, German Minor; Gryphon Society, Executive Board; 
Sophomore, Junior Honors; Pre-Law Society; Marketing Club; 
Intern, Office of Public Information; Brown and White; Women 
in Business; LUV; Lehigh Listening Line. 
James Jeffrey Evanko — Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Chi Psi; AIIE; Varsity Football; AFROTC. 
Allen Ezrapour — Tehran Iran; Finance; Tau Epsilon Phi, Public 
Relations Chairman. 

Edwin Fager — Malverne, New York; Business. 
Scott Cameron Faktor — Spring Valley, New York; Mechanical 
Engineering; Phi Delta Theta, Pledge Master, Chaplain, Rush 
Chairman; ASME; Varsity Tennis; LUV; Forum; IFC; Big 
Brother Program, Project Head. 

Ronald Harlan Falcon — Long Beach, New York; Natural Sci- 
ence; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; 
Psychology Club; LUV; Hillel Society; Allied Health Profes- 

Edward Lloyd Fang — Scarsdale, New York; Civil Engineering; 

Donna R. Farkas — Potomac, Maryland; Accounting/Finance; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Social Chairman; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Powder Puff Football. 
Scot J. Farrell — Upper Saddle River, New Jersey; Accounting; 
RHC, President; Dining Committee. 

Barbara A. Fawcett — Springfield, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Chi Epsilon, Secre- 
tary; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Equestrian Club, President. 
Margaret Louise Feagles — Great Barrington, Massachusetts; 
Industrial Engineering; Alpha Gamma Delta, Social Chairman; 
AIIE; Society of Women Engineers; Forum; LUV. 
John Felegi, Jr. — Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Kappa Alpha Society, First Vice President; Photogra- 
phy Club; Varsity Cheerleading, Captain. 
Nancy Anne Felix — Park Ridge, New Jersey; History/French/ 
IR; Dean's List; Treen Scholarship; IR Club; Pre-Law Society; 
Varsity Cheerleading; VLC; Forum. 
Sally Jean Fellenzer — Middletown, New York; Geology. 
James Arthur Femister — Parsippany, New Jersey; Computer 
Information Science; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Comput- 
ing Society. 

Kurt Alan Fenstermacher — Riverdale, New Jersey; Electrical 
Engineering; IEEE; Radio Station, Disc Jockey, Music 

Marybeth B. Edelen 

James M. Egan 




0k V 

3k hT 



David J. Erlenborn 

Phyllis A. Errico 

Scott C. Faktor 

Ronald H. Falcon 


Margaret L. Feagles 

John Felegi, Jr. 

Carol A. Ehrens 

Barbara S. Engel 

Gerald Enright 

Hilal Erdogan 

Susan L. Escott 

James J. Evanko 

Allen Ezrapour 

Edwin P. Fager 

Edward L. Fang 

Donna R. Farkas 

Scot J. Farrell 

Barbara A. Fawcett 

Nancy Felix 

Sally J. Fellenzer 

James A. Femisler 

Kurt A. Fenstermacher 


'i en 


Jose A. Ferreyros 

Kevin P. Finn 

Anne T. Fitzpatrick 

Michael V. Flannery, Jr. 

Jane G. Fliszar 

Aldo A. Ferri 

John F. Figlear 

Charlene A. Filz 

H0^^% ^V^ ■■■ 

1 k M- 


li J 



Patricia E. Finney 

Deidre A. Foley 


Jeffrey E. Fetterman 

R. Richard Fiebrantz 

Glenn F. Fink 

Peter D. Finkel 

Robert M. First 

Matthew O. Fisch 

Jose Ferreyros — San Isidro, Lima, Peru; Arts. 
Aldo Anthony Ferri — Trenton, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Dean's List; Eastman 
Kodak Scholarship; ASME; LUV. 

Jeffrey E. Fetterman — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Delta Phi, Vice President, Pledge Master; AIChE; 
Rugby Club; IFC, Social Chairman; Human Relations Com- 

R. Richard Fiebrantz — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Alpha Lambda Omega; University Securities In- 
vestment Club, President. 

John Francis Figlear — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Sociology; 
Trustee's Scholarship; SR Club, Co-President; Psychology 
Club, Treasurer; Sigma Tau Delta; Pre-Law Society; Photogra- 
phy Club; Sailing Club; Epitome Photographer. 
Charlene A. Filz — Lexington, Massachusetts; Computer En- 

Glenn Francis Fink — Morton, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Concert Band. 

Peter D. Finkel — East Brunswick, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; IEEE; Glee Club; Choir. 

Kevin Peter Finn — Syosset, New York; Finance; Sigma Alpha 
Mu, Vice Prior; Varsity Basketball; Brown and White. 
Patricia Ellen Finney — Pembroke, Massachusetts; Civil En- 
gineering; ASCE, Secretary. 

Robert M. First — Cheltenham, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman Honors; Marching Band; Hillel; Radio Station, Busi- 
ness Manager. 

Matthew Owen Fisch — Delran, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Grotto Club; Sailing Club; Chess Club; Brown 
and White. 

Anne Tower Fitzpatrick — Summit, New Jersey; Journalism, 
American Literature Minor; Alpha Phi; Sigma Tau Delta; Scuba 
Diving Club, Secretary; SAC, Secretary; Brown and White; Ski 
Club; Big/Little Sisters. 

Michael Vincent Flannery — Mt. Vernon, New York; Finance; 
Scuba Club; IR Club; Investment Club. 

Jane Green Fliszar — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Leonard Pool Scholarship; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi. 
Deidre Ann Foley — River Vale, New Jersey; Electrical En- 

Mark Louis Follet — Mt. Laurel, New Jersey; Chemistry; Theta 
Chi, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain; Sherman Fairchild 
Scholarship; American Chemical Society; Dept. of Energy Re- 
search Grant. 

Craig M. Foltz — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; AIChE; Sailing 
Club; RHC. 

Mark L. Follet 

Craig M. Foltz 


Mark Phillips Foster — Amherst, New Hampshire; Mechanical 
Engineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Freshman Honors; 
Varsity Soccer. 

Scott Dean Fowler — Wescosville, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Radio Station. 

Hillary Fraenkel — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Marketing Club; AMA; Brown and White, Classified Ads Man- 

Patricia Ann Francis — Telford, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE; Society of Women Engineers. 
Jami Lynn Frank — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; English; Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Vice President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Sigma Tau Delta, President; Pre-Law Society; Cheerleading; 
Forum; Panhellenic, Secretary; Williams Essay Prize. 
Frank Philip Franzese — Garden City, New York; Biology; 
Sigma Chi, Historian; Dean's List; Brown and White. 
Christopher Wayne Frey — Mendham, New Jersey; Ac- 
counting; Theta Xi, Vice President, Pledge Master; Karate. 
Eric Lawrence Frey — Rockville Centre, New York; Finance/ 
Economics; Student Investment Fund; Sailing Club; LUV. 
Cynthia Lynn Frick — Franklin Lakes, New Jersey; Account- 
ing, Law Minor; Gamma Phi Beta; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Women in Business, President; 
Pre-Law Society; Accounting Internship. 

David James Fronheiser — Barto, Pennsylvainia; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Pi Tau Sigma; 

Steven Fuchs — New York City, New York; Finance; Tau Epsi- 
lon Phi; Hillel Society; LUV. 

John James Gabuzda — Freeland, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu; Newman Council; 
Catholic Folk Group. 

Maureen Patricia Gahagan — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting/Finance; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Beta Alpha Psi; Town House; Tau Lambda Chi; Women in 

Toya Antoinette Gaither — Hempstead, Long Island, New York; 
Psychology; Psychology Club; LUV. 

Peter John Gakos, Jr. — Dover New Jersey; Accounting; Delta 
Upsilon, President, Treasurer, Secretary; Football; FMA, 
Treasurer's Council; IFC Rep. 

Lynne Delores Gallagher — Scranton, Pennsylvania; English; 
Alpha Gamma Delta, President; Williams Scholarship; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Sigma Tau Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Treen Scholar- 
ship; Varsity Cheerleader; Co-Editor, English Literary Maga- 
zine; Pre-Law Society. 

Thomas P. Gallagher — Bergenfield, New Jersey; Marketing/ 
Management; USB Athletic Club. 

Michael J. Gallinaro — Middletown, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; SAE. 

Robert K. Gallmann, Jr. — Fairfield, Connecticut; Finance/ 
Marketing; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Marketing Club; 
Investments Club; AMA. 

Gerald M. Galvin — Forest Hills, New York; Economics. 

Alan E. Gamza — Cranford, New Jersey; Economics; Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Wrestling. 

Laura Greta Gardner — Wyckoff, New Jersey; Finance; 
Women's Tennis Team; Alpha Gamma Delta; Women in Busi- 

Susan Mary Garvey — Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Society of Women Engineers; Big/Little 

Doris Ann Gash — East Brunswick, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; IE Council; Ski Club; Sailing Club; Alpha 
Phi, Social Chairman; Powder Puff Football. 

Mark P. Foster 

Scott D. Fowler 

Christopher W. Frey 

Eric L. Frey 


^r^ -■ ^ 

I ' 4 

K ■ 1/ 

Maureen P. Gahagan 

Toya A. Gaither 

Robert K. Gallmann, Jr. 

Gerald M. Galvin III 


Hillary A. Fraenkel 

Patricia A. Francis 

Jami L. Frank 

Frank P. Franzese 

Cynthia L. Frick 

David J. Fronheiser 

Steven Fuchs 

John J. Gabuzda 

Peter J. Gakos, Jr. 

Lynne D. Gallagher 

Thomas P. Gallagher 

Michael J. Gallinaro 

Alan E. Gamza 

Laura Gardner 

Susan M. Garvey 

Doris A. Gash 


S. Lincoln Gedney 

Barbara A. Geekie 

Theresa Geier 

Diana H. Gengos 

Kenneth C. Gibbs. Jr. William A. Glenn 

Robin Glickman 

Sarah K. Goldfarb 

Michael R. Goldner 

Robert A. Goldstein 

Frank J. Glinsky 

Randi F. Golomb 

Nancy L. Gountanis 

Caroline F. Graf 

Jeffrey S. Graf 

Nancy S. Grason 


Anthony M. Gentile 

Jeffrey L. Gesford 

Gregory C. Goelz 

Kenneth M. Goldberg 

Michael B. Gordon 

Peter M. Gottlieb 


Richard E. Graves 

Bruce L. Gray 

Stanley L. Gedney IV — Crugers, New York; Foreign Careers; 
Sigma Chi, Historian; Varsity Baseball. 

Barbara Ann Bell Geekie — Towamencin, Pennsylvania; Chem- 
istry; Dean's List; American Chemical Society; Ski Club; Grot- 
to Club; Brown and White. 

Theresa Geier — Mahwah, New Jersey; Finance; Trustee Schol- 
arship; Gryphon Society; Women in Business; Marketing; 
AMA; Varsity Field Hockey; Big/Little Sister. 

Diana Helen Gengos — Westfield, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; RHC; Caving 
Club; Women in Business; Big Sister/Little Sister. 

Anthony Michael Gentile — Hauppauge, New York; Account- 
ing; Sigma Phi, Treasurer. 

Jeffrey Lynn Gesford — Hershey, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Delta Sigma Phi. 

Kenneth Charles Gibbs, Jr. — Marion, Connecticut; Computer 
Engineering; IEEE. 

William Anderson Glenn — Westfield, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Theta Chi, Rush Chairman, Secretary; AIIE; 
Varsity Soccer. 

Robin Beth Glickman — Laverock, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Women in Busi- 

Frank Glinsky — Honesdale, Pennsylvania; American Studies; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Tau Delta; LUV; Woodwind Quintet; 
Pre-Law Society. 

Gregory C. Goelz — Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Alpha Pi Mu, Vice President; AIIE; IE Council; Varsity Soccer; 
Rugby; Ski Club; FMA; Forum. 

Kenneth Michael Goldberg — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Sta- 
tistics; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Bridge Club; Back- 
gammon Club; Psychology Club; Hillel Society. 

Sarah Kay Goldfarb — Dresher, Pennsylvania; Accounting; Bar 
Excellence in Military Science; Women in Business; Army 
ROTC; Alpha Phi. 

Michael R. Goldner — Seaford, New York; Biology; Residence 
Security Director; Chairman Health Professions Society; 
Treasurer Alpha Phi Omega; Pshychology Club. 

Robert Alan Goldstein — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Steward; Brown and White Business Staff. 

Randi Faye Golomb — Scarsdale, New York; Accounting; 
Alpha Phi, Pledge Trainer; ASA; Epitome; Cheerleading. 

Michael Brian Gordon — Cos Cob, Connecticut; Accounting; 
Sigma Chi, Pledge Educator; Rugby Club, Match Secretary. 

Peter Gottlieb — Scarsdale, New York; Accounting; Investment 
Club, Treasurer; Brown and White. 

Nancy Linda Gountanis — Winchester, Massachusetts ; Market- 
ing/Management; Women in Business; Marketing Club. 

Caroline Frances Graf — Alliance, Ohio; Urban Studies; Fresh- 
man Honors; Choir; Madrigals; Brown and White; Brass En- 

Jeffrey S. Graf — Wilmington, Delaware; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE; Water Polo Club. 

Nancy Susan Grason — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; 
American Chemical Society; Russian Club; Allied Health Pro- 
fessions, Co-Chairman. 

Richard Eugene Graves — Center Valley, Pennsylvania; Chem- 
ical Engineering; AIChE; Brodhead Programming Board; 
ROTC; Society of American Military Engineers. 

Bruce Lawrence Gray — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering, Computing Science Minor; Alpha Lambda Omega, 
Vice President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; AIChE; Town 


Kent D. Greenawalt — Butler, Pennsylvania; Marketing; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Treen Scholarship; 
Gryphon Society; Marketing Club; Phi Delta Theta. 

Mitchell J. Greenhill — Oceanside, New York; Accounting; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Dean's List; Investment Club. 

Arthur J. Greenwood — Maple Glen, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Zeta Psi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Forum; Investment Club; Senior Class Gift Cam- 

John M. Grib — Northport, New York; Finance/Accounting; Pi 
Lambda Phi, Concessions Manager; Marketing Club, 
Treasurer; Investment Club. 

Joseph Griffin — Washington, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 

David Joseph Grillo — Willow Grove, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; AIChE; Ski Club; 
Investment Club. 

Mark Grimes — Scarsdale, New York; Finance; Alpha Sigma 
Phi, Activities Chairman; Freshman Honors; SAC; Publicity 
Committee, International Club. 

Paul Grimes — Scarsdale, New York; Finance; International 
Club; Soccer. 

Joseph Gromada — Wyckoff, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Theta Chi. 

Bruce H. Grossinger — Havertown, Pennsylvania; Biology; Sig- 
ma Alpha Mu, Social Chairman; Freshman Honors; Dean's 
List; Henry Farmer Premedical Scholarship; Varsity Tennis 
Team; Ice Hockey Club; Allied Health Professions; Psychology 

Andrea Lynn Grossman — Millwood, New York; Marketing, 
Jewish Studies Minor; Alpha Phi, Chaplain; SAC Brown and 
White; Marketing Club, Treasurer; Women in Business; Big/ 
Little Sister. 

David Grossman — Oceanside, New York; Natural Science, 
Spanish and Hebrew Minor; Sophomore Honors. 

Donna Grygorowicz — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Treadwell Engineering & York Scholarships; AIIE; 
Society of Women Engineers. 

Paul B. Guarracini — Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; ASME. 

Margaret Ann Guay — Chicopee, Massachusetts; Architecture/ 
Civil Engineering; Women's Soccer Club; Art & Architecture 

Keith Richard Haarmann — Clark, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Chi Epsilon; Lacrosse. 

Mary Kathleen Haas — Jamestown, Rhode Island; Accounting/ 
Finance; Gamma Phi Beta, Panhellenic Delegate; Dean's List; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Panhellenic Council, President, Secre- 
tary, Membership Chairman; Concerned Student Coalition. 

J. Andrew Hadley — Glenside, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering, History Minor; Kappa Alpha Society, President; 
AIChE; Jazz Band; Marching Band; Photography Club. 

Kent D. Greenawalt 

Mitchell J. Greenhill 

John M. Grib 

Joseph Griffin 

Mark Grimes 

Paul Grimes 

■ | i ! 

Donna E. Grygorowicz Paul B. Guarracini 


David J. Grillo 

Joseph C. Gromada 

Bruce H. Grossinger 

Andrea Grossman 

David A. Grossman 

Margaret A. Guay 

Keith R. Haarman 

Mary K. Haas 

John A. Hadley 


David R. Hady 

Daniel G. Haggerty 

Alfred D. Hahn 

k dt 

Michael J. Halloran John F. Hammerschmidt 

John K. Hanke 

Sara Haimowitz 

Paul C. Hanks 

Gary K. Heinly 

Timothy J. Hellmann 

Jane A. Helman 

Marie E. Helmold 


Barbara L. Haley 

James H. Hall 

Tracey L. Harbison 

Annette Harobin 

John Hearon 

Eric A. Heine 

William H. Henry 

Edward D. Herbert 

ogy Minor; Phi Delta Theta, Vice President, Chaplain; Dean's 
List; Marketing Club; AMA Psychology Club. 

Daniel Gerard Haggerty — Merrick, New York; Mechanical 

Alfred David Hahn — Haven Beach, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi, Social Chairman; Trustee Scholar- 
ship; ASME; Auxiliary Scholarship; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sig- 
ma; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Squash Team; Forum. 

Sara Haimowitz — Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; General Motors Scholar; Alpha Pi Mu; Theta Chi 
Little Sister; Gryphon Society. 

Barbara Lynn Haley — North Tarrytown, New York; Account- 
ing; Gamma Phi Beta; Panhellenic Scholarship; Women in 
Business; Varsity Lacrosse Team. 

James Hillson Hall — New Castle , New Hampshire ; Mechanical 
Engineering; Zeta Psi, President; ASME; Ski Team. 

Michael Jay Halloran — Union, New Jersey; Biochemistry; Phi 
Delta Theta, President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; FAM; IFC Executive Board; Alpha Phi Omega; YES, 
tutor; Tour Guide. 

John Frederick Hammerschmidt — Devon, Pennsylvania; 
Finance; Varsity Golf; Investment Club; Internship. 

John Kurt Hanke — Westfield, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Chi Epsilon; 
ASCE; Campus Crusade for Christ. 

Paul Hanks — Warminster, Pennsylvania; Theta Delta Chi; Bas- 

Tracey Lee Harbison — Chemical Engineering; Alpha Phi; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Powder Puff 

Annette Harobin — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; International Re- 

Bradley Walker Harris — Horsham, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Phi Gamma Delta; IFC, Vice President; Junior Class, President; 
Sophomore Class, President. 

Donna J. Hart — Rockford, 
Club; Women in Business. 

linois; Management; Marketing 

Jeffrey Scott Hartman — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; German House, Treasurer; Sophomore Honors; Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa; Cycling Team; German Club; Cycling Club: 
Photography Club. 

Barry T. Hawkey — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Kappa Sigma, House Manager; Dean's List; 
ASME, Vice Chairman; Marching Band; Ski Club; Senior Class 
Gift Campaign. 

John Hearon — Westfield, New Jersey; Electrical Engineering. 

Eric Alan Heine — Lewisburg, Pennsylvania; Biology; Blake 
Prize; William Essay Awards; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Frisbee Team; Lehigh Christian Fellowship. 

Gary Kenneth Heinly — Royersford, Pennsylvania: Electrical 
Engineering; Honorable Mention, Student Art Show; Bicycling 
Club; Lehigh Christian Fellowship. 

Timothy J. Hellmann — Locust Valley, New York; Finance; 
Sigma Nu; Varsity Soccer; Forum; Student Investment Fund: 
Class Gift Committee. 

Jane Ann Helman — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu: 
IEEE; Society of Women Engineers. 

Marie Helmold — New Providence, New Jersey; Accounting: 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Women's Soccer Club; Lacrosse Team; 
Women's Caucus; LUV. 

William Harris Henry — Bethesda, Maryland; Government: 
Freshman Honors; Pre-Law Society; Democratic Club; Brown 
and White; Broadhead Rep. 

Edward D. Herbert — East Brunswick, New Jersey: Electrical 
Engineering; Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, Vice President; YES; 

Kathleen Jane Herbert — Darien, Connecticut; Finance; Sopho- 
more Honors; Senior Class Treasurer; Solitations Chairman, 
Senior Gift Campaign; Marketing Club; Investment Club. 

Sharon Lucille Herman — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Basketball; Softball. 

Stephen M. Hess — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Engineering 
Physics; Tau Beta Pi; Society of Physics Students; Alpha Lamb- 
da Omega. 

David H. Hewit — Paris, Kentucky; Economics; Tau Epsilon 
Phi, Chaplain. 

Mark C. Heydt — Bronxville, New York; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE. 

Howard Bruce Hirsch — Bronx, New York; Accounting; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Robert J. Hnatuck — Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Electrical 

Noreen Gail Hochheiser — Monsey, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Society 
of Women Engineers; LUV. 

Douglas George Hock — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Alpha Chi Rho, Treasurer; Freshman Honors. 

Joseph Allen Hockman — Manassas, Virginia; Government; Del- 
ta Tau Delta; Varsity Wrestling. 

David S. Hoffman — Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; Pre-Med. 

Jane Ellen Holden — Huntington, New York; Management; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

Peter Haines Hollingsworth — Wilmington, Delaware; Finance; 
Delta Sigma Phi, House Manager; Sailing Club. 

William L. Holman — Towanda, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; IEEE; Computer Society; Residence Halls Judicial 

Pamela A. Holmes — Moscow, Pennsylvania; Finance; Sopho- 
more Honors; Big/Little Sister Program; Senior Class Gift Cam- 

Christopher Paul Home — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Market- 
ing; Theta Delta Chi; Dean's List; Richard King Mellon Schol- 
arship; Marketing Club; Brown and White. 

James Horwath — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Phi Gamma Delta; Rugby; Investment Club; Market- 
ing Club. 

Andy Hospodor — Newton, Massachusetts; Computer En- 
gineering; Sigma Phi, President, Vice President; Lehigh Re- 
search Grant; IEEE; Boxing Club; Radio Station; Brown and 
White, Circulation Manager. 

Leonard R. Hostetter, Jr. — Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; 
Marketing/Management; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Alcoa 
Scholarship; Marketing Club, Vice President; Gryphon Tutorial 
Program; YES; LUV. 

Keith M. Hottle — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Metallurgic En- 

Ross Walcott Hotz — Greenwich. Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice President; Long Distance 
Swimming Trophy; ASME; Varsity Swimming. 

William Edward Hotz, Jr. — Somerville, New Jersey; Civil 
Engineering; Zeta Psi; ASCE; Boxing Club. 

Garry Douglas Howard — Bronx, New York; Journalism, Span- 
ish Minor; Williams Journalism Prize; Varsity Basketball; Varsi- 
ty Track; BSU; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Brown and White, 
Sports Editor; Senior Reporter, Sports Staff: IR Club; Radio 

Elizabeth A. Howlett — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Psychology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Psi Chi. 

Kathleen J. Herbert 

Sharon L. Herman 

Robert J. Hnatuck 

Noreen G. Hochheiser 

Peter Hollingsworth 

William L. Holman 

Leonard R. Hostetter. Jr. 

Keith M. Hottle 


Stephen M. Hess 

Douglas G. Hock 

Pamela A. Holmes 

Ross W. Hotz 

David H. Hewit 

Joseph A. Hockman 

Mark C. Heydt 

Howard B. Hirsch 

David Hoffman 


Jane E. Holden 


Christopher P. Home 

James A. Horwath 

Andrew D. Hospodor 

William E. Hotz, Jr. 

Garry D. Howard 

Elizabeth A. Howlett 


Ellen D. Iobst 

Theodore W. Iobst 

Craig L. Israelite 

Laura E. Izard 

John R. Jephson 

Maurice Johnson 

Gordan M. Jonas 

David E. Jones 


Bruce W. Humiston 

Richard G. Hummers 

Rodger W. Hutley 

Nancy E. Hyman 

William E. Jacobyansky 

Richard P. Jacques 

William Charles Hubner, Jr. — Parsippany, New Jersey; Elec- 
trical Engineering; IEEE; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. 

Virginia R. Hugo — Broomall, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List; AIChE. 

Bruce Walter Humiston — Nutley, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma, President, Secretary; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; AIIE, Vice President. 

Richard George Hummers — Potomac, Maryland; Accounting; 
Beta Theta Pi, Secretary; Varsity Soccer. 

William Randolph Hurley — Bricktown, New Jersey; Electrical 

Joseph Boyd Huston — Easton, Pennsylvania; Finance/Man- 
agement; Theta Xi, Secretary; SAC; Publicity Committee. 

Rodger William Hutley — Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Delta Up- 
silon, Vice President; Freshman Soccer; Rugby; IR Club; IFC; 
Marketing Club. 

Nancy E. Hyman — Dumont, New Jersey; Government; Dean's 
List; Vanities. 

Ellen D. Iobst — Coopersburg, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Gryphon Society; Band; Society of Women En- 
gineers; LUV; AIChE. 

Theodore Winfield Iobst — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Football; EC AC. 

Craig L. Israelite — Easton, Pennsylvania; Biology; Sigma Chi. 

Laura Elizabeth Izard — Wethersfield, Connecticut; 
Architecture; Women's Soccer. 

William E. Jacobyansky — Portvue, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 

Richard P. Jacques — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Town Council, President; ASME. 

John R. Jephson — Endicott , Ne w York ; Chemical Engineering ; 
Pi Lambda Phi; Tau Beta Pi. 

Maurice Johnson — Huntington, New York; Biology; BSU. 

Gordon M. Jonas — Bridgeport, Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Psi Upsilon, Treasurer; President's Award; Tau Beta 
Pi; Varsity Rifle; Bridge Club. 

David Emerson Jones — Orange, Connecticut; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE. 

R. Douglas Jurrius — S. Glastonbury, Connecticut; Chemical 
Engineering; AIChE; Brodhead Programming Board; Commo- 
dore Sailing Club; Fencing Club; Ski Club. 

Alan Kahn — Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Engineering Physics; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Society of Physics 
Students; Off-Campus Students Organization. 

R.D. Jurrius 

Alan Kahn 


Daniel Mark Kamieniecki — Clark, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Varsity Track; Marching 
Band; AFROTC. 

Rande Steven Kaminsky — Hatboro, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Health Professions Society; Baseball; Forum; Epitome, 
Academic Editor and Identification Editor. 

Janet Marie Kamon — Nanticoke, Pennsylvania; Geology; 
Montclair Mansion, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Le Compane; Senior Class Executive Committee. 

Robvn Kaplan — Glen Rock, New Jersey ; Urban Studies/Social 
Relations; LUV; YES; Lehigh Listening Line; Social Alterna- 
tives Committee; Forum; The Harrisburg Urban Semester. 

Donna Karasic — Deal, New Jersey; Finance, Fine Arts Minor; 
Investment Club; Women in Business. 

George Karr — Collegeville, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 

David Jeffrey Kass — Spring Valley, New York; Accounting; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Marketing Club; Investment Club; Brown and White, Account 
Exec, Billing Manager. 

Ruth Alta Katcher — Flemington , New Jersey ; History , Biology 
and British Literature Minor; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; 
Gryphon Tutorial Program. 

Alisa Kauffman — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Women's Track; 
Allied Health Professions. 

Kevin Michael Kauffman — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Math; 
Computer Society; Young Democrats Club, President. 

Caleb Sebastian Kaufman — Hillsdale, New Jersey; English. 

Joanne Sara Kazar — Great Neck, New York; Marketing; 
Women's Soccer; Marketing Club; Women in Business; LUV. 

Robert William Keating — Morton, Pennsylvania; Geology; 
BetaTheta Pi, House Manager; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Cross Country; Geology Club. 

Drew Abel Keiser — Denver, Pennsylvania; Marketing; Theta 
Chi, Pledge Marshal; Wrestling; Marketing Club. 

Michael Kelner — Rydal, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME. 

Brian Arthur Kemmerer — Limeport, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Marching Band, 
Manager; Concert Band, President. 

Timothy W. Kemper — Bakerton, Kentucky; Civil Engineering; 

Craig S. Kenkelen — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; AIChE; ACS. 

Kevin James Kenna — Spring Valley, New York; Accounting; 
Delta Chi, Steward; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Brown and White, Desk Editor, Senior News 
Editor; Accounting Internship. 

Dennis Thornton Keough — Malvern, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta, Vice President; IEEE. 

Bruce Kerman — Fair Lawn, New Jersey; Metallurgy; Tau 
Epsilon Phi, Scribe; Student Metallurgy Society; VLC, Secre- 
tary; Forum. 

Bryson C. Kershner — Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Ski Club; Alpha Chi Rho. 

Bradley Kemp Kesel — Madison, Connecticut; Metallurgical 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary; Student Metallurgy 

Daniel P. Kievit — Nutley, New Jersey; Accounting; Phi Eta 
Sigma, Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Newman 
Council; Chairman of Social Action Committee; International 
Relations Club; Irish National Caucus of New Jersey. 


Daniel M. Kamieniecki 

Rande S. Kaminsky 

David J. Kass 

Ruth A. Katcher 

Robert W. Keating 

Drew A. Keiser 

Kevin J. Kenna 

Dennis T. Keough 

B /P*"^ 

Janet M. Kamon 

Robyn Kaplan 

Donna L. Karasic 

George K. Karr 

Alisa G. Kauffman 

Michael M. Kelner 

Bruce Kerman 

Kevin M. Kauffman 

Caleb S. Kaufman 

Brian A. Kemmerer 

Timothy W. Kemper 

Bryson C. Kershner 

Bradley K. Kesel 

Joanne S. Kazar 

Craig S. Kenkelen 

Daniel P. Kievit 


Elizabeth A. Kiley 

Joseph R. Kita 

Valerie A. Kloiber 

Richard S. Killian 

Douglas L. King 

William J. Kirkland 

Cynthia J. Klacik 

Hugh E. Klein. Jr. 

Stuart Kleinman 

Richard W. Klopp 

Thomas D. Knoop 

Martha Kochan 

Robert Kowalski 

Christopher T. Kraus 

Michael F. Krey 

Scott A. Kriner 


William E. Kirwan, Jr. 

Bruce M. Kisliuk 

Joyce E. Kohlhepp 

Kym J. Kowalski 

Karl H. Kruger 

Paul H. Kruggel, Jr. 

Elizabeth Anne Kiley — Shelton Connecticut; Finance/Man- 
agement; Brown and White, Assistant Comptroller; Senior 
Class Gift Campaign. 

Richard Scott Killian — Fullerton, California; Civil Engineering; 
Alpha Tau Omega; ASCE; IFC, Special Interest Committee; 
Public Address Announcer, Varsity Basketball Team. 
Douglas L. C. King — Wind Gap, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 

William John Kirkland — Broomall, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; AIChE. 
William Edward Kirwan, Jr. — Pottsville, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting; Lambda Chi Alpha; Dean's List; Merit Scholar; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Kappa. 
Bruce Michael Kisliuk — Silver Spring, Maryland; Chemical 
Engineering; Sigma Chi. 

Joseph Robert Kita — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Journalism; 
Williams Award. 

Cynthia Joan Klacik — Woodlynne, New Jersey; Chemistry; 
Varsity Basketball and Softball; Forum; Allied Health Profes- 

Hugh Evans Klein, Jr. — Chappaqua, New York; Accounting; 
Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer; Sophomore Honors; Varsity 

Stuart Kleinman — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Arts; Ski Club; 
Tau Beta Pi. 

David Albert Kleist — Telford, Pennsylvania; English, Philoso- 
phy and Classics Minor; Williams Creative Writing Award; Wil- 
liams Scholarship; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta, President; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Sophomore Honors; Omicron Delta Kappa; College 
Scholar Program; Philosophy Club; Classics Club Steering 
Committee; Music-Library Committee; Editor of Amaranth; 
Modern Language Assoc; American Society of International 

Anne Reynolds Kline — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Spanish/So- 
cial Relations; Alpha Gamma Delta, Publicity Chairman; Dean's 
List; Modern Foreign Language Department Scholarship to 
Study Abroad; Senior Class Executive Committee; Newman 
Folk Group; SAC; Town Council; Semester Abroad in Spain. 
Valerie Ann Kloiber — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Psychology; 
Luther Zollinger Scholarship; Trustee Scholarship; Psi Chi; 
Dean's List; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Psychology Club; 

Richard William Klopp — Telford, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Ingersoll-Rand 
Scholarship; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; ASME; 
LUV, Project Head. 

Thomas D. Knoop — Mendham, New Jersey; Business; Alpha 
Tau Omega; Gryphon Society. 

Martha Kochan — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Finance/Mar- 
keting; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; New 
Jersey State Scholarship; Trustee Scholarship; Alcoa Scho- 
larship Award; Women in Business, Chairperson; Marketing 
Club; AMA; Equestrian Club. 

Joyce Ellen Kohlhepp — Princeton Junction, New Jersey; 
Finance; Varsity Field Hockey. 

Kym J. Kowalski — Paramus, New Jersey; Government; Pre- 
Law Society; Lehigh Valley Grotto; SAC; ASA. 
Robert Kowalski — Teaneck, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE; Chess Club; Bridge Club; Investment Club; 
Computer Society. 

Christopher T. Kraus — Redding, Connecticut; Finance/Mar- 
keting; Theta Xi, Scholarship Committee; Investment Club; 
Marketing Club; Swim Team; Semester Abroad; Investment 

Michael F. Krey — Hillsdale, New Jersey; English; Chi Phi. 
Pledge Master; Sigma Tau Delta. 

Scott Alan Kriner — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; ASM. 

Karl Henry Kruger — Denville, New Jersey; Civil Engineering; 
Chi Phi, Vice President; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Chi 
Epsilon; ASCE. 

Paul H. Kruggel — Schenectady, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Atlas-Reinhold Scholarship; ASME. 


Gary M. Lapreziosa 

Richard H. Lark 

Nancy C. Lehrhaupt 

Jerold S. Leibensperger Joseph F. Leightner 

Keith H. Leitgeb 


Brian R. Kulp 

Robert S. Kurtas 

Philip J. Lagas 

Thomas E. Lally 

Alan S. Lea 

Joel E. Lebo 

Lois M. Kruse — Shillington, Pennsylvania; Psychology. 

Thomas Krutsick — Lansford, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Theta Chi. 

Brian Robert Kulp — Hatfield, Pennsylvania; Management. 

Robert Steve Kurtas — Perth Amboy, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; LUV; Alcoa Foundation; New Jersey 
State and Victor C. Records Scholarships. 

John Edwin Kuta — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Dean's List; IEEE, Vice Pres- 
ident; Student Investment Fund; Karate Club. 

Timothy Kyper — Huntingdon, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 

Philip J. Lagas — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Environmental 
Science and Resource Management. 

Thomas Edward Lally — Paramus, New Jersey; Chemical En- 

Gary Michael Lapreziosa — Pottstown, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Sigma Phi, Pledge Trainer; Stewart Cort Scholar- 
ship; AIIE; LUV; Brown and White. 

Richard Henry Lark — Hackensack, New Jersey; Biochemis- 
try; Delta Chi, Alumni Secretary, House Improvements Com- 
mittee; Lehigh Listening Line, President; Freshman Hall 

Alan S. Lea — Southborough, Massachusetts; Biochemistry; 
Delta Chi. 

Joel E. Lebo — West Lawn, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; Tau Beta 
Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Lehigh Christian Fellowship; LUV; American Chemical 

Nancy C. Lehrhaupt — Little Falls, New Jersey; History; Ger- 
man Club; Lacrosse; Women's Track Club; Powder Puff Foot- 
ball; Gryphon Society; LUV. 

Jerold Leibensperger — Shoemakers ville, Pennsylvania; Metal- 
lurgical Engineering; Student Metallurgy Society, President. 

Joseph Francis Leightner — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; American Chemical Society; AIChE. 

Keith H. Leitgeb — Schnecksville, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
American Chemical Society; Lehigh Christian Fellowship; March- 
ing; 97; Allied Health Professions; Gryphon Society; Varsity 

Paul John Leso — Rahway, New Jersey; Civil Engineering. 

Barry Michael Levine — Baldwin, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Varsity Lacrosse; Tutor; FMA; IFC. 

Paul J. Leso 

Barry M. Levine 


Bonnie Elizabeth Lewis — Wayne, Pennsylvania; Finance; Gam- 
ma Phi Beta; Field Hockey; Lacrosse; Panhellenic Social Com- 

Sara Elizabeth Lewis — Cumberland Foreside, Maine; Market- 
ing; Marketing Club; LUV; SAC; Off-Campus Student Assoc. 

John Daniel Liberty II — Blakely, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; Delta Upsilon, Pledge Master; Freshman Honors; 
IEEE; Rugby Club; Scuba Club. 

Carol Lichtblau — Englewood, New Jersey; Business. 

Douglas E. Lilly — Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

Thomas K. Long — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Marketing 
Photography Club; Investment Club; Pre-Law Society; Market- 
ing Club. 

Nancy Lee Lonski — East Brunswick, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Stauffer Chem. Scholarship; Atlantic Richfield 
Award; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; AIChE; Society 
of Women Engineers, Secretary, President; Forum Chair- 

Richard Preston Lowe — White Plains, New York; Finance; Tau 
Epsilon Phi, Vice Chancellor, Rush Chairman; Marketing Club; 
Hillel Society. 

David Hunt Lowrie — Westport, Connecticut; Industrial En- 
gineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, IFC Rep.; Freshman Honors; 
Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; LUV; Bridge Club; Residence Halls Securi- 
ty; Tour Guide. 

Linda Luce — Bridgewater, New Jersey ; Urban Studies ; Sopho- 
more Honors; Sociology Club. 

Scott Donald Lucker — Painesville, Ohio; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE. 

David George Lundeen — Homer, New York; Marketing; Sigma 
Nu; Hockey Club; Marketing Club; AMA. 

Valerie J. Lychak — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; RHC; Society of Women Engineers; AIIE; LUV, 
Forum; Residence Operations, Area Manager. 

David John MacFadyen — Milford, Connecticut; Electrical En- 
gineering; Karate Club. 

Roberta MacFarland — Ventnor City, New Jersey; Chemical 

Lois Marie MacGill — Midland Park, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Gamma Phi Beta, Secretary; Freshman Honors; Women's 
Track Club; Marching 97; Senior Rep. 

Michele Celeste Madack — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Studio 
Art; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Women's Swim Team. 

Susan L. Madden — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Arts. 

Mark J. Makowski — Scotch Plains, New Jersey; Finance. 

Paul Francis Malik — Macungie, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE; Alpha Lambda Omega. 

Kathleen Marie Mangan — Hagerstown, Maryland; Journalism/ 
Marketing; Lambda Mu Sigma; American Marketing Asso- 
ciation; Marketing Club; Brown and White; Publicity Chairman; 
Forum Residence Committee; Round Table; Concerned Stu- 
dents Coalition; University Dining Committee. 

Lynn Manganaro — Upper Saddle River, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; AIIE; Society of Women Engineers; Women's 
Soccer Club; Ski Club. 

Richard Walter Mannherz — Southampton, Pennsylvania; 
Computer Engineering; Sigma Chi, Treasurer; Freshman Hon- 
ors; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Rugby Club. 

Brian Allen Mantone — Fairview, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Phi Gamma Delta, Social Chairman. 

Ellen Gayle Margolis — Briarcliff Manor, New York; Marketing; 
Freshman Honors; Marketing Club; Brown and White. 

Bonnie E. Lewis 

Sara E. Lewis 

Richard P. Lowe 

David H. Lowrie 

David J. MacFadyen 

Roberta J. MacFarland 

Paul F. Malik 

Kathleen M. Mangan 


John D. Liberty II 

Carol B. Lichtblau 

Thomas K. Long 

Nancy L. Lonski 

Linda Luce 

Scott D. Lucker 

David G. Lundeen 

Valerie J. Lychak 

Lois M. MacGill 

Michele C. Madack 

Susan L. Madden 

Mark J. Makowski 


Lynn Manganaro 

Richard W. Mannherz 

Brian A. Mantone 

Ellen G. Margolis 


Del C. Markward 

Philip D. Marotto 

Janet C. Marstine 

Bradley S. Martin 

Paul F. Mastrianni 

David N. Mastrobattista 

John S. Mathews 

Paul B. Maxwell 

Joseph S. Mazel 

Alberta L. Mazzei 

Tyler W. McCann 

John A. McCarthy 

Richard J. McConnell, Jr. Gary A. McDonald 

Edward A. McDonough Thomas M. McElhinney 


Anthony Marvray 

Christopher Mason 

Clarice May 

Mark Mazar 

Joseph J. McCarthy 

John E. McCartney, Jr. 

John B. McGowan 

Gordon L. McGregor 

Del Charles Markward — Ardsley, Pennsylvania; Psychology; 
IFC, President; Beta Theta Pi, Vice President, Rush Chairman; 
Concerned Student Coalition; Marketing Club; Campus Liason; 
Psychology Club; Baseball, Captain. 

Philip David Marotto — Ridgefield, New Jersey; International 
Relations; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; ROTC; IR Club. 

Janet C. Marstine — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Management/ 
Art History; Art and Architecture Society. 

Bradley Martin — Grand Island, New York; Chemical En- 

Anthony Marvray — Edison, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Delta Tau Delta, Steward; ASME; Football; BSU. 

Christopher John Mason — Wilton, Connecticut; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; Varsity Golf 
Team, Captain. 

Paul Francis Mastrianni — Albany, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairman; AIIE; Forum. 

David Nicholas Mastrobattista — Center Valley, Pennsylvania; 
Computer Science; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Computer Society; Newman Center Folk Group. 

John Salvatore Mathews — Pittstown, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Psi Upsilon, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Psi U Grant; IFC Special Interests Committee. 

Paul Bryan Maxwell — Columbia, South Carolina; Metallurgy; 
Delta Upsilon; Rugby; Brown and White. 

Clarice May — Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey; Finance; Epi- 
tome, Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager. 

Mark Mazar — New Hyde Park, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Alpha Pi Mu, 
Treasurer; AIIE, President. 

Joseph S. Mazel — Great Neck, New York; Finance; Alpha 
Sigma Phi, Activity Chairman. 

Alberta Laura Mazzei — Hackettstown, New Jersey; Natural 
Science; Phi Beta Kappa; Women's Running Club; Newman 

Tyler W. McCann — Bethlehem, Pennsylvaina; Finance. 

John A. McCarthy, Jr. — New Canaan, Connecticut; Finance; 
Alpha Tau Omega, IFC Rep. ; Beta Gamma Sigma; Pi Eta Sigma; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Varsity Hockey; 
Varsity Tennis; Investment Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Joseph Joel McCarthy — Gladstone, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Zeta Psi; IFC Scholarship; ASME; Senior Class 
Gift Campaign Chairman; IFC Community Relations Chairman; 
Steckbeck Runathon Chairman. 

John El wood McCartney, Jr. — Easton, Connecticut; Civil En- 
gineering; Alpha Chi Rho; ASCE. 

Richard J. McConnell, Jr. — Ambler, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer; Nelson Bon Memorial Award; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Scuba Club. 

Gary Alan McDonald — Silver Spring, Maryland; Mechanical 
Engineering; ASME. 

Edward A. McDonough — Emmaus, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; ASME; Ski Club; Outdoor Club. 

Thomas M. McElhinney — Murrysville, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Gryphon Society; AIChE; SAC, Publicity Com- 

John B. McGowan — Staten Island, New York; Accounting; Pi 
Lambda Phi, Vice President, IFC Rep. ; Dean's List; Beta Alpha 
Psi; Varsity Basketball; IFC Treasurer; FMA Board of Direc- 

Gordon Lee McGregor — Wilmington, Delaware; Mechanical 
Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi, President; Freshman Honors; 


Thomas Jordan McGuire — Old Bethpage, New York; Gov- 
ernment; Psi Upsilon; Freshman Honors; Pre-Law Society; Ice 
Hockey Club. 

Peter J. McKee — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman; IFC Rep.; AIIE; 
Tutorial Program; LUV; YES. 

Douglas B. McLeod — West Hartford, Connecticut; Environ- 
mental Science and Resource Management; Squash Team; 
Radio Station. 

Lisa McMahon — Laporte, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi, Membership Chairman; AIChE; Society 
of Women Engineers. 

Donald P. McMillan — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Electrical 
Engineering; William B. Whigman Award; Eta Kappa Nu 
Award; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; IEEE; 

Kathleen A. McMinn — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Geology, Sci- 
ence Writing Minor; Alpha Phi; Geology Club; Varsity Rifle 
Team; Senior Class, Vice President; Forum; Brown and White; 
Ski Club. 

Robert F. McNeice — East Meadow, New York; Finance Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Social Chairman; Track; Marketing Club; Brown and 

Bonnie Marie McQuiston — Malvern, Pennsylvania; English; 
Dean's List; Delta Sigma Tau; Women's Soccer; Investment 

Paula Germaine Mc Williams — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Inter- 
national Relations; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau 
Delta; LUV; President IR Executive Board; Undergrad Re- 
search Grant Recipient; Alpha Gamma Delta; Panhellenic Rush 

Paul Joseph Mellett — Pequannock, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. 

Patricia Anne Mentzer — Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Mechani- 
cal Engineering; Gamma Phi Beta, Corr. Secretary; ASME. 

Peter A. Mercuri — Radnor, Pennsylvania; Management; Delta 
Tau Delta, Vice President; Football; Marketing Club. 

Francesco Merola — Far Hills, New Jersey; Psychology, Biolo- 
gy and Italian Studies Minors; Dean's List; Class Honors; Ital- 
ian Award; Psi Chi; Sigma Tau Delta; Philosophy Club; Lehigh 
Christian Fellowship; Newman Center Volunteer; College 
Scholar Program. 

Carolyn Ann Mervan — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Marketing; AMA; Marketing Club; LUV, Project Head; Big/ 
Little Sister Program. 

G. Edward Metz, Jr. — Harleysville, Pennsylvania; Gov- 
ernment; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau Delta; 
Federal Forum; Pre-Law Society, Vice President, President; 
Catholic Special Minister of the Eucharist; ASA; Ralph G. 
Treen Memorial Scholarship. 

Lawrence J. Miksiewicz — Kenilworth, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Chi Psi, Secretary; Football. 

Hyde Foster Miller — Short Hills, New Jersey; Electrical En- 
gineering; Karate Club; LUV; Sailing Club. 

Karen Marie Miller — Cheshire, Connecticut; Biology; Alpha 
Phi, Vice President; SAC, Sorority Rep. 

Mark Miller — Quakertown, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; Foot- 
ball; Kappa Sigma; Student Metallurgy Society, Treasurer. 

Mark Christopher Mills — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Track; Fencing. 


Thomas J. McGuire 

Peter J. McKee 

Robert F. McNeice 

Bonnie M. McQuiston 

Frank Merola 

Carolyn A. Mervan 

Hyde F. Miller 


Douglas B. McLeod 

Lisa McMahon 

Donald McMillan 

Kathleen A. McMinn 

Paula G. McWilliams 

Paul J. Mellett 

Patricia A. Mentzer 

Peter A. Mercuri 

Robert H. Mills. Jr. 

Steven H. Molotsky 

Gregory J. Musser 

Tamara L. Minick 

Stephanie A. Miritello 

Amy K. Mishkin 

Donato Monaco 

Karen E. Moncher Beth A. Moorstein 

Vanestra L. Myers 

Christopher S. Nagle 

George J. Nassar 


Yvonne L. Mitcho 

Andrew C. Moll 

M. Sebastian Murray 

Michael P. Murray 

Thomas A. Nealley 

Daniel O. Neith 

Robert H. Mills, Jr. — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; History; 
Delta Tau Delta, Recording Secretary; Football; Rugby; Forum; 
Photography; BSU. 

Tamara Lee Minick — Camp Hill, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; AIChE, Secretary-Treasurer; Grotto Club; Scuba 
Club; Investment Club. 

Stephanie Angela Miritello — Glen Head, New York; Sociology/ 
Psychology; Dean's List; SR Club; Psychology Club; Eques- 
trian Club. 

Amy Karen Mishkin — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; 
Psychology; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Powder Puff 
Football; Psychology Club; LUV; Forum; YES. 

Yvonne L. Mitcho — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Biology; Fresh- 
man Honors; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; Allied Health Pro- 
fessions Society; Women's Caucus. 

Andrew C. Moll — Moorestown, New Jersey; Computing En- 
gineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Waterpolo 
Club, Vice President. 

Steven H. Molotsky — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Sophomore Honors. 

Donato Monaco — Mount Kisco, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME. 

Karen Moncher — Staten Island, New York; Psychology, 
Women's Studies Minor; Alpha Phi; Dean's List; Sophomore 
Honors; Psi Chi, President; Phi Beta Kappa; Treen Scholarship; 
Epitome, Senior Section Editor; SAC. 

Beth Adrienne Moorstein — New York, New York; Accounting/ 
Finance; Investment Club; Women in Business; Radio Station. 

Gregory Michael Morgan — Livingston, New Jersey; 

Gerard Joseph Mosconi — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Phi Gamma Delta; Karate Club; Squash. 

Robert Milton Moyer — Wyomissing Hills, Pennsylvania; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; College 

Susan Elaine Moyer — Annandale, Virginia; Accounting; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta 
Alpha Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Women in Business; Panhellenic 
Council Expansion Committee. 

Robert W. Munley — Weston, Connecticut; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Caving Club. 

Mary Louise Murphy — Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Accoun- 
ting; Women in Business; LUV; Marketing Club. 

M. Sebastian Murray — Scarsdale, New York; Government; 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Varsity Squash Team; Pre-Law Society; 
Brown and White; Semester Abroad — Israel. 

Michael P. Murray — Verona, New Jersey; History; Varsity 
Indoor-Outdoor Track; Varsity Cross Country; Phi Delta Theta. 

Gregory Musser — Pepper Pike, Ohio; Mechanical Engineering; 
Phi Kappa Theta; Boxing Team. 

Vanestra Lee Myers — Hartford, Connecticut; Civil En- 
gineering; Dance Club. 

Christopher Scott Nagle — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Beta Theta Pi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Varsity 

George John Nassar — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; 
International House, Treasurer, Social Chairman; American 
Chemical Society; Arabic Club, Treasurer; German Club, 
Treasurer; Bridge Club, Treasurer; Sailing Club. 

Thomas Anthony Nealley — Middlebury, Vermont; Marketing/ 
Management; Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, Pledge Master; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Ski Club; Marketing Club. 

Daniel O. Neith — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; Stu- 
dent Metallurgy Society; American Society Metals. 


Janine Louise Nelson — Madison, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Gamma Phi Beta, Vice President; Rush Chairman; 
AIIE, Secretary; Senior Class Executive Council; Epitome; 

Thomas R. Nelson — Newtown Square, Pennsylvania; Ac- 
counting; Delta Chi, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Beta Gamma 
Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Varsity Ice Hockey. 
Varuni Nelson — Wynnewood, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Beta Alpha Psi, Vice President; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Pre-Law Society; Epitome, Copy Editor; LUV; 
Sophomore Class Secretary, Phi Beta Kappa. 
Daniel Edward Nemeth — Northampton, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice President; Student Invest- 
ment Club; Photography Club; LUV; Allied Health Professions 

John Ara Nersesian — Livingston, New Jersey; Marketing; Sig- 
ma Alpha Mu, Social Chairman, House Manager; SAC, Concert 
Chairman, Vice President, Production Manager; Brown and 
White, Business Staff; Forum; ASA, Chairman; Marketing 

Denise Irene Nicholas — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Tau Lambda Chi; College Scholar Program; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Allied Health Professions. 

Peter Kent Nicholas — Line Lexington, Pennsylvania; Ac- 
counting; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Comptroller; Varsity Wrestling; 
Ski Club. 

Beth Notis — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Psychology; Varsity 
Swimming; Soccer Club; Rifle Team; Forum; Hillel Society; 
Alpha Gamma Delta; Ski Club. 

Cheryl M. Novak — Wayne, Pennsylvania; Accounting/Fi- 
nance/Economics; MVP Hockey 1980; Outstanding Freshman 
Athlete; Varsity Field Hockey; Basketball; Lacrosse; LCF; 
Women In Business; LUV; CCC. 

Barbara A. Nulty — Bay Shore, New York; Marketing; Vol- 
leyball; Softball; Marketing Club. 

Francis J. O'Donnell III — Bayonne, New Jersey; Philosophy/ 
Psychology; Phi Gamma Delta, President, Pledge Master; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Allied Health Professions; Phi- 
losophy Club; Psychology Club; IFC Rep. 
Thomas James O'Donnell — Madison, New Jersey; Finance; 
Alpha Tau Omega, Usher; Hockey Club; Special Interest Com- 
mittee; IFC. 

Theodore Philip Ogren — Ridge wood, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma, President; Tau Beta Pi; Varsity 
Soccer; Lehigh Christian Fellowship; AFROTC. 
Andrew S. Okada — Kirkland, Washington; Marketing; Delta 
Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman; Wrestling; Boxing Club; Marketing 

John O'Sullivan — Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania; Finance; Beta 
Theta Pi; Varsity Football. 

Paulette Oswick — Brecksville, Ohio; Architecture. 
Lloyd F. Ottinger — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 

Ann Elizabeth Padjen — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Investment Club. 
Anne Palaszewski — Clifton, New Jersey; Economics/Finance; 
Women in Business; Brown and White; Psychology Club. 
Robert Palsgrove — Frackville, Pennsylvania; Finance; Delta 
Upsilon; Football. 

Mary Alice Panarello— West Chester, Pennsylvania; German/ 
International Relations; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Pow- 
der Puff Football; IR Club; Athletic Trainer; Senior Class Ex- 
ecutive Committee. 

Michael L. Pany — Coplay, Pennsylvania; Finance; Investment 
Club; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Albert F. Paolini II — Easton, Connecticut; Finance; Pre-Law 
Society; Investment Club; Forum; Tuition Advisory. 
Anne Marie Parfitt — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Psychology; 
Sophomore Honors; Pre-Law Society; LUV; Psychology Club; 
Women's Caucus. 

Janine L. Nelson 

Thomas R. Nelson 

Peter Nicholas 

Beth Notis 

Theodore P. Ogren 

Andrew S. Okada 

Anne Palaszewski 

Robert O. Palsgrove 


Varuni Nelson 

Cheryl M. Novak 

John D. O'Sullivan 


Mary Alice Panarello 

Daniel E. Nemeth 

John A. Nersesian 

Barbara A. Nulty 

Francis J. O'Donnell III 

Paulette F. Oswick 

Lloyd F. Ottinger 

Denise I. Nicholas 

Thomas J. O'Donnell 

Ann E. Padjen 

Michael Pany 

Albert F. Paolini II 

Anne Marie Parfitt 


Mitchell J. Paris 

Kevin R. Parke 

Jonathan L. Parmet 

David C. Patten 

John M. Paulus 

George Peck 

Robert S. Pehnke 

Solon A. Person IV 

David R. Pfeil 

Michael J. Picucci 

Robert M. Patterson 

Cheryl Paul 

Peter R. Pestalozzi 

Randall A. Petkus 

Nancy E. Phillips 

Beth A. Pianucci 

Mitchell J. Paris — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 

Kevin R. Parke — Dalton, Pennsylvania; Accounting/Finance; 
Lambda Chi Alpha, Treasurer, President; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Alumni Prize; Investment Club. 

Jonathan Louis Parmet — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Natural 
Sciences; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Allied Health Profes- 
sions; Hillel Society. 

David Clark Patten — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Chandler Prize; Sigma 
Tau Delta; AIChE; Varsity Soccer; Bioengineering Club; 
Coach, Women's Soccer Club. 

Robert M. Patterson — Maple Glen, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Theta Xi, President, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Varsity Lacrosse, Captain; Senior Executive Com- 
mittee, President. 

Cheryl Beth Paul — Wilmington, Delaware; Marketing; Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Co-Captain, Varsity Volleyball; 
MVP Volleyball; Varsity Tennis; English Club. 

John Mark Paulus — Paramus, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman; Freshman Honors; 
ASME, Treasurer; Ski Club, Treasurer. 

George Peck — Brunswick, Maine; Mechanical Engineering; 
Chi Phi, Social Chairman; Weightlifting; Baja All Terrain Com- 

Robert Stephen Pehnke — Franklin Square , Ne w York ; Manage- 
ment/Finance; Delta Tau Delta. 

Solon A. Person IV — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Sigma Nu; Marketing Club; Photography Club; Finance Club; 

Peter Ross Pestalozzi — Carlisle, Massachusetts; Chemical En- 
gineering; Sigma Phi, President. 

Randall Adrian Petkus — Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; ASCE; Delta Upsilon. 

David Ross Pfeil — Montoursville, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Ingersoll-Rand Scholarship; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, President; Pi Tau Sigma. 

Nancy E. Phillips — Tappan, New York; Management; Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Choir; Orches- 
tra Librarian; Women in Business; Music at Lehigh Committee. 

Beth A. Pianucci — Woodbridge, New Jersey; Chemistry; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; American Chemical Society, 
Secretary; Brown and White. 

Michael James Picucci — Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania; Electric- 
al Engineering; Alpha Lambda Omega, Pledge Chairman, Pres- 
ident; IEEE. 

Douglas Pieper — Fairport, New York; Industrial Engineering; 
Sigma Chi. 

David Michael Pietruszynski — Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; 
Electrical Engineering; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Omicron Delta Kappa; IEEE; Gryphon Society, Secretary; 
Newman Council. 

Douglas A. Pieper 

David M. Pietruszynski 


Randi Sue Pines — Livingston, New Jersey; Psychology; Fresh- 
man. Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Psi Chi; LUV; Psycholo- 
gy Club. 

Anthony S. Pinnie — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Journalism; 
Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary; Alumni Scholarship 
Award; Varsity Football; Brown and White; Radio Station, 
Assistant Sports Director. 

Debra L. Pipines — Bergenfield, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Equestrian Club; Pre-Law Society; Women in Business. 

Steven Ronald Plucinsky — Wallington, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Delta Upsilon; Varsity Football. 

Bari Sue Podell — Hewlett, New York; Government/French; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa; Women's Caucus; Junior Year Abroad 
— France. 

Anne L. Pollack — Rydal, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; Amer- 
ican Chemical Society; Tennis; Ski Club; Equestrian Club; 
Grotto Club; Outing Club; Residence Halls Security. 

Eric Pollak — Pottstown, Pennsylvania; Pre-Med. 

Marc John Poncelet — Waterloo, Belgium; Computer En- 
gineering; Volleyball Club; Lehigh Valley Soccer League. 

Joseph P. Porcelli — Oakland, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; ThetaXi, IFC Rep., Rush Chairman; Freshman Hon- 
ors; AIChE Society. 

Edward Stanley Poreda — Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Metal- 
lurgy; American Society for Metals; Student Metallurgy Soci- 
ety; Track. 

Susan Jane Pors — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; Soph- 
omore Honors; American Society for Metals. 

John Michael Porta — West Hempstead, New York; Account- 
ing; Theta Chi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; IFC Scholarship; Photography 
Club, Treasurer; FMA, Board of Directors, Chairman. 

Richard Dale Porter — Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; 

Craig P. Post — Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey; Metallurgic En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma. 

Kimberly Lynn Powell — Norwood, Pennsylvania; Economics/ 
Government; John S. Steckbeck Award; Varsity Field Hockey, 
Captain; Varsity Lacrosse, Co-Captain; Pre-Law Society. 

John Power — Lebanon, Pennsylvania; Pre-Med. 

Michael Murphy Power — Doylestown, Pennsylvania; Market- 
ing; Varsity Basketball; Marketing Club. 

David C. Pratt — Orange, Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME. 

Leslie Bess Praver — Great Neck, New York; Psychology; 
Dean's List; Psychology Club; Lehigh Listening Line; Big/Little 

David M. Prestipino — Easton, Pennsylvania; Finance; Ski 
Club; Investment Fund; Circle-K Club, Secretary. 

Kenneth R. Preston — Atlanta, Georgia; Accounting; Kappa 
Alpha, Treasurer, Rush Chairman; Connecticut State Scholar- 
ship; Freshman Honors; International Club, Secretary; Campus 
Crusade, Treasurer. 

Pamela Lee Proctor — Flemington, New Jersey; Psychology/ 
Theatre; Gryphon Society; Mustard & Cheese. 

Ann E. Prudente — Wallingford, Pennsylvania; Finance; AMA; 
Marketing Club; Investment Club. 

Keith E. C. Pulling — Westlake Village, California; Industrial 
Engineering; Kappa Sigma; Rush Chairman; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; AIIE, 
Chapter President. 


Randi S. Pines 

Anthonv S. Pinnie 

Eric Pollak 

Marc J. Poncelet 

Richard D. Porter 

Craig P. Post 

Leslie B. Praver 

David M. Prestipino 

Debra L. Pipines 

Steven R. Plucinsky 

Ban S. Podell 

Anne L. Pollack 

Joseph Porcelli 

Edward S. Poreda 

Susan J. Pors 

John M. Porta 

Kimberly L. Powell 

John Power 

Michael M. Power 

David C. Pratt 

Kenneth R. Preston 

Pamela L. Proctor 

Ann E. Prudente 

Keith E. Pulling 


Robert J. Puzauskie 

Omar M. Rahim 

Kenneth T. Rapp 

Steven P. Queen 

James R. Quigg 

Mark M. Quillin 

Edward M. Rajkowski 

Igor B. Rajsky 

Rosanne Ramunni 

Bruce E. Rarig 

Cindy L. Raspiller 

Kristina E. Rattie 

Frank M. Regan 

Joel D. Reich 

Michael F. Reinbold 

Daniel T. Renshaw 


David C. Quinn 

Gary W. Raab 

Lorna M. Ranger 

Bruce R. Rankin 

Raymond L. Rau 

Debra Ray 

Jacqueline A. Rettberg 

Bret M. Rice 

Robert John Puzauskie — Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Architec- 
ture; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Architecture Show 
Award; Art and Architecture Society; Gryphon Society. 

Steven P. Queen — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Freshman Honors; AIChE. 

James Richard Quigg — Civil Engineering/Government; ASCE. 

Mark Matthew Quillin — Lansdale, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Management; Delta Chi; Finance Club; Marketing Club; Ski 

David C. Quinn — Penn Yan, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma; General Motors Scholar; Boxing Club. 

Gary William Raab — Ocean City, New Jersey; Biology; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Sigma Kappa; Allied 
Health Professions; Ski Club. 

Omar Rahim — Cairo, Egypt; Electrical Engineering; Dean's 
List; German House; Arabic Club. 

Edward M. Rajkowski — Blairstown, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Sigma Nu; Baseball; Newman Council; Gryphon Society. 

Igor Brian Rajsky — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Soccer; AIIE. 

Rosanne Ramunni — Easton, Pennsylvania; Journalism/ 
Psychology and American Lit.; Crazer Scholarship; Trustee 
Scholarship; Brown and White; Psychology Club; Women's 

Lorna M. Ranger — Jamaica, New York; Psychology; BSU; 
Psychology Club. 

Bruce Reynolds Rankin — Bethel Park, Pennsylvania; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Kappa Sigma, House Manager; ASME; 
Varsity Tennis; Varsity Squash, Co-Captain; Ski Club; Russian 

Kenneth Terry Rapp — Easton, Pennsylvania; Engineering Phys- 

Bruce Rarig — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Civil Engineering; Chi 
Psi, Steward; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Football. 

Cindy L. Raspiller — Conroy , Iowa; Environmental Science and 
Resource Management; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Brod- 
head House, Programming Board; Forum. 

Kristina Elisabeth Rattie — Abington, Pennsylvania; English/ 
Government; Alpha Phi, Secretary; Dean's List; Sigma Tau 
Delta; International Club. 

Raymond Rau — Newtown, Connecticut; Engineering/Physics; 
Tau Beta Pi; Physics Society. 

Debra Ray — Reading, Pennsylvania; Pre-Med; Choir; Alpha 
Gamma Delta; Phi Eta Sigma; Newman Folk Singers. 

Frank Regan — Scranton, Pennsylvania; English; Leonard P. 
Pool Scholarship; Williams Essay Prize; Sigma Tau Delta; IFC 
Rep.; Cross Country; Boxing; Beta Theta Pi. 

Joel David Reich — Valley Stream, New York; Economics/ 
Urban Studies; Tau Epsilon Phi; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Jazz Ensemble; Brass Quintet; Concert Band; 

Michael F. Reinbold — Ottsville, Pennsylvania; English; Sigma 
Tau Delta, Vice Prisident. 

Daniel Travis Renshaw — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AIChE. 

Jacqueline A. Rettberg — Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; AIChE; Frisbee Team. 

Bret Matthew Rice — San Jose, California; Industrial En- 
gineering; Delta Chi, Secretary; AIIE. 


Magreen Richards — E. Elmhurst, New York; Chemical En- 

Kevin Alfonso Riley — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Math; Bas- 

Jonathan Clark Ripsom — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Tau Beta Pi; AIChE; Frisbee Team; Computer Society; Outing 

Bruce Bainbridge Robbins — Fredericksburg, Virginia; Electri- 
cal Engineering; IEEE. 

John Herbert Robbins — Southampton, Massachusetts; 
Accounting; Sigma Nu. 

Charles R. Roberts — Boonton, New Jersey; Government; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

John Brett Robertson — Scarsdale, New York; Accounting. 

Robert Richard Roche — Mountainside, New Jersey; Mechani- 
cal Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho; ASME; Cross Country; Track. 

Margo Lorraine Sasak Roe — Langhorne, Pennsylvania; En- 
glish, History and Aerospace Studies Minors; Arnold Air 

Jeffrey Louis Roehr — Marion, Massachusetts; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Frisbee Team. 

Cynthia Ann Roff — Hammonton, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; AIIE; Field Hockey. 

Gregory A. Rogers — Schnecksville, Pennsylvania; Man- 
agement; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

George Joseph Romanik — West Haven, Connecticut; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; American Chem- 
ical Society; AIChE; German Club; IR Club; Computer 
Society; Newman Association, President; Folk Group. 

Robert J. Romeo — New Providence, New Jersey; Accounting/ 
Finance; Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Football. 

Joan Marie Ronca — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Women in 
Business; Investment Club; Equestrian Club; Ski Club. 

Barry S. Rosenstein — West Orange, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Beta Alpha Psi; Accounting Internship; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Brown and White, Comptroller; Investment Club; 
LUV; Ski Club. 

William R. Ross — Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Management; 
Sophomore Honors; Marketing Club; Investment Club. 

Robert Seth Rothenberg — Brooklyn, New York; Finance; Sig- 
ma Alpha Mu, Vice President; Dean's List; LUV; SAC, 

Suzanne Marie Royer — Camp Hill, Pennsylvania; Computing 
Science; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Rolf 
Adenstedt Scholarship; Trustee Scholarship; Women's Soccer 
Club, Vice President; Listening Line; LUV. 

Joseph B. Rubin — Tenafly, New Jersey; Finance/Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Class of '04 Schol- 
arship; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Sigma Tau Delta; Forum, Trustee Rep., Cultural Affairs 
Chairman; Woodrow Wilson Fellow Program; Hillel Society; 
LUV; Registrar's Advisory Board; Investment Club; Class of 
'81 Executive Committee. 

Magreen M. Richards 

Kevin A. Riley 

John H. Robbins 

Charles R. Roberts 

Margo L. Roe 

Jeffrey L. Roehr 


Joan Ronca 

Barry S. Rosenstein 

John B. Robertson 

Robert R. Roche 

Cynthia A. Roff 

Gregory A. Rogers 

George J. Romanik 

Robert J. Romeo 

William R. Ross, Jr. 

Robert S. Rothenberg 

Suzanne M. Royer 

Joseph B. Rubin 


Rosalie M. Rutter 

John S. Ryan 

Michael J. Ryan 

Michael P. Ryan 

John J. Santanasto 

Peter Sattler 

Thomas J. Scargle 

John A. Schadt 

Fredrick D. Schaufeld 

James J. Schick 

Richard M. Schilder Donald K. Schirmer 


Margot S. Sabol 

Dennis J. Sagl 

Scott J. Sanders 

Peter M. Sansom 

David L. Schantz, Jr. 

Gail E. Schargel 

Cory E. Schlags 

Donna L. Schmiedel 

Rosalie Marie Rutter — Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; Biology; 
Dean's List; LUV. 

J. Stuart Ryan — Midland, Michigan; Chemical Engineering; 
Chi Psi, President; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; AIChE; ACS; 

Michael Joseph Ryan — Darien, Connecticut; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AIChE; American Chemical Society; Computer Soci- 
ety; Gryphon Society. 

Michael P. Ryan — Huntington, New York; Accounting; Theta 
Xi, House Manager; Karate Club. 

Margot Stoll Sabol — Chappaqua, New York; Economics. 

Dennis J. Sagl — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemistry; National 
Merit Scholar; Tau Beta Pi; American Chemical Society; Col- 
lege Bowl; Chess Club. 

Susan Amy Sajer — Camp Hill, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; American Chemical 
Society; Women's Soccer Club; LUV; Off-Campus Students 

Joseph Salamido — Scranton, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma, Pledge Master; Ski Club, President; 
Boxing Team. 

Ted J. Salkin — Cinnaminson, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Sigma Alpha Mu, Treasurer, Steward. 

Bruce Samuels — Bridgewater, New Jersey; Economics/Urban 
Studies; Theta Chi, Historian; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Varsity Tennis. 

Scott J. Sanders — W. Hartford, Connecticut; Accounting; Pi 
Lambda Phi, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 

Peter Marsh Sansom — Basking Ridge, New Jersey; Man- 
agement; Zeta Psi, Rush Chairman; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

John Joseph Santanasto — Fountain, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Newman Society. 

Peter Sattler — Yonkers, New York; Computer Engineering; 
IEEE; Republican Club; Investment Club. 

Thomas J. Scargle — Reading, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice President; IEEE. 

John A. Schadt — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Engineering/Phys- 

David Lloyd Schantz, Jr. — Zionsville, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; IEEE. 

Gail Schargel — Mamaroneck, New York; Accounting; Forum; 
Women in Business. 

Fredrick D. Schaufeld — McLean, Virginia; Government; Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Rush Chairman; Sigma Tau Delta; SAC Concert 
Chairman; Entertainment Committee Chairman; LUV; Brown 
and White. 

James J. Schick — New York, New York; Computer En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu, Vice President; Dean's List; IFC Social 

Richard Martin Schilder — Newton Centre, Massachusetts; 
History; Mu Omicron Beta; Cross Country; RHC Facilities 
Chairman; Radio Station, Music Director. 

Donald K. Schirmer — Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania; 
Accounting; Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Treasurer; Freshman, 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Cory Evan Schlags — Bergenfield, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AIChE; ACS; Hillel Society; Computer Society. 

Donna L. Schmiedel — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
Accounting; Dean's List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Fairchild-Martindale Center Student Associate; Phi Beta Kappa; 
German Club; Russian Club, President; IR Club. 

Douglas E. Schoenberg — Berkeley Heights, New Jersey; 
Finance; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Alpha Phi Omega; Investment Club; SAC Publicity Committee; 
Class Gift Investment Committee. 

Keith Charles Schoepflin — Allendale, New Jersey; Marketing; 
Chi Phi; Varsity Baseball; Marketing Club. 

Curtis Scott Schuelein — Township of Washington, New Jersey ; 
Economics/Finance; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Investment Club, 
Secretary; Fairchild-Martindale Student Associate; IR Club. 

Abby Cynthia Schultz — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Marketing Club; Women in Business; SAC, Publicity Com- 

Jane Carol Schwartz — Clark, New Jersey; Journalism/Social 
Relations; Brown and White; Hillel Society. 

Jane Ann Schwitter — Huntington, New York; Marketing; 
Albert Zettlemoyer Award; Varsity Tennis; AMA; Residence 
Halls Security; Grotto Club; Marketing Club; Outing Club. 

Pamela Marie Scobbo — Port Washington, New York; Gov- 
ernment; LUV, President; Pre-Law Society; Forum. 

Anthony William Seaman — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electri- 
cal Engineering; Freshman Honors; Dean's List; IEEE; Eta Kap- 
pa Nu; Alpha Lambda Omega. 

Virginia C. Secrist — Newton, New Jersey; Economics. 

Rebecca J. Sedlar — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; Marketing 
Club; Alpha Phi. 

Steven Ross Seeb — Baltimore, Maryland; Chemical En- 
gineering; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Alexandra Ann Segatti — Wind Gap, Pennsylvania; Fun- 
damental Science; Society of Women Engineers, Treasurer; 
Women's Choir; Newman Society; Big/Little Sisters. 

Kathleen Ann Selinka — Ridgewood, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; AIChE; RHC, Secretary; LUV. 

Hayedeh Christina Sepahpur — Palo Alto, California; Finance; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Gamma Phi Beta, Scholarship 
Chairman; Varsity Volleyball; Semester Abroad. 

Beatrice Ann Sergiovanni — Ridgefield, Connecticut; Interna- 
tional Relations; Alpha Phi, Steward; Dean's List; SAC, Sorority 
Rep.; Forum. 

Diane Carolyn Sgambeiluri — Oakland, New Jersey; Marketing/ 
Finance; Marketing Club, Vice President; Women in Business; 
Student Judicial Board; Investment Club; AMA. 

Steve M. Shade — Fleetwood, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 

Joseph Shalleck — Phladelphia, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Chi Phi. 

James E. Shannon — Shelton, Connecticut; Marketing; Delta 
Sigma Phi, IFC Rep.; Marketing Club; Ski Club. 

David Lee Sharper — Churchville, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 

Timothy Samuel Shea — Dover, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; ASME; Gryphon Society; RHC. 

Philip B. Sheibley — Bridgewater, Massachusetts; Industrial 
Engineering; Delta Phi; Sophomore Honors; AIIE; Tennis; 
Golf; IFC Social Committee. 

Gregory J. Shemanski — Reading, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Management; Delta Tau Delta, House Manager; Varsity Foot- 
ball; Senior Class Gift Committee. 

James E. Sherer — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Economics, I.R. 


Douglas E. Schoenberg 

Keith C. Schoepflin 

' 11,1 . 

Pamela M. Scobbo 

Anthony W. Seaman 

Kathleen A. Selinka 

H. Christina Sepahpur 

James E. Shannon 

David L. Sharper 

Curtis S. Schuelein 

Beatrice A. Sergiovanni 

Timothy S. Shea 

Abby C. Schultz 

Jane C. Schwartz 

Jane A. Schwitter 

Diane C. Sgambelluri 

Steve M. Shade 

Joseph R. Shalleck 

Philip B. Sheibley 

Gregory J. Shemanski 

James E. Sherer 


Leo C. Sherwin 

Steven J. Shichman 

David R. Shillaber 

Linda J. Shoener 

Anne M. Shuhler 


Andrew F. Shulman 

Wayne R. Shurts 

John A. Sibilia 

John W. Shoffner, Jr. 

Brian T. Shriver 

Vincent J. Siciliano III 

Kenneth P. Siegel 


Karen E. Siegler 

Richard W. Silberg 

Leo Sherwin — Schenectady, New York; Computer En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu. 

Steven Jon Schichman — Trumbull, Connecticut; Chemical En- 
gineering; Phi Delta Theta, House Manager; Freshman Honors; 
Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; LUV, Project Head; AIChE; IFC 
Scholastic Chairman. 

David Robinson Shillaber — Princeton, New Jersey; Finance; 
Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity Golf. 

Linda J. Shoener— Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; Fresh- 
man Honors; ASM. 

John W. Shoffner, Jr. — Metuchen, New Jersey; Mechanical 

Brian Thomas Shriver — Longmeadow, Massachusetts; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; Pi Tau Sigma; Varsity 

Anne M. Shuhler — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Biology; Amar- 
anth Literary Magazine; Premedical Society; Philosophy Club. 

Andrew Frank Shulman — Manhasset Hills, New York; 
Accounting; Orchestra. 

Wayne Robert Shurts — Berkeley Heights, New Jersey; Fi- 
nance/Management; Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chairman, Treasur- 
er, President; Dean's List; President's Ad-Hoc Committee on 
University Life. 

John Anthony Sibilia — Livingston, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AIChE; Newman Society; Ski Club. 

Vicent J. Siciliano III — Oakmont, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Theta Xi. 

Kenneth Philip Siegel — Clark, New Jersey; Chemistry/Electrical 
Engineering; Freshman Honors; Sherman Fairchild Solid State 
Studies Fellow; American Chemical Society, President; Off- 
Campus Students Association; Chi Phi; IEEE. 

Karen E. Siegler — Short Hills, New Jersey; Accounting; Fresh- 
man, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Women in Business; 
Gamma Phi Beta; Investment Club. 

Richard Silberg — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Business. 

Kenneth S. Silbert — Flushing, New York; Industrial En- 
gineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; AIIE; Investment Club. 

David Charles Silver — Bethesda, Maryland; Accounting; Theta 
Delta Chi; Varsity Soccer: Forum 

Kenneth S. Silbert 

David C. Silver 


Lisa Jill Silver — Roslyn, New York; Accounting; Freshman 
Honors; Women In Business; Junior Class Secretary; Brown 
and White. 

Joni C. Singer — Alpine, New Jersey; Industrial Engineering; 
AIIE; Society of Women Engineers; Chairperson Resume Com- 
mittee; Big/Little Sisters; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Jon Craig Sipos — Easton, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Photography Club; Computer Society; Radio 
Station; Amateur Radio Society, President. 

William A. Sisolak, Jr. — Wind Gap, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy; 
Student Metallurgy Society; Pi Lambda Phi. 

Donald Wayne Sites — Cressona, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Beta Theta Pi. 

Kathryn Ann Sloan — Berkeley Heights, New Jersey; Man- 
agement; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Lacrosse; 
Women's Soccer Club; Women in Business; Golden Heart, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

Lisa Ann Sluke — Fairfield, Connecticut; Management; Market- 
ing Club, Committee Head; LUV; Women in Business. 

Guy J. Smith — King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; AIIE; SAC, Publicity Committee. 

Manus David Smith — Easton, Pennsylvania; Computer En- 

Mathew C. Smith, Jr. — Merrick, New York; Chemical En- 
gineering; Phi Sigma Kappa, Steward, IFC Rep.; AIChE; Varsi- 
ty Lacrosse. 

Sandra Lynn Smith — Easton, Pennsylvania; Environmental 
Science and Resource Management; Women's Soccer Club. 

Stephen J. Smith — Howard Beach, New York; Accounting; 
Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Theodore Richard Smith — Washington, New Jersey; Manage- 

Wendy Bridget Smith — Rockville, Maryland; Psychology; 
Psychology Club. 

Charles Tomasco Smoot — Huntsville, Alabama; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Marching Band; Radio Station; BSU. 

George Joseph Snow — Madison, New Jersey; Industrial En- 
gineering; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; AIIE; Off- 
Campus Students Association. 

Joann E. Snyder — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. 

Linda Diane Snyder — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Engineering 
Physics; Sophomore Honors; Tau Beta Pi; Society of Physics 
Students, President; Society of Women's Engineers; Women's 

Russell I. Snyder III — Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Delta Upsilon, Secretary; Ingersoll-Rand Scholar- 
ship; Tau Beta Pi, Vice President; Pi Tau Sigma, Treasurer; 

Linda Ann Sommer — North Hills, Pennsylvania; French; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Trustee Scholar- 
ship; French Club; LUV. 

Mark William Sommerfield — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Brodhead Programming Board; Dean's List; ASCE; 
AMA; Ski Club; Marketing Club, Membership Council. 

James A. Sonon — Wernersville, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; AFROTC. 

Kenneth Updike Sormani — Yardley, Pennsylvania; Account- 
ing; Phi Lambda Phi, Steward, Secretary; Freshman, Sopho- 
more Honors. 

Gerard Anthony Sova — Dumont, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Phi Kappa Theta, Executive Secretary; ASCE. 


Lisa J. Silver 

Joni Singer 

Lisa A. Sluke 

Guy J. Smith 

Theodore R. Smith 

Wendy B. Smith 

Russell I. Snyder III 

Linda A. Sommer 


Jon C. Sipos 

Manus D. Smith 

Charles T. Smoot II 

Mark W. Sommerfield 

William A. Sisolak. Jr. 

Donald W. Sites 

Kathrvn A. Sloan 


Mathew C. Smith, Jr. 

Sandra L. Smith 

Stephen J. Smith 

George J. Snow 

Joann E. Snyder 

Linda D. Snyder 

James A. Sonon 

Kenneth U. Sormani 

Gerard A. Sova 


John E. Spangler 

Robert S. Spehalski 

Maureen F. Spektor 

Scott M. Spiro 

Martin J. Spisak 

■hL'.c -.. I 4 

Sandra L. Sproat 

Bruce W. Spengler 

Darcy A. Stacom 

Ted D. Steigerwalt 

Bradley S. Strauss 

Eric Steppling 

Philip A. Stern 

Richard H. Strawsburg 

Andrew N. Streeter 

Douglas R. Stinner 

Douglas C. Stumpp 


Diane L. Spess 

Jeffrey J. Spillane 

Stewart T. Stanier 

Jack G. Steigelfest 

Dianne E. Stix 

Todd A. Stone 

Francesca A. Sturiale 

Mark C. Stutzman 

John E. Spangler — Williamsport, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Steward; IEEE; Investment 

Robert Stanley Spehalski — Emporium, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List. 

Maureen F. Spektor — Clifton, New Jersey; Social Relations; 
Alpha Gamma Delta, Guard; Powderpuff Football; LUV. 

Bruce William Spengler — Ringoes, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Zeta Psi, Steward; Chi Epsilon; ASCE. 

Diane Louise Spess — Catasauqua, Pennsylvania; Biology; Fresh- 
man Honors; Forum; Research Grant Recipient. 

Jeffrey J. Spillane — Millburn, New Jersey; Chemistry. 

Scott Marshal Spiro — Paramus, New Jersey; Management; 
Sigma Alpha Mu, President, Secretary; Brown and White, 
Advertising Manager. 

Martin J. Spisak — Linden, New Jersey; Chemical Engineering; 
Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman, Secretary; AIChE. 

Sandra Lynn Sproat — Jamison, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Phi Eta Sigma; LUV. 

Darcy Ann Stacom — Greenwich, Connecticut; Marketing; 

Stewart Todd Stanier — Youngstown, Ohio; Industrial En- 
gineering; Kappa Sigma; Varsity Squash, Captain; Water Polo 
Club; RHC. 

Jack Gary Steigelfest — Broomall, Pennsylvania; Biochemistry; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi, President; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel Society; 
Pre-Law Society; American Chemical Society. 

Ted D. Steigerwalt — Orefield, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Philip F. Dupont Prize; Harold J. Horn Prize; Alumni 
Prize; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. 

Eric P. Steppling — Monroeville, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 

Philip Arthur Stern — Bridgewater, New Jersey; Mechanical 

Douglas R. Stinner — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Accounting/ 
Finance; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List. 

Dianne Elizabeth Stix — Scarsdale, New York; Accounting, IR 
Minor; Alpha Gamma Delta, Corr. Secretary; Freshman, Soph- 
omore Honors; Varsity Lacrosse; Outing Club; Women in 
Business; Forum. 

Todd Alexander Stone — Abington, Massachusetts; Industrial 
Engineering; Zeta Psi, Steward; Freshman Honors; AIIE; Grot- 
to Club; SAC Publicity Committee. 

Bradley Strauss — Harrington Park, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Beta Theta Pi, Scholarship Chairman; Semester Abroad Pro- 
gram — England. 

Richard Harold Strawsburg — Dayton, Ohio; Electrical En- 
gineering; Delta Chi, House Manager; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; Forum. 

Andrew Norman Streeter — West Suffield, Connecticut; Mechan- 
ical Engineering. 

Douglas Charles Stumpp — Norwalk, Connecticut; Civil En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi 
Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Varsity Swim Team; Karate Club. 

Francesca Antonia Sturiale — Colts Neck, New Jersey; 
Accounting/Finance; Women in Business; Senior Class Execu- 
tive Committee; Epitome, Sports Editor; SAC. 

Mark Charles Stutzman — Huntington, New York; Chemical 
Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman, Intramural 
Manager; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; AIChE; Boxing Club, Treasurer; Varsity Soccer; 
Women's Soccer Team Coach. 


Robert F. Sullebarger — Westfield, New Jersey; Mechanical 
Engineering; Sigma Nu, Social Chairman; ASME; Hockey 

Gregory John Supron — Galion, Ohio; Mechanical Engineering; 
ASME; Society Automotive Engineers; LUV. 

Theresa Swety — Philadelphia. Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Society of Women Engineers. 

Robert Allen Swoyer, Jr. — Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon. Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; 
Equestrian Club. 

Stephen J. Taddie — Quarry ville. Pennsylvania; Finance; Phi 
Sigma Kappa. Sentinel; Soccer; Hockey. 

Nina M. Tahl — Westbury, New York; Marketing; Marketing 
Club; SAC. Freshman Rep. 

Karen Lynn Talbert — York, Pennsylvania; Marketing; Vol- 
leyball, Captain; Marketing Club; AMA. 

Kevin Paul Talhelm — Hellertown, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Chi Psi, Scholarship Chairman; Sophomore Honors; 
ASCE, Treasurer; Cross Country; Track; Forum. 

Barbara Sue Tan — Merrick, New York; Management; Alpha 
Phi, House Manager, Steward, Philanthropy; LUV; Hillel, 

Joseph S. Tanen — Westport, Connecticut; Geology; Alpha 
Sigma Phi, Rush Chairman, Pledge Educator; Geology Club; 
String Orchestra. 

Linda Louise Taylor — Cinnaminson, New Jersey; International 
Relations; Gamma Phi Beta, Rush Chairman; Lacrosse; Soccer 
Club; Forum; IR Club. 

Mark A. Taylor — Baltimore, Maryland; Business. 

Robert D. Taylor, Jr. — Quaker Hill, Connecticut; Mechanical 
Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi, Vice President; Freshman Hon- 
ors; Offerman & Moog Scholarship; ASME; Varsity Squash; 
Soccer Coach; Frat. By-Laws and Prudential Committees, 

Scott Alan Teitelbaum — Staten Island, New York; Psychology/ 
Pre-Med; Phi Beta Kappa; Psi Chi; Freshman, Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Dean's List; Varsity Basketball; Project Head Big Brother 
Program; LUV; Classified Ads, Brown and White. 

John Merritt Thaeder — Reading, Vermont; Industrial En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu, IM Manager. 

Gail Elizabeth Thalhamer — Rockville, Maryland; Finance; 
Sophomore Honors; Women in Business; Concert Band; March- 
ing Band; LUV: RHC. 

Morgan Jones Thoma — Steubenville, Ohio; Computer En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Ski 

Douglas Paul Thomas — Scranton, Pennsylvania; Finance; 
Alpha Chi Rho, Rush Chairman, President; Pre-Law Society; 
Marketing Club; Varsity Basketball; Brown and White. 

Robert Lee Thomas — Easton, Pennsylvania; Government; Dis- 
tinguished Military Student; Lehigh Ranger Co.; Circle-K; Stu- 
dent Faculty Advisory Committee Government Dept.; Scab- 
bard & Blade; International Relations Club. 

Kim Elizabeth Thompson — Watertown, Connecticut; Account- 
ing; Gamma Phi Beta, Panhellenic Delegate; Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Women's Soccer Club; Epitome; Senior Class Secretary. 

Robert F. Sullebarger 

Gregory J. Supron 

Stephen J. Taddie 

Nina M. Tahl 

Barbara S. Tan 

Joseph S. Tanen 

John M. Thaeder 

Gail E. Thalhamer 


Linda L. Taylor 

Mark A. Taylor 

Robert D. Taylor, Jr. 

Scott Teitelbaum 

Morgan J. Thoma 

Douglas P. Thomas 

Robert L. Thomas 

Kim E. Thompson 


Carl D. Thunberg 

James D. Tieser 

Ross D. Tillman 

Roger T. Timpson 

Stuart N. Turner 

Christopher J. Unger 

Thomas S. Unger 

Christine E. Ussier 


Walter Tischbein 

Richard J. Titus 

Michael S. Torongo 

Mary A. Torres 

Karen B. Tropin 

Peter S. Trozinski 

Carl Douglas Thunberg — Santa Ana, California; Industrial En- 
gineering; Delta Sigma Phi. 

James David Tieser — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Accounting; 
SAC Publicity Committee; Pre-Law Society; LUV. 

Ross Daniel Tillman — Clifton, New Jersey; Marketing; Dean's 
List; Marketing Club; Off Campus Students Association; Pre- 
Law Society. 

Roger Tomas Timpson — New Haven, Connecticut ; Metallurgy ; 
Student Metallurgy Society; ASM. 

Walter Tischbein — Westfield, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Sigma Nu, Secretary; ASME; Hockey Club. 

Richard J. Titus, Jr. — Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Sigma Chi; AIIE; Varsity Football. 

John Clarke Walworth Tobin II — Seaford, Delaware; Psycho- 
logy; Sigma Chi, Vice President; Psychology Club; Rugby Club; 
Varsity Lacrosse. 

Raymond S. Tombaugh — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical 

Joseph Arthur Torcivia — Mountainside, New Jersey; Finance; 
Theta Delta Chi, Pledge Master; Rugby 

Pedro Toro — Bogota, Colombia; Electrical Engineering; 
Equestrian Club; Chess Club; Computer Society. 

Michael S. Torongo — Yardley, Pennsylvania; International Re- 
lations; Psi Upsilon, Social Chairman. 

Mary Ann Torres — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Biology; IR 
Club; LUV; YES. 

Richard Charles Traynelis — Glen Rock, New Jersey; Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta, Exec. Secretary, Rush 
Chairman, President; Varsity Baseball; IFC, Judiciary Com- 
mittee; ASME. 

Randolph Clifford Trench — Levittown, Pennsylvania; Chemi- 
cal Engineering, Science Writing Minor; Delta Sigma Phi, 
Treasurer, Steward; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's 
List; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; AIChE; Russian Club; Brown 
and White. 

Nancy Clare Trespasz — Maplewood, New Jersey; American 
Studies; Energy Awareness Club. 

Robert P. Trewhella — Middletown, New Jersey; Industrial 
Engineering; Off-Campus Housing Committee. 

Karen Beth Tropin — Parsippany, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Marketing Club; Judiciary Committee. 

Peter Scott Trozinski — Cresskill, New Jersey; Government; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Energy Awareness Club; Pre- 
Law Society; Washington Semester. 

Stuart Neil Turner — Cresskill, New Jersey; Computer Informa- 
tion Science; Delta Chi, President; Computer Society; Vol- 
leyball Club; Ski Club. 

Christopher John Unger — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemis- 
try; American Chemical Society; Alpha Lambda Omega; LUV. 

Thomas Scott Unger — Boyertown, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; ASCE; Varsity Basketball. 

Christine Ussier — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Arts. 

Joseph Valentino — Mount Arlington, New Jersey; Engineering 
Physics; Pi Kappa Alpha, President; Freshman, Sophomore 
Honors; Dean's List; Tau Beta Pi; Society of Physics Students. 

Mary Ann van Grieken — Westfield, New Jersey; Accounting, 
Spanish, Minor; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; 
Women's Caucus, President; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Joseph Valentino 

Mary Ann van Grieken 


Craig Michael Varrelman — Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania: 
Finance; Beta Theta Pi, Social Chairman. 

Robin A. Vaughan — ScarsdaJe, New York; English/Theater; 
Mustard & Cheese; Amaranth. Co-Editor; Off-Campus Stu- 
dents Association. 

William J. Veliky — Cranford, New Jersey; Chemical En- 

Daphne Estelle Veras — Shavertown, Pennsylvania; Gov- 
ernment; Alpha Gamma Delta, Recording Secretary, Second 
Vice President; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Sigma Tau 
Delta; Cheerleader; Women's Lacrosse; Pre-Law Society; 
String Orchestra. 

David M. Verbonitz — Center Valley. Pennsylvania; Electrical 

Stephanie K. Vergara — Westtown, Pennsylvania; Accounting. 

Wayne Robert Verost — Saddle Brook, New Jersey; Chemical 
Engineering; Delta Upsilon, Rush Chairman; AIChE; Varsity 

Michael Vidal — Madrid, Spain; Mechanical Engineering; 
Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; ASME. 

Charles James Vietrogoski — Hawthorne, New Jersey; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Chi Psi, Vice President; AIChE. 

William David Vitez — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Metallurgy/ 
Materials Engineering; Student Metallurgy Society, Secretary; 
Varsity Wrestling; Alpha Lambda Omega. 

Mark C. von Bradsky — Westwood, New Jersey; Civil En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; 
IEEE; Marching Band; Concert Band. 

John J. Vresics — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Accounting; Alpha 
Lambda Omega-Tau Lambda Chi, Treasurer; Beta Alpha Psi, 
President; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Nancy Ann Wagner — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Eta Kappa Nu; 
IEEE;Marching Band; Concert Band. 

Phillip James Walbert — Westfield, New Jersey, Urban Studies/ 
Social Relations; ASME; LUV; Listening Line. 

Mark Frederick Waldeisen — Williamsport, Pennsylvania; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; 

Patricia L. Walker — Longmeadow, Massachusetts; Mechani- 
cal Engineering; Sophomore Honors; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; 
Society of Women Engineers. 

Thomas J. Ward III — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; 
Metallurgy/Materials; Delta Chi; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; 

Michael Francis Warminsky — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Civil 
Engineering; Marching 97. 

Diane M. Wassil — Exeter, Pennsylvania; Biology; I.M. Swim- 
ming, Record Holder; Bethlehem Co-op; Forum; Allied Health 
Professions; Off-Campus Student Assoc. 

Sabrina S. Watkins — Milford, Connecticut; Civil Engineering; 
Chi Epsilon; Le Compane. 

Douglas C. Watts — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chemical En- 
gineering; Psi Upsilon. 

Keith Brian Weber — Wallingford, Connecticut; Chemistry; 
Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Bethlehem Boys Club, Tutor. 

David Lawrence Weeks — Randolph, New Jersey; Finance; 
Delta Chi; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Tennis Team. 

Wendell P. Weeks — Waverly, Pennsylvania; Business; Kappa 

Craig M. Varrelman 

Robin A. Vaughan 

Wayne Verost 

Michael Vidal 

Nancy A. Wagner 

Phillip J. Walbert 

Diane M. Wassil 

Sabrina S. Watkins 


.A si i! 

William J. Veliky 

Daphne E. Veras 

David M. Verbonitz 

Mark F. Waldeisen 

Patricia L. Walker 

Thomas J. Ward III 

Douglas C. Watts 

Keith B. Weber 

David L. Weeks 

Stephanie K. Vergara 

Michael F. Warminsky 

Wendell P. Weeks 


Meredith L. Wehner 

David M. Weidner 

Lauri L. Weiner 

Timothy J. Weisenberger 

Barry D. Weitzner 

Mark L. Weller 

Grace N. Wells 

Thomas F. West 

ii ^ii 

June Wiaz 

Craig M. Wien 

Thomas F. Wiese 

Patrice M. Wilchek 

Kevin J. Wilk 


Carrie J. Wilson 

Todd E. Winfield 

Craig D. Winterfield 

Andrew J. Weiss 

Margaret A. Weiss 

David R. White 

Elizabeth S. Whitman 

Eileen M. Witheford 

Robert M. Witkoff 

Meredith Louise Wehner — Villanova, Pennsylvania; Computer 
Engineering; Alpha Gamma Delta, Treasurer, House Chairman; 
IEEE; Frisbee Team; Lacrosse. 

David Miles Weidner — Essex Junction, Vermont; International 
Relations; Dean's List; IR Club. 

Lauri Lynn Weiner — Woodbridge, Connecticut; Psychology/ 
Social Relations; Dean's List; Research Grant; Freshman Hon- 
or Society; LUV. 

Timothy John Weisenberger — Kimberton, Pennsylvania; Chem- 
ical Engineering; Freshman Honors; AIChE; Boxing Club. 

Andrew James Weiss — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Delta Phi, President; IFC Scholarship; Presiden- 
tial Prize; Class of 1904 Scholarship; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau 
Beta Pi; Forum. 

Margaret Ann Weiss — Hanover, Pennsylvania; Mechanical 
Engineering; Dean's List; GM Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta 
Pi, Treasurer; Pi Tau Sigma; Tennis Team; Women's Basketball 
Team, Statistician. 

Barry David Weitzner — Union, New Jersey; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; ASME; Outing Club, President. 

Mark Lloyd Weller — Cape Elizabeth, Maine; Chemical En- 
gineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; AIChE; Sailing Club; Hockey Club. 

Grace N. Wells — New Milford, New Jersey; English, Journal- 
ism/Psychology Minors; Sigma Tau Delta; SAC Publicity Com- 
mittee; Academic Environment Committee. 

Thomas Franklin West — Gladwyne, Pennsylvania; Finance. 

David Richard White — Belleville, New Jersey; History ; Sopho- 
more Honors; Dean's List; Philosophy Club; Radio Station, 
PSA Director, Staff Operations Director, Assistant Business 
Manager, Music Director, Assistant Program Director; 
Chaplain's Council. 

Elizabeth Sloan Whitman — Devon, Pennsylvania; Social 
Psychology; Dean's List; Field Hockey; Softball, Co- President; 
SR Club. 

June Wiaz — Bergenfield, New Jersey; Environmental Science 
and Resource Management; Dean's List; Women's Soccer 
Club; Russian Club; Brown and White; RHC; LUV. 

Craig Michael Wien — Falls Church, Virginia; Metallurgy & 
Materials Science; Dean's List; Wilbur Mathematics Prize; 
General Motors Scholarship; American Society of Metals; Tau 
Beta Pi. 

Thomas Francis Wiese — Pittsford, New York; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Phi Gamma Delta, Social Chairman, House Manager; 
Phi Gamma Delta Undergraduate Achievement Award; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; Rugby. 

Patrice Maria Wilchek — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Govern- 
ment/Journalism; Sophomore Honors; Alpha Phi; Brown and 
White; Pre-Law Society. 

Jon Stanley Wilcox — Wilton, Connecticut; Mechanical En- 
gineering; Sophomore Honors; ASME; Ski Club; Outing Club. 

Steven Alan Wildermuth — Reading, Pennsylvania; Chemical 
Engineering; Sigma Nu, Steward; Freshman Honors; Dean's 
List; AIChE; IFC Social Committee. 

Kevin J. Wilk — Bedford, New Hampshire; Accounting/Fi- 
nance; Alpa Tau Omega; IFC Faculty Relations Rep.; RugbyC- 
lub, Captain; Boxing Club. 

Carrie Jean Wilson — Rockville, Maryland; Finance/Marketing; 
LUV; Women in Business; Marketing Club. 

Todd Eric Winfield — Nazareth, Pennsylvania; Mechanical En- 
gineering; National Merit Special Scholarship; AFROTC. 

Craig D. Winterfield — E. Hanover, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Dean's List; Accounting Internship. 

Eileen M. Witheford — Wyckoff, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Society of Women En- 
gineers; Women's Soccer Club. 

Robert Maxwell Witkoff— Old Westbury, New York; Finance; 
Dean's List; Tennis Team; Investments Club; Marketing Club; 
Ski Club; Pre-Law Society. 

Kevin A. Witmer — Dewart, Pennsylvania; Industrial En- 
gineering; Phi Kappa Theta. 

Gerard R. Wittreich — Oakland, New Jersey; Chemical En- 
gineering; Kappa Alpha. 

Debra J. Witwer — Allentown, Pennsylvania; Marketing; 
Marketing Club; Investment Club; Women in Business. 

Thomas D. Wocklish — Douglassville, Pennsylvania; Industrial 
Engineering; Delta Upsilon. 

Kenneth Addison Wood — Lake Forest, Illinois; Chemical En- 
gineering; Radio Station; Ice Hockey; Chi Phi. 

Mark D. Woods — Whitehall, Pennsylvania; Business. 

Stephen B. Worden — N. Dartmouth, Massachusetts; Industrial 
Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta, Pledge Master; AIIE; Varsity 

Mary Jo Wrenn — New York, New York; Biology; Brodhead 
Program Board; Athletic Trainer; Lehigh Listening Line. 

Michael Augustine Wu — Audubon, Pennsylvania; Electrical 
Engineering; Phi Kappa Theta, Treasurer, Recording Secretary; 
Freshman Honors; Dean's List; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE; Ski Club. 

George M. Yaworsky — Maplewood, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Smiley House, Treasurer; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; 
Dean's List; Beta Alpha Psi; LUV; Investment Fund. 

Mark R. Yeager — Madison, New Jersey; Finance; Chi Psi; 
Varsity Football, Captain. 

Laura Beth Yearsley — Newtown Square, Pennsylvania; Eco- 
nomics; Alpha Gamma Delta, Guard; Varsity Swim Team. 

Larry Wilson Yetter, Jr. — Bangor, Pennsylvania; Civil En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Tau 
Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; ASCE, Vice President. 

Brian Scott Young — Brockton, Massachusetts; Finance; Uni- 
versity Security, Chairman; Investment Fund; Republican 
Club, Activities Director. 

John Rudolph Young, Jr. — Washington, District of Columbia; 
NCBA — All American Team; BSU; Theater at Lehigh. 

Anastasia Denise Yuelys — River Vale, New Jersey; Accounting; 
Sophomore Honors; Powder Puff Football; Varsity Softball, 
Captain '81; Marketing Club. 

Phil Yussen — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Pre-Med. 

Richard A. Zankel — Edison, New Jersey; Computer Informa- 
tion Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Exchequer; Sophomore Hon- 
ors; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel Society; Computer Society. 

Kevin A. Witmer 

Gerard R. Wittreich 

Stephen B. Worden 

Mary Jo Wrenn 

Larry W. Yetter, Jr. 

Brian S. Young 




fl * ^B 

A* Sb 

Jl ' 




M t 

St. ii 

Anastasia D. Yuelys 

Phil Yussen 


Debra J. Witwer 

Thomas D. Wocklish 

Kenneth A. Wood 

Mark D. Woods 

Michael A. Wu 

George M. Yaworsky 

Mark R. Yeager 

Laura B. Yearsley 

Martin S. Zary 

Gary T. Zelman 

Martin S. Zary — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Electrical En- 
gineering; IEEE; Ski Club; Radio Station, Remotes Director; 
LUCC Consultant. 

Gary Zelman — New Hyde Park, New York; Accounting; Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, Secretary; Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Beta 
Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Hillel Society, Vice President. 

Robert Carl Zillig — Arnold, Maryland; Metallurgy En- 
gineering; Freshman, Sophomore Honors; Dean's List; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASM Scholar; American Society for 
Metals; Varsity Lacrosse. 

Mark F. Zimmer — Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania; Finance/ 
IR; Lacrosse; Investment Club; Investment Fund. 

Marjorie Tina Zimmerman — Kingston, Pennsylvania; Environ- 
mental Science and Resource Management/Biology; Varsity 
Rifle Team. 

Mary Ellen Zvanut — Paoli, Pennsylvania; Engineering Physics; 
Kodak Scholar; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List; Society of Physics 
Students; LUV; Newman Association. 

Richard M. Zwirn — New York, New York; Psychology; Sigma 
Alpha Mu; Dean's List; Photography; Brown and White; 

Robert C. Zillig 

Mark F. Zimmer 

Marjorie Zimmerman 

Mary E. Zvanut 

Richard M. Zwim 


The Epitome, the Alumni Association and the Development Office 
also would like to acknowledge the remaining members of the 
senior class of 1981: 

Angela L. Acker 
Ronald L. Admas 
Thomas V. Aldrich 
Peter M. Allen 
David S. Antonik 
Jimmy Baldwin 
Brian Banks 
Cesidio Barberis 
Kathy Barrett 
Christine Barry 
Raymond Bellaran 
Adit Bencharit 
Nicholaus Bigelow 
William Black 
Jonathan Bomze 
Hesky Brahimy 
Royal Brown 
John Bula 
Scott Butler 
Stephan Butzine 
Romeo Caballes 
Michael Carboy 
William Carroll 
Edward Chapman 
Peter Cohen 
John Cole 
William Colgan 
Theophilus Collins 
David Comfort 
Peter Cronk 
Arthur Croucher 
Louis Dannibale 
Leamon Davenport 
Jerrery Deal 
Scott Decrosta 
Annmarie Deitrich 
Charles Delany 
David Delguercio 
Christopher Dephillips 
Garrit Derbyshire 
Peter Dixon 
Cleon Dodge 
Bennet Dunlap 
Robert Dymond 
John R. Ellis 
Cynthia J. Ellsworth 
Paul M. Embree 
Thomas P. Faenza 
Roger A. Failmezger 
John R. Falatyn 
Scott V. Farrow 
Robert F. Fatzinger 
Michael W. Ford 
Nancy L. Fomie 
Kevin J. Forsyth 
John P. Francisco 
Curt M. Freedman 
Donna Marie V. Frey 
Daniel K. Fullmer 
Susan D. Fyfe 
Robert S. Gehret 
Robert Carl Gentzlinger 
Joseph P. Gerard 
Eric R. Goldberg 
Christopher D. Golden 
Cornelius W. Graves III 
Stacie Graves 

Marc Gravez 
Thomas J. Green 
Anthony Greener 
James J. Greybush 
Wendy S. Guckes 
Stephen J. Habakus 
David R. Harkins 
Jeffrey B. Harrison 
Seyed Gholam R. Hashemi 
Jay Robert Hawekotte 
Barbara S. Heiner 
Peter M. Hilton 
Ronald A. Hinton 
Richard R. Hirst 
Thanh C. Hoang 
Frederich R. Hotchkiss 
Todd K. Ichihara 
Tim Janisch 
Richard D. Jiranek 
Christopher F. Jones 
Dale E. Judd 
Vincent P. Junga 
Nathaniel P. Katz 
Bruce M. Kautsky 
Peter B. Keating 
Timothy J. Koprowski 
Bruce Kraemer 
Ayuth Krishnamara 
Tad E. Landwehr 
Bayard B. Leary III 
Michael J. Licitra 
Steven W. Liffers 
Douglas E. Lilly 
David N. Ludlow 
Steben A. Ludlum 
George C. Machikas 
Erdogan Madenci 
Rodrigo C. Maegli 
Hamid Malekzadeh 
Theresa L. Malone 
Baird N. Manuel 
Michael Marcin Jr. 
Robert L. Marcinkowski 
Charles S. Marck 
Kathleen R. Marker 
Lawrence Maslo 
Donald L. Matson II 
Robert H. Mellor 
Arthur V. Mengel 
Bruce K. Miller 
Gerald Miller 
Steven M. Molkenthin 
Edward H. Moll II 
H. Donald Moll 
Mark S. Morawsky 
Daniel T. Murphy 
Robin C. Murray 
Sharon A. Nagel 
Gary P. Newhart 
Dat Ngo 
Adam Nichols 
Steven E. Nichols 
Kimberley A. Noel 
Kirk M. Noonan 
Carlos Nuno 
Brian G. Nyerges 
Martin J. Odonell 

Mathew C. Oetken 
William E. Omara Jr. 
Farwell Perry 
Charles Peters 
Peter Pestizzoni 
Joseph Petrozziello 
Long Phan 
Dennis Pierson 
Keith Piker 
Jonathan Pope 
Kenneth Prockup 
Shabbir Rangwala 
John Reid 
Anita Roberts 
Pamela H. Roth 
David F. B. Ruppe 
Thomas E. Schell 
Helga M. Schlape 
Jon W. Schnabel 
Edward T. Schneider 
JeffG. Schoff 
Paul A. Schragger 
Mary Rose Scozzafava 
Kenneth E. Sealls 
David W. Serfass 
William H. Shine III 
Glen M. Shipley 
Benjamin M. Shollenberger 
Michael A. Sicinski 
Thomas J. Siggia Jr. 
Anthony Silwanowicz 
Shelly I. Slogoff 
Thomas H. Sloand 
Michael C. Smith 
Robert C. Smith 
Vicki L. Smith 
Turgan R. Somer 
Stephen G. Somkuti 
Douglas R. Souders 
Savoun Soun 
Chaipat Srivisarvacha 
Gary J. Stolz 
Douglas D. Sunday 
Steven D. Sursa 
Peter C. Swan- 
David A. Szablowski 
Stephen L. Tanan 
Jennifer L. Teufel 
Craig L. Theisen 
Tung H. Tran 
Kathleen A. Trexler 
Brian D. Tutt 
Robert J. Twitchell Jr. 
Tony M. Ucci 
Favel Vaisberg 
Randall L. Valk 
Stephanie L. Vavro 
Sandrea D. Watts 
David J. Weisman 
Robert P. Wieder 
Murray Wilmerding 
Michael T. Wodeshick 
Elizabeth Wolle 
Renee Worzman 
Michael D. Zanchettin 
Mary L. Zebrowski 
Ronald J. Zibelli 






'": ? X-^fc'V ,..^ \ 




WRTY-, 7J 





Senior Class Picnic 



- - <m > ._* » 




Leaving Lehigh ". . 












Lehigh University Bookstore 

Maginnes Hall, Bldg. No. 9 

Phone (215) 861-3375 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015 



Compliments of 





— -=— 

^ _^1 ^ 



- --'=•' ... 1 

r. -<? h 


.*$[& 1 



--• •■ 


'<^ w 

linen & uniform service, inc. 

P.O BOX 2268 • ALLENTOWN, PA 18001 





Robert H. Hicks, Jr. '44 
Senior Vice President 

James M. Bridgman '50 
Regional Vice Presidents 
James B. Swenson '59 

Region I (NY-New England) 
James H. Latham '53 

Region II (NJ) 
Robert T. Hoyt, Jr. '52 

Region III (PA & Delaware) 
E. William Kuhl '66 

Region IV (Central states) 
Martin B. Solomon '65 

Region V (Southeastern states) 
Mark H. Hannah '62 
Region VI (Western states) 

Joseph M. Workman '53 

Charles M. Frankel '62 
Richard H. Francis '54 
Philip R. Peller '60 
Thomas E. Hirsch II 75 
Janet M. Ryan 77 

Samuel H. Missimer '50 
Alumni Trustees 
Stanley M. Richman '55 
Robert H. Riley, Jr. '35 
Samuel W. Croll, Jr. '48 
William L. Clayton '51 
Oldrich Foucek III 72 
C. Keith Rust '57 
James J. Duane III 73 
Augustus A. Riemondy '41 
James W. Niemeyer '43, Exec. Dir. 
Harry B. Ramsey '50, Assoc. Exec. Dir. 
Dennis R. Diehl 70, Asst. Exec. Dir. 
Barbara A. Turanchik 75 
Committee Chairmen 
William L. Clayton '51, Annual Giving 
H.M. Schelden '19, Edgar H. Howells '34, 

Donald B. Herterich '52, Oldrich 

Foucek III 72, Class Gift 
Stanley M. Richman '55, Continuing 

Gregory B. Falkenbach 72, Student/ 

Alumni Relations 
James J. Duane III 73, Young Alumni 


ALLENTOWN — Wouter DeNie '68, Oak Lane Gardens, Apt. F-7, 

Trexlertown PA 18087 215-395-0709 
ARIZONA — William Hemelt 74, 3116 W. Vogel Avenue, Apt. 

H-251, Phoenix AZ 85021 602-944-3031 
ATLANTA — John D. Champagne '67, Uniflex Corp., Suite 100, 

1380 W. Paces Ferry Rd. NW, Atlanta GA 30327 404-237-5547 
BOSTON — James J. Duane III, 73, 10 Emerson Place, Apt. 18-D, 

Boston MA 02114 617-723-2810 
CAROLINAS — Jay Lacke '64, Gilbarco Inc., 7300 W. Friendly Ave., 

Greensboro NC 27420 919-292-3011 
CENTRAL NY — Robert W. Hyla '62, Henneberry Rd., RD #2, 

Manlius NY 13104 315-682-6957 
CENTRAL PA — Burton H. Snyder '69, RD 2, Box 41, Fishing 

Creek Rd., Lewisberry PA 17339 717-233-5861 
CHICAGO — Robert H. Riley III '65, 844 Bluebird St., Deerfield IL 

60015 312-537-5260 
CONNECTICUT VALLEY — Harry W. Jones '42, 473 Ridge View 

Rd., Orange CT 06477 203-795-9466 
DALLAS/FT. WORTH — Thomas J. Musick '64, 6615 North Port 

Dr., Dallas TX 75230 214-368-5002 
DELAWARE — James M. Borso '68, Box 185-J, 8 Alexis Court, 

Hockessin DE 19707 302-999-8719 
DELAWARE VALLEY — George Lukes, Jr. '68, 911 Weber Dr., 

Yardley PA 19067 215-493-6798 
FAIRFIELD COUNTY — Lee T. Chandler '32, 7 Glen Lane, Weston 

CT 06883 203-227-2184 
FLORIDA WEST COAST — Martin Solomon '65, 4925 Bay Way 

Place, Tampa FL 33609 813-876-1773 
HOME CLUB — Brian Dillman 78, 741 12th Ave., Bethlehem PA 

18018 215-694-0658 
INDIANA — Robert D. Gredys '63, 3524 Carmel Dr., Carmel IN 

46032 31 7-846-0835 
JERSEY SHORE — Glenn S. Williman 71, 612 Auth Ave., Ocean NJ 

07712 201-725-7646 
LANCASTER COUNTY — Harry B. Walton, Jr. '44, 930 Martha 

Ave., Lancaster PA 17601 717-393-4542 
LONG ISLAND — Kenneth Motschwiller 78, 2160 Jones Ave., 

Wantagh NY 11793 516-785-1232 
MARYLAND — Robert H. Hicks, Jr. '44, 618 Ploy St., Baltimore 

MD 21201 301-385-0444 
MICHIGAN — Richard Creitz 70, 1876 Fordham Dr., Troy MI 

48098 313-466-3392 
MID-JERSEY — Donald H. Stires '50, Pave Rite, Inc., 43 W. High 

St., Somerville NJ 08876 201-725-7646 
NEW YORK — Brian Hill 79, 214 Riverside Dr., Apt. 107, New 

York NY 10025 212-865-4733 
NITTANY VALLEY — David Eisemann 72, Supelco Inc., Supelco 

Park, BeUefonte PA 16823 814-359-2784 
NORTHEAST PA — Ann Mermelstein 76, 12 West River Rd., 

Wilkes Barre PA 18702 717-822-9126 
NORTHERN CA — Richard Delaney '68, Donaldson, Lufkin & 

Jenrette, 555 California St., Suite 4700, San Francisco 

94104 415-421-7600 
NORTHERN NJ — Ronald Johnson '62, 6 Quarry Ct., Randolph NJ 

07801 201-361-6297 

NORTHERN NY — Thomas Healy '58, 25 Wedgewood Dr., 

Saratoga Springs NY 12866 518-584-5643 
NORTHERN OH — Charles Frankel '62, 14521 West Ridge Dr., 

Novelty OH 44072 216-338-4692 
NORTH FLORIDA — Fred McGinnis '65, 4005 San Servera Dr. N, 

Jacksonville FL 32217 904-733-9263 
NORTHWEST INDIANA — Leon Harbold '59, 3904 Sleighbell Lane, 

Valparaiso IN 46383 219-462-2234 
NORTHWEST PA — Alan Greener '55, 436 Connecticut Dr., Erie 

PA 16505 814-454-4347 
OHIO VALLEY — Richard Niemeyer '68, 9980 Pinewood Lane, 

Cincinnati OH 45241 513-777-2216 
PACIFIC NORTHWEST — Frank Warner 70, 3636 NE Bahia Vista, 

Bremerton WA 98310 206-479-1674 
PHILADELPHIA — J. Barry Mitchell 75, 504 Cobbleskill Lane, 

Exton PA 19341 215-363-1719 
PITTSBURGH — Richard Berg '64, 54 Gary Dr., RD 2, Sewickley PA 

15143 412-367-1346 
RHODE ISLAND — David P. Railsback 72, 613 Angell St., 

Providence Rl 02906 401-751-8974 
ROCHESTER — Mary Ann Ferrante 77, 18 Black Watch Trail, Apt. 

4, Fairport NY 14450 716-425-2110 
ROCKY MOUNTAIN — Mark Goehring 76, 16806 E. Navarro Dr., 

Aurora CO 80013 303-693-2876 
ST. LOUIS — John Gammage 75, 415 Great Hill Dr., Ballwin MO 

63011 314-227-4225 
SAN DIEGO — K. C. Thompson 70, Showley & Thompson, 530 B 

St., Suite 2333, San Diego CA 92101 714-231-7922 
SOUTHEASTERN PA — Donald Schlosser '62, 35 Kings Blvd., 

Shillington PA 19607 215-777-8602 
SOUTHERN CA — James Price '43, 12849 Milbank St., Studio City 

CA 91604 213-766-1103 
SOUTHERN NJ — Leigh Robinson '49, 812 Heritage Rd., 

Cinnaminson NJ 08077 609-829-3394 
SOUTHERN NY — Lawrence Salerno 72, 2436 High Ave., Vestal 

NY 13850 607-798-9539 
SOUTH FLORIDA — Lawrence Miller 74, Capp Reinstein & 

Kopelowitz, 700 SE Third Ave., Suite 300, Ft. Lauderdale FL 

33308 305-994-8565 
TEXAS — Harold Milton '63, 1728 Harold St., Houston TX 

77098 713-528-3765 
UPPER JERSEY — Joseph Rinn 77, 820 Elizabeth St., Ridgefield NJ 

07657 201-945-4479 
VIRGINIA — William Smuck '61, 407 Beechwood Dr., Richmond 

VA 23229 804-288-7635 
WASHINGTON, D.C Thomas Hirsch 75, 2207 Greenery Lane, 

Apt. T-2, Silver Spring MD 20906 301-942-0199 
WESTCHESTER/ROCKLAND — Scott Wollaston '58, 32 Oak Ave., 

Larchmont NY 10538 914-834-5343 
WESTERN NY — Jeffrey Weaver '54, 64 Wiltshire, Williamsville NY 

14221 716-634-4875 
WISCONSIN — Charles Froehlich 70, 2050 E. Spruce Ct., Oak 

Creek WI 53154 414-764-5000 
YORK — Michael Conwav 70, 1813 Roxboro Rd., York PA 

17402 717-741-4311 



Meats, Frozen Foods, Poultry 

Canned Goods, Portion Controlled 

Suppliers to Schools, Hospitals and Institutions 

Mount Bethel, Pa. 



Office Phone 215 — 434-9355 

AUENTOWN, PA. 18102 

J V 

a r 


Hotel & Bar 


215 435-9534 
BOO 322-9257 

125 North seventh Street 
Allentown. pa I8IOI 




314 TAYLOR STREET 865-5136 


J V 




printing with character 

Expert knowledge, long experience 
.ind skilled crafcsmanship are a 
tradition ac Schlicher printers 

These qualities prevail in each and 
every job, large or small, and costs 
no more. 

Geo. P. 


& Son 


Phone 433-6047 Area Code 215 




306 Brodhead Avenue 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

Electrical Contractors 


Famous Ho-Burgers Fine Sandwiches and Drinks 
Large Dining Room Available 



J V 


Jack Barras 



Dray Gosztonyi '79 




Hoofing, Spouting and Sheet Metal Work 

530 West Broad Street 
Bethlehem, Penna. 18018 







luncheon 11:30 To 7 
Dinners 5 To II Won Thru rhvri 
hi ■ Sat 5 PM To 1 AH 
folk Singer (Very Night 

%(JuL'm Cztlar 

335 W Fourth at Wyandotte, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 






For 40 years, M.W.Wood Enterprises, Inc., 
has provided quality food service manage- 
ment services to colleges, hospitals, and 
industry Most clients are located within a two 
hour drive of the Wood headquarters in Allen - 
town, Pennsylvania By concentrating on one 
locale. Wood is responsive to every client's 
needs Top management can personally 
assess each facility, assuring the client of 
quality and professional service. 



Wood Enhancement Resources, the latest 
service available from the professionals of 
M.W. Wood Enterprises, Inc provides effi- 
cient and personalized management of on- 
site housekeeping and laundry systems for 
current and prospective clients. From the 
supervision of total floor-to-ceiling cleaning 
to the complete management of on-site laun- 
dries for bed linens , clothing , and other items, 
the Wood touch is clearly evident. 


3320 Hamilton Blvd 

Allentown, Pennsylvania 18103 








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1981 Epitome 

Gail Schargel 
Maria Mastras 
Allysa Scott 
Mary Jo Farinella 
Janine Nelson 
Donna Farkas 
Sue Jaffe 
Sue Fischel 
Karen Seigler 
Kim Thompson 
Karen Manik 
Randi Golomb 
Shauna Cohen 
Cynthia Perry 
Ilene Schoff 

Editorial Board 
Editor-in-Chief Carol Ehrens 

Business Manager Clarice May 

Advisor Sharon Friedman 


Academics Editor 

Rande Kaminsky 

Activities Editor 

Tom Freda 

Identification Editor 

Steve Russell 

Lifestyle Editor 

Matt McCloughry 

Photography Editors 

Brian Allston 

June Kuvin 

Sports Editors 

Fran Sturiale 

Bruce Rankin 

Copy Editor 

Varuni Nelson 

Schedueling Editor 

Susan Perkins 

The 1981 Epitome, printed by offset lithogra- 
phy was published by Hunter Publishing Co., 
Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The paper used 
is primarily #80 Embossed Enamel; #80 Gloss 
paper is used in the signatures that contain color 
photographs. Body copy is set in 10-point Palati- 
ne whereas identifications are set in 8-point 
Palatino italics. Body copy in the senior section is 

set in 10-point Times Roman, and the identifica- 
tions are set in 8-point Times Roman. The pre- 
dominant headline style is 24-point Quadrata. 

Most of the photographs used in this book are 
the work of University students. The senior por- 
traits and most of the group pictures were taken 
by Merin Studios, Philadelphia. Athletic team 
photos were done by Ryan Studios, Bethlehem. 

Brian Allston 
June Kuvin 
Michelle Small 
Laura Rothfeld 
Martin Rebhun 
Vince Giuseffi 
Bethlehem Globe Times 
Bob Youngentob 
Barb Haley 
Lori Cohen 
Maria Mastras 
Dave Kynor 
Lori Roberts 
Stephen Kress 
Marcelo Bernat 
Manuel Arellano 
Frost Schroeder 
Frank Regan 



Well, my job as Editor-in-Chief of the 1981 Epitome is finally 
drawing to an end. Sometimes it seemed there was so much 
work that the book would never be finished. With the dedica- 
tion of many people it is. There have been many problems 
but they were overcome with hard work, and long hours. I 
would like to thank all the people who helped out. 

Business manager Clarice May knew a lot more about the 
book than I did when we started. Her constant help and 
advice was much appreciated. Her management of the 
money was invaluable as was her efficient staff. 

The section editors all deserve special recognition for their 
outstanding work. They all aided in making my job a little 
bit easier and that I would like to thank them all. 

Several other positions are much deserving of mention. 
Our photo editors Brian Allston and June Kuvin not only 
supplied us with pictures but helped with layouts, schedul- 
ing and many other things that came up. Our identification 
editor, Steve Russell, did a great job always without a com- 
plaint (wait until next year). Sue Perkins took the difficult job 
of schedueling and made it seem easy. Finally, copy editor 
Varuni Nelson was always willing and could write beautiful- 
ly about anything. 

Steve Merin, our publisher's representative was always 
there to give advice and to help make deadlines — chicken 
pox and everything. I'd also like to thank Donna, Lee, Jeff, 
Marvin and all of Merin Studios for all the time that they have 

put into this book. 

The journalism department was extremely helpful 
throughout the year. Advisor, Professor Sharon Friedman 
offered much support and encouragement. Professors 
Joseph McFadden, Robert Sullivan and Walter Trimble were 
also always willing when questions and problems arose 
(which was quite often). Journalism secretary Ruth Mathis 
did much more than anyone could ask. She typed, answered 
phones, and was someone to talk to about anything (even 
Cliff and Clarice). 

Two people helped out with the Epitome this year for the 
first time. They were always willing to do any job. Without 
Maria Mastras and Allysa Scott completing this book would 
have seemed impossible. 

To my roommates Cindy, Donna and Linda I would like to 
express my appreciation for not only putting up with me for 
this past year but also the constant phone calls. 

My friends were invaluable. They were always there when 
I got discouraged and they were always willing to help out. 

Finally, I would like to thank my family. Their concern and 
support always made the difficult times a little bit easier. 

Lehigh has been four years of good times and happiness. I 
hope that the 1981 Epitome can be a way of looking back at all 
the memories. 

Carol A. Ehrens